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2161  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Cold's Suck on: January 12, 2006, 07:49:44 AM
That`s the best time to play games! I can`t do anything but play games when I have a cold. If I can get outta bed, I can play games!  :wink: In fact I have a cold and I`m replaying thief:deadly shadows and cod2 :wink: .
2162  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: January 04, 2006, 10:08:29 PM
I think the wife and I are going to have a bit of a animal crossing evening tonight. Can`t beat two DSs and two Animal crossing cards :wink:  So anyone else happy that how much time you spend on this game is NOT recorded?  biggrin
2163  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / UT 2007 Confirmed as PS3 launch title on: January 03, 2006, 04:45:35 PM
Quote from: "denoginizer"
Quote from: "corruptrelic"
especially considering you can hook up a usb mouse and keyboard to it and rumors of the hard drive including linux and web browsing..

Rumor also has it that the PS3 will make toast, coffee, and a hell of a good martini.

I just can't help thinking of all the hype that surrounded the PS2 during development. I will not believe anything about the PS3 until I see it with my own eyes.

2164  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: January 02, 2006, 07:55:46 PM
The wife got one and is REALLY enjoying it so far. But wow, Animal Crossing was hard to find. We must have called 15 stores and we found ONE. We think it was a return at that.  I heard that they (nintendo) is out of `em!!! :shock:  More of the game isn`t supposed to be in stores until the 15th of this month. Get this EB is taking preorders for a game that has been out for over a month.
2165  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What did you get for Christmas? on: December 28, 2005, 06:14:35 AM
We do ALOT smaller than we used to , and it is WAY better, but that`s a whole new discussion :wink: . My wife and I got a MKDS Bundle w/ ultimate spiderman DS and a intec accessories package of sorts. Now that we both have DS`s , it `s crazy around here! I got some Zappa discs I didn`t have, and my wife got the new 311 disc, not too bad. Heh. My pets got a $40.00 gift card, heh. And, there were a few more things. A shirt etc. But it was pretty "under control" this year, and actually enjoyable! Much more enjoyable!
2166  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Ultimate Spiderman DS (good bundle) on: December 27, 2005, 11:10:38 PM
Well, my wife got a Mario Kart bundle and it came with and intec case and accessories and whatnot. It also came with Ultimate Spiderman DS. All of this was just the price of the bundle.
 I don`t recall reading alot of impressions of this game. Anyone out there like it? After reading reviews, and deciding to open it, I`m really happy with it. It`s normally 40 bucks ( I hate those few pricey ds titles), but wow is it fun. Just curious if anyone likes the game?, and/ or got the bundle?
2167  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: December 26, 2005, 05:46:44 AM
I`m far from over it. My wife got a DS, and tomarrow we are going to get AC for her. 2 DS`s with AC and MK=goodness. She got the MK bundle, pretty nice looking. Fun night ahead!
2168  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The Twin Snakes ['Cube] - no love!? on: December 26, 2005, 04:34:27 AM
I picked it up and wow. I`m loving it. I`m great (well good) at stealth games but not at this :o , at least at first. So far it`s really fun, and it`s a great trip down memory lane.  At my toy r us it was $20.00  :x , but still it was worth it. Especially since my cube hasn`t been really busy. I`m going to go play right now. Good recommendation so far as I`m assumimg it`s only going to get better.
2169  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The Twin Snakes ['Cube] - no love!? on: December 24, 2005, 11:25:05 AM
Bastards!!! Now I look at my cube and think I could come up with 10 buck... Heh. I LOVED MGS on the Playstation, but I disliked and never finished MGS2 on the Xbox...No fun. So, maybe I should grab this. Anyone care to comment? If I don`t already ahve it by the time I post back...
2170  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Should Nintendo save the new Zelda for the Revolution? on: December 24, 2005, 10:56:11 AM
I didn`t think at first I`d buy a REV. But, if it has a nice low price and some good launch titles I`ll grab it easily. I thought the DS might be gimmicky when I first heard of it, but wow was I SO wrong.
2171  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / DS or PSP? on: December 24, 2005, 10:52:34 AM
I read most of the posts if not all of `em. I didn`t see alot if any talk of the real difference of the systems. Innovation. The DS has innovated games. Can I play Warioware touched, Metoes, Nintendogs, and games like that on ANY other system? Not even possible. Or even close. At all.
2172  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / DS or PSP? on: December 24, 2005, 10:46:22 AM
Quote from: "Lee"
I recently sold off my PSP, neat system, but I just never played it, the games weren't grabbing me.

