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15361  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / HERO! Whoa...awesome movie on: September 01, 2004, 02:53:55 AM
Quote from: "Jack Burton"
And if you really like cheezy Kung Fu from the 70s and 80s I've got a ton of recommendations including The Prodigal Son, Unbeaten 28 and Five Deadly Venoms.

You listed cheezy Kung Fu yet you didn't list The Last Dragon? Shame on you. biggrin
15362  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Um, Firefox. Wow. on: September 01, 2004, 02:51:07 AM
You know, it's funny - I have the latest and greatest FireFox, yet I still use the outrageously outdated Mozilla 1.2.1 for my mail client.

Talk about getting one's mail from back in the stone age, eh?
15363  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Video File Problem [no sound] on: August 31, 2004, 08:33:37 PM
Quote from: "Eco-Logic"
Hey all, I have the entire Firefly season 1 on my hard drive however I'm having trouble playing them.

Each episode is a separate file, and when I open one of the files with Windows Media Player, it searches for a codec with no luck. Eventually the file loads and the video quality is outstanding, but their is no sound. I'm not really new to all this, but I sure haven't been messing with Divx etc. in a while.

Well, I'd check to see what codec you used to encode them from the original DVDs that you must own and try to work your way forward from there.
15364  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Area-51 Movie Greenlighted, sane people ask why... on: August 31, 2004, 06:41:40 PM
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"
After the MASTERPIECE that was The House of the Dead, why not greenlight another gun game?  What idiot thought this was a good idea?  At least Street Fighter had something resembling a plot....ugh

Ron, what Street Fighter movie did you see in theaters? The only 'plot' that movie had was 'Guess Which Age Group This Movie Was Designed For'.

Street Fighter had no plot. It was simply one of the worst films of all time. And to think that it was Raul Julia's last film is just disturbing...
15365  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Wanna get into the WoW Beta? on: August 30, 2004, 04:36:37 AM
Quote from: "Purge"
As to being on a separate server Tim, I doubt it. You're in a beta test, and they want their servers hammered as much as possible. That likely means they want *all* testers working on load testing. Or they might just ask you guys to log into the other server and create a new account.

From the main WoW page:

"The stress test beta, which will start soon after all 100,000+ test slots have been assigned, will help Blizzard evaluate World of Warcraft’s account-creation process and server performance under heavy loads. This seven-day test will be separate from the ongoing World of Warcraft closed beta test, but stress testers will have access to all of the game content that closed-beta testers are currently playing."

If I'm reading that right, that means that my betaing experience will be seperate from all your laggy people over on the server that was never, ever, meant to take that kind of load. biggrin
15366  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Half-Life 2 Goes Gold on Monday on: August 28, 2004, 11:44:30 PM
Quote from: "Thin_J"
This time telling him he should have made his password something other than "gaben"

And it came as a surprise that somebody figured out how to break into Valve and steal the extremely early (and not ready) Half Life 2 beta when you look at the oh-so-simple password that Gabe himself used...

15367  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Wanna get into the WoW Beta? on: August 28, 2004, 04:06:36 AM
Quote from: "EngineNo9"
Yeah, but it's only for 7 days, and you're pretty much guaranteed to get poor server performance.

Blizzard wants 100k people to slam into a server that's going to (based on my bets anyway) support only 4-5 thousand people overall...

Methinks it's gonna be ugly. Thankfully, the Beta servers (the ones we testers currently test on) are completely seperate than the ones you all will be able to play around with. At least that's my understanding based on the patch notes anyway.
15368  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Um, Firefox. Wow. on: August 28, 2004, 04:04:11 AM
Quote from: "Thin_J"
Tell me.. why did I hate opera so much when I tried it a year ago?

Because you couldn't stand using a browser named after some well-known person on TV. That and it wasn't free, unlike Firefox.

Now, go download Adblock and Mouse Gestures, and the internet will be your oyster. Or something. smile
15369  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Star Wars - 3 new movies ? on: August 27, 2004, 01:42:17 PM
Quote from: "stiffler"
Fine, just make the Timothy Zahn books into movies and call it a day.  Then launch the license into the sun and make nothing SW ever again.

Now THAT is a movie I'd go to watch many, many times over.
15370  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Easter Egg Hunt - Forum Fun on: August 25, 2004, 04:11:39 AM

(warning - needs speakers and might not be work safe due to an overload of badgers.)

