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161  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [Movie]Captain America 3 on: January 30, 2014, 12:26:01 AM
Ha  icon_smile Word is the early screenings response was so strong, Marvel wants the Russo bros back. I look forward to finding out myself in 2 months  icon_cool

I was definitely skeptical though in retrospect I didn't initially understand Jon Favreau as Iron Man director choice either. Given how Iron Man 2 and Cowboys & Aliens turned out, maybe Iron Man was a cool aberration for him.
162  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [PC] Blackguards (turn-based tactical strategy/RPG) on: January 29, 2014, 06:48:59 PM

Quote from: rittchard on January 29, 2014, 06:18:34 PM

Along the same lines as BJ mentioned, it was interesting the only review on the Mac App store was a 1-star bitching that the game was too linear and not a real RPG with grinding, etc.  It seemed fairly clear to me that this is much more along the lines of a Strategy/Tactics (FFT) game as opposed to a more generic RPG.  

Anyway, I tried the demo last night and liked what I saw.  To answer my own earlier question, you do get to choose the sex and class of your "main" character, and there are 5 choices of visual look for anyone who cares about that stuff.

The custom creation is definitely daunting and a little confusing, you get something like 9000 points to play with, and there are so many choices it's crazy.  I think it's following along religiously with whatever pen and paper system it was from, which I'm sure fans really appreciate.  For more casual players the system is a bit too much, but certainly I appreciate the customization potential.
Ah, right about the sexes, I missed that, sorry. In fact, I restarted AGAIN, with a female warrior.  Fabulous

I'm still not clear about the numbers for the weapons abilities. I mean, if I'm 14 at one hand swords and 11 at two hand swords, I have no idea how that translate into effectiveness, % chance to hit, dmg, no clue. For me the game's missing a certain info layer to support us in making good choices. I mean, I can keep pouring points into a certain melee weapon ability, but it never seems to improve my % hit chance so I still do a lot of exasperating missing. Maybe that should go into Agility or Strength or whatever, but if so, I still don't understand what points into the weapons accomplishes.

While the main quest stuff is pretty much straight line, there are some side quests of note. I apparently missed this entire Dragon thing where you eventually track down a nice weapon that your dwarf is fond of (good but not great, no special attributes per se). There was some temple side quests thing involving multiple locations but my Hunter couldn't find a way over to that side of the world map.

And another map where you click on chests to get loot (you want to hold off clearing the map until you click on all the chests), I just realized last night I had missed one chest there with my other character.

I will say I'm not a big fan of the "louse," crab-like enemies. Not much fun to fight and some maps just drown you in those things which can get tedious in a turn-based game esp. when chances are, only your mage has an AOE attack that can whittle large bunches to size.

What I'm trying to do on latest replay is to see whether I can pile up enough potions, perhaps traps, to get through the brutal mid section of the game. Which is, trying not to spoiler things, about a 9 battles (intermissions after sets of 3) marathon. I need to figure out some way to stockpile either potions or just plain cash so that I'm not staggering through that. Also, I'm trying the "Easy" difficulty mode though I haven't seen a dramatic change from how it played at normal.
163  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [PC] Blackguards (turn-based tactical strategy/RPG) on: January 28, 2014, 05:09:24 PM
Strategy Informer weighs in, mostly displeased (6/10) though like me they basically say you'll either love this or you'll hate it. I'm not sure there's much in between.  icon_neutral
Blackguards is a game that either has been built for you or it hasn’t. There aren’t many games that I struggle to review because I personally didn’t get on with it and yet I know that it’s built for a very specific sub-set of player, but Blackguards was definitely one. I was attracted to the game by the description of it as an RPG with turn-based combat based on The Dark Eye universe.

After two enjoyable adventures set in Germany’s answer to D&D I was looking forward to seeing what Daedalic could do with the more naturally-fitting genre for a fantasy role-playing tabletop set. What I didn’t expect was for Blackguards to be all combat. It’s basically a board game.
The turn-based combat, as mentioned, is the entire thrust of the game. There’s no exploring, very little choice, no talking things out, if you click somewhere on the map 99% of the time you’ll get a combat encounter. You have got to ask yourself right now if this is what you want from an RPG. While you occasionally have choices to make there are no consequences so there’s very little actual role-playing, it’s all either going into battle or preparing for your next battle. Again, if you’re happy with this then great, fair play to you. I personally found that the whole game got very tedious very fast.
I don't disagree. But I think that's why this game should be categorized as a tough, challenging tactical strategy game, NOT as an RPG. This reviewer clearly wants something other than the game delivers though it seems a little odd that Strategy Informer has a guy who wants more RPG than strategy from Blackguards.  confused

From an expectations standpoint if you want an RPG you should run away from this game imho. OTOH, if challenging, varied turn-based squad-size battles on hexagon maps to the point of exhaustion at times thrill you, this could be your game. But, maybe wait for a deeper cost-cutting sale. icon_smile Then when you get exasperated, you won't go "Damn Blackjack! Convinced me to waste $XX on this crap!"

