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9801  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: so.....this thing called half-life 2 episode 2 (and portal?) on: October 10, 2007, 04:30:48 PM

Quote from: Fellow on October 10, 2007, 04:23:22 PM

Out of curiosity, are they ever going to be selling Episode 2 separate from the Orange Box? I'm one of those very few weird freaks that really doesn't want all that extra jazz that comes with it.

You can download it seperately via Steam.  Click on the Orange Box thing and then select just Episode 2.  You have to pay $30 for it, and you can get the whole kitnkaboodle Orange Box for $38 at Circuit City this week so if you would get any enjoyment out of the other stuff it's worth going that route I think.  They also have free shipping online, I believe.  
9802  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [DS] What we've all been waiting for! on: October 10, 2007, 04:12:00 PM
I guess that's why I don't have a DS, because I certainly haven't been waiting for this.  slywink
9803  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: The Shangri-La Diet? on: October 10, 2007, 03:18:18 PM
Yeah, I kind of figured that drinking oil and no food might loosen things up "downstairs", as they say.  So you think your body adjusted to that after a couple days?
9804  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: How do you react to In-Game Advertising? on: October 10, 2007, 01:43:35 PM

Quote from: Purge on October 10, 2007, 01:28:50 PM

... product placement has been important to any media outlet (besides gaming) for the past 75 years (easy). "and now a message from our sponsor" wasn't something invented in the 21st century.

That's funny, because I don't remember seeing any product placement in the last dozen books I read, and they were all written within the last 75 years even.  
9805  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Re: Gods & Heroes Rome Rising is dead on: October 10, 2007, 09:25:51 AM
That's too bad since it looked like it had some original elements and a theme not seen in other MMO's, but I never did get the damn beta to work without crashing or missing models and textures. 
9806  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Conan demo on Live on: October 09, 2007, 07:21:01 PM
You guys are pretty harsh on this one.  I went in with pretty low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by a fun action game.  I don't think I would buy it at full price right now, but certainly rent it or buy cheaper when things slow down. 

Quote from: leo8877 on October 09, 2007, 03:33:54 PM

Also, what's up with that camera?  Was there really no way to control which way it points?

Yeah, the camera is stuck in place and that kind of annoys me, similar to God of War and such.  I also noticed the shimmering shadows on the close-up scenes, but that's not a huge deal to me and something that could potentially be smoothed out.

Quote from: leo8877 on October 09, 2007, 03:33:54 PM

I kept trying to do combos also and I couldn't get the button presses down just right.  Maybe I just suck.  It became a button mash fest quite quickly for me.

I was able to pull off a few combos by doing X, X, Y and such, but if you look in the menu you can see that you buy/upgrade to more combos using the red orbs (once again, like in God of War) so I think it would gain some more depth over time.  I also had a couple situations where a big button would show up over an enemy's head, and I think it was for a finishing move but I never hit the right one so I didn't get to see. 
9807  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Project Gotham Racing 4 on: October 09, 2007, 03:12:38 PM
The PGR4 demo is now up in the XBox Live Marketplace.  1.27GB, 3 cars, 2 bikes and 2 tracks, apparently. 
9808  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: What are you buying this week? (10/8) on: October 08, 2007, 02:05:09 PM
The Orange Box [PC] for sure, and then maybe sometime in the future I will buy Sega Rally Revo on the PSP since it was developed by Bugbear.  
9809  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: How do you react to In-Game Advertising? on: October 08, 2007, 01:37:34 PM
I can't think of a single instance where it doesn't annoy the crap out of me and detract from the game, unless it is fake advertising.  Even seeing the EA logo in the Simpsons Game demo pisses me off.  That doesn't need to be there. 

The above example of Crackdown was another time when it was a terrible choice, as it didn't fit the mood of the game or the gameworld.  It immediately throws me out of the game experience, which is a big negative to me.

