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9761  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / White & Nerdy on: September 24, 2006, 07:15:31 PM
Into every life a little Weird Al must fall.   icon_wink

White & Nerdy
9762  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Over a GIG of videos hosted on: September 23, 2006, 11:08:08 PM
I am definitely looking forward to Lost Planet.  Be sure to watch the video to the end where they show some fun looking multiplayer with the mech suits and grappling hook and all that craziness. 

I have to say that the Mortal Kombat: Armageddon intro video was surprisingly pretty cool, too.  Certainly made as much sense as any other fighting game, if not more, and made me want to kick some ass.  I had to laugh at what Stryker does at about 2:05, though. 
9763  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Over a GIG of videos hosted on: September 23, 2006, 06:56:08 PM

Quote from: Knightshade Dragon on September 23, 2006, 06:55:06 PM

Quote from: Mattc0m on September 23, 2006, 06:45:51 PM

Downloading the Assassin's Creed dev video right now. Getting a drool rag ready... hopefully it will come in handy!

Looks great!  (and so does the game)  icon_twisted

Absolutely!  icon_biggrin
9764  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Over a GIG of videos hosted on: September 23, 2006, 06:40:15 PM
Many thanks, KD!  A lot of these games are looking pretty nifty.

I can't get Assassin's Creed Dev video working. Nevermind, it's working now.  heh.   icon_smile
9765  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Weekend Playlist 22/Sep/06 on: September 23, 2006, 04:58:53 PM

Quote from: metallicorphan on September 23, 2006, 08:49:46 AM

Quote from: EngineNo9 on September 23, 2006, 12:44:16 AM

Quote from: metallicorphan on September 22, 2006, 03:23:27 PM

well got godfather 360 and just cause today,i am absolutley loving just cause...but only played a bit of both,godfather is okay,but EA make you use the control system for fighting that was kinda like in final round 3...which i didnt like

and as always get some final fantasy 11 time in...oh and continue on with enchanted arms which is improving alot,i am getting to like this a lot more now

Where did you find Just Cause?  I wouldn't mind picking that one up and getting some playtime in this weekend.

hmm i am in england,but i was under the impression it came out on the same day in the U.S

i am loving the game,its apparently the biggest ingame enviroment except a MMO....bigger than far cry's island,only this one is free roaming and packed with civilians,towns,airports,volcanoes,...and you can nab any vehicle and tour the island(even a airplane or helecopter)

Ah, that makes sense.  Apparently it has already been released in the UK but not until this next Tuesday here in the US.  I guess I will have to settle for playing through the demo again. 
9766  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: PS3 goes to Afrika on: September 23, 2006, 04:53:32 PM

Quote from: ATB on September 23, 2006, 03:51:49 PM

Zounds that's intriguing!

Why is it spelled with a K?

So it can be trademarked and branded and all that fun stuff, I would assume. 
9767  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Resistance Trailer on: September 23, 2006, 05:08:41 AM
Very few of those weapons seemed to pack any weight behind them.  The weak sounds and effects reminds me of the weapons from the original Unreal.  I'm sure the game will be well received nonetheless. 
9768  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: PS3 goes to Afrika on: September 23, 2006, 04:53:21 AM
The hippos were especially real looking to me.  Here's a clip from an interview with Sony execs:

You're the head of Sony's worldwide development studios. What the hell is up with that Africa game? 

Video games have a function in life, and that is: wish fulfillment. You can become a mercenary, a fighter pilot. On PS3, we can expand the realm of that experience. Africa allows you to experience a very interesting part of the world, a safari in the plains of Africa. The gameplay is entirely non-violent. You don't kill the animals. It emphasizes the positives rather than the negatives.

It's about collecting experiences and keeping them for posterity.

What's up with the guy riding in the Jeep, shown at the end of the trailer?