By varied, I mean that the game might have your party of five battling 10 enemies on one map (with the environmental damage/trap opportunities evening things up); or you might have your main hero going in a one on one dual with a baddie on a small map; or you might have to choose two of your party members to duel two specific enemies; or you may have your full party battling a giant creature who looks like he can squash you like a grape (hint, don't assume you need to kill a huge enemy "to win").

So I guess you could argue the combat is ever present and repetitive in terms of the game having so much of it; but for me, there's a good variety/diversity in the sizes of maps, the sizes of the forces involved (yours/theirs), the traps and/or environmental damage opps on the map etc.
164  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [PC] Blackguards (turn-based tactical strategy/RPG) on: January 28, 2014, 04:24:00 AM

Quote from: Lee on January 28, 2014, 03:37:36 AM

Thanks for the write up Blackjack. I downloaded the demo, but haven't tried it yet. Read some of the reviews and the forums as well, it sounds a little rough around the edges. Curious if the devs are working  and smoothing things out (better tutorial, bugs, interface issues).
I really can't think of any bugs I've encountered at this point. Well there are enemy BUGs in the game.  icon_razz

imho the tutorial splash screens are OK, but some way to manually pull them back on screen would be nice. And maybe a tutorial that was more animated/integrated into the game (that is, some blinking arrow pointing at a screen button and telling you to click it, rather than a static tutorial image screen) might be more helpful.

For my part, I just am NOT a fan of linking 3 straight battle maps and giving you no respite for healing or buying potions etc. I'm finding the game does this more and more often in the campaign. While the battles are never crazy long, the fact is you can't save during them at all. So connecting 3 means if you get sick of the third one and quit, next time you'll just have to start it all over again. And if someone dies on one connected map, then on the next one they start with exactly 1 HP.

Actually this in keeping with German games I've liked going back to Blue Byte's Incubation in 1997 -- they just seem to really like kicking your teeth in on difficulty sometimes.

I can say they keep it fresh with the environmental damage stuff. Just played one that had this Rube Goldberg like series of rotating, basically flamethrowers. I didn't even know what I was doing and somehow they rotated just right to incinerate enough of the enemies to give me a chance.

If I have any advice on buying equipment in this it's buy every single damn potion you can get your hands on and equip as many as you can if you even suspect (you don't really get hints) you're going to start in on a three-consecutive-map series of battles. Then you'll have a fighting chance. Alas, I blew all mine by the 2nd one most recently and by the third one I was simply toast.

I really do dig the game but I feel like I can only recommend to folks with a masochistic streak.  icon_smile What's interesting though is how often the environmental stuff and traps can make a map much easier than it looks at first glance. Or I had this one that involved three massive beasts that could mash my heroes into the ground practically. It looked hopeless but after a few replays, my battered (it was one of those "on the 2nd of 3 battle map deals, or maybe it was on the 3rd of 3 maps) party staggered through it. Often the game rewards everyone focusing on one target while trying to stay out of range of others.
165  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [PC] Blackguards (turn-based tactical strategy/RPG) on: January 28, 2014, 01:34:03 AM
A few pics:

As I mentioned, the screens where you distribute Adventure Points can be a bit intimidating. "I do what, to do what? What?"  icon_razz
While Niam is ostensibly a mage, she's basically a hybrid hunter/mage with some decent bow/spear skills and some useful buffs/debuffs on the spellcasting side.

The little shield and sword icons indicate if you want a melee weapon to be more towards parrying, more towards attacking, or balanced in between.

These optional tutorial screens are gradually spread through the game to gradually teach you stuff. Useful, but I kind of wish I could pop them back on screen at will for reference (maybe you can).

While it's hexagon rather than square grid (XCOM Enemy Unknown), the principle is sort of the same -- the brighter hexes indicate where you can move and still attack or use an item; the lighter ones indicate where you can move to but no longer take an action. However, as I mentioned, you can move a few hexes one way, then decide to move a different way etc. without using up your turn. You can also choose to "wait" on a turn to let another character move.

