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15121  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Now that the dust has long settled, Zelda Wind Waker sales on: January 15, 2005, 03:02:59 PM
Quote from: "TheMissingLink"
Ahhhh Smash Bros...a title truly worthy of how many copies it has sold.  What a goddamn fantastic game!

One of the best (if not the best) fighting game this console generation.

Soul Calibur 2 really didn't do it for me (unlike Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast). Virtua Fighter 4 Remix on the PS2 is pretty much the only fighting game that can top SSB:M in my book.
15122  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / WoW: Play the Horde on: January 15, 2005, 02:59:14 PM
Quote from: "Scott"
I'm still struggling with money a lot on the Horde side though, and the Auction House is very dead compared to what is usually at the Alliance AH.  I really have to earn and appreciate my weapons and armor as a Horde character, or any recipes I find.  As an Alliance player, I could pretty much buy or sell whatever I wanted.  I always had the best stuff.  It is an interesting difference, and makes the game a bit more challenging.  Maybe linking auction houses will help on the Horde side.

You know, as long as you have a friend (and can get to Gadgetzan (which is doable at a low level as long as you don't mind dying lots)), you can transfer items and cash from the Alliance to the Horde.

Have an Alliance person put up an item for sale on the AH for a buyout of 1 silver. Have the Horde person there ready to buy it the instant it comes up. Purchase, and the item has been transfered.

Cash can be moved (with a 20% fee) by putting up some junk item via the person who's gonna get the money with some insane buyout of a gold or three. Have the person who's gonna give the cash purchase said item. Poof - instant money transfer.

Yes, it's dangerous, and I wouldn't do this anytime when there's activity in the town, but it can be done. biggrin
15123  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Inspiron XPS on: January 15, 2005, 02:53:24 PM
Now, not to gloat about battery life or anything, but I do know that under full battery saving modes, my PC will last for a little over 3 hours, as long as you're not doing anything more intensive than editing a Word document. biggrin

And it's whisper quiet most of the time. Of course, I do have a lap cooler device thingy, but even without it it's quiet.
15124  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank on: January 15, 2005, 02:50:00 PM

Well, assuming I remember this, this is SO making it into the Wrap tomorrow morning. biggrin

Thanks for the find!
15125  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / VoIP - Internet Phones on: January 15, 2005, 02:47:14 PM
Now, I have to say this - there are free communication services out there, but they require both ends to have a headset, programs, configurations, etc.

That's why you have to pay for this - it allows you to chat with anybody who has a standard phone via the internet.
15126  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Console Game Sales numbers for Dec '04 on: January 14, 2005, 01:18:32 PM
Thanks for the info, Dimmona! Posted on the front page. smile
15127  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Inspiron XPS on: January 14, 2005, 05:51:23 AM
I currently run a Gateway AMD 64 3200+, 1.25GB of RAM, and a 64MB 9600 Pro video card. I can play WoW amazingly well on this thing at moderate settings, although I haven't thrown much at it yet that would really push the system.

I haven't tried battery life under full load though, so I can't give you life expectations unfortunately.
15128  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Whats your background?<desktop> on: January 13, 2005, 11:51:23 PM
And here, kathode, I expected something from the latest and greatest Elder Scrolls game for your desktop. biggrin
15129  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Just got a HP IPAQ Pocket PC Need games on: January 13, 2005, 01:57:18 PM
Quote from: "Xmann"
I got a PalmOne Zire 72 on order that has the Palm OS 5.2.8.  Does most of the games you've got there listed warning play on Palm as well?

Also, how does software work for pda's?  Do you download them to your pda via a usb or something?

also, wheres a good site to browse game reviews and recommendations?

Well, Palm and Pocket PCs are completely different machines. Like PC verses Mac (although both have FAR more games than a Mac smile ). One does not work with the other.

As far as software goes - just download it, double click the programs in question you want to install, and the software you installed to run your Palm/PocketPC on your PC will do the rest of the work for you once you've 'synced' your device with your PC.

