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11321  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Serenity - Movie on: July 26, 2006, 02:23:26 PM
Quote from: "warning"
Mrs. Reynolds was a great character.

One of my favorite lines:  'Face it hubby, I'm really hot!'

Yes.  Yes, she was.
11322  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / You must somehow defeat an orc on: July 25, 2006, 12:00:28 PM
Carrot pubes are not the best way to start one's morning.  Please pass the eye bleach.
11323  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Serenity - Movie on: July 24, 2006, 06:27:06 PM
Quote from: "Autistic Angel"
I'm often leery of telling someone that they should definitely buy something, but Firefly is an incredibly easy recommendation for just about anyone.  If you liked the movie, I truly believe you're going to fall in love with the series.

+1.  I picked up Serenity on a whim, bought the DVD set the next day, and have watched every episode multiple times.  I'm not big on TV in general (Sci-fi on TV even less), but I was blown away by Firefly.  I can very easily say that it is - well, was - my favorite show ever broadcast on TV.

Of course, you will need to get ready to be horribly depressed after watching 'Objects in Space' and realizing that we will most likely never see anything new Firefly-related ever again.  frown

EDIT:  Serenity is basically a wrap-up for the series, since it never truly got a finale.  There are some small inconsistencies between the two (see spoiler below), but overall it ties together very well.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Some of Mal's interaction with Simon in the movie seemed way out of character, and didn't fit with what happened in the show.  Since when was Simon not considered part of the crew, as Mal tells him at the beginning of the movie?  Just picking nits, I know, but it sort of bugged me.
11324  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Next Gen Star Wars Trailer on: July 23, 2006, 03:04:39 PM
As cool as that is, doesn't it scream 'pre-rendered cut scene' to anyone else?  If it's not...Ho.  Lee.  Shit.   :shock:
11325  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / DirecTV or Comcast Cable? on: July 22, 2006, 06:34:00 PM
I have Comcast cable.  I don't really watch much TV, so having umpteen million channels doesn't matter to me.  As long as I get the basic ones I watch most (ESPN 1 & 2, Fox Sports, Comedy Central, VH1, Food Network, Animal Planet, & Sci-Fi), then I'm fine.  Plus, they give me $15 off my broadband bill each month.
11326  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Ultimate...uh...Hide-an-Apartment on: July 22, 2006, 01:06:49 AM
I think that's pretty cool, actually.  I may have a different opinion if I lived there for any length of time, but the concept is neat.
11327  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Weekend Playlist 21/Jul/06? on: July 22, 2006, 12:53:08 AM
Quote from: "mikeg"
See if I can find a cheap copy of Diablo 2 since I never played it.

What?  Get thee to Tristam, forthwith!  DII is a blast, provided you enjoy hack-n-slash.

I might try to get through some more Oblivion, but running through the repetitive dungeons, fighting the same monsters, and doing the same FedEx/exteminator quests over and over is starting to bore me a bit.  Hopefully the main story line picks up a bit and makes things interesting (I'm about 30 hours in and have finished the Fighters Guild and done a couple of the gates)

I also might give HOMM V another try and see if I can convince myself I like it.
11328  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Some Interesting EGM rumors - Square Enix Specific on: July 22, 2006, 12:43:03 AM
Quote from: "Farscry"
I'm really wondering how many other JRPG fans like me are out there.  That's going to be a big deciding factor for Square Enix as they decide what to do this generation.

I love JRPG's, but I'm in the same boat.  I simply won't be able to afford it.  Since most of the good RPG's come mid-late product life cycle (at least with the PS1 & PS2), I'm more than content to wait until the price drops.
11329  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / This Is Fun Pt 3: This Time It's Personal! (possibly NSFW) on: July 21, 2006, 02:03:26 AM

11330  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / How much is your rent? on: July 19, 2006, 11:57:13 PM
$1,100 mortgage for 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3000 sq ft on 1/3 acre in South Jordan (southern suburb of Salt Lake).