This thread helped me decide to give the DS a try. Just went out and got the Mario Cart red DS. Got Animal Crossing, the dog game (it just got too good of reviews, so I will give it a try) and Metroid Pinball. Looks good so far.

I should probably get screen protectors huh?

Thanks for all the info in this thread.

 I got a screen protector when i first got mine, and while I kept them on, I don`t think that a "normal adult using the the DS normally" would have issues. But, it`s obviously your call and you really can`t go wrong with one(In my experience). My wife is getting a DS for christmas and I don`t think she will get a screen protector.

 Also, since I sold my PSP, I really don`t miss it. Lumines was the only thing I kept playing, and really Metoes replaced that quite nicely.
2173  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Favorite game you PLAYED in 2005, no matter it's year? on: December 24, 2005, 10:38:23 AM
RE4 on the cube many others to name :wink:
2174  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / [RP] Bush Admits Authorizing Domestic Spying on: December 24, 2005, 07:17:05 AM
I see your guys points, but...I still disagree. To each his/her own. I`m not a bush fan, but I think there are reasons for certain things, and I see a good reason for this. That`s all I guess.
2175  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / [RP] Bush Admits Authorizing Domestic Spying on: December 23, 2005, 08:41:26 AM
Wow, I`m suprised by some of these comments. I`ve been watching the news alot recently (as always). Well, I`d rather have this going on than terrorists attacking us non-stop. I was suprised by all the CRAZY comments on this here and on the news... If the government didn`t do enough ( well, we still don`t really), people would freak out. Whatever someone does, the opposite action is always better... :roll:
2176  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / replayed F.E.A.R. on: December 20, 2005, 10:11:14 AM
Quote from: "Daehawk"
Played it on a GF4 ti4200.

 Care to say howit ran?
2177  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / BiA Earned in Blood=co-op goodness! on: December 20, 2005, 10:09:55 AM
Is the whole game playable in co-op? How`s it run on you hardware, and what is that? Question, Questions, Questions...heh. Thanks.
2178  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / DS or PSP? on: December 20, 2005, 10:07:01 AM
I had both. I still have the DS, and we are getting a second one with Animal crossing next week for the my wife. We are sure as hell going to be sleepy... :roll:  I got rid of the PSP because of the loadtimes, battery time, noise moving parts, buggy games, buggy systems, and I really just quit playing it.
 There are good games for it, but at 40 or 50. Most DS are 29.99-34.99. Much more reasonable. The catalog for the DS is much better too, I know it`s been out shorter, but still, it has more games that are better IMHO.
 Mario Kart, Animal crossing, Meteos (I like more than lumines), Metroid Pinball!!!, and Warioware are all the games I have I think...I might be missing something...Anywho, MK, AC, and meteos are crazy good. You could pick those up and the a DS for $215.00. Or get the bundle with MK (its red) then you could get all that for $200.00. The PSP ALONE!!! is $250.00.
 They both are good systems to some extent, or they can/will maybe will be someday. But the cost of DS with it`s great crop of games makes it`s hard to resist...
2179  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Who makes the better hamburger? on: December 18, 2005, 12:12:24 PM
Quote from: "whiteboyskim"
What about A&W burgers? What does everyone think about them? Personally, I find them too greasy and not in a good way like Jack-in-the-Box.

