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2161  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Official Sales Numbers for November on: December 11, 2006, 01:59:26 AM

Quote from: Hetz on December 11, 2006, 01:05:56 AM

Quote from: Dante Rising on December 11, 2006, 01:00:47 AM

Units sold. Not units shipped. 8.25 million units shipped through October.

8.25 million shipped? Where did you get that number from?

Oh and in everyone but Nintendos PR's, units sold = units shipped.

Hmm. I suppose I could be wrong about how MS defines "shipped/sold". However, they usually differentiate. Example from MSN in July:

"The Home and Entertainment division announced today that approximately 5 million units [of the xbox 360] were sold in the last fiscal year. 1.8 million of those were shipped during the fourth quarter."

Now, if your graph above is correct, from July through the end of November the 360 sold only 1 million units worldwide. That would be only 250,000 per month worldwide. They cleared that number in the US alone, and doubled it in November. 

2162  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Official Sales Numbers for November on: December 11, 2006, 01:47:28 AM
8.25 million shipped? Where did you get that number from?

Sorry, actual number is 8.05 million shipped. Although, I must point out that is numbers shipped to MS, not to retail. My memory is degrading as quickly as my moral compass. smile

Go buy stock in Microsoft, ATI, Flextronics, Wistron etc, or read a bunch of the crap they release. Actually read all that f!cking paperwork they send out, or the paperwork you can request. You need to dig, but it is available. I used to keep better track, because I planned on doing a competitive analysis on the 360 for my International Business class. Unfortuantely, the professor decided to pick the company for each team, and I got stinkin'  DHL.

Off topic, but I REALLY wish I knew where nextgenwars was getting its information. Their numbers on the PS3 and Wii aren't that far off (both ARE under-reported), but I have no idea how they are getting that Xbox 360 number. Its just too more than afew hundred thousand. Unless everything I've researched is completely borked.

In any event. MS will maintain their lead through 2007, but the Wii or PS3 should pass them in 2008.
2163  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Official Sales Numbers for November on: December 11, 2006, 01:00:47 AM
Units sold. Not units shipped. 8.25 million units shipped through October.
2164  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Official Sales Numbers for November on: December 11, 2006, 12:51:11 AM
Those Xbox 360 numbers are way off. At the end of september MS had already announced in their corporate papers sales of 6 million units. In the US alone they've sold more than 700,000 units in October and November. The 360 is over 7 million as of November.

From the earnings report:
--The company announced $10.81 billion in revenue, an 11% increase over the same quarter of the prior year.
--Microsoft reported that the revenue of its Entertainment and Devices Division demonstrated 70% growth over the previous year.
--The Xbox 360 has sold 6 million consoles worldwide to date, and Xbox Live passed the four million member mark during the quarter. The Xbox 360 has also achieved record cumulative attach rates for software and peripherals in the United States.

The 360 will definitely achieve sales of 8.5 million by December 31st, even if everything goes south. 9 million is very possible. 10 million is a longshot.
2165  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / Re: The Official GT Trader Feedback List (updated 11/06) on: December 11, 2006, 12:47:42 AM
+1 to DamageInc

Excellent transaction!

Payment arrived immediately and communication was excellent.
2166  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: PS3 -- Keep it or sell it? on: December 09, 2006, 05:43:01 PM

Quote from: msduncan on December 09, 2006, 02:35:14 PM

Thanks for all the advice guys.

I'm still mulling this over and trying to decide what to do.   My wife says she genuinely doesn't mind if I choose for her to give that to me.   I don't think she's bluffing.    She's just been as busy as she could be this holiday season trying to get everything together for our trip while also getting the kids' christmas ready.

Anyway, that being said:   would it make a difference in anyone's advice if I said that I don't currently own a PS2?    I could fill the empty spaces during the long dead period for PS3 games with stuff like Kingdom Hearts and Colossus, and Bully....?    Just a thought.

I ponder this still.

No! No! NOOO!  Are you really thinking of using a PS3 as your primary gaming machine to play Playstation 2 titles? That is like putting 50,000 miles on a corvette while driving at speeds around 10MPH. Why wear and tear a $650 machine when you can get a PS2 for 99 dollars? Hell, buy a PS2 and 15-20 games.

2167  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Mass Effect X06 demo footage on: December 08, 2006, 11:29:33 PM

Quote from: Kevin Grey on December 08, 2006, 09:21:23 PM

Haven't watched the video yet (will tonight) but Mass Effect is probably one of my top three most anticipated titles for next year.  However, I was very disappointed with Jade Empire, so I'm hoping that turned out to be an anomaly and that ME will maintain the excellence of their other titles.   