An archer (Hunter>Bows) is less effective at melee range so it pays to kind of plop them in a spot where they can reach enemies but not be reached with melee attacks.
The one thing that bugs me about all the character cards at the bottom is I would really like all the friendlies (often you fight alongside AI-controlled characters, guards etc.) on the LEFT side and the enemies on the right. I understand maybe they feel like that'd clutter the screen but I don't like having them all mashed up on the left side, eventually all mixed up in terms of enemies and friendlies.
166  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [PC] Blackguards (turn-based tactical strategy/RPG) on: January 27, 2014, 09:00:20 PM

Quote from: rittchard on January 27, 2014, 06:51:07 PM

Funny I was just reading about this late last night.  Looks like it would be right up my alley.

Couple of questions off the top of my head:

- are there combat bonuses to having multiple people positioned around an enemy?

- are the protagonist characters limited to the 5 they show on the website?  you mention a "main" character, do you get some choice as to what he/she looks like if you go for advanced customization, or is your "main hero" pretty much fixed (sounds like you can choose which of the 3 classes you want for it)?  It's not a big deal but all 5 of the characters just seemed kind of unappealing to me.
As far as bonuses or flanking bonuses (as in XCOM Enemy Unknown), I really don't know. I will try to look into that tonight and see what I find out.

Spears can attack from two hexes away, bows seem to have bonuses based on hex range (like between 3 and 8 hexes, something like that). I don't really have any awesome melee or bow skills just yet; eventually you can fire a salvo of arrows, or hit muliple hexes in melee I think.

There's a neat "opportunity attack" any character can eventually learn. This basically lets you take a free, automatic-attack at any enemy as they move by you on a turn. I have a tough time avoiding this because I just don't think enough about my movement route.

One difference from, say, XCOM Enemy Unknown is you can move hexes in baby steps without "consuming" your movement turn. Like, if you have a movement radius of about 8 hexes (radius you can move, and still perform an attack or action), you can move two hexes one way, move two hexes another way, one hex another way, etc. It's not, "oh you moved two hexes and stopped, now your movement turn is over." This becomes critical on later maps that sprinkle spike traps everywhere, and don't give you a "straight line" movement opportunity.

Your party gradually grows from 3 initially (including your "main") to 5, possibly more. I met one character that only got to play with for one mini-mission (my main and this other character), and I'm not clear on if this other character might join my party at some point.

The reason why I de-emphasize RPG is you really don't fully customize cosmetic appearances in this, beyond hairstyle (for your main) and how different armor/weaponry looks. I haven't yet tried the "advanced" choice for the main character so I don't yet know if that includes more extensive cosmetic changes. This is a bone of contention for some in forums.

I just don't worry about it much, as intricate visual customizing is not something I'm used to doing in tactical squad-type strategy games. Eventually the armor variety in this at least allows different looks and you can cover up someone's head with a helmet if you don't like the face.  icon_smile The storyline is based on all these characters by name (my "Ricky Ranger" name tends to look silly by the other characters' more eloquent names  icon_razz), so it makes sense to me they don't appear to allow name customizing beyond your main hero.

I'll share some screenshots later. I would say the game's animations and backdrops tend to look cooler to me than the character models (though the tiger character models later as enemies seem very cool.).
167  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [PC] Blackguards (turn-based tactical strategy/RPG) on: January 27, 2014, 06:14:26 PM
Official site (German developer Daedalic Entertainment):
About the Game
What happens when the only hope of a threatened world lies not with heroes in shining armor, but in the hands of a band of misfits and criminals? Blackguards, a new turn-based strategy RPG, explores this very question. You will discover over 180 unique hex-based battlegrounds within a dark and mature story of crime, drugs, and murder.

Play as a warrior, mage or hunter and customize your character's skills as you see fit. The challenging campaign delivers a story of doubt, treason and loss. You decide the course of the story at key turning points and determine its outcome.

Key Features
More than 180 unique battlemaps provide ever-evolving and novel challenges.
Make sure you have plenty of snacks, as this dark fantasy adventure has 40+ hours of exciting play time.
Lead up to five characters in your party to glorious victory or devastating defeat.
Enjoy enchanting hand drawn backdrops. They're beautiful even when your party members get their asses handed to them.
Your choice of spells, skills and abilities determine your battlefield tactics. Aggressive? Defensive? Tactical? It's your call how to tackle each challenging encounter!
Use interactive objects like bee hives or barrels to your advantage in combat, or blow yourself up by carrying a torch into flammable swamp gas.
Dish out some serious damage with 40 special abilities and more than 90 spells... or find yourself on the other end and get obliterated.
You can try a playable demo on Steam. I would say that the full games' maps eventually become larger, downright massive at times (though they vary the size/layouts quite a bit). As I recall, the demo has some early maps where the grids are very tiny.