(warning - Tunak Tunak Tun. You need to know nothing else.) biggrin
15371  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Porn is good for you? on: August 22, 2004, 01:56:11 PM
Just an ABC Online news post I happened to stumble upon thanks to a friend:

Study concludes porn can be good for you.

And just to show you it's somewhat work safe, here's the first part of the story:

"HAMISH ROBERTSON: Is pornography a bad thing? Well, it seems that the answer can depend on whom you speak to.

It's certainly a question that's been exercising the minds of our political leaders lately, with the Federal Government and Opposition both considering whether to introduce new controls on explicit material available on the internet.

Well, now two new studies have been conducted into exactly who uses pornography and why.

And they've produced two very different conclusions."

Discuss this Sunday morning. smile
15372  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Thanks Eldon! on: August 21, 2004, 12:05:53 AM
Thank you very much for the kind words to not only Eldon, but to the rest of the staff as well. It's posts like these that keep us going day after day.
15373  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / WinXP Sucks. on: August 19, 2004, 04:53:51 AM
Personally, this is what Microsoft needs to bring out next:

Thanks to a friend for pointing this image out to me. smile
15374  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / [HOT]XFX Geforce 6800GT 256meg $350 Shipped on: August 18, 2004, 10:32:22 PM
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"
Is ATI losing this round?  I know I've heard naysayers because of the 'snow' crap in Doom 3...

I don't have any issue with snow in my Doom 3 with my 9700 Pro....from what I've played anyway.

I'm just pissed that I can't find the Radeon X800 XT ANYWHERE, yet the Nvidia 'uber' card is available if you look hard enough.
15375  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / WinXP Sucks. on: August 17, 2004, 07:25:26 PM
Quote from: "Belgedin"
I love being able to turn all that stuff on and off so easily. I dunno, maybe Mouse Gestures lets you do all that stuff to?

While your plugins sound nice (the JavaScript one especially), Mouse Gestures rules. After a bit of redesign on how it works, I run as follows:

Middle Mouse = open link in new Tab (a Firefox default)
Hold down RMB and move mouse up = next tab
Hold down RMB and move mouse up, then down = close tab

Those features right there allow me to open a bunch of interesting links in the background while I'm reading a news page or something, then just move the mouse to go to and close the additional tabs.

Flash/Shockwave simply isn't installed in Firefox. With that not running, I automatically miss out on like 90% of the ads on the 'net. Keeps my browsing nice and peaceful.
15376  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: DVD Tuesday 8/17/04 on: August 17, 2004, 07:21:17 PM
Quote from: "whiteboyskim"
Nothing for me this week, but if you really want to watch Mike Golic chase after Slater on Saved By the Bell: College Years, then this is your week to party.

Saved By The Bell? Isn't that show like a decade + old? Lordy. Just a little late to the DVD party, eh?
15377  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Disappointing Star Ocean 3 review on: August 17, 2004, 04:51:50 PM
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"
I fear that the new combat system for FFXI might fall into the same boat....say it isn't so!

You mean FFXII? Or FFVII Part 2 (or whatever they're gonna call it)? FFXI was the MMORPG for the PS2 and PC. smile

Personally, I thought Tales of Symphonia's combat system was perfect. It was simple, and it was complex if you moved deeper within. And it was extremely fast paced, as I said in my review.

Too bad about Star Ocean. I was looking forward to it.
15378  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / WinXP Sucks. on: August 17, 2004, 01:01:43 PM
Quote from: "Belgedin"
BTW, Firefox/Mozilla users, you should get this badboy: Bloody brilliant little extension.

A nice little plugin, but I'll stick with Adblock and Mouse Gestures (both available on the main Extension link inside your browser). I haven't visited any pages that are non-IE only which need to be spoofed by something like this.
15379  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Halo 2 Information [Leaked Beta Info] on: August 16, 2004, 11:43:45 PM
Let's see...I thought I posted a link on the main site this morning to a nice, detailed forum post on this...


Click away for lots of spoiler info. smile
15380  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Resident Evil: Apocalypse?!? on: August 16, 2004, 05:29:13 AM
I just happened to be channel-flipping (a total rarity nowadays, as I never watch TV), and I happened upon a movie commercial for Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Now, if I remember correctly, wasn't the original Resident Evil basically one of the crappiest movies of 2002? While I never saw the movie in theaters, I did happen to come across about 15 minutes worth on the Sci-Fi channel.

Talk about a bad film.

