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5361  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone else noticing the lessening of fanboy bitch fights? on: July 29, 2006, 10:41:34 AM
Fighting..............Tekken, Street Fighter A3 >>> DS (no entry?)
Puzzle................PSP Lumines = DS Tetris   ?
Sports................PSP (too many to list) > DS Tony Hawk, Madden
Action.................DS Sonic Rush, Viewtiful Joe, Castlevania > PSP GTA
RPG....................PSP Valkyrie Profile ? = DS M&L Partners in Time
Platformer...........DS Super Mario, SM64, Princess Peach > PSP Daxter
Racing.................PSP Ridge Racer, Burnout, NFS > DS Mario Kart
Shooter...............PSP Syphon Filter, SOCOM > DS Metroid Prime
Simulation...........PSP The Sims 2, Football Manager > DS The Sims 2
Strategy..............DS Advance Wars 2, AOM > PSP Worms, Field Commander
Strategy RPG.......PSP Generation of Chaos, Jeane D'Arc upcoming > (no entry from DS)
Wrestling.............PSP  WWE Smackdown > (no entry from DS)
Miscelaneous.......DS Pokemon, Wild World, Nintendogs >>> PSP ??

Ok there's my list of top games from each genre.  Have at me you dogs!
5362  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone else noticing the lessening of fanboy bitch fights? on: July 29, 2006, 10:06:47 AM
Quote from: "Victoria Raverna"
When I posted my message, I was trying to lure the fanboys out. Seem like I was

I think that qualifies you as a troll then  :roll:
I'm on board with Devil here.  The DS is a great system-if you're an 11 year old kid.  I own both which allows me to voice that opinion.  However I play neither, which validates your ignoring me.

Very rarely do I ever see a DS game that I would be interested in.  Although that FF remake with the cool graphics will definitely be tempting to buy.  Although Jeanne D'Arc looks like a kickass sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics and I will probably pick up that one too.  If only Sega came out with a decent NHL2k game for the PSP then I would be all over it.
5363  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / TEAM FORTRESS 2 TRAILER (Updated with 720p video) on: July 20, 2006, 01:36:31 PM
Huh?? I just watched a trailer for some game called Portal.  TUrns out it was actually pretty cool.
5364  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Video Game sales charts.... on: July 02, 2006, 12:09:58 PM
Quote from: "Greggy_D"
Those Japanese Xbox360 console numbers are fucking brutal:

X360   29   1,250   133,500

Actually that number seems a little high to me.
5365  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / gamecube vs ps2 vs xbox: the ultimate test on: June 29, 2006, 02:43:17 PM
I think we probably all know who wins though.  And who loses.  Oh well.  I can still play more games on my PS2 smile
5366  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Updates to Day of Defeat: Source (June 28, 2006) on: June 29, 2006, 01:45:21 PM
I played it.  The bombing mode is fun and nothing like the Day of Strike that I thought it was going to end up being.
5367  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Panzer Tactics-Gamespot update on: June 27, 2006, 01:33:54 AM

An unabashed copy of Panzer General but who cares! Hopefully it will be  great so I can play a wargame without having watch brats talking who are somehow generals.  Plus it will have a decent (read:realistic) backstory.
5368  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Further idiocy from someone inside Sony on: June 24, 2006, 10:20:55 AM
Quote from: "Pyperkub"
Quote from: "Big Jake"
1. the geeks at E3 are what would be the early adopters, and the ones who would pre-order. they are the initial evangelists. A bad rep with them will harm their sales.

Again, I disagree.  What us geeks think, say, do, etc. does not mean jack shit.   No one gives a rats ass what we think. The few lost sales form negative geek feedback is a drop in the ocean of the consumer market that Sony is marketing to.

Untrue - where do you think people go for reviews first now?  Who's writing the early reviews?  If the buzz on teh internet is that the PS3 is an overrated overpriced hunk of developmental technology with bad games, do you really think that won't get out to the mainstream?  Dan Rather might be able to tell you a little about the power of negative internet feedback.