About the only time it may be acceptable is in a sports game, but even in Fight Night 3 all the over the top Burger King placements were waaay too much.  Thankfully I don't play sports games much at all.  Put actual car and parts manufacturers in a realistic racing game, and that's the extend of what I want to see. 
9810  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [PS3]The Simpsons Game Demo Impressions on: October 08, 2007, 01:29:55 PM
Man, while I love the visuals and the references to the show and everything, that was an annoying freaking demo.  I wasn't even able to damage the damn Lard Lad, though I did pop open his flap a couple times.  Trying to aim with Bart was near impossible since the lockon always picked the stupid Krusties instead of Lard Lad and I just had to keep running around behind the fucker while getting zapped by lazers and bonked by robots.  I would love to have a free-roaming game in that world, but with boss battles that annoying and difficult it just went down in my book.  Not much fun. 
9811  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Conan demo on Live on: October 08, 2007, 12:38:15 PM
Well it was a short demo that can be completed in 10-15 minutes.  It's quite a bit like God of War -- with the red and green orbs even -- but for some reason I find this a little more appealing.  I have to admit I got bored with the first God of War pretty quickly.  The combat here was smoother than I expected and I could see myself actually trying to use combos and such.  I had trouble blocking or doing the quick parry thing, though.

There is violence aplenty with de-limbing, beheadings, and guys getting stuck on spikes, so keep the young'uns away.  One thing I liked was that you can pick up the weapon of any fallen enemy.  Dual wield a couple smaller swords or grab one of the huge two-handers.  I'm expecting many more types of weapons in the full game.  You can also throw barrels at guys or just grab them and slam them to the ground like a sack of potatoes. 

Of course Ron Perlman voicing Conan helps.  smile
9812  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [PS3]The Simpsons Game Demo Impressions on: October 08, 2007, 11:38:24 AM
The Simpsons Game demo is now available on the Live Marketplace as well.  Downloading now.  Or after the Conan demo, actually.  slywink
9813  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Conan demo on Live on: October 08, 2007, 11:36:50 AM
The demo for the soon-to-be-released Conan action game is now available in the Live Marketplace.  For those who don't know, this is a violent action-adventure game in a similar vein as God of War, based off Robert E. Howard's Conan books and Frank Frazetta's artwork.  It's developed by Nihilistic Software.

Demo is 484 MB, impressions after I get it downloaded and play it. 
9814  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Team Fortress 2 on: October 08, 2007, 06:44:09 AM

Quote from: CeeKay on October 08, 2007, 04:25:51 AM

<sigh> and the spy is already being rendered not fun by the lack of friendly fire damage- earlier on I watched a team just rip into each other every chance they got to see if there was a spy amongst them.

No offense, but did it really take you more than a second to realize this is the easiest way to root out a spy?  I'm not even playing the game yet and I could tell you that. 
9815  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360]New Too Human Trailer on: October 07, 2007, 06:22:48 PM
Metallic, there's a new one that just went on the Marketplace a couple days ago and it has a bit of footage from Silicon Knights' workplace and such.  That's the one Bullwinkle was referencing.  Hopefully all is clear now. 
9816  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: What is Bill Harris talking about? (car accident story) on: October 07, 2007, 03:39:41 PM
If you ran out into the middle of traffic to save a painting you loved, you deserve to get your dumb ass run over. 
9817  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: 40GB Ps3 399.99 Are you in? on: October 07, 2007, 03:38:14 PM

Quote from: Misguided on October 07, 2007, 03:32:49 PM

Quote from: Destructor on October 06, 2007, 01:12:39 AM

The part I don't get is this - BC is currently (on the 80GB models) via SOFTWARE. Which means it's a bit of programming code on the HD somewhere. HOW in the bloody hell does REMOVING THAT save them money!?!?

According to a thread on Qt3, the original PS3s had 2 chips. The 80Gb still has one of those two, so it is apparently not just software, but a hybrid solution. The new models have removed both chips, thus removing PS2 compatability.

Personally, I have a hard time believing that this chip is so expensive as to justify removing this feature.

Great scott, Marty!  We've gone back in time!
9818  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Do I want a PSP? on: October 07, 2007, 03:31:38 PM

Quote from: IkeVandergraaf on October 07, 2007, 03:10:07 PM

Thanks again guys.  Ok, I'm nearly sold and am considering the Daxter bundle.  How good is Daxter, the game?  and how much memory is 1 GB.  Doesn't make sense to buy the bundle if I'm just going to have to buy another memory card and/or I'm not going to like the game.

Daxter is a great game and you should play it if you enjoy action-platformers at all.  It's really like a full PS2 game on a handheld.  

1GB will be more than enough to hold all of your save games, demos, trailers and some music and stuff.  Of course if you want to rip your whole music/video collection to it then you might end up buying a bigger card.  Just think that when the PSP first came out the big pack came with a 32MB card, so 1GB is quite a step up.  
9819  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: The Witcher on: October 07, 2007, 03:16:45 PM

Quote from: ScubaV on October 07, 2007, 03:04:51 PM

Just found this on the forums:

It will be rated MA in the US, but will be a censored version without nudity and possibly finishing moves?  Anyway I'm considering getting a UK import which will not be censored in any way.  Anyone have a site they recommend for importing UK games?  Or could I possibly get it from Canada?