It wasn't Manos: The Hands of Fate bad, Talk about a campy B movie. Actually, that's putting it nicely - it was a horrid film.

I want my 15 minutes of my life back. smile

Now, to get back to my topic - WHO greenlighted the sequel to this horrid film? The original didn't do well in theaters, did it?
15381  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / WinXP Sucks. on: August 16, 2004, 12:40:56 AM
Quote from: "DarkEL"
They do???  The only thing I can think of that wouldn't work in both browsers would be the javascript we use for our wysiwyg which only works in IE because it's based on the MSHTML Editing Platform - basically, Internet Explorer includes some functionality to make sections of a webpage editable by defining a "contentEditable" attribute or "designMode" property.

And for the record - Firefox is a massive improvement over other browsers as far as the w3c standards go. Not sure where anyone would get the idea otherwise.

Personally I highly recommend that if you're running Windows - you need to be running either Firefox 0.9+ or IE 6.0+.

Wow - Eldon actually recommends Firefox. And it's nice to know it's not Firefox's fault that our WYSIWYG database interface backfires. It's just because Microsoft's fault in some way. biggrin

Now to go back to promoting Firefox wherever I go when somebody asks about the problematic IE...
15382  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / GBA games worth looking forward to on: August 15, 2004, 08:32:53 PM
Quote from: "EddieA"
It looks like developers are abandoning the GBA in favor of the DS.  There's a very long list of games in development for the DS, and it's been a slow year for GBA releases already.  I'm guessing the GBA will be pretty much dead by the end of the year.  I really wish they had ported over more SNES classics and RPGs - Actraiser, Soul Blazer, the Lufia games, Super Mario RPG, etc.  I just hope we'll see some of them on the DS.

Well, there's one advantage to the DS - just as many buttons on the thing as the SNES controller. smile
So I do hope to see a few more SNES ports. Or classics as I call them.

The amazing part? You loved the same set of games that I did. I didn't know that anybody remembered the classic Soul Blazer or the Lufia titles (before they became the crap that they are now).
15383  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / WinXP Sucks. on: August 15, 2004, 01:51:38 PM
Quote from: "Tebunker"
The key to keeping that machine running fresh and new, is disabling the backup logging program that's native to Xp and running in new Dell systems. You can disable that in System Properties off of " My Computer". That alone will free up some memory.

You mean System Restore? That's one feature I'll never turn off, as it's saved my ass before in a 'last resort' situation. It's one of the featured 'features' of WinXP that actually works.

If you mean something else, I can't figure out what it is offhand.

And as far as Firefox goes - there are only a few sites (our backend database being one of them as Ron pointed out) in which it doesn't work. That and the occasional text/graphic allignment glitch. Other than that, it works perfectly.

But after watching somebody's PC get torn up in less than 15 seconds from all the native vunerabilities in IE (only saved by a healthy application of SpyBot, Adaware, and WinXP's System Restore), I've never looked at IE as a viable browser again.
15384  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / WinXP Sucks. on: August 14, 2004, 10:39:02 PM
Quote from: "Thin_J"
*Edit again: I discovered that internet security needs to be tweaked a bit and enabled in some ways before it really does much. Seems to have fixed most of my problems. Now the only thing adaware brings up is cookies.. which is odd because I have them disabled. I would think IE would be refusing all of them wouldn't it?

In my mind, Internet Explorer IS spyware in itself. On a fresh PC, after visiting, I go visit and download the latest and greatest Firefox browser. IE (at least before the Service Pack 2 upgrade) is SO filled with holes, pop-ups, security errors, you name it, that you're risking your general sanity by just using it.

Thankfully Service Pack 2 fixes a great many of those issues, but it's only available to the Corporate users as of right now. Those of you who have the Home or Professional editions will have to wait just a bit longer.
15385  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: WinXP Sucks. on: August 14, 2004, 07:03:25 PM
Quote from: "Thin_J"
I download and run Ad-Aware.. it finds 347 objects, but every time actually tell ad-aware to start a search, it brings up an error telling me windows is restarting in 60 seconds. That gives the program enough time to finish the scan, but not enough for me to do anything about it.

You know what's sad? That 'error' message of WinXP shutting down in 60 seconds was solved at least 6 months ago by a Windows patch.