2180  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: December 18, 2005, 11:49:40 AM
Here`s a question for you guys. My wife is getting a DS w/ animal crossing and I want to get wireless router. Can we BOTH go to the same town over wi-fi together? Just curious.
 On another note, this game is just FILLED with stuff to do. I simply can`t put it down after a few quick things. I`ll plan on playing for a hour or so and it turns into 2 or 3... Animal crossing is just THAT much better on a handheld platform.
2181  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / replayed F.E.A.R. on: December 18, 2005, 11:45:27 AM
Wow, while there are some flaws (like with anything...) this  game rocks. I`ve played it twice now, and I`ll play it again. Maybe next Halloween or something.
 Spoilers , I guess.

 The middle of it does drag, and they stretched it a bit. Quite a bit of filler in the middle. But, when it does what it does so right, this game is just extremely fun. The battles are crazy fun thanks to the ai. Just fun, that`s it!

 BTW, did anyone here run it with a system with 512mb , and a lesser ati card. Not sure which one. I`m gonna check. I have a friend that wants to play it, but hes not sure how it will run on his machine. Doom3 runs well on it he says, so I figure... Any ideas?
2182  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I`m prolly late to this but,... on: December 15, 2005, 09:12:18 AM
How is this game?

 It just got released over steam and people are seeming to LOVE it right now. Any comments?
2183  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Good OTC anti-diarrhea med? on: December 15, 2005, 08:50:25 AM
Quote from: "RobbieD"
We are taught in massage school that rubbing the belly counter clockwise will help with diarrhea. Haven't tried it myself but some say it helps.

 Hmm...I`ll try to remember that. That`s interesting.
2184  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Ok, here`s a question for you guys and gals... on: December 15, 2005, 06:36:08 AM
ACK! :shock:

 Well, that really tore me up. My stomach was aburdly sore for a day after or so two. Ouch.
2185  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: December 15, 2005, 06:33:25 AM
Quote from: "PaulBot"
Quote from: "Harpua3"
I REALLY need a frickin` wireless router and quick.

I have the D-Link DI-624. I picked it because Nintendo says it works with the DS and it DOES! Got it for $40 after rebate.

 That`s what I`m looking at right now. Can any of you guys comment on how those routers work with xbox Live! ?
2186  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Good OTC anti-diarrhea med? on: December 15, 2005, 12:02:08 AM
Quote from: "jpinard"
I had no idea pepto-bismal was an anti-diarrhea medication.  That may be a good option for me.

 Did you see this->

 Lol. Anywho, pepto-bismal does work great for anti-diarrhea. Really well for me actually. Lots of poop threads today. :wink:
2187  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: December 14, 2005, 11:59:50 PM
A quick question...what is the password to REDS tent thingy?
2188  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Ok, here`s a question for you guys and gals... on: December 14, 2005, 09:46:42 PM
Quote from: "Daehawk"
Couple times a day usually. then I skip a day. Sometimes up to 6 times in one day. Depends on what Ive ate and how much and if Ive got my frequent diarrhea.

 I`ve went that many or more times in a day. Heh. Not frequent diarrhea though...I actually for the most part liked my schedule, well for the most part. I agree it`s nice to "get it out" before you leave the house and go out for the day etc. :wink:  I do have a really high metabolism, does that mean anything? I thought it meant that I would get the "boxes through the warehouse" fast? :lol:  But , am I wrong?
2189  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Ok, here`s a question for you guys and gals... on: December 14, 2005, 09:43:01 PM
Quote from: "CrayolaSmoker"
Harp, that sounds very not normal.  Most adults defecate somewhere between twice-a-day and once every two days.  Do you get enough roughage?  Drink enough water?  Deficits in both can easily cause constipation.

If I were you (and right now I'm glad I'm not :wink:), I'd seek the advice of a GI doctor.  I find the numb hands and feet particularly worrisome.