I would guess that most people who go to reviews ARE the geeks.  So geeks writing for geeks.  Most people (at least the ones I see in Walmart)  pick up the game and look at the cool picture on the front.
5369  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: IGN Titan Quest review on: June 24, 2006, 10:15:16 AM
Quote from: "siege"

I guess I'll be waiting for Prey for my summer gaming fix.

A score of 8.1 isn't good enough for you?
5370  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / WoW...funny little comic on: June 21, 2006, 12:58:16 PM
Now THIS is a funny comic! smile

5371  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / WoW...funny little comic on: June 21, 2006, 09:45:27 AM
I still don't get it.  Am I missing some important piece of cultural trivia from my life that everybody else knows?  Is it Monty Python?  Cause I've never really been into those movies.
5372  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / WoW...funny little comic on: June 20, 2006, 03:11:19 PM
I don't get it.  Is it because I don't play WoW?
5373  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Crysis 15 minute video on: June 18, 2006, 04:29:47 PM
No wonder I'm getting a sense of deja vu- 5 out of the most recent 7 topics on this forum are all over on OO
5374  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Crysis 15 minute video on: June 18, 2006, 04:25:11 PM
I thought for sure I had replied in this thread and I was wondering what the hell happened to my post.  Then I realized that I posted over at OO.  Looks like I've been fooled by the forum spammers again.
5375  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Countdown to DS Lite: DEAD PIXEL? AUGH! PG 3 on: June 12, 2006, 03:24:38 AM
Quote from: "ATB"

So far I'm enjoying it, but I'm not BLOWN away.  I don't know that I expected it to be

You started a countdown thread for it for gawd sakes.
5376  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Just Finished: MGS2. !!!WOW!!! on: June 05, 2006, 03:12:28 AM
I tried MGS 2 (loved the first one) and it was ok for a while and then all of a sudden something big happens and I'm playing as someone else!  After that I quit.  That was a couple years ago i think.  Maybe I should go back and give it another try.
5377  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Countdown to DS Lite: DEAD PIXEL? AUGH! PG 3 on: June 05, 2006, 12:49:14 AM
Hey I was excited-I waited in line with about 500 japanese people on opening day smile

It was my first DS though so I got an excuse.
5378  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Countdown to DS Lite: DEAD PIXEL? AUGH! PG 3 on: June 04, 2006, 11:52:36 PM
As someone who owns one I can tell you that it really isn't that big of a deal.  In fact I gave mine away to my girlfriend.  If it's your first DS then ok that's fine.  But if you are excited about getting an upgrade then you are officially a geek smile
5379  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / She's gonna blow! (360 woes) on: June 02, 2006, 12:42:56 PM
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"
And here I thought the PS1/PS2 was a poorly made piece of crap...
Ah, but the difference is that once you get your 360 replaced it'll probably run for a long while.  I've gone through so many PS2s its obscene to actually quantify it.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, I've never had to replace my PS2.  In fact I've never even had a minor problem with it *crosses fingers*
5380  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Field Commander Impressions on: June 02, 2006, 12:56:40 AM
Have you tried downloading user created maps yet?  I will check out and see if i can find this game the next time I'm in Akihabara.  Online disconnects aren't such a big problem if you can find a relatively decent community to play with (say 3 or 4 of us GT'ers?)
5381  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Panzer Tactics DS on: June 01, 2006, 04:20:03 PM
Looks fantastic!!  Online play too.  I suppose I could be a total jackass like those dicks on the Gamefaqs board and say "oooh this game is such a ripoff of Panzer General!!!1!" but I guess it would make little sense here.  That doesn't mean that I won't do it over on the Gamefaqs board though smile
5382  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / E3 Critics awards are out.... on: June 01, 2006, 04:01:44 PM
Is there some kind of special significance to the titles highlighted in red?
5383  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Field Commander Impressions on: May 25, 2006, 03:19:17 AM
Really??  That's seriously disappointing-especially since it's the online part that would make this the killer game.  I was browsing Gamefaqs again (I'm sorry) and apparently you get the usual problems with people who are losing and just quit.  Surely they could have implemented something where you get the win if the other person quits on you.  Or a surrender option or something.

