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2961  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GR:AW Multiplayer on: March 13, 2006, 02:38:31 PM
Quote from: "Sparhawk"

You too? Wow, we must live pretty close to eachother!

Springfield MO.  From what I heard last night we had 4 or 5 tornados touch down around the area.  I was hoping that the early morning classes might be cancelled, but no luck with that  :lol:

Nothing like being stuck in a hallway with 70odd people for an hour at a time at 1 in the morning  :wink:
2962  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GR:AW Multiplayer on: March 13, 2006, 05:20:58 AM
Good thing that we stopped playing when we did tonight Turtle.  About 3 minutes later the tornado sirens cut loose here and we had to head down to the ground floor!

Had fun, even if I apparently forgot to take off the bullet magnet I was wearing.
2963  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GR:AW Multiplayer on: March 12, 2006, 09:03:53 AM
Just wanted to say that we had a good time tonight playing some co-op with Sparhawk.  Good times.
2964  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / psp memory stick question on: March 12, 2006, 01:01:59 AM
good quality?  I would say 1...

I have equilibrium on my 512 stick, but that's at a lower quality.  Depending on your threshold I would think you could get 2 or 3.
2965  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Ninja Gaiden Black on the 360 on: March 11, 2006, 11:02:59 PM
Quote from: "Destructor"
Unplayable. The game goes from normal framerate to 'dear lord the world is running like you have a rapid fire pause button' to normal again with no warning or reason whatsoever.

In a game that requires perfect timing, you have none of that thanks to poor emulation issues.

Seconded.  Quickest way to lose any enjoyment in a superfast paced game like Ninja Gaiden is to have uneven framerates.
2966  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Impressions Thread on: March 11, 2006, 10:56:17 AM
Quote from: "Turtle"
I've also reached a the first mission where I have to go alone at night, and I can't get past this one part.  It doesn't help that the cross comm is buggered in the mission and I have no other support assets.  Not to mention my current save I'm at red health.

There are jammer units by your targets in that one.  They can be hard to see through the interference though.  I found switching between using the night vision and having it off to be useful... it was much easier for me to track muzzle flashes without the night vision.
2967  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GR:AW Multiplayer on: March 11, 2006, 06:34:28 AM
Had fun while I and Lynk could play.  Unfortunately we started getting booted and we not able to join the server again.  <shrug> I blame the campus network.
2968  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Ghost Recon - Co Op Interest on: March 09, 2006, 11:09:40 PM
Haven't played any online yet .  Have had a lot of fun playing split-screen so far though.
2969  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Impressions Thread on: March 09, 2006, 05:52:20 AM
I've blown my whole team up with a grenade once.  once.

So far only played co-op split-screen.  The first co-op campaign map is pretty fun.  We finally beat it after a number of tries.  I think I've been playing way too many games where you can take multiple hits before dying.  My cover reflex really needs some work.
2970  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Ghost Recon - Co Op Interest on: March 08, 2006, 11:16:24 PM
Jarrodhk as my gamertag... hoping to be on some tonight.
2971  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Ghost Recon - Co Op Interest on: March 08, 2006, 09:17:32 PM
Have my copy... later tonight will actually have time to mess with it.
2972  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] Ghost Recon - Co Op Interest on: March 08, 2006, 04:15:59 AM
co-op is why I'm picking it up!  

Late tomorrow...

After I'm done with everything...


It's going to be a long day.
2973  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GRAW - Out Tomorrow in Many Stores on: March 07, 2006, 09:15:26 PM
Oh yeah.  Just made the connection that Oblivion comes out during my spring break.  Order some pizza... lay in some drinks... never leave the room.
2974  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GRAW - Out Tomorrow in Many Stores on: March 07, 2006, 04:52:58 PM
Bah.  My local gamestop says the preorders will be in tomorrow.... may be time to go cruise Target/Best Buy/Walmart/EB...

Living in the middle of the country sucks sometimes  Cool
2975  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The Outfit Demo is up on Live! on: March 06, 2006, 06:37:22 PM
Heh.  Was going to post this as well.  Saw you online, saw you were downloading from the marketplace so I knew something new was on  :lol:
2976  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GRAW is Gold on: March 02, 2006, 01:41:27 PM
Quick question:  I didn't see this answered the articles I've read.  Can you play the co-op split-screen?  Or is it only through live?