That's you. Or rather, that's one of the people you'll control. (He stops himself from saying anything else.)
9769  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Weekend Playlist 22/Sep/06 on: September 23, 2006, 12:44:16 AM

Quote from: metallicorphan on September 22, 2006, 03:23:27 PM

well got godfather 360 and just cause today,i am absolutley loving just cause...but only played a bit of both,godfather is okay,but EA make you use the control system for fighting that was kinda like in final round 3...which i didnt like

and as always get some final fantasy 11 time in...oh and continue on with enchanted arms which is improving alot,i am getting to like this a lot more now

Where did you find Just Cause?  I wouldn't mind picking that one up and getting some playtime in this weekend.
9770  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Weekend Playlist 22/Sep/06 on: September 22, 2006, 02:57:29 PM
I need to do some hardcore playing to finish up Lego Star Wars II if I decide to pick up Just Cause this next week.  The story mode won't take too long, but going back and trying to 100% everything might. 
9771  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Sony cuts price on 20GB PS3 in Japan, adds HDMI port on: September 22, 2006, 04:43:34 AM
I just saw this over at VE3D.  Here's the English text of the press release:

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) with 20GB hard disk drive (HDD) will come equipped with HDMI (Verison 1.3/supporting Deep Color) output as standard with the system. PS3 with 20GB HDD will become available in Japan at a new recommended retail price of 49,980 yen (tax included).

Since SCEI first announced product specifications of PS3 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in May 2005, demand for enjoying full HD quality image and realistic digital sound through HDMI has grown tremendously. Given the sharp increase in availability of flat displays supporting HDMI in the market, SCEI has decided to equip HDMI as standard on all PS3 systems.

As noted in the linked article, the original MSRP was 62,790 yen ($536) and is now the equivalent of $430.  Hopefully we will be seeing something similar announced for the US and rest of the world. 
9772  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: HD-DVD 360 Addon - $170 bucks on: September 22, 2006, 04:25:58 AM
I just saw this info over at HDBeat that says apparently 1080p for HD-DVDs will be available only to those using a VGA connection and the component users will be limited to 1080i because of the copyright limitations for that format. 

I don't have an HDTV or plan on buying the HD-DVD add-on until the market is resolved so it doesn't bother me.  I just wish Microsoft would do better product testing with the VGA output to non-widescreen monitors for all games. 
9773  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Microsoft to offer free 360 repairs on systems bought before Jan 1! on: September 22, 2006, 03:14:02 AM
A little late to finally be doing this, perhaps, but I still say Huzzah to them! 
9774  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Spaceballs: The Cartoon series? on: September 22, 2006, 03:05:29 AM
Considering G4 is not known for their quality productions and spoofs can be really hard to do decently and run out of steam quickly, I think this one deserves a cautious approach. 
9775  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Re: Gamestop -- trade in 3, $10 bonus credit on: September 22, 2006, 02:46:46 AM
Kobra, that is the point where you bring up your personal policy of "Fuck off and die, Jerkweasel".  I hate to keep up the ragging on EB/GS but that is the kind of badgering that makes me avoid a store unless it is a last resort, and that's just not good business. 
9776  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Review Scores impact sales? Not really on: September 22, 2006, 02:38:36 AM
Wow, your Best Buy sucks, Jancelot.  The one near me actually has the 360 games on the very first display rack when you walk in the door and they are in those plastic saftey holder things like the rest of their games. 

I know back in the 8- and 16-bit eras my purchases/rentals were largely based on packaging and screenshots.  These days, not so much.  Demos, videos, reviews and word of mouth all play a part now.  Although with reviews I go more for the text and see how the writer's view on aspectes in the game would match or differ from my own. 
9777  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Wii Price Calculator on: September 22, 2006, 02:22:15 AM
Mine calculations come out to... just about $0.  At least until I see a game I want to play that convinces me the controls couldn't be as good or better on a standard controller.
9778  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Anyone use Rhapsody music system? on: September 22, 2006, 02:05:01 AM
I don't know much about Rhapsody but I have a couple of friends that use eMusic and they really like it.  The songs there are in platform independent mp3 files that can be used on any device including the iPod and can be burned to CD and such.  Their catalog is focused on independent labels so depending on your tastes that might appeal to you or turn you off, but apparently they have a pretty large selection. 