 Thanks, I think that`s gonna be the plan really soon, to go to the doctor. I am going to start a few things like drinking WAY more water. I probably don`t enough "roughage" as I should and/or used to. And to explain the numbness a bit more...It actually kinda felt like maybe cramping like the kind in my stomach, but SO intense that it became numbing. Maybe that explains that better too.
2190  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Ok, here`s a question for you guys and gals... on: December 14, 2005, 09:09:08 AM
Quote from: "depward"
Honestly I go poopie about once every 3-4 days or so.  Though, I guess I can check it up to my physical state whereas I was quite skinny at one point of time (went on a "eat one bowl of oatmeal and run 5 miles a day" diet about 3 years ago) and didn't "go" too much then.  Now, I'm gaining weight and now am up to what the "average" should be for my height and still doing only about once every 3-4 days MAYBE once every two days sometimes.

About your second question - I have no idea!  That's a weird situation.  Your limbs going numb might be a sort of cause for concern, but, I don't know.  Hopefully someone can weigh in on that poopy situation for you   biggrin

 Ahh. Thanks for the late night help :wink: . I`m slim. I do eat alot though. I have a high metabolism ( LOL, sp? ). I`m curious what other say, keep `em coming. Thanks.
2191  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Ok, here`s a question for you guys and gals... on: December 14, 2005, 08:43:40 AM
Awhile back over at gonegold, I posted asking how often people poop. I got mixed reviews Tongue . Well, I`d like to hear those answers here, but also I have another question for some folks around here :wink: .

 So first off, how often do you poop? Simple enough.
 Now, here`s the second question. And this really is more of a medical question. Let me explain first...Ready for this?...

 I`ll make this straight and to the point. I usually "poop" quite frequently. Like at least twice a shit :lol: . Enough bad jokes...From time to time I won`t go as much for a little awhile , and it does vary but that`s the norm. Last week, I only went like 4 times...not much for me. I felt all bloated etc. NOT fun. So on Saturday I go to my wifes holiday work party and eat and drink and have a good time. I come home, I still can`t go, so I go to bed and figure tomarrow will be the day. Well...
 I woke up on Sunday feeling like I was going to explode...really...I could not go, even though I felt I really, really needed to. After a few minutes and a bit of shit coming out (always funny to say :wink: ) I still felt horrid. So I went back to bed for 2 hours, and guess what woke me up this time? I had to go again. So, I ended up taking milk of magnesia (sp? its late) . It seemed to make me go, but I was still really hurting. For the next couple hours I was really, really sick. This went on from early sunday morning, until late monday night...And today, I def feel better, but wow my stomach is sore as hell.

 What the hell could this be? Was I just constipated (sp? heh)for a really long time and my body just got sick or something because of it? When I first felt sick on sunday morning I felt so sick that, I kid you not, my hands and feet went numb and i felt like I was going to puke. Oh, and I did that...and I tried to catch it in my hands...I thought that would so much.  Also, it went from straight I couldnt shit , to I couldn`t keep it in...ick.

 Any ideas? Noone else that ate at the party got sick...and I did have the week long dry spell. So I don`t think it was the food. I`m looking into adjusting my diet and whatnot. I eat good, I guess just not good enough , maybe. I`ve had this happen before, it just usally goes away after I go to the bathroom. It never has lasted days...If noone responds, I`ll understand why :wink: . Thanks.
2192  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: December 14, 2005, 08:14:12 AM
I REALLY need a frickin` wireless router and quick. Hopefully I`ll be able to pick one up in the next few weeks.

 I posted about this before in hardware forum, but this has something to do with AC:WW so...

 What routers are you guys using. I looked at the linksys routers. This one was said to be great->

 But then I found out that the newer revisions sucks for both sboxlive and nintendo wifi network.

 Then I found this one->

 Supposedly this one has issues with certain revisions also...Is there anyone out there that doesn`t?

 Now, has anyone here had either of these? Also I`ve a few people say that Animal Crossing is more troublesome on the wifi network than MK:DS. Is that true? And who can recommend the best wireless router out there at a good price? I want to use it for XBOX Live, my PC, and nintendo wifi. Any ideas?

