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6161  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / So, did anyone buy Wild Arms 4? on: January 15, 2006, 10:44:51 PM
I haven't gotten to a dungeon yet, so it's hard to tell how it will stack up to ACF in that respect, but the graphics are better, the story is more interesting, and the addition of the platforming aspects gives the game a somewhat different feel from other RPGs.  The battle system looks like it's going to be the highlight of the game.  The random distribution of your characters and the enemies make each battle different enough from each other that I don't think I'm going to tire of the random combat, which can happen with RPGs.  It also looks like they took advantage of the system with interesting abilities for your characters, such as ones that affect all hexes in a straight line or one that moves all characters in one hex to another.  Also, it looks like the enemies can have the same abilities as your characters, which will probably help make the battles more interesting.

There is one WTF thing with the game, though.  The first skill you get has a major typo in it (it's written as "hantom line" rather than "Phantom line" and the first major character you talk to has a typo in their speech.  From what I've read at GameFAQs, this is just an isolated occurrence and the rest of the game is fine, but I have no idea how these slipped past the testers.
6162  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / So, did anyone buy Wild Arms 4? on: January 13, 2006, 12:17:18 PM
I picked it up yesterday and have played about an hour or so.  I'm really enjoying it so far.  The game lets you convert save data if you have a Wild ARMs : Alter Code F save, and you can get bonuses in WA4 based on how far in ACF you are.  Also, you can turn on/off each bonus individually, so you can get the extra stuff without having overpowered characters.  The game itself is an interesting mix of platforming gameplay and traditional RPG gameplay.  There's a lot of jumping and sliding, and there have already been a couple of stealth segments where I had to sneak past some guards.  The action aspects lend the game a faster pace than most RPGs.  I've only had a few battles, but the new hex-based battle system is looking good.  Even the best RPG combat systems can get boring, but it looks like the random placement on the hex grid will help make each battle a little different, even if fighting the same enemy.

The presentation is solid, too, with good graphics (they're more artistically impressive than technically impressive) and solid voice work.  A very nice touch is that each person in the game, even those with only a line of dialogue, gets their own full-screen portrait.  The game also uses an interesting style for its text displays, with pictures of the speaking parties being shown almost comic-book style.  It's more dynamic and involving than just standard text boxes.  XSeed's first localization is looking good also, with completely natural-sounding dialogue.  I'll post some more impressions tomorrow after I've played some more.
6163  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / What are you looking forward to? (2006) on: January 13, 2006, 07:54:33 AM
Baten Kaitos 2
Blue Dragon & Lost Odyssey
Final Fantasy XII
Grandia 3
Heroes of M&M 5
Kingdom Hearts 2
Zelda : TP
Phantasy Star Universe
Rogue Galaxy
Shadow Hearts : FtNW
SMT : Devil Summoner
Suikoden 5
Tales of Legendia, Phantasia, and The Abyss
Valkyrie Profile : Silmeria
Xenosaga 3
6164  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [Revolution] Subscription pricing info... on: January 13, 2006, 07:50:08 AM
I think subscription would be a mistake.  Sure, it's a lot of games, but even fans of classic games don't play them all the time, and I don't think it would be worth it to most people.  I'm really looking forward to playing the older games, but there's no way I'd pay $15 a month to do it.
6165  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The New and Improved Collection/Favorites/Games Finished on: January 12, 2006, 07:57:32 PM
Finished Games
The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker - Gamecube
Mario & Luigi : Superstar Saga - GBA (43 hours)
Pandora's Box - PC
Max Payne - PC
Kingdom Hearts - PS2 (59 hours)
Halo - XBox
Serious Sam : The Second Encounter - PC
Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door - Gamecube (103 hours)
Eternal Darkness - Gamecube (21 hours)
Crash Bandicoot & The Wrath of Cortex - PS2
I-Ninja - PS2
Indigo Prophecy - PC
Dungeons & Dragons : Heroes - XBox
No One Lives Forever 2 - PC
Wario Ware, Inc. - GBA
Grandia 2 - Dreamcast (67 hours)
Shadow Hearts : Covenant - PS2 (99 hours)
Sly 2 : Band of Thieves - PS2 (34 hours)
Jak 2 - PS2 (39 hours)
6166  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Fate and Spyware on: January 11, 2006, 08:00:28 AM
I've had FATE on my computer since it was released, and I've never had any problems with it or WildTangent.
6167  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Dragon Quest 8 $35 at Target on: January 09, 2006, 01:44:55 AM
Great price for a great game.