I just checked the site and they have a 25 song free demo that you can sign up for and the subscriptions start at $10 for 40 downloads a month.  Not sure about their method of cancellation.   Just checked their site FAQ and apparently you can cancel from your account page online.  Bonus! icon_wink
9779  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Is This Publicized Or Did I Dream the Whole Thing (Wii) on: September 22, 2006, 01:35:21 AM

Quote from: Kobra on September 21, 2006, 10:48:43 PM

Retro controller?  Does that mean a GC controller?  We sure got a lot of those laying around here!

No, he's talking about this:

9780  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Bioshock video up on: September 21, 2006, 04:10:02 AM
I hate to be a negative nancy, but that was a pretty boring video.  He kept acting as if the AI and multiple ways to do things were revolutionary but that crap has been done for years and it didn't look like very exciting gameplay. 
9781  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: The ups and downs of schlong swapping (sorta SFW) on: September 21, 2006, 03:48:23 AM
But, just two weeks later, they cut the attached organ off after the man and his wife had difficulty accepting the donated penis.
"At day 14 postoperatively because of a severe psychological problem of the recipient and his wife, the transplanted penis regretfully had to be cut off."

From my perspective, wouldn't any schlong be better than no schlong?  I mean, it may not be the same as your old one, but that one was so damaged he couldn't even freaking pee normally!
9782  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: What is your home page? on: September 21, 2006, 03:24:49 AM

Quote from: Laner on September 20, 2006, 04:54:46 PM

about: blank

At least somebody knows how to roll. 
9783  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Tenchu 360 demo up in Japan on: September 21, 2006, 03:00:04 AM
There is a preview video up for those of us with only US accounts although without knowing it was for Tenchu I'd be pretty hard pressed to guess what it was for since it just shows some dude and a bunch of arrows raining down.  Hopefully they release a demo for other regions soon, too.
9784  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Guitar Hero 2 Tracks! on: September 21, 2006, 02:54:53 AM

Quote from: Nth Power on September 20, 2006, 07:38:45 PM

Now I wonder if there's going to be tracks exclusive to each console.  Hmmm...that could become agonizing!  thumbsup :smile:

I'm getting sick of developers putting platform specific content for each release and expecting me to be happy about it.  I can't afford to buy every platform out there and three copies of games I want just to play the whole experience.  When I buy a game I want the whole goddamn thing and don't want to feel like I'm getting ripped off and missing out on other parts of the game because of the platform I buy the game for.  Just put the all of the development time and resources toward making the game the best it can be for everyone on all platforms. 
9785  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Post a Pic of Yourself! on: September 20, 2006, 03:26:05 AM
With those sunglasses I would have gone for the Village People's cop, but I guess the Pimp at Sea works too.  icon_biggrin
9786  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: DVD Tuesday - 09/19/06 on: September 20, 2006, 03:21:37 AM
I'm just Netflixing Hard Candy for this week. 
9787  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: 360 Just Cause gets TWO bad reviews from IGN (OOPS-one bad, one good) on: September 20, 2006, 03:02:01 AM

Quote from: metallicorphan on September 19, 2006, 12:35:04 PM

i was very on the fence about this one..actually i still am.......the demo wasnt mega great(IMO)...but the 'biggest map other than a MMORPG' made me think twice,its meant to put far cry to shame on island size,someone said that it was free roaming and only when you are parachuting do you actually see the splender of the size of the island

Well, if by "only when parachuting" you mean also when flying jets, planes and helicopters, then sure it's only when parachuting.  icon_wink  The game is also totally free-roaming; you can go anywhere any time you want.  If you never got to the part in the demo where you're flying the helicopter you should definitely check that out again.  Also, I think after you take down the first guy in the demo you have until nightfall to play around and check stuff out if you don't want to do the other missions.    