As far as sites goes where you can read reviews and look at the giant selection of games/software out for both devices...I've misplaced my links. Sorry.
15130  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Spyware Remover keeps trying to install and I don't have it on: January 13, 2005, 01:51:46 PM
Two things to try:

1) Give your PC the 'three fingered salute' (ctrl-alt-delete) and see if anything is currently running that sounds like the program in question.

2) Start - Run - msconfig
Click on the Startup tab, and see if anything there sounds like the program in question as well. If so, unclick the checkbox and reboot.

There are far more technical things to try, but these two are the easiest for now.
15131  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Funniest quest I have ran across (WoW) on: January 11, 2005, 07:03:57 PM
Blizzard's jokes are also visible via some of their items. For example:

15132  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / WISH gets canceled after 8 days of beta on: January 10, 2005, 04:33:07 AM
Quote from: "Shkspr"

When we sent out the beta keys, we couldn't get anyone to quit playing WoW long enough to download our game.

Yeah, I think that's what truly happened to the game.

And I do think that other (smaller) MMOs are starting to be hurt by the big duo out right now. Although, I think it's just the big one, personally.

Has anybody here seen WoW for sale since release? I can walk into nearly any store and see EQ2 (and its Collector's Edition) all over the place, but I couldn't find a WoW to save my life.
15133  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / So, how many alts do YOU have in WoW? on: January 09, 2005, 02:17:13 PM
Quote from: "wonderpug"
If you can see yourself ever wanting a 2nd or 3rd character at some point in the future, you really should roll that potential character as an alt ASAP so you can take advantage of the rest state.  Play your alt once a week, get a level and a half (whatever a week's rest gets you) with half the time commitment, then put him back into hibernation until next week.

It's a great idea, don't get me wrong, but you'll need to support your alt with cash from your primary. Remember - while you gain levels twice as fast, the cash doesn't roll in twice as quickly, too.

Why I've taken my main and am camping outside of city walls whenever I log off for the day/night.
15134  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / So, how many alts do YOU have in WoW? on: January 08, 2005, 06:33:03 PM
Level 41 Night Elf Hunter (solo character)
Level 31 Human Paladin (regular group character)
Level 13 Human Priest (for when I want to play a caster class - nicely twinked biggrin )

No, it's not that many characters, and I mainly play my Hunter, but I'm still having a ton of fun with what few I have.
15135  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / WoW down again on: January 08, 2005, 06:26:08 PM
The biggest issue is that the login server and the forum server are the EXACT SAME server.

So, if the login server is down and people can't get in, people hammer the forums trying to login to bitch that the game is down.

Thus, it's a very visous cycle - if the game dies, because the forums are on the same server, it just gets even worse.

As soon as they fix that, odds are things will drastically improve. But Blizzard seems to be too stupid to realize this.

Of course, the temp fix is simple - just log in beforehand and make sure you do something to keep yourself from being booted. biggrin
15136  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Need help buying a PDA on: January 08, 2005, 06:20:06 PM
Quote from: "warning"
Quote from: "Xmann"
these the same things you use in a digital camera?  i got a few laying around for my camera i guess i could use as well.

Well maybe mabye not.  There are different formats for these cards.  Check that the cards you have are the same format as the ones the Palm will use.

Palm Pilots tend to use the SD standard (chips about the size of a postage stamp). Price wise, these tend to be pretty cheap. And I'd only get a 256MB card personally, unless you listen to a ton of music or must have a lot of pictures to carry with you.

The Pocket PC line tends to use the Compact Flash (CF) standard, which tend to be the same storage standard in most digital cameras. Some will also have a dual CF/SD slot as well.

The few Sony brand Pocket PCs still out there use another standard entirely, which is only used in Sony products (cameras, Pocket PCs and the PSP).