6168  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Wild ARMs 5 announced on: January 07, 2006, 01:49:57 AM
Wild ARMs 4 comes out in the US next week, and they've just announced Wild ARMs 5.  There isn't much in the way of details yet, other than it will be on PS2.  RPGamer has the news here.
6169  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / RPG to look out for in 2006 - a few thoughts on: January 05, 2006, 10:07:00 AM
MS Saga does look interesting, although with Tales of Legendia and Grandia 3 both also coming out in February, it's going to be a tough choice of which to get.  I'm really looking forward to WA4, since platformers and RPGs are my two favorite types of games.
6170  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Devil May Cry 3 - Special Edition on: January 05, 2006, 06:53:28 AM
Similar to Ninja Gaiden Black, DMC3 is offering a special edition with a new easier mode (and a harder mode), new playable character, and some other extras.  Worthplaying has the details here.
6171  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / RPG to look out for in 2006 - a few thoughts on: January 05, 2006, 06:49:50 AM
From what I've seen in videos, the combat looks pretty similar to Dark Cloud 2, although I think you can pause in battles to change characters and select special moves.  There should be some discussion and reviews of the Japanese version at GameFAQs by now.
6172  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Need Help With Nippon Ichi Games on: January 04, 2006, 11:37:25 PM
I have a hard time getting into games without much story, unless they're something where story is totally unnecessary, like Unreal Tournament or something like that.
6173  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / RPG to look out for in 2006 - a few thoughts on: January 04, 2006, 09:45:24 AM
I think the US version of Disgaea is scheduled for the summer.  There are a ton of RPGs coming this year, starting with Wild ARMs 4 next week, and the flood won't let up until at least summer.
6174  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Random encounter frustration on: January 03, 2006, 09:30:30 PM
I don't mind random encounters, but I prefer visible enemies, and I like it even better when you can interact with the enemies, such as hitting them first to gain an advantage in games like Grandia and Magna Carta.  I think the reason random encounters are still around is due mostly to tradition, although it seems to be on its way out, especially with a big game like FF12 doing away with them.
6175  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Halo 2 for $5.24 on: December 27, 2005, 10:04:17 PM
I went to Blockbuster today to pick up Halo 2. They didn't have any used copies, but they have a special on new copies for $10.
6176  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Using 2 video cards at once? on: December 27, 2005, 07:36:45 AM
It looks like, even if it's possible, it would be more trouble than it's worth, so we'll probably go with either a new All-in-Wonder or a non-TV card, and pick up a separate TV tuner card later.  Thanks for the replies.
6177  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Using 2 video cards at once? on: December 26, 2005, 10:51:46 PM
My dad has a Radeon All-in-One card that has become obsolete, and is looking to upgrade the video. He'd like to get a new card that doesn't have a TV tuner, but still use the old All-in-One for the TV abilities. Is there any way to have both cards in the computer at once, and switch back and forth, using the All-in-One for the TV stuff, and the new card for everything else? If so, what would it entail, i.e. switching the monitor cord between the two cards, etc.
6178  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Valkyrie Profile Sequel Official Site on: December 24, 2005, 05:37:11 AM
:shock: tri-Ace's games seem to get more beautiful with each release.
6179  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Should Nintendo save the new Zelda for the Revolution? on: December 24, 2005, 12:18:59 AM
The PS3 will play PSOne and PS2 games.
6180  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / New Trailers - DaVinci Code and Poseidon + V for Vendetta on: December 22, 2005, 09:56:08 PM
I'm very glad to see the tidal wave in the Poseidon trailer, rather than the ridiculous terrorist plot in the awful TV movie remake from a few weeks ago.
6181  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Another upcoming Star Trek movie? on: December 22, 2005, 09:55:45 PM
There's nothing wrong with the Star Trek franchise that getting rid of the people who ruined it wouldn't fix.  The last season of Enterprise (barring the horrendous finale) was very good because they got a new show-runner and writers.  I believe I read that Bryan Singer (of the X-Men and new Superman movies) is a big Trek fan and has considered helming a new movie, and the creator of Babylon 5 was interested in doing a new series.  I would love to see either one.

Personally, I think they should go with a DS9-based movie.  It may not have the recognition of TNG, but that didn't help the box office for Nemesis, and DS9 had the best acting, writing, action, and drama.  In the hands of a good writer and director, they could make an amazing movie out of it.
6182  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Kingdom Hearts II Trailer out on: December 22, 2005, 09:32:09 AM
1Up has some impressions of the game here, as well as a video of the early part of the game.
6183  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / So I fired up Final Fantasy V last night... on: December 21, 2005, 11:45:31 PM
I was thinking of FF4 instead of FF5.  According to the FAQ, you do have to find the world map, and then press square to view it.