I read both of those reviews and I have to say that I think I probably fall in with the UK review more.  It may not be perfect but if I can get 15 hours of awesome gameplay and a bunch more of free-roaming and side missions then I would be more than happy.  I want games to be of a length where I can actually complete them and keep the intensity up so I don't get bored.  I enjoyed the GTA series, but

I have to agree that most of the trailers have been pretty shitty, though.  The first Developer Diary on IGN (on this page) gives you quite a bit of footage of the different vehicles and stuff in the game. 
9788  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: 360 camera on: September 20, 2006, 02:30:08 AM

Quote from: CeeKay on September 20, 2006, 01:22:05 AM

Quote from: papasmurff on September 19, 2006, 10:14:46 PM

Does the camera come with downloads on XBLA?  I thought that I saw this somewhere.  KD or any can you confirm this?

It's supposed to come with a code for UNO.

Copied from the bottom of KD's review:

Xbox Live Vision - $40
Xbox Live Vision camera
One-month trial Xbox Live Gold membership
Xbox 360 headset
Includes free downloads of two full-version Xbox Live Arcade games including the popular UNO card game ($5) and TotemBall, the new 3D platform game from Freeverse and Strange Flavour that is a mixture of platform skills and puzzles

Xbox Live Vision Gold Pack - $80
Xbox Live Vision camera
Twelve-month trial Xbox Live Gold membership ($60)
Xbox 360 headset
Includes free downloads of three full-version Xbox Live Arcade games including the popular UNO card game ($5), Robotron: 2084, the classic coin-op shooter from Midway ($5), and TotemBall, the new 3D platform game from Freeverse and Strange Flavour that is a mixture of platform skills and puzzles
200 Microsoft Points ($2.50)
9789  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: What are your top web destinations? on: September 19, 2006, 02:03:29 AM
Blue's News
Dubious Quality
Octopus Overlords
Cheap Ass Gamer
Toothpaste for Dinner/Natalie Dee/Married to the Sea

9790  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip- Impressions on: September 19, 2006, 01:48:39 AM
You obviously don't live on the West coast. 
9791  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Jackass 2 the movie on: September 19, 2006, 01:47:30 AM
As much as I don't like to admit it, I laughed my fucking ass off when I rented the first movie with some friends.  That was one of the funniest guilty pleasure movies ever. 

I'm dubious of the crowd that would be at the theater for this movie opening weekend, though (I'm not usually a big fan of retarded audience interaction and crap), so I will be waiting a few weeks or until it hits DVD. 
9792  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: 360 camera on: September 19, 2006, 01:22:56 AM
I think as far as taking a picture of yourself for your gamer picture, I think it will only be viewable to your friends in the same manner that you have two gamer pictures to assign now.  That will help you avoid some of the asshats out there who will take pictures of their gentials or whatever.  

As for your friends who take pictures of their genitals, all I can say is maybe you need new friends.  icon_wink

Even given that, I really have no desire to pick one of these up. 
9793  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Seaman 2 revealed on: September 17, 2006, 07:57:33 PM

Sega has announced that it will be releasing Seaman 2 next year in Japan.  Oddly enough, it isn't actually a seaman, it is more of an apeman.  And it is coming only for the PS2 so far and no announced US date.   I guess they will be releasing a special controller with a Mic built in (looking like a weird modified Genesis controller), but I would think this would be a perfect fit for use with the 360 and it's included headset (not to mention the online and download potential).  :icon_confused: 

You get get some info and shots from the press event over at 1Up.  They also have a Japanese site up at
9794  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres... wait, Ceres?! on: September 17, 2006, 05:41:04 PM

Quote from: ScubaV on September 17, 2006, 04:47:13 PM

I think we should keep 8 planets and no more.  If we include stuff like Pluto, then whatever classification system we use will make 100's or 1000's or other astronomical bodies in our solar system into planets.  That's just ridiculous.  Pluto is extremely small and has a wacky orbit.  It shouldn't be a planet.  One of the physics professors here on campus who is in charge of the observatory could make some real compelling arguments as to why Pluto (and others) shouldn't be planets.