 And back to the game. Holy shit!!! I also REALLY disagree that this is just a port of the Gamecube game. Sure the main structure of the game is the same, but holy hell...There is ALOT of new stuff to this game. ALOT! I`ve put way, way, way too much of my time into this game so far, and I will continue too. My wife is getting a DS for christmas+AC:WW also. FUn times ahead.
2193  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: December 10, 2005, 11:00:37 AM
Quote from: "TheMissingLink"
A few of your constellations have been popping up in my town...pretty cool.  Hopefully The Revolution pops into your night skies soon biggrin

Oh and who's constellation is the boobs?  LOL.

2194  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: December 10, 2005, 08:01:57 AM
I`ve seriously put WAY too many hours into this...and I`ve only had it 4 days... :roll:
2195  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: December 10, 2005, 07:51:58 AM
This game owns. I think that this is the most relaxing video game ever on this platform. Seriously. I play for 2 hours and it seems like 30mins...I can`t wait till I get wi-fi!!!
2196  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Sunday Skin - 12/4 on: December 08, 2005, 11:15:13 PM
Quote from: "gameoverman"
Drunk driving, maybe because they got word their characters got killed off?  To make up for that here's a local newscaster:

 Local as in where?  :shock:
2197  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Bah, looks what`s coming! on: December 08, 2005, 11:13:55 PM

 More freaking snow!!! Anyone else getting ALOT of snow so far this year? I`m near cleveland OH, and we sure as hell are. Crazy.
2198  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: December 08, 2005, 11:06:54 PM
Quote from: "MaxSteele"
Quote from: "Harpua3"
Quote from: "MaxSteele"
Quote from: "Harpua3"
I simply can`t get enough of this game. I`m liking still, ALOT more on the handheld so far. Just better suited for handheld play, that`s all. BTW, who here adjusts the clock and who here doesn`t? I did with the cube version. But so far here I haven`t. But, I do play alot late at night, and no open store=hard to make money. Still lots to do, but no open store hurts the $$$. And ideas? Between this and MK, the wait for my 360 around Feb should go very fast and easy!

Because this has such a robust online element to it, I think that adjusting the clock is most definitely cheating, and it isn't too fair to the other people you'll connect to who are not doing so.

Right now, Nooks is open from 8am - 11pm.  That's a lot of time.  I suggest you get a dresser which can hold over 90 items, catch fish, collect shells, etc... and then take 5 minutes in the 8am - 11pm time frame to go into Nook's, sell all of the items, and buy what you need.

 I did ask... :wink:

 Wow, that seems a bit harse. Obviously I did want to know peoples opinions. I guess I just NEVER thought of it as that way^. It`s not a competitive game really is it? So really, how is that cheating? On top of that, I`m not using the wi-fi right now and prolly won`t be until about Feb. (I`m going wifi when I grab the 360).
 Anyone else think this is cheating? I`d assume the most it would be considered is "cheating" yourself if you abuse this. Like if you were to use it to get money left and right etc. But, those aren`t my plans. Just a simple 12 hours back and forth every once in awhile to do more day/night time things depending on when I CAN PLAY. That`s it. Keep the opinions O` coming. I`m really curious now.

 Sorry if I sounded mean, I just guess I wouldn`t have got that kind of response :wink:

Yeah, I understand what you're saying.  Obviously it's your game, and you can play it however you'd like.  Personally, I like that certain things happen at certains times, and if I'm not available for them, then I miss out.  I'm a big fan of alternate worlds and artifical life simulations, and for me, changing the time on a whim would take away from the feeling of "living" in another world.

 I see your point also. We agree to disagree :wink: .
2199  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Anyone still play CS:S? on: December 08, 2005, 10:20:48 PM
While it sure seems like cheating alot of the time. Some people are just REALLY good. I should be with as much time as I`ve put into CS over the years, but not so much.  :wink:
2200  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Animal crossing reviews and hopefully impressions! on: December 08, 2005, 10:19:02 PM
Quote from: "warning"
Nah.  Have fun Harpua you big fat cheater smile.  No worries mate.

 lol :wink:
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