This makes a big difference in whether or not I get the game.
2977  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360]Geometry Wars Ownage video (16+million pts) on: February 17, 2006, 10:01:51 PM
Just sent my 360 in to be repaired.  Now I REALLY want to play geometry wars.

Or Full Auto.

2978  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / DOA4 patch...any word? on: February 11, 2006, 01:08:44 PM
Haven't heard anything about a specific patch for DOA4, however they did have the dashboard patch recently.  I seem to recall there being something in there about changing the way profiles were loaded and whether or not saves were overwritten.

I've been nailed by the bug twice now... haven't had any problems since the dashboard update though <crosses fingers>.  Also have made it a point to never ever change the first player controller profile while playing the game.  We're (friends and I) thinking that may have been the culprit the last time.

I really have much fun with the game.  Was playing some 2 on 1 versus tag this evening before having to work.  It's a very different experience having to adjust for not only the 2 different characters, but 2 different play styles.
2979  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / (360) Good news about GR Advanced Warfighter's co-op play. on: February 11, 2006, 11:22:25 AM
I had zero interest in this title until I read the word 'co-op'.  I am now interested and will have to look into it a bit more.
2980  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PS Two problem (slimline) on: February 11, 2006, 12:15:17 AM
Talked with SCEA and I'm sending the console in to them to be repaired.  I have to pay shipping to them but that is all.

Fun times.  I would be more upset if I didn't know several other people with PS2's.   Not to mention a PC with games and a 360.  

Oh well, could be worse.
2981  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PS Two problem (slimline) on: February 10, 2006, 07:15:23 AM
Looked at the limited warranty... says 1 year defects in material and workmanship... refusing to read games in under 6 months seems to qualify to me.  Guess Sony's view on it is the important one though.
2982  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PS Two problem (slimline) on: February 10, 2006, 02:08:34 AM
Hmm... that's not encouraging.  It should still be under warranty with Sony... got it in September.  Guess I'll be giving them a call tomorrow after classes.
2983  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / PS Two problem (slimline) on: February 10, 2006, 12:48:21 AM
So does anyone know if the PSTwo suffers the same calibration problems that the orginal PS2 did?

My PSTwo has decided that it only likes movie/tv DVDs and will not read any of the games I have.  Even a blue disc.  It will play music CD's though.

I'm confused now.  This is the reason I got a PsTwo to begin with.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edited to specify the problem is with a slimline.
2984  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / New GalCiv2 preview with screenshots of near final build on: February 03, 2006, 04:01:09 PM
Found out last night that although the beta is officially over, you can still download the last beta version to play.

Then I found out that I have no clue how to do well in this game.
2985  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / New GalCiv2 preview with screenshots of near final build on: January 29, 2006, 10:40:37 AM
Anyone know if you pre-order, do you still get to play with the beta version of the game?
2986  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dead Or Alive 4 - Time to bring it! on: January 03, 2006, 12:08:22 AM
27 in survival is better than I've managed to do yet!  Survival mode seems to scale the AI based on a combination of points and number of opponents defeated.  Since I tend to favor characters who slam foes repeatedly into the walls....  I end up fighting the higher AI very quickly.  It's rare that I get more than 8 KO's.

Glad to hear that you are getting it figured out.   The 'click' was something that Ninja Gaiden had as well.  After a few hours into it, everything just fell into place and I really started having fun.
2987  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Xbox 360 problem... on: January 03, 2006, 12:01:09 AM
Something I've been curious about since I may have to send my 360 in to get it to read DVD's without freezing:  When you send the 360 back, do you send the hard drive with it?

I guess it doesn't really matter... don't know anyone else with a 360 right now.
2988  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dead Or Alive 4 - Time to bring it! on: January 02, 2006, 10:39:25 AM
Fighting one of my friends is a lot like fighting the AI at times.  She can pull counters all over the place.  Personally I can usually rack up 5 and 6 hit combo's fairly regularly.  She has problems with juggling, I have problems with counters... which is why I can still beat her on occasion.

The game is hard, no doubt about it.  I really can't understand why you would not include an easier difficulty, unless you really don't intend to grow your player base beyond those who already love the series.