There - more info than you ever wanted to know. biggrin
15137  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Need help burning cd's in itunes on: January 08, 2005, 06:05:43 PM
What file format does ITunes use? Is it the 'industry standard' .mp3 files, or is it something else?
15138  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Upgrading Laptop Memory -- Need some opinions... on: January 07, 2005, 02:03:16 AM
Well, for my laptop, I had 2x256MB sticks inside of it. Upon fiddling around however, I realized that I could only get to one of those sticks.

So, 1GB of memory leater, I have 1.25GB onboard. My laptop now runs like a dream.

I don't really see a reason to go all the way.
15139  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / WoW UI Questions (part x) on: January 06, 2005, 07:11:48 PM
Quote from: "ericb"
Is there an alternative to Cosmos that offers many of the same every day functions without all of the bloat.  I mainly need hunter functions, quest helper and at least two hotbars.

I personally use a few plugins from Cosmos (mainly the Quest modification they use, the mapnotes, the PopBar, and the clock up top), and I use Telo's mods: right here that have a few additional functions. The SideBar would be helpful if you don't use Cosmos, and I love the LootLink and MobHealth abilities from there.
15140  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Warblade -- Galaga perfection! on: January 06, 2005, 06:43:05 PM
Quote from: "Jancelot"
Quote from: "Sparhawk"
God this sounds like an advertisement.  Sorry, but it IS an advertisement.

Hunh?!  I'm not sure what you mean, we're just enthusiastically discussing indie games that we like.

Exactly. It's how the Gone Gold effect always used to work, and it seems to work here rather well as the Console Gold effect too. biggrin
15141  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Playing a Priest (WoW) on: January 06, 2005, 06:37:11 PM
So, digging over on the talents, I came up with the following:

Shadow Mastery
Spirit Tap   Rank 5
Blackout   Rank 5
Improved Shadow Word: Pain   Rank 2
Shadow Focus   Rank 5
Improved Psychic Scream   Rank 2
Improved Mind Blast   Rank 5
Mind Flay   Rank 1
Shadow Reach   Rank 3
Silence   Rank 1
Shadow Weaving   Rank 5
Vampiric Embrace   Rank 1
Darkness   Rank 5
Shadowform   Rank 1
Shadow Total:   41

Discipline Mastery
Unbreakable Will   Rank 5
Improved Power Word: Shield   Rank 3
Improved Power Word: Fortitiude   Rank 2
Discipline Total:   10

I was thinking of going (to borrow another post) 5/5 Spirit Tap, 3/5 Blackout, 2/2 Improved Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Flay, Improve Mind Blast 5/5. Then I'd hit my Discipline Mastery subsets (get all of them), then head back and finish off Shadow Mastery.

Thoughts? Keep in mind that this healer would be mostly solo (as I just want to try out a caster class), and decently equipped (found a blue wand for level 15 that was a steal via my Hunter).
15142  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / My new office chair on: January 06, 2005, 01:20:57 AM
Quote from: "Ascendent"
Till you get something caught on one of the treads/gears and chewed up..but yah untill then that is a bad ass chair.

Something? Try someone. biggrin
15143  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Refurbished systems on: January 05, 2005, 11:58:04 PM
Quote from: "HankRaptor"
Personally, refurbished systems are not worth the money. These systems by their design crap out after use. So you are buying someone elses headache. IF it was an N64 with no moving parts.. MORE POWER TO YOU.. but an Xbox with DRE and PS2's I say the 10$ savings is fools gold.

While I'm not too sure about the Xbox's 'quality', never, never, NEVER buy a refurbed PS2. As Ron can tell you (and I can confirm, as we both worked at EB at one time), the original PS2 design was simply designed to fail and were built by morons. We'd get shipments of consoles all the time that were defective.

The GBA and Gamecube are great refurbed machines - never heard of a system going bad on them. The Xbox had the occasional issue with bad/old DVD drives, but beyond that, it's a pretty solid system.

