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7281  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? on: October 08, 2010, 03:35:26 PM
Good joke. I'll leave it to someone else to dig up the relevant snopes article.
7282  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: This Is Fun Pt 3: This Time It's Personal! (possibly NSFW) on: October 07, 2010, 06:23:04 AM

Quote from: Enough on October 06, 2010, 03:38:22 PM

It's the circle of life.

this right here illustrates 99% of my wilderness deaths in red dead redemption.
7283  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Iron Man 2 on: October 07, 2010, 03:34:26 AM
i wouldn't go that far atb.  while it wasn't as strong in the plot department as IM1, it's certainly no transformers 2. 

oddly enough, i will probably get it on blu ray for xmas and then have it sit on the shelf unwatched, just like the first one. 
7284  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Re: [XBLM] Mass Effect2 DLC Sale Next week! on: October 07, 2010, 03:27:36 AM
it has also been confirmed that the deals of the weeks are eligible for the "buy 2400 points worth, get 800 back".  of course, they dragged their damn feet and i missed getting toy soldiers last week.  

i haven't decided to get overlord as at this point, it might be quite a while before i get back to me2, if ever.  i never did the extra freebies they gave you either.
7285  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Halo: Reach Impressions thread on: October 07, 2010, 03:25:17 AM
finished it up on legendary.  was a lot easier than i anticipated actually and areas that gave me grief on heroic didn't hang me up too long.  some of them i was able to get past in one or two loads instead of the multiple attempts on heroic.  it really forces you to change your tactics and use the right weapon for the job and be aware of your surroundings.  i hope that IW and treyarch take the same approach to veteran difficulty that bungie uses instead of the "30 guys spawn in a 1 story house, know exactly where you are at all times and have perfect hip shooting aim" as this was infinitely more enjoyable than my veteran runs through mw1 and the hardened playthrough of [email protected] and mw2. 

hell, the end sequence only took 3 attempts before i had the pattern down cold and beat the game. 

awesome experience and i enjoyed the challenge (even while i cursed it up and down til i was blue in the face for yet another unexpected death)

now, that damn "they came to hear me beg" achievement can go suck my [email protected] though.  dozens of attempts and 5 successful assassinations but the damn code didn't know i would die had i missed.
7286  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PS3] Enslaved on: October 07, 2010, 03:17:33 AM
yeah, the camera is pretty bad.  i am fighting the first boss and i cannot judge from the view when the best time to roll away is and have died a bunch of times on hard, even though i have buffed up life and the shield (which i doubt will help in this fight).  i got close one time where he started sparking but he hit me with his strong attack and killed me.  had i been able to see him properly, i would have been able to get out of the way. 

so far, i like this mix of exploration and combat but the damn camera really kills the big fights.  if i can't get past this guy i will have to restart and go to an easier difficulty. 
7287  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley on: October 07, 2010, 12:57:32 AM
Hmm, maybe it's better I ended up with Scott pilgrim.  The difficulty of their last game eventually got the better of me. I'll wait until there has been some more impressions for now.
7288  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands on: October 06, 2010, 06:56:19 AM
don't get your hopes too high just yet...
The previously rumored Prince of Persia Trilogy 3D for the PlayStation 3 has been confirmed by publisher Ubisoft today, stuffing three PS2 games onto one Blu-ray disc, which will only be available in Europe.
7289  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: What are you buying this week? (10/04) on: October 06, 2010, 03:28:09 AM
i picked up some points for the xbla deal and bought scott pilgrim after the trial.  i kind of broke my own rule and jumped at it instead of waiting to try comic jumper.  good fun so far.
7290  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Borderlands Impressions incoming! Level Cap going up. on: October 06, 2010, 03:25:39 AM
that has to be the oddest combo match up since burger king made games.  not sure i will bother with the goty version though as i have the two better expansions and the current used price is cheaper than half the new price. 
7291  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: What are you buying this week? (10/04) on: October 04, 2010, 01:35:18 PM
Hoping enslaved will be on the way soon and I am going to pick up a few poons cards for comic jumper and another for that xbla points deal.
7292  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: new 360 dash preview program on: October 01, 2010, 03:38:02 AM
what i really want is a way to see what full games i own and a quicker way to download and play them vs trial.  i wiped a few a while back in preparation for moving to a slim and kind of forgotten which ones i own.  i also want a faster way to swap between game and party chat as it's a huge pita to do so during any gaming, mostly due to the fact the damn dashboard takes so freaking long to load up it's useless. 
7293  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo's 3D House of DS on: October 01, 2010, 03:20:23 AM
yup, $250 is the best price i think we can expect on this for a while.  however, i also expect that most retailers will try the same crap they did when the last major systems hit and force you into a bundle with a game and some overpriced accessories. 

