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1  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Is the Radeon x850 XT Platinum Edition available? on: May 15, 2005, 03:23:36 PM
Go to and enter "Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition" and you'll find the card available for purchase.

The model available is a -

SAPPHIRE 100111-RD Radeon X850XTPE 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X Video Card - OEM
Model #: 100111-RD
Item #: N82E16814102518

PRICE IS $469.00 plus shipping.
2  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / herpes and a certain falcons qb on: April 22, 2005, 03:48:35 AM
where, dear god, can i get one of those jerseys?

It won't be at any official NFL website selling jerseys, that much is for sure. The NFL added Ron Mexico to their list of banned names that they won't sell on a jersey.

I was thinking that you might be able to find a Falcons jersey without a name on it, just the number and take it to a place that does heat transfer t-shirts and have them add the name onto the shirt. But then you'd have to find out IF the NFL will sell Michael Vicks jersey without any name on it.  :lol:
3  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / *NSFW* Lovely Vida Guerra's phone... HACKED! *NSFW* on: April 14, 2005, 03:07:27 PM
She's a fan favorite from MAXIM & FHM magazine. I don't think she's done anything like a movie, tv, or music, she's just a hottie with a big booty.  :lol:
4  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What do you call yours? on: April 01, 2005, 05:01:52 PM
I respect mine's privacy, I've never asked him what his name is.  :lol:
5  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Am I weird? (ads) on: March 18, 2005, 08:42:43 PM
The good thing about having a popup blocker is when messing with those ads you can play with them over and over and the popups don't get in the way.
6  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / New War of the Worlds Trailer out on: March 18, 2005, 06:11:37 PM
So where are the aliens?

They're in the full version, buy a ticket and see them then.  :lol:

Do ya REALLY think Speilberg is gonna show them to you full blown in the trailers? NAH, ain't happenin'.
7  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Things that sound too good to be true... on: March 01, 2005, 08:56:01 PM
Everytime I see Matthew Lesko on tv and he's wearing the coat with dollar signs on it it reminds me of The Riddler. The man makes me laugh with that coat.  :lol:
8  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / All hail Galaxy Quest on: February 18, 2005, 04:24:13 PM
That's the best we'll ever see Sigourney Weaver's tits look.
9  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What TV show do you want to see on DVD? on: February 18, 2005, 02:17:29 AM
The Six Million Dollar Man
10  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Can you fry just your AGP slot? (also a 'beep' question) on: January 24, 2005, 03:36:24 AM
YES, it is possible for the AGP slot to get burnt out/fried. Had one happen to me, got the same error indicators that you're currently experiencing.
11  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Do you have a DVD viewing schedule? on: January 13, 2005, 09:27:16 PM
For example, I'm watching all the X-files shows in order and I try to watch an episode every week on Sunday at 9:00 just like it used to be on for a while.

Sunday night's belong to HBO in my house.
12  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / I need a manly moisturizer on: December 15, 2004, 03:18:05 PM
I recently bought a bottle of Nivea for Men face wash. It contains a moisterizer in it so when I use it to wash my face it does the trick.

I don't use it everyday, only sometimes if the skin on my face starts looking or feeling dry. I bought it at my local Lowe's foods grocery store.
13  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What's in your wallet?!! on: December 15, 2004, 03:15:12 PM
I hope the family of Phil Lynott are getting paid for the use of "The Boys are Back in Town" in those Capitol One commercials. Thin Lizzy ROCKS!
14  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Is it legal to sell an Anarchy Online Account? on: December 15, 2004, 01:20:48 AM
I was looking through some info on their website and came across this:

Someone stole my account!
We have not had anyone hack or steal account information from our servers thus far. Unfortunately we can only see if an account has transferred hands and not if an account has actually been stolen. Please make sure your computer is secure and all account information is yours only. We only give information on an account to the email currently registered on the account.

From reading this I'd say they allow an account to change hands.

I don't see anything that specifically states that a person cannot transfer their account to another person. What someone charges to sale their account to another person should be between the 2 parties and not FUNCOM, but I could be wrong on that.

I'd say your best course of action would be to email FUNCOM and ask them what they allow as far as selling an active account to another person.

It seems it would be simple enough to that once you sale the account, and receive payment from the buyer you'd give that person your email address and password for the registration of AO, and the buyer would change all the info as far as a new email address, password, and credit card payment info.

Good Luck!