Why the hate for Jade Empire, Kevin? I really enjoyed that game, although I wish they had fleshed out the world with more details.
2168  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: PS3 -- Keep it or sell it? on: December 08, 2006, 08:09:07 PM

Don't listen to any of us. Make a list of all the PS3 releases that will be available in the next 3 months. Mark down the ones you MUST have that are not available on the 360. Now take that list and decide if those games are worth a $650 investment.

Then take a look at all the games you plan to buy for the Wii and 360. Look at the time sink you'll invest into those systems. Now, are their enough games and TIME to warrant the purchase?

Good luck on your decision!
2169  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360] Line for BD in ending soon on: December 08, 2006, 06:55:15 AM
Stupid Japanese get all of the cool extras....
2170  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Official Sales Numbers for November on: December 08, 2006, 06:45:33 AM
It will be interesting to see how Sony plays out 2007. Both the Wii and 360 have lower price points and higher market penetration. It is already relatively easy to grab a premium Xbox 360 for $300-$350, and I expect that trend to continue throughout next year. That basically means you have two new consoles available for roughly 50-60% of the cost of a PS3, and this discrepancy will probably remain constant.  MS is making a slight profit on every unit sold, whereas Sony is taking a bath, and cannot afford to be as elastic with their pricing model.  The Wii has intense positive buzz, and MS has a large library and big guns like Halo 3, Mass Effect and Blue Dragon due out next year. Plus, once you leave the hardcore crowd behind, it is hard to justify such a huge gap in price unless a customer is also specifically looking for Blu-Ray.

Distilled, a new customer can get a 360 or Wii, and 5-7 games, for the price of a PS3. Or a customer can buy a Wii and 360 for the price of a PS3. That is not an easy disadvantage for Sony to overcome until their powerful exclusives arrive in the marketplace. And most of those are outside of 2007. Sony really needs to pray that their brand awareness and mind share are running full tilt, because on paper they should be in third place for most of next year.

Having said that, I have absolutely no doubt that the PS3 will have the highest market share by the end of this new generation, but it will be a long and bloody uphill battle. I definitely don't see the PS3 being nearly as profitable as the PS2. And I still think the Wii will lose its legs in 2008.
2171  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Official Sales Numbers for November on: December 08, 2006, 01:09:57 AM

Quote from: Ridah on December 08, 2006, 01:05:48 AM

Yeah I'm surprised with those GBA sales more than anything, when I was working for EB/GS we hardly sold any of the GBA's we had. Stocking stuffers perhaps?

As far as the 360 sales, with 500k (just in the U.S, right?) this month does that put it at 8.5-9M range world wide?

Hitting 10 million is definitely possible. However, if Nintendo can keep the Wii flowing, MS may just come in shy of that number.
2172  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Official Sales Numbers for November on: December 08, 2006, 01:07:05 AM
It looks like MS hit roughly 700,000 units worldwide, so they may just make that 10 million mark if they can keep this momentum through December. Blue Dragon in Japan should create a sales spike in that region, and increased rebates and sales in North America should boost sales here. NDP is estimating 1-1.5 million units will be sold in the US during December. That high end number sounds a little too optimistic.

The PS2 is just a beast. Long live the king!

2173  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360] Line for BD in ending soon on: December 07, 2006, 08:01:09 PM

Quote from: Kevin Grey on December 07, 2006, 07:52:16 PM

Quote from: Arkon on December 07, 2006, 07:47:15 PM

Has anyone seen any reviews on this yet?  I am eagerly awaiting the US release of Blue Dragon.

Famitsu (Japanese pub) gave it 37/40 but no one should ever give their reviews any credence.  However, initial impressions are very favorable with the game giving off a very charming old school vibe.  Does sound like it's perhaps a bit technically unpolished, especially on framerate, but hopefully MS will let them iron that stuff out before US release. 

Has MS given any information on a US release date? Its showing 1/1/07 at EB games, but that is just a placeholder. The last information I heard was they were holding it until after the release of Mass Effect, which was scheduled for April.  Now that it looks like Bioware's new title will miss its ship date, I'm wondering if this may become a first or early second quarter release stateside.
2174  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Gamespot 360/PS3 Graphics comparison on: December 07, 2006, 07:50:47 PM

Quote from: Windows95 on December 07, 2006, 04:38:09 PM

You can notice a pretty big difference with some of the titles.  Look at theses two captures.  Notice how the 360 shot has more colors, a finer image and more detailed background?  The PS3 is still pretty damn impressive, but I think I'd gave to give the win to the Xbox.