The old PS2 design was crap.
15144  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Warblade -- Galaga perfection! on: January 05, 2005, 11:47:53 PM
Quote from: "StormcloudCreations"
Damn CG effect! (is there such a thing?)

Oh, you better believe there is a CG effect. smile

Watch out, as it will get you. Now to get the demo and try this out myself.
15145  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Playing a Priest (WoW) on: January 05, 2005, 11:44:25 PM
Random Priest question - how well can they solo? While I have a perfect solo character already (level 41 Hunter), I wanted to try a caster class. I didn't want the Warlock (as I already had a pet class), and the Mage, well, needs help. So I figured I'd try the Priest. Any suggestions?
15146  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / WoW no fee Teusdays on: January 05, 2005, 11:38:56 PM
This is why I waited until late on the day on day 1 (thanks to work, mainly) to pick my low population server.

Ah, good old Teneris (however you spell it). Although I do have to admit - it's starting to get crowded a bit on the lower end of the population scale (based on /census, anyway). Thankfully I'm level 40, and I can farm lots of low end stuff that's a near guarenteed sale. biggrin
15147  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / My new office chair on: January 05, 2005, 11:28:09 PM
Now THAT is a chair. biggrin
15148  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / WoW no fee Teusdays on: January 05, 2005, 02:19:55 PM
Quote from: "Arkon"
Well now it should be a no fee wednesday... there are about 10 servers down for emergency maintenance, whisperwind being one of them.

Those 10 are the busiest servers, and from what I hear about the complaints on the forums, ones that have some SERIOUS issues in general. Always coming down during the late night/morning hours.
15149  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Star Wars Vanity Fair Spread - Everyone on: January 05, 2005, 02:36:47 AM
And the three old people on the right (Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill) look so much better than the rest of the youngin' staff on the left.

Still, that is an outstanding poster. Where can I buy it?
15150  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Odd Problem on: January 05, 2005, 02:26:21 AM
What browser are you using as well? I've found a rare page or two that in when viewed in IE, completely borks anything I look at afterwards until I close the browser and restart it. Call it a funky Java code or some HTML bug or something.
15151  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / WoW no fee Teusdays on: January 05, 2005, 01:20:59 AM
Quote from: "Chaz"
Why wouldn't 9am EST be a low point?  Almost everyone on the east coast is either at work/school or sleeping.  Yes, I know there are folks for whom that's prime play time, but I can't help but believe that Blizzard isn't made up of idiots, and they can read the server load reports and figure out what time is the lowest population for the purposes of scheduling maintenance.

Not to defend Blizzard here, but they live in California. Therefore, 6am PST is early in the morning for them.

Do you really want a bunch of tired techs working on defragging/updating/rebooting a couple of dozen servers? That's how I look at it. biggrin

As for the login server issues though, all I have to say is this - once the servers get up, log in. Then never log out for the day. You'll be relatively safe then. smile
15152  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Need help buying a PDA on: January 05, 2005, 01:14:20 AM
For your $300, I'd get a highly discounted Palm Tungsten T|3 (NOT the PoS T|5 model), and bundle that with Epocrates, a completely free (with purchasable options) drug database system for the device. You can also record voice notes with the device (a must based on your post), and it has a great set of built in features, allowing you to take notes, put in phone numbers, a nice calendar, built in MP3 player, etc.

I've used my Palm ever since it came out (and owned a Palm Tungsten T beforehand), and I've been a very happy customer. Sure, it doesn't have Wi-Fi, and the battery life isn't all that fantastic (3 hours or so at full load), but it has a great screen and lots of features.
15153  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / ".....our menu options have recently changed....." on: January 04, 2005, 03:21:52 PM
I hate it when I try to call Dr's offices or insurance companies - I know that none of your 'options' will work for me, and I just want to talk to a real person, NOW.