Which means that Dell hasn't installed a single 'critical vunerability' patch from yet. Needless to say, that's your next stop. smile
15386  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Pinball Nostalgia, and a look at what's next... on: August 13, 2004, 11:52:53 PM
Personally, I was much more of a fan of the real-life pinball tables than any 'PC made' ones. Although I do have to admit that the Epic Pinball tabkes were an absolute blast to play.
15387  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Doom 3 Xbox or PC? on: August 09, 2004, 07:32:00 PM
So, anybody seen some of the light mods out there? Some of these are just wrong:

Look closely, and you'll see not only Hello Kitty, but the Batman logo, and even the Thundercats symbol. biggrin

This is why I get the PC version of games when available.
15388  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Media Biased Against Gamers? on: August 09, 2004, 02:46:40 PM
Ripped straight from our front page:

First we had the Manhunt issue from last week, blaming a death upon a video game (which turned out to be completely false), and now we have this report from CNN, with an article title of this:

Sheriff: 4 charged in Florida killings over Xbox

Looking further, in actually, the killings might've been caused over somebody stealing his clothes AND his Xbox. The article title says nothing about that though. Why? In my opinion, it's because it doesn't make as 'catchy' of a headline.

Your thoughts on this? Does the media truly hate us? Or is it all just for the bottom dollar?
15389  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / AARRGGHH!!! Why Midway?!? Why? on: August 08, 2004, 10:46:01 PM
Quote from: "EngineNo9"
Man, now you've planted the seed.  I might just have to Ebay myself a Lynx and this game if I can find them reasonably priced.

It's a good port, but I wouldn't go that far just to get it. However, there are lots of good games for the Lynx worth getting... biggrin
Reminds me - I'm like 3 games short of the entire collection of games for the system thanks to eBay. I really should finish it...
15390  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines on: August 07, 2004, 04:17:47 PM
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"
That is correct.  SO, if Vampire ships on Halloween, you can do some quick logic and figure out that we will have HL2 soon.

HL2 is just gonna release the same day they said it would last year.

Just this year, and not last. smile
15391  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / AARRGGHH!!! Why Midway?!? Why? on: August 05, 2004, 03:16:49 PM
Quote from: "EngineNo9"
Son of a bitch!  I was totally looking forward to STUN Runner!

Go pick it up on the Atari Lynx. Best home port of this game. biggrin
15392  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / 30 seconds, and re-enacted by bunnies on: August 02, 2004, 05:28:48 PM
Now that's a classic. And so totally wrong.
15393  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FF series question on: August 01, 2004, 11:44:06 PM
Quote from: "Rage"
Now, just since I am rambling, let me throw in some FFIX thoughts. I started this one a few months ago, and playing sporadically got about 10 hours into it, and I must say, I was exceedingly impressed by what I played. My only problem is the jagged graphics.

FF7 though, and I know this is blasphemy, I can't stand. Slow, boring, pedantic, overwrought, and man do the graphics not work for me smile

Personally, I had a PS2 not too long after I bought FF9, so I played it with the enhanced loading and graphic options that the PS2 had. Made a world of difference. That, the Spyro series, and Vagrant Story were drastically improved by the enhanced PS1 options on the PS2.

It's funny - there are two camps when it comes to the Final Fantasy series. If you loved 4 and 6 (and one and five if you played them), you loved 9 and didn't like 7, 8, and 10. If you liked 7 (and think it's the next best thing to sliced cheese), you loved 8 and 10 (and the fan-service 10-2), but hated 9.

As far as FF7 goes... I liked it when it came out, but it was an overblown title by all the graphic lovers of the time. As I said before - it was the commercials that made it such a success. You couldn't watch an hour show without seeing a commercial for it. FF8 was a joke, especially when you had to draw every single spell you wanted, in addition to push buttons rapidly to make your summons that much more powerful (which was nearly a requirement).

As EddieA said though, the people who grew up with FF4 and 6 love the older games. If your first RPG was FF7, you loved the newer titles. Go figure.
15394  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / FF series question on: August 01, 2004, 02:03:46 PM
Quote from: "Tebunker"
It's partly nostalgia, but for a lot of us FFX wasn't as great as you seem to remember it. I thought the characters were weak and fairly thin at best. I never felt connected to the characters or the world like I did when I played FF3/6 back then. I also felt that the story was much more interesting in 6 as well. So I never was really impressed by what went on in X, just thought that it was cool.

The way I see it, 6 set the bar for future FF games, and even when it comes to the very solid X, it really only feels like a meager extension of what was established. Sure sure, the technology is better so the graphics are pretty, but who really plays RPGS for graphics? It's the characters and story that wasn't really advanced past the rut that some fans felt Square had fallen into.