Email me or send me a PM and let me know how much your selling price is. I might be interested...thanks
15  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / I need a manly moisturizer on: December 14, 2004, 05:11:33 PM
6 words: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - the experts on "products".
16  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What should I do? (stolen money) on: December 10, 2004, 09:27:22 PM
I think at this point RAVEN should borrow $40 from the roommate and then forget to pay it back. That should square things away, right?  :lol:
17  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Wife's computer refuses to read CD's on: December 10, 2004, 01:08:04 PM

A few days ago I stripped down an old machine and with that I have a spare cd-rom drive. It's nothing fancy but if you want it, it's yours.

Email me at [email protected] if you'd like me to ship it to you.
Drive and shipping free, it won't cost you anything.
18  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What should I do? (stolen money) on: December 10, 2004, 01:05:51 PM
Hey Raven,

It's been 4 days since you first posted about the missing money.

Is there an update to the story?

I'm wondering if you've discussed the matter with your roommate and if so how that went?

Inquiring minds want to know.  :lol:
19  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Any advice? on: December 09, 2004, 06:27:25 PM
Dude, your taking my comments WAY too serious. RELAX.

Without a high school diploma what type of job is your daughter going to be able to get?;

Waitress at a greasy spoon do drop in diner?

Cashier at Wal-Mart? Even with their level of white redneck trash that they let work for them I'm wondering if not having a HS diploma she'd even be able to get a job with them.

Just with the examples that I've provided she's going to have a difficult time getting even a low-level income job.

The comment about the bunny ranch was my idiotic attempt at humor, seeing that your stressing out about your situation you could use a laugh or two.

But on the serious tip there are alot of women that have no HS diploma's that are out working in the adult entertainment industry, but I'm sure there's probably the occasional master's degree or PHD that just enjoy that type of lifestyle. If you don't want your daughter winding up in that line of work I hope for your's and her sake that she buckles down and gets the HS diploma.

NO it's not going to be easy for her, but sometimes "LIFE isn't easy".

Good luck...sorry that I pissed you off.
20  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Any advice? on: December 09, 2004, 05:01:49 PM
If everything you try fails, you can let her move to Las Vegas and go to work at the "Bunny Ranch".

From the HBO shows on the Bunny Ranch those women make ALOT of money. If money's all she's interested in, she'll make it there, IF she's a hottie.  :twisted:

EDIT - WHEN she's of legal age to work in that environment.
21  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Any advice? on: December 09, 2004, 01:58:00 PM
When I was in 11th & 12th grade I was working at a grocery store and putting in close to 40 hours a week. The hours on the job, many of them past 12midnight and getting up early to go to school weren't compatible.

I'd sleep though 1/2 my classes, which never was a problems with the teachers, they didn't care. I'd breeze though those classes and the tests because I knew the material. But the one class I couldn't breeze through was math. Algebra and Geometry were NOT my thing. I flunked them miserably both years.

In order to graduate on time I had to take an alternative class that would get me the math credit I needed. That class was an introductory drafting class. Even though I sucked at algebra and geometry I managed to pass the class and graduate.

It seems like your daughter has lost hope and you need to be the anchor, the rock that puts her back on track. Dropping out of HS is NOT the way to go. Even if she has to repeat her Senior year, so what? Get the HS diploma no matter what.

She's going to find that NOT having the HS diploma is going to damage her chances of finding a mildly decent job in the real world.

Do whatever you have to do to convince her to get the HS diploma.

Having only a HS diploma and no college degree is one of the big regrets in my life. I graduated HS and went into the US Military.

In 2004 I'm wondering if the military will even accept a person if they don't have a HS diploma?
22  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / How old are you? on: December 08, 2004, 08:00:18 PM
40, dob June 6th 1964 (D-DAY!)
23  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / HDTV - my new passion on: December 08, 2004, 06:22:15 PM
Heck, I even love watching Sportscenter in HD

Damn straight!  :lol:

My cable provider Adelphia just bumped ESPN-HD to their "extended tier" of HD channels, meaning that it was one I was receiving with my current package, until they changed it.  frown

I called them up yesterday and added it and all the other extended tier HD channels to my cable package. I've got ALL the HD channels that Adelphia currently offers. ALL of them! YES they are mine, ALL mine.  :lol:

It was an extra $5.00 a month tacked onto the bill, but what the hell, it's worth it.

I spend that much in 2 days on 20oz. Pepsi's that I drink at work.

Watching football in HD then switching back to a non-HD broadcast of the same game, there's NO going back to a non-HD football game. The turf is a sharp green color and for me it just brings something back to the whole experience.

This year I'll be watching the SuperBowl on FOX in HD, it's gonna be great.
24  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Blade Trinity - How is it? on: December 08, 2004, 05:01:07 PM
I'll let ya know when I see it. Chalk this one up on my "things to do this weekend" list.
25  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / HDTV - my new passion on: December 08, 2004, 04:18:34 PM
One thing that I've noticed when watching FOX sunday football on HD vs. the regular fullscreen broadcast is that there's a time delay of about 5 seconds. The regular broadcast is normal and the same game broadcast in HD is 5 seconds behind.