I bought this on Steam while it was in Early Access, and it just released the other day. It's generally more hexagon-grid turn-based strategy battles than RPG.

I wasn't initially enjoying it, but when I finally restarted the campaign for maybe the fourth time with my main set up as a Hunter (bows and spears), it finally "clicked" with me. I put in almost 17 hours in it over the weekend and have generally had a very good time.

What I initially found intimidating is understanding how to distribute the "adventure points" (you can use them on four different tab fulls of abilities, skills, talents, arms talents). And also what constitutes a "level" vs. what's just the number rating for something. Still not fully sure I understand all that in spite of the game's many optional tutorial screens.

Also, for a long time I felt like I couldn't get more than crap equipment. This proved troublesome when I made my main a warrior as the first couple party members you get are preset as a dwarf warrior and a mage. You could of course remake those into something else moving forward but it seems like a waste of their initial set up (I don't know any way to "respec" from zero). It seemed like a hunter or perhaps a 2nd mage was a better compliment to those first couple you get.

Later in the campaign, fully developed heroes join your party, including:
Spoiler for Hiden:
-a female hunter that has points in bows and spears, and can cast a variety of buff/debuff spells
-a male hunter who seems very spear-specific and seems equipped for dual wield melee too
-a poison-focused spellcaster comes into play, but I'm not clear if she becomes a regular party member per se.
You can choose advanced customization so that you can start your main hero from scratch. I think the lack of that option was a bone of contention during early access.

As far as the battle maps go, while the character models to me seem so-so, the battle maps are hand drawn and pretty cool. Later on, when you fight beasts and animals, imho those character models are nicer than the human ones for some reason.

You can scroll your mouse wheel back to get more of a top-down view (the default view is a sort of zoomed in isometric view), which makes the battle map look like, well, Panzer General.  icon_smile

While the game autosaves after most battles, it does encourage you to save and quicksave often. While you can use rest on the main towns map, or pay to rest at an inn to restore health/astral (mana) points, the campaign eventually starts chaining battles together (sometimes as many as 3 in succession), which I've found straining since you can't pull stuff out of your party's loot inventory during a battle. So if you limp through the finale of a multi-battle map battle, you'll be in dire straights in the next connected one.

I can vouch that at least for me the game has been rock solid reliable over 17 hours of play (no crashes, lockups, freezes etc.). It's not what I'd call an eye candy game so if you need that, then don't bother with it. If you're into turn-based, chess-like strategy battles that are varied and generally don't take too long (except maybe on the ones with the invulnerable, enemy-healing crystals - don't get me started  icon_razz), you may dig this. I just warn that the interface (despite tutorials) was at least for me awfully intimidating and confusing for a while.

As far as the RPG aspects, there's a lot of chatty conversations between battles but it's easy enough to click through all that.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah. If it interests anybody, ask me any questions.  icon_smile
168  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Insidious (refreshingly subtle horror film) on: January 27, 2014, 05:54:26 PM

Quote from: hepcat on January 27, 2014, 05:29:53 PM

I started to watch it, but stopped about 20 minutes into it to due to the way they were handling the crime that was committed at the end of the first movie.  They had a victim, they had the obvious suspect, but the guy's walking around free at the start of the sequel?  That bugged me for some reason.
Yeah, I remember not feeling good about the shift from the way the first film ended to how the first one began.

Hey I never thought to dig up this thread and share any thoughts on the sequel, which should indicate how I didn't feel about it  icon_neutral

I really did like the first one though I shared the view the latter part of the first film sort of slid off the rails into, well, let's say Less Subtle Horror.

Likewise, I went on and on about finding The Last Exorcism fascinating until it slid off the rails into a "found camera footage" finale that seemed tacked on and utterly out of whack with the rest of the film.
169  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 27, 2014, 01:53:19 PM

Quote from: Morgul on January 25, 2014, 08:19:56 PM

I havnt bought the expansion.  This game and "the last of us" are my two favorites from last year. 