I think you are arguing against nothing considering they aren't classified as planets anymore.  They have the new classification of dwarf planet
9795  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: What's the Standard Gaming Rig Now? on: September 17, 2006, 05:45:16 AM

Quote from: juniordan on September 17, 2006, 03:25:44 AM

Quote from: Tals on September 12, 2006, 05:22:20 AM

Their are no games that have a requirement of PCI/AGP or PCI Express. Their are some fairly high spec cards for the AGP. The main reason to go for PCI-E is it is the current standard so most cards are produced for it.

I understood - but  could be wrong that AGP is still a fast enough standard to handle the current crop of cards.


I am not quite sure about BF2, but when I bought BF:Vietnam It did not support PCI cards. straight up AGP. There were a few games after that that followed with the same requirements.
This is how I ended up with my new rig.
For some reason my old one did not have a AGP slot (Referb).
So I went out looking for a comp with the  AGP slot and PCI if needed and by some Faith ended up with an express slot and won the xpress card 2 days after.

Not to nitpick, but Battlefield: Vietnam didn't "not support PCI Cards.  straight up AGP".  It required a level of graphics card that was beyond what was available for PCI slots, specifically: 3D accelerated GeForce3 64 MB or equivalent DirectX9 compatible videocard.  Perhaps if there had been a PCI card that met those specifications it could run the game, but graphics card companies did not make them because of the limited bandwidth and the proliferation of AGP slots, similar to how there is a limited selection of higher-end AGP cards being made right now.  Even the original GeForce 256 was AGP (and even back to the Riva TNT's in 1998). 
9796  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Neat Speed Test site. on: September 17, 2006, 01:21:49 AM

Quote from: Kobra on September 17, 2006, 12:06:20 AM

You guys are getting bad pings, whats up with that?  I used to get shit pings with Comcrap, then I switched to Wide Open West, and average 17ms-22ms almost anywhere.  I pay only $29 a month for 6MB Down, 500K up, but WOW routinely provides me with between 6500-6800 down, and 550-650 upstream.  FANTASTIC company.

Yeah, my pings aren't testing extremely well from that site, but I have to say that overall my results there have been all across the board.  I have gotten download results as high as 11000kbps and as low as ~6000 and ping times from 20-60 on the same server.  While I realize that net congestion fluctuates form minute to minute I think they need to do more thorough testing and averaging to get more accurate values. 
9797  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Rolling Stone is Retarded. on: September 16, 2006, 11:51:17 PM

Quote from: Pyperkub on September 16, 2006, 11:42:37 PM

Quote from: Knightshade Dragon on September 16, 2006, 07:04:21 PM

I think Rolling Stone votes with tradition rather than purpose.  Seriously?  Bob Dylan is #1?  I can't find 10 people that listen to Bob Dylan. (or did in the past) He sounds like he's mildly retarded and sings through his nose. 

If we are going by market impact and sales, the baseball "Hey" song would be up there, as would the Macarena.  Both songs suck, but people sure bought the hell out of them. 

I suspect that has more to do with the title of the song.

And the fact that Bob Dylan is widely regarded as one of the greatest song writers around.  He may not be on the radio these days but he has made huge contributions to music.  Having said that, my Dad played his records all the time when I was a kid and I don't mind his music, but it isn't something that I listen to often (although I have friends that do). 
9798  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Splinter Cell Double Agent on: September 16, 2006, 11:46:03 PM
I'll probably wait for a price reduction.  I really enjoyed Chaos Theory but I'm waiting to see the response to the changes in store for this one.  Besides, there are a ton of other games coming out I won't mind waiting a while. 
9799  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Neat Speed Test site. on: September 16, 2006, 11:39:45 PM

It looks better than the tools I used used to use at DSLreports, but I think they are a bit more robust over there and allow you to compare to lots of other people's results with the same or different broadband provider.  And obviously it's not just DSL anymore, it's now BroadbandReports.  
9800  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Eragon Trailer on: September 16, 2006, 08:26:15 PM
I have to say that nothing in that trailer got me excited, and the effects didn't look too special either.  I woudl be surprised if it surpasses mediocre. 

The redhead was pretty cute, though. 
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