The ones I really hate are the automated systems you can 'talk' to. It never works. Normally when I get those, I just punch buttons on my phone randomly until the machine decides I'm an idiot and transfers me. smile
15154  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / WoW - The Rogue Class on: January 02, 2005, 10:59:41 PM
Quote from: "-Lord Ebonstone-"
Quote from: "unbreakable"
From what Ive heard from others, I dont think that would be true, but it does lead me to ask something- would having a hunter spec'd out for melee be a 'gimpy' build, or at least an ineffective one?
Yes, a melee hunter is generally considered to be a "gimp" build, mainly because a Ranged hunter is several orders of magnitude more powerful.

Agreed. I have a two handed sword that via raw DPS (the weapon only) is more powerful than my bow. Yet I do an absolute TON more damage thanks to all of my ranged spells/powers/talents.

A melee speced Hunter is a total gimp. Go either full (31 points or more) Marksmanship or Beast Mastery, and put the rest into the other tree.

As for out meleeing a Rogue in combat, not a chance. Once again it's the lack of spells/powers/talents.

Overall, a Rogue is a very powerful class. They can't take much damage, but oh man can they put it out. As long as they have a Paladin healing them (not a Priest, as they tend to get squished if they gain aggro that the Rogue can't pull off), they're nearly unstoppable. Rogues also have the ability to actually do noticable damage to a +3 or higher mob, something which most other classes can't even dream about.
15155  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Bizarre Japanese Peripheral Device of the Day: on: December 27, 2004, 05:07:39 PM
Quote from: "warning"
That is a weird one - no doubt.

Remember the Rez Trance Vibrator?

Slime to Rez Vibrator - 8 hours. You guys are getting slow. biggrin
15156  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / WoW's population growing? on: December 27, 2004, 05:02:39 PM
Personally, I'm glad to see them. I've been farming a bunch of low level mobs for linen/wool for a friend, and the green items I've been acquiring as a result have been selling like mad.

But, yeah, it's making things a bit busier around the world.
15157  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / WoW Stats on: December 27, 2004, 05:00:43 PM
Quote from: "Torfish"
Can someone please explain how this site gets its numbers?  And how accurate is it?  How do I get counted?  311,000 seems like a huge number.

The site linked above has a mod you can download that in a nutshell does a /who command for every level range for the entire world (but only for your side).

Then it takes that data and uploads it to the site. Simple as that, more or less.
15158  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Screen going green while watching DVD movies... on: December 27, 2004, 04:55:43 PM
If I didn't know better, I'd say that the Macromedia copy protection that's on most DVDs nowadays is being tripped. Do you know of any reason why that might be happening?
15159  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / There oughta be a test on: December 27, 2004, 04:53:35 PM
Quote from: "EngineNo9"
Quote from: "warning"
Here's another one: Parenting Licenses.  If you want to have children, you have to pass a test, including a realistic hands-on internship in raising kids.  You are observed continually by an independent panel of judges who determine your fitness to have kids before you bring the little buggers into the world, screw them up, and create a drain on society.

With a realistic limit to the number of kids you can both support and care for!  It seems that often the least parentally and economically equipped people have the most children, and that is a shame.  I always feel bad for those kids.

After seeing how many people come into my pharmacy with state paid for insurance, most of the time with 4+ kids, I just want to stop paying my taxes. It's terrible to say, EngineNo9, but your statement is completely true - the people with the money and the ability to raise great kids never have them.

Yet all the losers have half a dozen.

Why is that?
15160  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Re: WoW binder style guide on: December 26, 2004, 06:51:45 PM
Quote from: "Turtle"
However, it still doesn't beat well known MMO strategy sites.

Nothing quite like visiting, punching in your quest name, and getting all the information you'd ever need to finish the quest (quest start, end, and all goals hyperlinked with maps showing where the item/mob spawns/drops/etc) right at your fingertips.

Why online sites are always far superior to a book.

However, it is a nice hint book, I do have to say.
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