But seriously, I think comparing ports isn't really the best way to go.  The PS3 is going to take time to get established and look its best.  I kind of think this is like the Nvidia vs ATI arguments.  At the end of the day, you're going to have some fine looking games with either hardware and each will have its nitpicks.  I love my 360 and I'm sticking with it, but I also think the PS3 has some pretty decent hardware and could easily give my console choice a run for its money.

That is THE funniest post I've seen all year! Bravo!

You owe me a cup of coffee for the one that I just coughed out all over myself.
2175  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360] Line for BD in ending soon on: December 07, 2006, 07:46:49 PM

Quote from: denoginizer on December 07, 2006, 07:43:31 PM

I am kind of embarrased to say this.  But WTF is Blue Dragon?


2176  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on: December 07, 2006, 02:27:18 PM

Quote from: The Grue on December 07, 2006, 02:19:09 PM

Quote from: Kevin Grey on December 07, 2006, 01:30:50 PM

Then again, I play these games with as much stealth/CQC as possible.  I'm very pleased that the game really rewards you for stealthy, non-lethal methods. 

Well, I had stealthed my way around and was trying to sneak up behind a guard and he heard me.  How do I snap a neck in this game?  I guess I should break down and read the manual.  It seemed like there is a little tutorial in the game, but they never told me how to move stealthy or snap a neck.

I don't have the game, but I'm guessing you need to gently move the controller to enter "sneak" mode. In other MGS games, pushing the movement stick too quickly or too far in one direction took you out of stealth mode.
2177  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on: December 07, 2006, 02:04:31 PM

Quote from: Kevin Grey on December 07, 2006, 04:05:30 AM

This is one of the few PSP games to actually look more impressive in action on the handheld than it has in screenshots and videos on the net.  The lack of ghosting is marvelous- severe ghosting has been a big detriment on many PSP games to me, particularly otherwise stunning games like Syphon Filter. 

Also, load times are practically nil!

If the load times are indeed almost nil, it further cements my belief that the whole load time issue on the PSP is, in large part, the developer's fault. I'm not saying that optical media doesn't have issues, but I've played more than one game that seemed to push the PSP hardware, yet still manage to have negligible load times. Then you have games like Spectral Souls which have a 5-10 second load screen for just about every move you make and every screen you enter.

I'm glad to hear that the game shines! I really love the MGS series! 3 great Snake games on the PSP= portable heaven

...but I think I'm going to switch to the config that has you using the buttons for camera control and the D-Pad for actions.

You don't use the analog stick for movement? Or by actions do you mean equipping weapons, opening doors, etc.

Also, is there a lock-on targeting function ala Syphon Filter? I have these terrible nightmares of sneaking up behind a guard and shooting the ceiling instead of the back of his head.  smile

Also, PLEASE tell me David Hayter returns as the voice of Snake. It just wouldn't do to have Tom Chick or some other scrub do a fill-in.
2178  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Gamespot 360/PS3 Graphics comparison on: December 06, 2006, 10:13:56 PM

Quote from: Hetz on December 06, 2006, 10:10:34 PM

Oh this thread should be fun....

I'm staying out of it. Let the PS3 bashing commence!  Bring your own!

Why bash the PS3? Is someone actually going to say that the PS3 hardware can't compete with the 360? This is more about developers than systems.
2179  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Gamespot 360/PS3 Graphics comparison on: December 06, 2006, 10:07:06 PM;title;1&om_act=convert&click=topslot

Not exactly sure how they did their testing, but it was interesting to see the differences between each system. Not tied directly to this article, but somewhere, somewhen (I'm too lazy to investigate) I mentioned how some developers were stating that in multi-platform ports, the advantage this time would go to the 360 due to its higher user base and easier development tools. Last generation most games were ported PS2 to Xbox. This time it will be Xbox 360 to PS3. I'm curious to see if the longer load times, missing graphics, and slightly poorer implementation of AA experienced on the PS3 will be a continuing trend during this generation, or if developers need more time to work with the PS3's more difficult platform. As always, the answer will probably fall somewhere in the middle.

I'm sure many xbox owners distinctly recall the pain of seeing a PS2 port actually play/look worse on their superior xbox system. I still remember how excited I was when I got Metal Gear for the Xbox, only to discover the PS2 version played far better. Sony may end up feeling the pain this time around.