Perhaps Field Commander 2 (or maybe the next Advance Wars?) will come with fully fleshed out online play.
5384  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Field Commander Impressions on: May 24, 2006, 06:48:56 AM
Here's a review by Bill Trotter.  If I trust anybody to review wargames, it's Bill
5385  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Field Commander Impressions on: May 23, 2006, 10:23:52 AM
Quote from: "Scott"

My biggest pet peeve, is for the first time, I've had a handheld game hang on  me.  It froze the PSP and eventually rebooted, which sucks.  

Maybe this will shine a little light on your situation-found this over at Gamefaqs:

I am thoroughly enjoying Field Commander.  However, I have found a bug that can ruin your game if you arn't carefull.  I had been playing a campaign mission for over an hour and had to quit and restart becasue of this.

If all of your units have moved and then you activate the Nitro Boost division power, the game cannot proceed.  It will wait for you to assign the power to a unit, but you cannot do this since all your units have moved.  You cannot even bring up the start menu.  You are left with no choice but to press home and quit the game, and restart it.  I do not knwo if this holds true for the other division powers or not, but be careful and save you progress regularly during the mission.  See that this does not happen to you.
5386  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Field Commander Impressions on: May 23, 2006, 10:18:46 AM
Wow it actually does have PBEM games!  That's amazing.  I may have to pick this one up if I see it in Japan.  I want to like Advance Wars but the kiddieness of the characters and the not so great graphics really get to me.
5387  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / New PSP games for trip? on: May 21, 2006, 12:15:04 PM
Quote from: "Misguided"
Hot Shots is also good for travel, because the bright colors work under a variety of lighting conditions. Darker games are hard to play, say, in a car when there's sunlight.

Hot Shots Golf FTW!

I'm gonna juice up my PSP right now!
5388  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / another Crysis video...amazing stuff on: May 19, 2006, 03:57:16 PM
Meh graphically it was ok.

I watched the version from Toms Hardware.  LOL at shooting a couple of guys with darts and then going up and blowing their heads off with real bullets.  Seems a bit strange.

Secondly I didnt like the fact that he was firing half a clip into someone before they went down.  Looks more like something out of Quake than a 'realistic' shooter.  And certainly taking out the trees was cool but it was hardly realistic.  I'd like to see someone to that in real life with an ordinary assault rifle.
5389  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Nintendo DS Lite - Out in US June 11th - (for $129) on: May 04, 2006, 11:49:36 PM
Quote from: "DiscoJason"
I've had mine since March, so I don't care. smile

Me too smile
Actually I got bored of it after a week and a half and gave it to my girlfriend.  She loves the brain training games and the new tetris game though!
5390  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: $$$=Cha*Ching!!! on: May 01, 2006, 12:38:58 PM
Quote from: "-Lord Ebonstone-"
Quote from: "Ibis"
Interesting ... think I'll get in the commercial mod making business now then. Hmmmm, people liked the ones I gave away in Morrowind.

I never thought I'd see the day when the Bethesda community was so "money grubbing" - used to be all about sharing and creating together. But if this is the new wind blowing, I'm onboard the boat.

PS...Brilliant videos, Andrew Wonser! In what medium were they made? I love those kind of causality sequences. :idea:
If you're going to use a different colored text, could you pick one that isn't migraine-inspiring?

Contrast is reading's best friend.

It looks fine to me.  But in your quotations it definitely makes me want to get my eyes checked.
5391  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Cool Article - Strategy related sort of on: April 29, 2006, 04:04:44 PM
Yes believe me I've been reading it.  It got me playing HOI again but I suck horribly.  I'm trying the Italy scenario just to get my combat skills down but I can't manage to successfully invate the Italian boot after taking over Sicily.
5392  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Cool Article - Strategy related sort of on: April 29, 2006, 02:38:59 PM
Your right it isn't interesting to me.  Where's the story?  You replace the entire game with Warcraft 3 and you'd have the exact same AAR.  And yes, it's a run of the mill RTS. Of course it's probably one of the best, but it's essentially the same as every other RTS out there.  You build up your forces, you go attack the other guy, maybe you rush maybe you don't.