Well that's lame.  GoGamer often has import versions of games. 
9820  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360]New Too Human Trailer on: October 07, 2007, 02:36:39 PM
To be fair, that's the trailer that is on the Live Marketplace right now and the original post was regarding this video at GameTrailers.  But I still thought that the video on Marketplace wasn't that bad.  At least it quickly showed the different classes you can choose for your hero. 
9821  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360]New Too Human Trailer on: October 07, 2007, 05:48:37 AM
Ceekay, I think it's a mix of action-adventure and rpg-lite.  I think it looks pretty good.  Of course I wish Denis Dyack would have shut his mouth previously and just let the game speak for itself, but hopefully they can overcome that. 

However, with games like this I would give anything to have them give me the option to stick the camera behind my character instead of using their "smrt camera" that changes all the damn time.  Sure, that works for movies but I'm controlling my character and would like to have a consistent frame of reference for my controls, thankyouverymuch.  Give the player options, you dillholes!
9822  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Assassins Creed Limited Edition on: October 07, 2007, 05:36:18 AM
You can't forget HomerBall!

9823  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Assassins Creed Limited Edition on: October 06, 2007, 09:39:09 AM
So it's just the game, some cards and a metal box?  That doesn't sound too special to me.  I thought there was a version that came with a little statue of Altair or something. 
9824  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Sweeney Todd Trailer on: October 06, 2007, 03:40:26 AM
Yeah, I'm not so hot on the singing monologue crap.   
9825  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage [360] on: October 06, 2007, 03:27:45 AM
I finally found a copy this morning and played for an hour or so.  So far it's very much like FlatOut 2 upgraded.  Better graphics, more cars, more destructibles, new modes...these are good things. 

The one thing that kinda sucks is that it appears they took out the test drive track from the career (now Flatout) mode.  Because of the big differences in performance and handling between the different RWD, FWD and 4WD cars, I really liked the ability to try out each new set of cars before choosing the one I wanted to buy. 
9826  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Re: [PC] Jade Empire $15 at Target on: October 05, 2007, 05:38:30 PM
I was in Target today and saw quite a bit of clearance.  I picked up FEAR Gold (FEAR + expansion pack) for $12.48 and a Nancy Drew game for my niece for $4.98.  They also had Faces of War and Stronghold Legends for $4.98 (as well as a bunch of kids software), and if I didn't have a ton of other games to play I might have picked them up.

On the console side, I showed my consumer whorishness and bought my first 360 faceplate.  It was the wood grain one and on clearance for $4.74.  They also had Godfather [360] for $20, Bionicle [360] for $15 and some other 360 game for $20 which I can't remember.  Burnout Dominator [PSP and PS2] were on clearance for $20, which isn't a great deal but if it goes down to 75% off then it will be worthwhile. 
9827  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: 40GB Ps3 399.99 Are you in? on: October 05, 2007, 04:23:11 PM
I think it's really funny how a year ago they were making fun of Microsoft for their limited software-emulated backwards compatibility and now Sony is dropping it altogether.  I'm not sure why they aren't at least using the software emulation that is in the 80GB models, but I guess things like that shouldn't surprise me anymore. 
9828  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: File this under huge rumor, probably not true, But Microsoft would be dumb if so on: October 05, 2007, 03:48:21 PM
Maybe it won't take two years to get a crappy port to the PC now...
9829  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Marion Jones, Steroids, and me. on: October 05, 2007, 02:07:00 PM
Two words: conjugal visits. 
9830  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Re: I see no Deals for 360 Orange Box. You know of any? on: October 05, 2007, 01:48:00 PM

Quote from: Beer Goggles on October 05, 2007, 01:03:19 PM

It will be $38, at Circuit City, next week.

PC, that is. 
9831  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [Wii] Dragon Blade - reviews are in.... OUCH! on: October 05, 2007, 02:49:26 AM
I think we need to have an intervention for Mr Bullwinkle and his crap Wii purchases...
9832  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: FlatOut, Stuntman or PGR4 on: October 04, 2007, 07:44:10 PM
I guarantee that I will love FlatOut UC once it finally comes in stock locally, but if I had to choose only one I'd probably have to go with Stuntman simply becaue I already have the past two FlatOut games.  The Stuntman demo was OK but didn't really hook me.  The full game, on the other hand, is just loaded full of awesome fun.