Of course, since I'll eventually own all three systems I'll just pivot depending on which port is best.
2180  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / How Do You Update PSP Firmware? on: December 05, 2006, 06:45:29 PM
Ordinarily I just wait for a UMD update, but I want to try some of the features on version 3.01

I went to Sony's website, found the firmware link, and it downloaded something called EBOOT.PBP, but I have no idea what to do with it. I couldn't find any install procedures on the Sony website.

2181  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on: December 05, 2006, 05:53:38 PM

Quote from: Kevin Grey on December 05, 2006, 01:43:30 PM

Very excited.  The strategic layer does sound interesting (shades of X-Com).   Although the lack of buzz here isn't surprising- I don't think there are many Metal Gear fans here. However, I think the lack of buzz everywhere has less to do with people not knowing it's a conventional game and not like Acid, and everything to do with the lack of buzz that all things PSP have right now. Has there even been a thread here yet on Vice City Stories?

I'm also diappointed by the lack of buzz surrounding the PSP. Killzone: Liberation, Vice City, Portable Ops and a few other recent releases all look like very solid titles, but the forums on every board I visit seem to have generated little enthusiasm. I understand that the Wii, PS3, and Gears of War have created alot of white noise, but I still expected more attention on the PSP.

Hopefully the PSP will get downloadable versions of things like FFVII and Suikoden 1 and 2 to bring attention back to the system.
2182  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on: December 05, 2006, 05:51:48 AM
I'm looking forward to Portable Ops. My only concern is that the controls will be awkward.  I'd still love to see another Acid game somewhere down the line.
2183  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: PSP Firmware 3.01 is now emulated with Devhook 0.51! on: December 04, 2006, 11:44:48 PM
Can't get the link to work.  :icon_sad:
2184  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: wii,knocks up 600,000 in 8 days on: December 04, 2006, 04:52:23 PM

Quote from: Calvin on December 04, 2006, 07:20:53 AM

Howsat exactly? If 360 was tracking to sell 400k in November, and Wii sold 600k so far and has a limited capacity to replenish for the next few months and MS has unlimited supply for the holidays-how does even 200k additional Wii's in November do anythign but make a tiny dent in MS's lead? I'm sorry, that doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

You're comments are definitely correct if the Wii has resupply problems, but it appears that regular shipments are arriving every week. I do expect the Wii to hit almost 1 million units in America by the end of December. Even if MS sells well, In two months Nintendo will have eroded about 15-25% of the Xbox 360 lead in America. They've already surpassed MS in Japan- by double. (the last I saw the install base of 360s in japan was ~200,000)
2185  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: PSP TCG: Yu Gi Oh GX Tag Force on: December 04, 2006, 04:44:31 PM
On default settings, the duellists do flail around and pull cards from their goofy wrist-things, but fortunately those animation can be turned off so you don't see them.  Duels go much faster that way, too.  Don't worry about voices either, as all the japanese voices were cut and no english voices recorded.  So, there's just music.

That is a major relief. I may put this on my buy list.
2186  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: wii,knocks up 600,000 in 8 days on: December 04, 2006, 06:23:35 AM
From what I'm hearing, the 360 was at ~290,000 units three weeks into November. It will be interesting to hear what their final sales for the month turn out to be. I felt like they really needed to get to 500,000 units to put in a strong month, but that may be hard with the Wii and PS3 entering the market during this time.

600,000 is great news for Nintendo. It takes a big bite out of the Xbox lead in America.
2187  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Mourne ye the death of my 360 on: December 03, 2006, 08:43:37 PM
One year?...At least she went down fighting.
2188  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: PSP TCG: Yu Gi Oh GX Tag Force on: December 03, 2006, 10:07:37 AM

Quote from: Dreamshadow on November 20, 2006, 06:30:16 PM

...I think I have found my new CCG crack for my PSP as Warhammer Battle for Atluma is boring me to tears.

What is wrong with the Warhammer game? I planneed on buying it soon. Yu Gi Oh just looks too....kiddie oriented. Are the other duelists always shouting stupid things when they play a card, or has that been tempered in this game?
2189  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: I think this console generation will be exceptional. on: December 02, 2006, 09:37:19 PM

Quote from: soulbringer on December 02, 2006, 07:01:56 PM

I dont know, all this technology is making me nervous.   I know if I get the choice im taking the blue pill.   