Don't get me wrong I don't mean this as a swipe against the authors-like I said it's a fascinating concept and I wish I could get someone to play against me and do the same thing.  Only playing a game that has a little better background or story that you can relate to.

But hey what do I know.  I thought people who downloaded other peoples' Warcraft 3 matches and watched the replays were stupid.

These are the types of games that I like reading AAR's of:

Birth of America
Take Command
Combat Mission
Close Combat
Hearts of Iron
Europa Universalis
maybe even Civ 4

The writing itself also matters and this is a completely different topic altogether.  I've done a couple AAR's myself and believe me they are nothing special.  But I have read some absolutely amazing AAR's some gripping and others just comical.  I have to admit though today was the first time I ever read this in an AAR:


*edit* Oh I just saw that you can actually download the replay of the game.  Now that's a surprise.
5393  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Cool Article - Strategy related sort of on: April 29, 2006, 11:14:34 AM
The concept is great of course-but I would much rather read an AAR about something more than just your run of the mill RTS.  I mean it's not exactly interesting stuff.  Give me WWII, or Civil War or Renaissance (a la EU2) any day.
5394  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Nintendo changes name of Revolution to..... on: April 28, 2006, 02:51:00 AM
Quote from: "Purge"
I Wiiwii wove it. Wiiwii I do. I do I do I do.

Thing is, Nintendo is a worldwide brand. Wii (whee) is a syllable. It is going to sound the same everywhere; it's not going to beat the market share of the "Pray-shtashun tree-oh!" but it will be a popular product.


If thats your Japanese katakana then I think it should actually be: pu-ray station su-ree smile
5395  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Read the Manual? on: April 25, 2006, 01:06:52 AM
Well I'm a big fan of PC game manuals.  Console manuals I usually only glance at if I need some help.
5396  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / DS Lite on: April 13, 2006, 12:24:31 AM
Meh I bought a DS a month ago when they came out here in Japan.  I feel like I wasted my Biccamera points.  I bought one of those "brain training" games that are all the rage over here and gave it to my girlfriend.
5397  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / OXM and their "10" on: April 12, 2006, 12:30:37 PM
Quote from: "Ridah"
All of this just comes to show that the best review is a review that does not give a score. Knightshade, the fact that you give games scores and then bash another publication for giving a score that you disagree with is contradictory. If you want to take a stand, remove the numerical scoring system GT uses and hope other publications begin to follow suit. I used to feel the same way about many publications giving games perfect scores when the game was far from perfect, but then I came to the realization that the numerical score is really only the most basic generalization of what to expect from the game. So while some of the technical aspects may be marred in the game as you've pointed out, the game itself may really be the perfect boxing game (in comparison to the others that are available).

When you think about it, there's no such thing as 100% perfect, there's always a tiny, insignificant flaw somewhere in the game, so if you can't ever rate a game perfectly how do you judge how far it is from perfect? The point being: Ignore the score and read the review for the real lowdown, then you be the judge.

Scores are kind of arbitrary aren't they?  How often are we guilty of just looking at the number and not even bothering to read the review.  Over at The Wargamer none of their reviews have scores and you have to read through the whole review to see what type of game it is.  Kind of good and frustrating at the same time smile
5398  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Oblivion makes record-breaking sales on: April 12, 2006, 01:36:17 AM
Considering how long the Xbox 360 is out, being the fastest selling game on the XBOX 360 isn't that impressive to me.
5399  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Anyone Seen? on: April 10, 2006, 12:49:10 PM
People shouldn't be allowed to start topics until they've made at least 10 replies.
5400  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Worms: Open Warfare [DS] on: April 09, 2006, 02:38:22 PM
It turns out the PSP version is actually better than the DS version.  I bet people didn't see that coming.
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