Maybe this is just an issue I have with Adelphia, maybe not? Anybody else have this issue with their local cable provider?

Another thing I've noticed is that one of my local TV channels audio is delayed about 2-3 seconds behind their normal broadcast. When watching the HD broadcast on the specific channel the lips aren't synched with the audio. It only happens when watching their nightly 5-6 o'clock news. It's a CBS affiliate.
26  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / "The Matrix" was a rip-off? WTF? on: December 08, 2004, 04:59:18 AM
IF the case makes it to court perhaps she'll either win her case, lose her case or Warner Bros. settles out of court and makes her a deal for millions plus future residuals on anything Matrix related.  :?:
27  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What should I do? (stolen money) on: December 06, 2004, 07:54:38 PM
Here's the problem: in the scenario you've laid out, your roommmate unlocks your door from the outside, leaves the drawer ajar after stealing your money, and then goes out of his way to make sure your auto-locking door is left *unlocked* when he slips back out. Doesn't that seem insanely sloppy to anyone else?

I guess it's safe to assume this guy's no Ethan Hunt. (Mission Impossible)
28  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / "The Matrix" was a rip-off? WTF? on: December 06, 2004, 07:38:00 PM
WOW!  :shock:

That link and it's story is the first time I've heard anything about this.

As the story said, there's going to be more on this in the future, probably on a network that's NOT owned by Time Warner/AOL.

What's pretty ballsy is when you watch all the extra's that have been included on The Matrix DVD's the way the origin is spun is that Wachowski Bros. say they were inspired by Japanese Anime and other comic book sources.  :roll:

Guess they were REALLY inspired by the person who actually wrote the original source material. Enough that they'd feel the need to steal her idea and make it their own.  :x
29  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What should I do? (stolen money) on: December 06, 2004, 06:16:22 PM
Roomate: "WHoa dude, like sufing the stars on my crack addiction."

You: Hi Roomy! Top O' The Mornin' to Ya! Chip Chip Cheerio, a Console Gold Merry-O!

Roomate: "..."

You: "Did you take $40.00 from my wallet for anything the other morning?"

Roomate: "Yeah. I had to buy some crack."

You: "Okay."

DAMN, I forgot that roommates are required to extend loan privledges for crack purchases even without receiving prior approval.  :lol:

From my understanding the Bank of Raven frowns upon cash withdraw's after normal business hours.  :lol:
30  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What should I do? (stolen money) on: December 06, 2004, 04:22:07 PM
I don't think there's a win-win situation that you're going to get with this situation.

If your 100% sure that the money was in the wallet, and your 100% sure it wasn't misplaced or lost by your own doing then you have to make the decision on how to ask your roommate about it.

Like some have suggested you could ask him if he "borrowed" money from your wallet and forgot to tell you OR you can tell him straight up that there's money missing from your wallet and you are asking him if he took it. No matter what's his answer your probably going to feel that the trust factor is gone, and that you've got to have to kick the current roommate out and get a new one.

If you do get a new roommate, buy yourself a reliable thief-proof lock box and keep it somewhere where only you know about it. There are some small lock boxes that have programmable codes in the opening door. OR you can sleep with your wallet underneath your pillow at night.

Good Luck, I hope you and the roomie don't get into a big argument over the situation.
31  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What should I do? (stolen money) on: December 06, 2004, 08:45:01 AM
I had a "money" situation that happened to me a couple of months ago that I thought was going to turn out bad for me, but in the end wasn't bad at all.

I took one of my cats to a local pet groomer to get cleaned up. That morning of the appointment my wife gave me her ATM to withdrawn $60 dollars, the groomer's fee was $50. I got there, dropped the cat off and told the person at the counter that I wanted to pay for it then, because my wife would be the one to pick the cat up later that day and that I had the money with me. I paid her, she didn't give me a receipt, but she wrote it down as paid on the job form with the details of what they were doing as far as cleaning up/grooming the cat. I was fine with that, and left.

My wife picked up the cat, everything was fine, UNTIL a week later I'm looking at the online account activity and I see where my wife paid the $50 dollar grooming fee with her ATM card. The morning of the appointment I went to the ATM, got cash dropped off cat and returned home, giving my wife back her ATM card before she left for work. She didn't remember if I had paid the groomer so she paid for it when she picked up the cat.