Well, Sony did clain that the PS3 would bring us the 4th dimension of gaming.  :icon_eek:  It may be the console that finally tears a hole in the fabric of time-space, unleashing the Chaos Hordes into our dimension.  Thanks alot, Sony.
2190  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Motorstorm - The Real PS3 Killer App! on: December 02, 2006, 06:23:09 PM

Quote from: Kobra on December 02, 2006, 04:38:30 PM

Quote from: Dante Rising on December 02, 2006, 07:21:28 AM

This game would be a killer app if those trucks had gatling gun attachments, and if a few landmines were hidden under all that glossy mud.

...and there should be a car wash at the finish line with naked, mud-covered hot chicks.

Indeed, original Crash and Burn on 3do ring a bell?   That was an amazing system selling racing game, that sold $400 3DO units. I purchased a 3DO just to play Crash and Burn, and was absolutely impressed - and played it for years.  Racing?  Bleh..   Racing with guns and mines?  Sign me up!

Crash and Burn was completely awesome! My friends and I played that until the disc went bad. I also loved playing Star Control 2, Return Fire, Off-World Interceptor, and a wonderfully strange FPS called Immercenary.


"In the future, mankind has been enslaved in a virtual reality simulation known as Perfect. This simulation is controlled by an entity known as Perfect1 and it has to be destroyed in order to shut down the system. You are Immercenary Number Five, and it's your job to do it.

From a secret lab you log into the simulation which sends you to a place in Perfect known as the Garden. Every entity in the game has a certain rank that determines its offensive and defensive capabilities. You start at 255, the lowest rank, and must rise in ranks to defeat Perfect1, who holds rank number 1. To do so, you destroy higher-ranked Rithms, as the other entities in the game are called. To pass beyond certain ranks, unique Rithms high in the Perfect hierarchy have to be destroyed.

Different weapons and power-ups can be collected and spent offensive and defensive energy can be recharged at energy spires. In the center of the Garden is a place called DOAsys, which functions as a neutral zone and healing center. There you can talk to other Rithms and ask for hints about combating special Rithms and where to find special items. These dialogue sequences take the form of live action clips of actors in elaborate costumes playing the Rithms.

The live action clips were horribly bad, but the virtual world was extremely well done for its time.
2191  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Analyst says: EA brand name 'tarnished' on: December 02, 2006, 07:29:23 AM
No, it's a cultural difference.

When you have people getting anal about canon and continuity, that's an American thing.  Take a look at many Japanese cartoons and manga: they "reboot" many of their popular settings, putting the same characters in different worlds, times, and situations.  They enjoy the recurring themes and the overall style.  But it's the American audience which is demanding some kind of linear timeline...

This reminds me of a sociology class I took in college, where they contrasted the difference between the way the West and East viewed the basic idea of "time".  The West is apparently much more rigid about looking at time as something that is continuous and linear.
2192  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Motorstorm - The Real PS3 Killer App! on: December 02, 2006, 07:21:28 AM
This game would be a killer app if those trucks had gatling gun attachments, and if a few landmines were hidden under all that glossy mud.

...and there should be a car wash at the finish line with naked, mud-covered hot chicks.
2193  Non-Gaming / Trading Forum / FS: (Xbox 360) Rainbow 6: Las Vegas on: December 01, 2006, 10:15:30 PM
$41 shipped with delivery confirmation. Just finished the game. Everything is in perfect condition.

Payment via Paypal, please.
2194  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Please recommend a good freeware MP3 ripper/encoder on: December 01, 2006, 07:11:52 PM
With the holidays I finally have time to move my music library to MP3. Please recommend a good freeware MP3 ripper/encoder.

2195  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: I'll admit it... DOAX2 on: December 01, 2006, 06:21:25 PM
You should get achievements for just buying that game.

I must admit, I almost bought DOAX2 for the enhanced breast physics, but then I remembered I have a set walking around the house that my girlfriend paid $5000 to get. They do look VERY nice. Well worth the money. Here is a picture of her I snagged with my cell phone one morning:


Spoiler for Hiden:
2196  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: I think this console generation will be exceptional. on: December 01, 2006, 06:51:37 AM
I agree that microtransactions are worrisome. When Call of Duty 2 hit 1 million dollars in microtransaction sales, I knew Pandora's box had been opened. I think developers will use this to eat into the used game market. If they leave more of the game off the actual disc, they will gain revenue from the used disc market as many of those customers will need to go online and purchase the remaining quests/tracks/levels not included on the disc.