I have to agree with Tebunker - the general story was better back in the SNES era, and you simply cared for the characters more. In FF7, FF8 (8 especially), and FF10, I just couldn't care for the people I was guiding around the world.

Square has always focused upon the graphics from FF7 on up. Heck - remember the four different FF7 commercials? 100% CGI shown the ENTIRE time. Sure, FF7 was also known for bringing RPGs into the mainstream here in the US, but I think it was because many, many, people were fooled into thinking that the game truly looked as good as the commercials showed.

In FF9, I just cared for what happened to the cast and crew more than the others. Which is why I mentioned it in my Tales post that started this whole post. Same with 4 and 6 (or 2 and 3, depending on the numbering system you use).

Square needs to realize that graphics are not the most important thing in an RPG. It's the story the developers are trying to present, as well as the characters. If you don't fall in love with who you're playing as, it'll be really hard to follow along that character(s) life for the next 40-50 hours.
15395  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Review Discussion: Tales of Symphonia on: July 31, 2004, 10:52:00 PM
Quote from: "Tebunker"
Oh yeah forgot one thing, I didn't see it mentioned, but I don't know if Tim knows that you can do a lot of stuff out of order in the game. The gameworld is designed so that you can get around certain things, like taking the boat ride. This effects all sorts of interactions and what have you. You can also tackle temples in different orders, can get summons at different times giving them different difficulties. I could go on, but it should be noted that the game can play very different each play through.

Oh, I know about doing things out of 'order'. I stumbled upon that boat ride ages before I actually had to go there, and noticed that the things that my crew said were a bit 'different' than what I expected them to say because of it.

Unfortunately, when writing a review, there's a limit as to how much you can put in before it becomes a book to read. I'm the most guilty of them all in this aspect, as my reviews (in my opinion anyway) tend to be some of the longest out of the rest of the staff.

As far as the overworld goes - there's times where it looks decent (once you get the 'travel' ability for example), and there's times where it looks like crap (when you blow up some of the dungeons you visit). Combine that with the giant black blobs you encounter, and it looks really poor compared to how good the rest of the game looks. That's pretty much the point I was trying to make there.

Thanks for the comments though. Everything I look at after I do a review helps when I write the next one down the line.
15396  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Doom 3 Xbox or PC? on: July 31, 2004, 02:36:09 PM
Quote from: "AgtFox"
Supposedly Best Buy has broken street date on this and it should be out on the shelves no later than Sunday (many already have it on the shelf).

I heard about this. Now I'll have to swing on by my local BB, instead of waiting 2 more days for my local EB. biggrin

Want to see the official Doom III trailer? File Rush has it via this link - no registration required.
15397  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Review Discussion: Tales of Symphonia on: July 31, 2004, 02:34:17 PM
Quote from: "Foxmerc"
I'll take a Riddick or Halo anyday, and the good RPGs like Wizardry 8 or FFX. At least Tidus had the ability to stop being annoying once in a while.

Tidus was always annoying in my mind. smile

FFX, bah. Square lost their imagination and simple 'awe' of playing a FF game at number 6, personally. They regained some things in my eyes with FF9, but other than that, I haven't been impressed at all with a Final Fantasy title in ages.

But, as the saying goes - to each their own.

Balshazaar - I never touched Multiplayer (short of figuring out a few things in the other ToS post), so obviously I never noticed this. Too bad to hear actually. The camera works so well in single player - always dynamic, focusing on what's important. What you can't see is made up by your teammates telling you what you're missing.

Too bad it falls apart like that in multi.
15398  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Review Discussion: Tales of Symphonia on: July 31, 2004, 03:27:27 AM
Well, I finally got the time needed to sit down and enjoy the heck out of Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube. And, as indicated above, I've writted a review for this outstanding game, which you can read by clicking this link.

Anybody else playing this game? What are your thoughts on this title and my review?
15399  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The official Nintendo DS design, link inside on: July 29, 2004, 10:31:24 PM
I do have to say - I'm impressed by the little thing. Now it looks like a cool looking portable console.

And hey - it has four face buttons. Time for the SNES ports! biggrin
15400  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / What is in your CD (mp3) player right now? on: July 29, 2004, 03:05:25 PM
Sirius Radio - All music all the time. Never any commercials, ever.
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