It also seems that they focused on the online much more than the offline play.  They took out the tag battle offline.  Now the only way to play co-op with a friend is in vs. and that's not quite the same.  They also only have 3 arenas for tag battle.  The game doesn't track your stats vs. the computer, only vs. another gamertag.  There doesn't appear to be a way to see what items you've collected in survival, even though collecting all the items is an achievement.  For some reason there isn't a unified score board for offline.  Each profile has its own scoreboard... which again doesn't make much sense to me.

At any rate as a long time fan of the series I'm still enjoying the game.  I do wish they'd made some different design decisions though.  I'm not sure that I would be having as much fun if I was new to the series.

I do have to say that as annoying as alpha-152 is... the boss in Tekken 5 is much much cheaper.
2989  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / How many are staying up for the new year? on: January 01, 2006, 07:10:35 AM
Up and watching a desk for the next 7 hours.  Then back to banging my head on DOA4 for a while... and sleep.
2990  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dead Or Alive 4 - Time to bring it! on: January 01, 2006, 06:16:53 AM
I'm getting better at the game.  Have made it through with most of the characters in story mode so far.

For the most part I can handle the AI... it is frustrating at times, but other times things come together and it is good.  And then... you fight alpha-152.  The only good thing I can say about her is that at least they didn't decide to screw with your viewpoint this time.

Of course they decide to make her the final part of time attack... and then expect you to get under 4 and a half minutes!?  My friends and I have been playing the various DOA's for years... the fastest any of us have manged is 15 minutes.

It's really amusing (not especially) to look at the time breakdown when you win and see 15 minutes spent fighting alpha.  <sigh>  I can only add my voice to the 'what the hell happened to easy' crowd.
2991  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dead Or Alive 4 - Time to bring it! on: December 30, 2005, 09:55:12 PM
I'm up for some online playing.  Going to take a bit to get used to this version.
2992  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Welll...someone has DOA4 already! on: December 30, 2005, 09:54:24 PM
Fun!  Played through the story mode once so far.  Incredible graphics... fast pace... the ai tends to punish you if you make a mistake.  Very fun end cutscenes.

So far a very worthy DOA game.

<runs off to play more...>
2993  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays on: December 25, 2005, 10:15:13 AM
Happy Holidays from Springfield Mo.!
2994  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Ever wonder how to get 2 million points in Geometry Wars? on: December 20, 2005, 04:47:38 PM
Yeesh.  2million.  I've gotten 581,000.... and that's taken a lot of practice and luck.

Someday I will get the 1million achievement!  Oh yes I will...

<gollum gollum>
2995  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Any DQ8 impressions yet? on: December 17, 2005, 10:10:03 AM
Just picked this up.  I'm having a lot of fun with it so far.  I'm really looking foward to being able to sit down and spend several hours on it!

Darned end of semester.
2996  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / New Arcade games being released today on XBL on: December 06, 2005, 03:35:45 AM
Geometry wars???

People stop playing this game??
2997  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Brag about your Gamerscore/Achievements here! on: November 30, 2005, 07:20:14 PM
Have 340 or so gamer points.

Managed to get 322k on geometry wars last night.  I was so happy!

Then I looked at the top ten scores on the game.  I have no idea how they do that.

However, at least I have something to shoot for.

Edit: 569,000 now.  This game might cost me a letter grade on a couple finals...
2998  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Perfect Dark Zero - Huge Hit or Colossal Failure? on: November 28, 2005, 06:57:45 AM
I've found out that the setup of the missions changes a little.  When you play through solo it will be set up one way, then going through co-op things will be different.  Usually requiring some teamwork in places.  It also seems like it changes after you gone through the level.  I went through co-op on a couple of levels with different people helping me, and the patrols were a little different for instance.

The splitscreen vs. bots is where I've had the absolute most fun so far.  Just found out tonight that when you play on the bigger maps there are points you can hack.  Once you've done that you can spawn closer to the action.
2999  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Any 4 player coop games for the 360 yet? on: November 27, 2005, 12:12:13 AM
Perfect Dark also allows bots... myself and friends were playing 4 player us vs. the bots teamkill
3000  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The 360 crashes! It must suck! on: November 25, 2005, 10:09:28 PM
That would make sense.  Wonder if it's a software thing or hardware thing.  It would be nice to get a patch (like the ps2 DVD drivers) and be golden.
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