So I had to call the owner of the place, explain the situation and see if she was going to credit back the $50. She said that she did not have any money overage's, but because her employee did not follow their procedure in giving the customer a receipt when they pay that she would credit it back. I told her I had my ATM receipt showing the time and date I withdrew the cash, and that I saw her employee write PAID on the job details sheet. She was nice about it, and everything worked out ok. We got to talking and I told her that I did PC repairs for my line of work and she wanted some work done on her work PC. So I arranged for a time and day that I could do the work and I gave her a discounted rate because she had been nice about giving me the credit back on the money discrepancy.

When your on a tight budget and a missing $50 dollars means alot, well I was hoping she would understand my situation and believe that I wasn't trying to con her out of anything, and she believed me. I really like the service they provide in getting my cats groomed when they need it and I didn't want to have to find a new groomer due to a dispute, so in my case everything worked out for the best.
32  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Sirius vs XM Sat. Radio on: December 05, 2004, 01:34:31 AM
If you go to XM radio's website you can register/setup a trial account and listen to alot of their station's programming right from your PC.

I've done it twice with two seperate email accounts, the programming there is pretty great. If your wanting to find out what XM's stations are like, this is a good way to listen for yourself before you buy.
33  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / LOST - 12/01/04 - HOLY CRAP! on: December 03, 2004, 12:57:23 PM
I haven't seen a single episode.

Ditto, I don't watch it.

I hope they all die a horrible vicious death on the island one at a time. Nobody get's rescued, screw em' all.  :lol:
34  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Paris Hilton fascinating? Uh, no on: December 02, 2004, 07:30:46 PM
I'm fascinated in Paris Hilton from the standpoint of her not wanting to turn on the lights for her home porno movies. Why not turn on the lights?

Does she prefer nightvision green in her porno's?  :lol:
35  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / BOO! Ty Willingham fired from Notre Dame on: December 02, 2004, 04:18:34 PM
During Willingham's press conference he was asked what if anything did he think would would have done differently.

His response "Win", "Win Games".

I agree with everything that has been said about his character, respect from his players, their increased academic achievements, etc. BUT when it comes down to the bottom line someone at Notre Dame decided they needed to make a change and they put the wheels in motion which came down to his firing.

Local sports radio here has been buzzing with the name Urban Meyer as a possible replacement for Willingham. I have no idea who the man is, but they've said he was up for a coaching job at Florida and that Notre Dame was willing to dump Willingham for the chance to give Meyer the job.

It sucks that Willingham had to lose his job despite some of his achievements there, but to me they weren't very outstanding achievements. He had mediocre success and mediocre just isn't cutting it anymore at the college level, or in this case at Notre Dame.

Willingham also said at his press conference that there IS NO job security in being a football coach.

Winning is all that matters. Anything else is second best. Second best doesn't win you the national championship.

Willingham won't have any problem in finding another job. He's a class act.
36  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / BOO! Ty Willingham fired from Notre Dame on: December 02, 2004, 04:03:26 AM
How long has it been since Notre Dame won a national championship?

Results...bottom line.  No results, no 5 year contract.

If I was a Notre Dame alumni or the person who makes their hiring/firing decisions I'd have to be asking myself is keeping Willingham for another 2 years going to bring them the national championship?

From their decision I'd have to say they answered that question right there.
37  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Doom 3 's Gravity Gun... on: December 01, 2004, 05:24:29 PM
"HEY GOD, it's Satan. Yeah, well it's too dark down here and I've got alot of people complaining because there aren't more lights and basically just poor lighting, so could you be a nice guy and give us more light down here?"
38  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Suck it Trebek-SNL Celebrity Jeopardy on: November 29, 2004, 08:47:09 PM

I have the SNL David Duchovny episode on VHS tape. If you want me to dub you a copy and mail it to you let me know.
39  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Woken up by the cops in the middle of the night on: November 29, 2004, 04:59:13 PM
While I certainly appreciate his thought, it struck me as a bit strange. Is it standard police procedure to call people at 3 am to tell them their garage is open? I'm actually kind of glad I didn't answer the door. If a cop is standing on your doorstep at 3 am, it usually means someone's dead.

Maybe he was trying to save himself some work that he'd have to do in writing up the police report on the stolen property that could have gone missing from your garage door being left open?

Preventative Policing?
40  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Any Ghost Recon 2 impressions? on: November 23, 2004, 03:58:14 PM
For those that have played GR2, here's a question for you that hopefully you'll be able to answer.

Since you've played this on console do you think you'd like to play the game on a PC rather than console? Do you think you'd enjoy GR2 if you were playing it on a PC.

I've played Ghost Recon on pc, and I guess I like the control of mouse and keyboard better than a console controller only.
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