It is, however, interest only since we're planning on selling it in the next year or so.  If we switched it back to a fixed, it would be around $1,400/month.  Figured I'd use the money saved on the mortgage to get everything else paid off so I'm completely debt free when we look for a new place.
11331  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Get this....Little Man breaks some records! on: July 19, 2006, 11:12:54 PM
Quote from: "Kevin Grey"
Well, White Chicks did very well and Little Man just doubled Serenity's opening weekend so it's not really surprising that the Wayans' comedies continue to get the greenlight.

Some of that may have to do with the fact that I've see a 'Little Man' TV spot every single time I sit down in front of the TV, and saw maybe 1 promo for Serenity before it came out.   But that's neither here nor there.  I am wondering though, who in the hell pays to see this stuff?   I can't think of a single person I know that would be willing to lay down money to see 'Little Man'.   Maybe I'm just not the target demographic...

Serenity wasn't a good movie. Get over it. Stop using it as the poster child for "Wahhh, Hollywood doesn't like quality stuff" kthx.

I just picked Serenity because it is a personal fave.  Go ahead and say 'Garbage like Little Man gets greenlit, yet we'll never see (your own favorite movie that didn't get a sequel) 2' if it makes you feel better.  In Serenity's defense, however, I don't see many people clamoring for 'White Chicks 2'.
11332  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Get this....Little Man breaks some records! on: July 18, 2006, 11:55:38 AM
Garbage like Little Man  gets greenlit, yet we'll never see Serenity 2.  Sometimes there is truly no justice in the world.  frown
11333  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Some Interesting EGM rumors - Square Enix Specific on: July 18, 2006, 11:54:11 AM
Quote from: "Turtle"
By the way, they're making a FFVIII-2.  That's right, Squall, Rinoa, and the gang from one of the worst FF games are back.

And yes, just like FFX-2 they made some dumbass fanservice changes to characters.  Rinoa, in particular, now looks like a slut.

Not that her looking like a slut in an outfit is a bad thing, but all the time in game?  Come on.

FF must stand for fading funds or something.

I really enjoyed FF VIII as well.  The story and characters were great, the problem was the horrible battle system.  Having to spend half your game time drawing spells from enemies was a particularly bad idea.  If they could bring back the same group with a new combat model (and not go the Final-Fantasy-Dress-Up route they took with FFX-2), I'd be all over it.
11334  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Some Interesting EGM rumors - Square Enix Specific on: July 18, 2006, 04:17:35 AM
Oh joy, more online games.  I can barely contain my excitement.  :roll:

Man, I miss the days of the incredible single-player Square RPG's.
11335  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Titan Quest Glitches on: July 17, 2006, 03:36:27 AM
I ended up selling TQ because of a random hard lock that would reboot my system every time it happened.  It would also corrupt the save file and completely wipeout my quest log.   Even though I really enjoyed the game, I couldn't handle restarting for the 5th time, so I sold it.

I really wish I could have gotten it to run, as I was having a blast with it.  frown
11336  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Lamenting on the past - Favorite RPG of all time on: July 16, 2006, 08:53:10 PM
Quote from: "Blackadar"
Interesting there's no love for Diablo, which was considered a RPG when it came out.  
Neverwinter Nights - has this even been mentioned?

Both of these would be in my top 5.  NWN more for the expansions & user-made content than for the campaign that shipped with the original game.  I always forget Diablo II when the favorite RPG discussion comes up.  Since it leans more towards the 'action' end of the 'action-RPG', I tend to categorize it that way.
11337  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Amazing Screw-On Head! Watch now and vote for more! on: July 16, 2006, 03:14:51 PM
That was fantastic, and I'd definately like to see more.  My favorite line:

'Pardon me if I say poppycock.'
'Then say it.'
11338  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Jean-Michel Cousteau rides a great white shark on: July 16, 2006, 02:53:21 AM
Wow.  That is the basic definition of insanity in my book.
11339  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Lamenting on the past - Favorite RPG of all time on: July 15, 2006, 06:39:55 PM
Icewind Dale was the perfect combination of action & story for me.  BGII & Planescape were both a bit too wordy and complex for my tastes, but ID got it just right.