PGR3 kind of died an early death for me, so my interest in PGR4 is lower than I expected.  I may pick it up cheap later on. 
9833  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Halo 3: Over $300 million in one week on: October 04, 2007, 02:31:53 PM

Quote from: whiteboyskim on October 04, 2007, 02:14:05 PM

They can sell as many copies as they can make. It doesn't change the fact that I think the Halo series is overhyped and overblown suckage. But then again I hated "Titanic" when I saw it opening night, so what do I know?

Yeah, Titanic was a load of crap.

Quote from: Purge on October 04, 2007, 02:30:34 PM

I kinda thought psychonauts was overhyped. Tongue

I kinda thought you suck.  slywink
9834  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: PSN store update on: October 04, 2007, 08:28:25 AM
Yeah, I'm excited to play The Simpsons Game.  Hopefully a demo hits the XBox Marketplace soon, too. 
9835  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Impressions on: October 04, 2007, 02:51:14 AM

Quote from: Mattc0m on October 03, 2007, 09:36:32 PM

I've played all the maps. Pretty fun, I really like some of the map design. Very cool stuff. It's a fairly demanding game, though, so you need a fairly good computer to play and enjoy it.

In-game name: Mattc0m

More demanding than the demo?  I was able to run that on my older PC with some lower/medium settings. 
9836  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: The Escapist: Zero Punctuation on: October 03, 2007, 08:11:59 PM
An excellent review. 
9837  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Pre-order stance actually hurt GS/EB sales? on: October 03, 2007, 08:01:31 PM
I've never waited 20 minutes in a line at a store if it wasn't insane Christmas rush time.  The longest I have waited in a line in the last year was at GameStop about a month ago trying to buy some used cables, and that left a very bad taste in my mouth.  I know for a fact that Target's policy is that if there are more than two people at a register they are supposed to open another one to help more people.  Plus, you can just buy it right at the electronics counter and skip the front of the store altogether.  Circuit City and Best Buy very rarely have more than one person waiting at the registers and the transactions are usually quite quick. 
9838  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: 40GB Ps3 399.99 Are you in? on: October 03, 2007, 07:48:35 PM

Quote from: Turtle on October 03, 2007, 06:43:15 PM

You guys might want to take a look at everything releasing on or before November 20th.  That's when a lot of games come out for the PS3.  That's also likely the release time for the system.

The key is, if it doesn't appeal to you now, when the games do come out this year, and early next year, would you buy it then?

The PS3 is my lead console for multiplatform games, I dislike the way my 360 handles things, not to mention its unreliability.  I can understand when people don't want to pay more just to play multiplatform games on a new system, but there's a lot of exclusives in the works for 2008, and even a few left to release this 2007.

The only exclusives I can see on or before November 20 are Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Haze and Time Crisis 4.  I'm pretty sure Ratchet & Clank will be a quality game, but the others are all a toss-up. 

And maybe it will be worthwhile next year when other games are released and there is a cheaper system on the market, but that doesn't do much for making me want to buy one now or to justify the price for so few exclusives.  I have no doubt that there will be some quality games for the PS3 in the future, but for now I'm more than happy with all the awesome games on my 360. 
9839  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage [360] on: October 03, 2007, 07:29:16 PM
Unfortunately it seems as if nobody near me has this in stock today.  They told me it was just shipping today, so now I'm mad that Roscoe got it already.  slywink

Quote from: Roscoe on October 03, 2007, 07:07:29 PM

Picked up FUC (huh?) as well as PGR4 today. FUC is a lot of fun. Irritatingly it displays a bit crunched on my widescreen monitor with my VGA cable (and yes, I've tried about a billion fixes, none work; oddly Halo 3 looks just fine). Anyway, FUC is it's usual insanely fun self. I had the original on the PC and this seems just as much fun.

I used to have that problem when I ran games through the VGA connection to a monitor (I use component since I got my new TV).  Specifically, Gears of War and Lego Star Wars 2 were bad at not working correctly above 640x480.  I think Epic eventually released a patch to fix it in Gears. 
9840  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage [360] on: October 03, 2007, 05:27:12 PM
What sort of information do you need that isn't covered by the rest of this thread or any of those reviews?
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