i really wish they had just announced the US price at the same time.
7294  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Re: Direct2Drive Summer Sale Day 30: Sims 2 Double Deluxe or Manhunt 2 on: October 01, 2010, 03:10:20 AM
np.  i had nothing better to do until today anyways.  biggrin 

btw, i got paid today for 4 hours where i sat in a cube and read kotaku and GT and whatever i felt like as there was absolutely nothing to do.  (karma made up for it though in the second half where i and 3 other people sat in a single desk office facing the sun with no AC and powered up 300 laptops to check the MAC address)  yay for being employed again i guess. 

i only bought the tropico 3 + expansion the one day they lined up and also because i got them both for ~10 bucks.  i wasn't overly tempted by much else though.  it will be a long wait until steam's year end sale.
7295  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Re: Direct2Drive Summer Sale Day 30: Sims 2 Double Deluxe or Manhunt 2 on: September 30, 2010, 08:39:54 PM
Well, that's a pretty weak end to the sale. I was hoping for something much better.
7296  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Vegas Death Ray Burns People Alive! on: September 30, 2010, 04:21:26 AM
i wonder if they engineers considered the angle of the concavity when they put this one together. 
7297  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Star Wars 3D starting in 2012 on: September 30, 2010, 04:19:03 AM

Quote from: Isgrimnur on September 30, 2010, 02:00:28 AM

It's the Disney strategy.  Put them back out every seven years to have the kids extort another round of toy money out of their parents. 

goddamn disney "vault".  so glad pixar didn't allow that shit to happen to them.
7298  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: This Is Fun Pt 3: This Time It's Personal! (possibly NSFW) on: September 29, 2010, 04:23:03 AM

Quote from: CeeKay on September 29, 2010, 02:38:06 AM

Quote from: ericb on September 29, 2010, 02:20:10 AM

Quote from: ibdoomed on September 28, 2010, 04:30:29 PM

Quote from: Andrew Wonser on September 28, 2010, 03:54:08 PM

Quote from: CeeKay on September 27, 2010, 02:58:18 PM

Spoiler for Hiden:
she must have seen it.

I just don't see what you guys are eluding to, whatever that may be.
Explain please.

Just another transvestite, or transexual, or crossdresser, or whatever, I can't keep them straight.

I know it blows the fun part out of the picture but I'm almost positive that's a can of beer back there.

when you see it, you'll shit cans.

naw, doesn't have the same ring to it.

they all said she was frigid and now they have a reason to hang out with her.
7299  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: My weekend was assassinated by Minecraft on: September 29, 2010, 03:22:11 AM
that's crazy.  wish i had seen that bit when it was available.  the old non-creeper mode didn't sell me on it and this game could be a love or hate thing with me anyways. 
7300  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath remake coming to PS3! on: September 29, 2010, 03:19:45 AM
yeah, i don't understand that bit either.  are they trying to tell us that any of the previous games released DLC are not over 2 gigs?
7301  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Re: which Windows 7 do I need? on: September 29, 2010, 12:20:43 AM

Quote from: Teggy on September 28, 2010, 11:30:13 PM

Will anything that runs in vista run in 7? She doesnt run anything out of the ordinary generally but does have some software that runs her sewing machine i might be concerned about.
if it works in vista, she should be ok.
7302  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on: September 28, 2010, 11:28:17 PM

Quote from: EddieA on September 28, 2010, 08:23:18 PM

Quote from: CeeKay on September 28, 2010, 02:21:01 PM

Incredibly difficult combat

I'll wait for a demo.

There's a demo out on PSN in Europe.  I'm not sure why it hasn't been released in the US yet, but I assume it will be available soon.

can you get a euro account ala 360 and d/l it that way?
7303  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: For Ceekay on: September 28, 2010, 11:24:54 PM

Quote from: CeeKay on September 28, 2010, 09:43:18 PM

Quote from: PR_GMR on September 28, 2010, 09:41:08 PM

Daaammnnn, Ceekay! What did you do now?  icon_razz
I don't know. Why can't I get some cool fans, like those BBW's Caine always gets?

more cushion for the pushin'   thumbsup
7304  Non-Gaming / Hardware / Software Hell / Re: which Windows 7 do I need? on: September 28, 2010, 11:23:27 PM
it all boils down to this:
do you want/need to run programs in windows xp that don't work in vista/win7?
do you need to join the pc to a domain? 
do you need to back up to a network attached device?

based on 2 and 3 being more than the usual home user needs, i would say go with premium.  windows xp mode is nice but in all likelihood, she won't need to worry about that either unless she works from home or has a side job with very specific needs.

those three things are not worth the extra 80 bucks for the retail version for the majority of people. 
7305  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Fable 3 on: September 28, 2010, 08:16:55 PM
doubtful.  we tend to skip the fun stuff over here frown
7306  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on: September 28, 2010, 07:40:46 PM
I would love a 3d take on the 2d gameplay. I don't know why they haven't done this already considering that the metroid prime games had a healthy dose of that gameplay.
7307  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Dead Rising 2 Announced!!! on: September 28, 2010, 07:30:42 PM
If you decide not to wait, kmart gives you a $20 GC.