Man, I need to play through that again.
11340  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / What are you playing this weekend? 07/14/06 on: July 15, 2006, 06:35:42 PM
Trying to finish the Fighter's Guild quests in Oblivion before I tackle the main storyline.
11341  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Lord of the Rings: Oblivion Announced on: July 14, 2006, 05:42:23 PM
will feature an original storyline derived from J.R.R. Tolkienís The Lord of the Rings novels under an agreement with EA.

That's sort of scary.   After the 'original story' they crapped out in Third Age, I'm not sure I trust EA to come up with anything decent in this department.
11342  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / IGN Titan Quest review on: July 11, 2006, 05:40:23 PM
Quote from: "Graham"
Quote from: "Gratch"
Not a bad idea, but I highly doubt I've got any nasties.  I've only had the computer 3 days, and the only sites I've visited are OO, CG, manufacturer driver update sites, and the TQ forums.  I think it pretty unlikely that one of them would give my system a nasty.

What is this CG you speak of?   :wink:

Doh!  Old habits, and all that.
11343  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / IGN Titan Quest review on: July 11, 2006, 01:58:23 PM
No worries Misguided, I appreciate it.    

I'm going to put it on the trading block for now, and maybe come back to it once they've had time to patch out some of the bugs.  I'm 15 hours into Oblivion (and just scratching the surface), a couple hours into Quake IV, and have been piddling around with AoE III.  So it's not like I'm hard up for something to play.  smile
11344  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / IGN Titan Quest review on: July 11, 2006, 03:46:33 AM
Quote from: "Misguided"
Have you guys run hijackthis or something similar to make sure there isn't something screwy with your systems? Not to beat a dead horse but I used to see this kind of thing over and over again on the City of heroes forums where people would say everything else ran great, but it turned out they had spyware infestations.

Not a bad idea, but I highly doubt I've got any nasties.  I've only had the computer 3 days, and the only sites I've visited are OO, CG, manufacturer driver update sites, and the TQ forums.  I think it pretty unlikely that one of them would give my system a nasty.

Dep:  What's your system specs?  I'm wondering if we can maybe nail down a common culprit.
11345  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / FS: Titan Quest. LF: HOMM V *SOLD* on: July 11, 2006, 03:07:20 AM
11346  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / IGN Titan Quest review on: July 11, 2006, 03:05:51 AM
Well, I'm officially done with TQ. I tried disabling the audio acceleration as the devs suggested. That worked for quite a while (the better part of 2 hours), but it eventually did the same hard lock & reboot that it had been doing before. Of course it was right after I received my first 2 unique drops of the game. And of course my save game was corrupted and my quest log got borked again. Major cursing at the screen ensued.

I want to like TQ, but apparently TQ doesn't want to like me. It's just not worth it to keep starting over and fighting the technical issues this one has, at least with my system. I don't understand why every other game runs fine, but this one has such problems.

So, as much as it pains me to do it, TQ will be up in the trading forum in a few minutes. frown
11347  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / IGN Titan Quest review on: July 10, 2006, 04:51:32 PM
Quote from: "Misguided"
Quote from: "Gratch"
If it were a system issue (drivers, overheating, etc.), it would manifest itself in other games as well.

Not necessarily. Sometimes, new software necessitates new drivers etc. At any rate, I do hope your issues get worked out so you can play more.

True, and FWIW all the video, sound, mobo, DX, etc., drivers are updated.

I'm really hoping I can get it to work as well.  I'm a sucker for anything fantasy-based, sword & sorcery, hack-n-slash, so TQ is right up my alley.
11348  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / IGN Titan Quest review on: July 10, 2006, 03:33:56 PM
Quote from: "Misguided"
Why is it that when people experience a problem they automatically assume the game is at fault and not something on their system? There are many of us who have put in dozens of hours and experienced no problems whatsoever.