Another reservation I have with that is the long-term availability of content. I still go back and play much older games in my library, such as Suikoden 2. In 5-10 years will all this downloadable content still be available if my hard drive goes south?
2197  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / I think this console generation will be exceptional. on: December 01, 2006, 03:03:52 AM
I think this console generation will be absolutely exceptional, and gamers will win across the board. There is a huge surge of downloadable content, much more gratifying online play capabilities, and the spread of HDTV. But then we also have Nintendo moving off in a different direction, and Sony and MS escalating their technological arms race.

-Everyone knows the Wii has some severe technical shortcomings, but the system is just plain fun to toy around with, and it is a nice change from the direction in which Sony and MS are moving. Gamers really didn't need a third horse in the graphics superpower struggle, and one less version of Need for Speed will probably not cause the Apocalypse. It would be nice to see Zelda in 1080P, but I'll trade high-def Zelda for creative games like Trauma Center that take advantage of the new Wii controller. I'm certain that developers will bring us some wonderfully creative games.

And yes, maybe the design decisions by Nintendo will push it further away from the hardcore gaming crowd and deeper into the hands of casual gamers and kids. I'm okay with that. I already have two other consoles to satisfy my adrenaline junkie, high-def, Mach 5 graphics cravings. But sometimes I want to slow down, turn on cruise control, and be reminded why I took up gaming in the first place. Or I want to relax with my girlfriend and play a game she can enjoy without me needing to explain the nuances of suppression fire, enemy respawns, and experience point distribution. The Wii will be a great console for pure fun. It will be great at parties. It will give men an excuse to buy their new dream TV once they loosen that dubious Wii strap and get thier wive's to shatter the screen on their current set.

-Back in the "hardcore" camp, there are two superpowers that are going to have a bloodbath trying to win the hearts and minds of the same audience. MS and Sony have substantial 3rd party support, so I expect to see some wonderful first party titles to help each company differentiate itself from the competition. Rare finally delivered a product that didn't suck, Fable 2 looks impressive, and Halo 3 and Halo Wars will be monsters. Sony will continue to have the finest number of first party developers in the game. Of course, we'll have previous titans like Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto and Halo walking the landscape, but the new technology and horsepower under the hoods of these systems will probably create a whole new generation of formidable games. Gears of War and Resistance are just opening shots across the bow. White Knight, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Blue Dragon, Lair, Heavenly Sword, The Eye of Judgement and many other games look incredible.

In this generation Sony will treat Microsoft like a true threat. For much of the life of the original xbox, Sony considered it to be a console dead on arrival. Now MS has a 6-7 million unit lead, a lower price point, a larger library, and Bill's Demon Horde managed to grab GTA, Assassin's Creed, Bladestorm, Fatal Inertia and other games out of the Sony exclusive realm. And I'm certain Sony is less than enthusiastic about rumors of an Xbox 360 version of MGS4. Expect SCEA to punch out some huge titles in response. Increased desperation by Sony=good for gamers.

Back in the Evil Empire, Microsoft knows they are getting hammered in Japan. I wouldn't be surprised to see them to do a full court press for increased Japanese support. More Japanese development on the 360 in Japan will lead to more of those games arriving stateside. Increased desperation by MS=good for gamers.

Three great consoles. A new television landscape. A new type of controller.
This may end up being the best console generation yet.
2198  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Interesting article on Nintendo's business strategy on: December 01, 2006, 01:20:54 AM
The link Farscry posted is rather interesting. One point of note among the technobabble:

1080p is not a smart resolution to target in any form this generation, but if 360 developers wanted to get serious about 1080p, thanks to Xenos, it could actually outperform the ps3 in 1080p.

I must admit that this surprised me, although John Carmack has alluded to the same thing in the past. As I read more about each system's strengths and weaknesses, it is becoming more apparent that both machines are almost equal in performance capabilities, and the developers will ultimately decide which system looks better on our screens.

I'm very impressed that MS was able to put out a system that can stand toe to toe with the PS3 capabilities a full year earlier than the competition. Hopefully all three systems are successful and gamers win across the board.
2199  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Let's War! What's your Most Disappointing Game of the Year? on: November 30, 2006, 01:24:32 PM
Elite Beat Agents
Rule of Rose
2200  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Motorstorm - The Real PS3 Killer App! on: November 30, 2006, 05:19:02 AM
I'm still excited about the hardware, but the PS3 is about 9 months to a year away from being worth the asking price, unless you want a blu-ray player.  I think Hetz paid MSRP for his model, and he is enjoying it, so I'm happy for him. Now those poor bastiches that are purchasing it for $1000-$2000....
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