Just waiting on my rental in the mail.
7308  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Anyone picking up Front Mission today? on: September 28, 2010, 07:26:28 PM
I am tempted by a $45 sale price at kmart and by the fact I just landed a job. I need to read the GI review and see if anyone else liked it.
7309  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Lindsay Lohan hits rock bottom on: September 28, 2010, 04:54:48 PM
she was cute wasn't she?  now she's just cannon fodder for south park and family guy jokes.
7310  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PS3/iPhone/iPod Touch]Naughty Bear on: September 28, 2010, 04:52:31 PM
popular with who? is what i want to know.  wasn't this one universally panned by reviews?
7311  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Re: [Steam] Rig N Roll, 4 elements, Turba and Everyday Genius: SquareLogic on: September 28, 2010, 04:42:37 PM
purchased.  love sodoku but i need something different.
7312  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Mafia II on: September 28, 2010, 04:40:16 PM
agreed.  the only benefit you get is if you like having a different suit or slightly improved car to drive.  would have been good to start with but at this point, it's not worth the price of a cup of coffee.
7313  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Fable 3 on: September 28, 2010, 04:35:01 PM
good to see simon getting VO work.  he fits perfectly into this game doesn't he? 
7314  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: What are you buying this week? (09/27) on: September 28, 2010, 04:34:20 PM

Quote from: Bullwinkle on September 28, 2010, 12:29:54 PM

Quote from: Big Jake on September 28, 2010, 12:05:40 AM

Way out, but will probably read the slamming reviews for fun:
Quantum Theory

Like this 3/10 for QT from Eurogamer?

that's pretty bad it turned out so horribly.  sounds like the one good point to make about the game doesn't even take place until half-way or more through the game.
7315  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: This Is Fun Pt 3: This Time It's Personal! (possibly NSFW) on: September 28, 2010, 04:13:28 PM
that accident happened when the driver fell asleep at the wheel.  he was not injured apparently.  
7316  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PS3] Enslaved on: September 28, 2010, 03:21:53 AM
ironic that in a week's time this has gone from "maybe possible" to definite for me.  first i bumped the mech game until hearing more favorable impressions, then i played the demo and found it much more enjoyable than i expected; plus the confirmation that arcania isn't quite impressive at this point, and finally the news that two worlds 2 was bumped to january. 

i guess this is the gamers' saints way of getting me ready to play this game. 
7317  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: What are you buying this week? (09/27) on: September 28, 2010, 03:18:58 AM

Quote from: CeeKay on September 28, 2010, 02:58:04 AM

Quote from: CeeKay on September 27, 2010, 08:35:47 AM

Quote from: Razgon on September 27, 2010, 07:25:10 AM

Quote from: Caine on September 27, 2010, 07:08:46 AM

with any luck, dr2 via gamefly.  i backed out on front mission as either enslaved or two worlds 2 is next week and those both look interesting.

what? Two worlds is next week?!

that's what all the stores/online sites are saying.  it was originally supposed to be out the same day as Halo: Reach, but they were smart and delayed it.

and ti just got delayed until January 2011.
the joystiq article.  no definite date is mentioned  icon_confused
7318  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Two Worlds: The Temptation now Two Worlds 2 on: September 28, 2010, 03:14:04 AM

Quote from: CeeKay on September 28, 2010, 02:59:06 AM

word has it that TW2 has just been delayed until January 2011  crybaby

yup, the date on gamefly is now 1/4.  crap on a cracker.  

silver lining, it won't get trounced by fable 3 (i know, different approach and all) for followers.  it also means that fantasy rpg's are down to fable and arcania, which i tried and am not overly impressed by.  

so enslaved gets the spotlight next week.

the joystiq article.  no definite date is mentioned  icon_confused
7319  Non-Gaming / Steals and Deals / Re: Direct2Drive Summer Sale Day 26 Crysis, Railroads! and new promo codes! on: September 27, 2010, 09:29:47 PM
C&C4 - $14.95
Midnight Club 2 - $4.95

also, it looks like the kotaku and twitter codes have ended so if you missed the shot at civ v for $40, it's time to wait.
7320  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: This Is Fun Pt 3: This Time It's Personal! (possibly NSFW) on: September 27, 2010, 09:28:23 PM
ouch.  the resemblance is uncanny though.
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