When I can run any other game (the last 3 days have been a marathon of Oblivion, Quake, and AoE III; all without a single lock, reboot, or technical issue), but TQ randomly reboots my system after an hour or two.  That leads me to believe it's a problem with the game, not with my system.  If it were a system issue (drivers, overheating, etc.), it would manifest itself in other games as well.

EDIT:  After a little more digging, the devs say it  may be related to RealTEK audio (which I have), and they are 'investigating the problem'.  I'll try their software acceleration fix (looks like it's got mixed results), and see if that helps.

Anyways, looks like I'm out of luck.  I just reinstalled and started a new game, and I get the same thing.  I thought it may be some sort of bug in that particular spot (Sparta Camp).  However, this time it happened only after an hour of play, in a completely different spot.   Hard lock, and about 5 seconds later, the system reboots.

Man, that's frustrating.  I was really enjoying this game.  I'll see if I can get anything from the tech support board, but my guess is that it will headed to the Trading Forum.  frown
11349  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Q!! on: July 10, 2006, 05:20:12 AM
Christ, this game is buggy.  Just picked it up this afternoon, and played for about 2 hours.  Got the part where you have to kill a Centaur boss (Narcus, or something like that).  Killed him, went back to the camp to complete the quest...and suddenly everything freezes and I get a sound loop.  About 10 seconds later, my system reboots!  Thought that was odd, but started the game up to try again.  The boss is alive again, so I kill kim a second time, start collecting the loot, and the same thing happens.  Try it a third time and, you guessed it, same thing.  Check the tech support boards and it looks like a couple other people are having the same problem, but the only advice from the devs is that it's a known problem with Razor mice.  I'm using a MS wireless.

So I figure I'll try one more time.  Load up the game, and suddenly my 7th level character is back at the beginning!  Quests, & items are still there, but he's back at the start.  Exit back to the main screen, and reload the game.  This time, he's back at the Spartan War Camp (where I originally started having the problems), but now the quest log is empty (both main & secondary), and none of the quest trigger people will trigger.  They don't have the '!' abov their heads, so I can't go any further.

Looks like I'm going to try a reinstall & start-over.  I just hope it works this time.  What little I played, I really enjoyed.
11350  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / What are you playing this weekend? 07/07/06 on: July 07, 2006, 05:18:58 PM
If g**damn UPS ever shows up with my new computer, I'll be starting Oblivion this afternoon, and probably won't stop until sometime late next week (I've got all next week off).

Of course, they're usually here by 9:00 and it's now almost 11:30.  So help me if they shipped it to the wrong address...   :evil:
11351  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / XBox360 RPGs on: July 07, 2006, 11:59:07 AM
Quit it man.  I just convinced myself to spend $800 on a PC upgrade over a 360 because I didn't think there were enough RPG's coming out to hold my interest.  

Maybe I'll just have to do both.  smile
11352  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Cool Lego Video on: July 04, 2006, 04:05:39 PM
That was

Grevious as an antenna just killed me.
11353  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Diyamn! That first Dungeon in DQVIII is hard. on: July 03, 2006, 10:48:26 PM
Quote from: "warning"
The strategy guide recommends Lvl 6 so grind a bit.  But really I can't remember any other dungeons that I had to grind prior to tackling - the game does a great job of getting you to the right level you need for the dungeons.

I really need to finish this.

*cough*Dark Ruins*cough*
11354  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / I turn 30 today. :/ on: July 03, 2006, 09:11:07 PM
Remember, it's all downhill from here.  Or something.

FWIW, my 30's have turned out much more rewarding so far than my 20's.  So good luck!  smile
11355  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / New system, would love some opinions on: July 03, 2006, 08:30:48 PM
That's definately a better system than mine.  That was the original mobo I looked at, but dropped it down in order to get a better video card.