6184  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / So I fired up Final Fantasy V last night... on: December 21, 2005, 07:52:12 PM
Do you have to actually get it?  Try pushing B and Select at the same time.  That brings up the map in FF2 : Dawn of Souls, and I think it was available from the beginning of the game.
6185  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Console RPG challenge of sort on: December 20, 2005, 07:46:19 PM
The Shin Megami Tensei and Digital Devil Saga series have very original settings and story concepts.
6186  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / So I fired up Final Fantasy V last night... on: December 20, 2005, 05:13:07 AM
The character had an actual name, although you could probably change it (I think all the FFs through X allow this).  The fan translations called him Butz, which I think was accurate.  The PSOne version changed it to Bartz, presumably to stop people from snickering everytime they saw the name slywink
6187  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Any DQ8 impressions yet? on: December 19, 2005, 10:33:16 AM
Dragon Quest just has some sort of magic to it.  I recently played through both DQ1 and 3 for the GBA, and despite even simpler battle systems, archaic graphics, and little plot, they were great fun.
6188  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / MsDuncan, I kinda sorta owe you an apology, sorta on: December 19, 2005, 12:11:54 AM
"It's a Christmas miracle!!!!"
I think that, with the bizarreness of the situation, it's more of a Festivus miracle slywink
6189  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dragon Quest 8 prequel announced on: December 18, 2005, 12:32:42 PM
According to IGN, it's going to be an installment of the Mysterious Dungeon series, similar to the PSOne's Torneko : The Last Hope.  Apparently, all portly characters in the series get to have their own games slywink  The article is here.
6190  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Rumor Mill: Valkyrie Profile 2? on: December 17, 2005, 06:09:39 PM
I just have a list I visit regularly.  RPGamer seems to get news first, but sometimes AllRPG will have something first, as with these shots.  I also check RPGFan, and pretty much any new information on an RPG will be posted at the GameFAQs message board as soon as it becomes available.
6191  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Rumor Mill: Valkyrie Profile 2? on: December 17, 2005, 09:16:31 AM
AllRPG has some new scans here, showing off some beautiful looking character graphics and a shot of the battle system, which looks a lot like the first game.
6192  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Knights of the Old Republic I or II? on: December 17, 2005, 09:00:44 AM
You'll never get more than 2 at a time in either game, but you'll eventually have many to choose from.  Everyone is awarded experience, whether they're in your current party or not.
6193  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Knights of the Old Republic I or II? on: December 17, 2005, 02:22:10 AM
They do explain some things, but KoTOR 2 pretty much assumes that you've played the first game.  You'll also ruin the plot twist in KoTOR1 by playing 2 first.  You should be able to find the first one very cheap now, so I'd definitely play that one first.
6194  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / OXM Subscription- December's issue AFK on: December 17, 2005, 02:19:18 AM
It's probably not related, but I got my December Game Informer and Gamepro much later than usual, with the January Gamepro actually arriving before the December issue.  Perhaps there's some sort of magazine printing/shipping problem going on?
6195  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones on: December 16, 2005, 03:27:42 AM
I loved the actual missions in Sly 2 and Jak 2, but I hated getting to them.  I'm enjoying Ratchet 3 much more, simply because you can just pick a planet and go there.  It's not that hubs can't work, but both Sly 2 and Jak 2 did them so horribly, I've really been turned off to the whole idea.  I haven't played Sly 3 or Jak 3 yet, but I'm hoping both are much improved in this area.
6196  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones on: December 15, 2005, 07:56:21 PM
Personally, I like the focused linearity of the PoP games.  Hub worlds are OK for some games, but they can go horribly wrong, as in Sly 2 and Jak 2.  Both experiences were diluted with frustrating slogs between mission points.
6197  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dragon Quest 8 prequel announced on: December 15, 2005, 05:08:48 AM
"Unfortunately it looks like DQ8 had a very soft first month at retail"
Really?  I haven't seen any numbers, but everything I've read makes it sound like it's a big hit.  It's been a long time since I've seen an RPG get as much attention (both before and after release) as DQ8 has.
6198  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dragon Quest 8 prequel announced on: December 15, 2005, 02:36:11 AM
According to another article about it, the magazine was V-Jump.
6199  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Grandia III official NA release date on: December 15, 2005, 01:33:52 AM
And Tales of Phantasia for GBA in March.
6200  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Dragon Quest 8 prequel announced on: December 15, 2005, 01:28:10 AM
RPGamer has some details and screens for Dragon Quest Yangus, a prequel to DQ8 featuring a younger version of Yangus.  The article is here.
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