I also had to pick up a hard drive, case, DVD Burner, and OS, which definately bumped up the costs.  The first upgrade, when I can afford it, will be another 1GB of RAM, but it'll be a month or so before I can do that.
11356  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / New system, would love some opinions on: July 03, 2006, 03:01:23 PM
Quote from: "-Lord Ebonstone-"
Yeup.  Like the hard drive, for instance.  Are you *really* going to use all 160GB?

I want at least a 140, and the jump to 160 was only $5.

I've never heard of that motherboard, which would make me a little nervous.

I did some research on it, and it received solid (if not spectacular) reviews.  The general consensus was that it is a good budget option, but doesn't have a ton of bells & whistles.  

A single-core processor?  Why?  Dual-cores are either the same price or just modestly more expensive.  Unless there's a huge discount or price difference, get a dual-core imo.

The price jump was about $100, which there was no way I could do.  I already went $100 over what I wanted to spend, and Mrs. Gratch would have strangled me if I'd done any more.

Finally, you're using the power supply that comes with the case?  Have you read and re-read reviews for that case/PSU combo and *know* that  the PSU is actually worth a crap in terms of smoothy outputting all 420 watts and remaining rock-solid, even under pressure?

I've only ever used the PSU that comes with the case.  I've never had any problems that would warrant me doing otherwise.  Now that I've said that, of course this will be the one that causes problems.  slywink

I've never been one to condone building a 'budget' system, mainly because the corners you end up cutting more often than not come straight out of the part quality.  And your system is only as strong as its weakest link.

If you're trying to build a decent-but-cheap system, go look up "dream builds" from a year or two ago, and make that.  The part quality won't have declined, but the price will have by now.  Whatever you do, don't try to buy or build a modern "budget" system.

That's not a bad idea, and I'll look into it further next time.  Unfortunately, I didn't have much choice but to do a budget system at this point.  I'm not really a frame-rate whore, and as long as I can run new-ish games at decent resolution, I'm happy.   It doesn't need to be the uber-system, it just needs to run a few things (Oblivion, Quake 4, Titan Quest, NWN 2 when it comes out, etc.).
11357  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / PC and Console - What are you playing this weekend? on: July 01, 2006, 06:15:35 PM
Quote from: "GGMark"
off to Ann Arbor Michigan that night to see VNV nation do a Dj set at a small bar.

Oooh, color me jealous.
11358  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / PC and Console - What are you playing this weekend? on: July 01, 2006, 01:38:15 PM
Not a damn thing this weekend.  BUT...

My new PC is being delivered on Friday, so I took July 7-16 off and will be doing nothing but gaming for over a week straight.  Amazingly, I even got Mrs. Gratch to let me!  Have already picked up:

-  Oblivion
-  Quake IV
-  Age of Empires III
-  Seriously considering grabbing Titan Quest

I love having 12 days off I have to use or lose by August 15th.  smile
11359  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Dragonlance Movie being made. Take cover. on: July 01, 2006, 01:34:21 PM
Quote from: "Purge"
or Wizards First Rule

As long as you stopped after the first 3 books in the series.  I loved that series through the first few (hence the screen name). but God, did it turn into a mess.  Haven't even bothered picking up the last two.  frown
11360  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Dragonlance Movie being made. Take cover. on: June 30, 2006, 10:45:37 PM
Quote from: "warning"
Not getting the Dragonlance love.  I read the first book and stalled out halfway through the second when I was 15 or 16.  At the time I remember thinking "This seems like a pretty juvenile rip-off of Tolkein."  I did play through some of the modules when I was into D&D and they were fun.

I'll take the Dark Elf trilogy any day.  At least he was doing something more or less original.

Different strokes, I suppose.  The Drizzt novels bored me to tears, but I can still enjoy Dragonlance 20 years later.   I'm sure nostalgia plays heavily into it, as they were the first 'epic' (in a 10 year-old mind) series I read.
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