Are they going to port this puppy over to the PS4?  If not, I guess ill just buy the expansion on the ps3 and swap between consoles until I get sick of xcomm and borderlands 2.
My understanding on consoles is you can get Enemy Within as part of an XCOM Commander pack. Enemy Within isn't sold separately as DLC on console:
XCOM: Enemy Unknown's expansion, Enemy Within, will be issued as DLC on PC and Mac for $30, but the only way to get it on consoles is through a new Commander's Edition – a retail re-release that includes the XCOM: Enemy Unknown game, the Slingshot and Elite Soldier add-ons, plus the Enemy Within expansion.

The reason for issuing the Commander's Edition is because Enemy Within is simply too large a file to patch into the console game as DLC. "For the expansion on the PC, it was fairly straightforward," Garth DeAngelis, senior producer at Firaxis Games, said during a PAX Prime interview. "But when it came to the consoles, it was too big. If we wanted to deliver the same content to the console players, we had to do it this way as a standalone expansion on a disc. We couldn't simply just patch it in."

DeAngelis added that Enemy Within includes so many changes to the base XCOM: Enemy Unknown experience – new unit types, upgrades and even skill changes – it necessitated an entire re-issue of the game. "These things are tied deeply into Enemy Unknown so we wanted to release [the Commander's Edition] as sort of the ultimate edition, with all the previous DLC on this one disc. It was either deliver it this way or not deliver it at all."
No plans yet announced for further content or for PS4/Xbox One ports.

From interviews, the game has sold well - esp well on Steam - just not really clear what the future holds.
170  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Insidious (refreshingly subtle horror film) on: January 27, 2014, 01:34:55 PM
I found the Insidious sequel annoying and pretty pointless. In fact, forgot the whole movie the moment I left the theater. I can show you my ticket stub but Damned if I can remember what happened.  icon_razz
171  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [movie] Batman vs Superman (Man of Steel 2) on: January 24, 2014, 08:01:01 PM
News reports are that Marvel's Ant-Man is taking over the vacated Batman vs Superman spot on the July 2015 release slate.

I don't really know what to think anymore. My gut feeling is this second movie is looking like too many characters and too much setting up of other possible spinoffs (Wonder Woman, Justice League). In other words, it sounds like Iron Man 2, which made a crazy amount of money but is not exactly beloved.

If (as some script rumors suggest, but they could be bupkus) in fact the film has Batman holding Superman accountable for the death and destruction of the first film, I think that's an intriguing take on things. Though imho, pulling Batman out of Gotham City and having him mess around in Metropolis makes as much sense as, well, putting Superman in Gotham. Then again, if you're setting up for future films, and other franchises, you probably would want to "mash up" heroes and their environments like that to show a larger DC world where a Justice League would make sense.
172  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Re: Elder Scrolls Online on: January 24, 2014, 06:01:47 PM
Saw a news item that Elder Scrolls Online got an M rating and Bethesda refuses to make cuts that would get it a T rating, according to Bethesda's Facebook page.

Elder Scrolls Online Rated M; Bethesda Won't Compromise,25845.html
"While we may disagree with the ESRB's determination, we do not plan to challenge the rating, and we are unwilling to change the game's content to achieve a different rating. The game we have created is the one we want our fans to be able to play," reads the company's Facebook page.
"As a result of the ESRB rating, we are in the process of promptly updating everything with the required rating and age gates, including game trailers, web sites, and ads. Thanks for your understanding. We can't wait to welcome players into The Elder Scrolls Online soon," the company adds.
Now I don't get the impression Bethesda is trying to "out jiggle" and "out decapitate" Age of Conan.  Bring your own! It sounded like - from some news coverage trying to look more specifically at what the problems with ESRB might be - the issue was more about some bare skin in certain scenes (in some cases cutscenes, and maybe those would be a pain to re-shoot), and some "suggested drug use" involving smoking etc.  icon_razz
173  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [movie] The Raid 2: Berandal on: January 24, 2014, 04:14:50 PM
After reading more reviews from Sundance, it's pretty apparent the film in its current state is a "hard" NC-17 movie simply for over the top gore, including the occasional imploding head  paranoid. It sounds very unlikely it can get North American distribution unless it's carved down into a hard R instead. Yeah, MPAA sucks, but it's what distributors have to work with.

I'd like to see it get wider distribution than the first film here, which as I remember it never really got a wide release here in the U.S. I hadda see it at an art house type place in Washington DC and it hardly got out to The Burbs at all.
174  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Gaming Trend to speak at SXSWi 2014 with Richard Garriott? YES! It's happening! on: January 24, 2014, 04:10:56 PM
Tell "Dick" to Bring Back Tabula RasaTM! But this time with a recognizable IP behind it. Something everyone loves. Furbies or Teletubbies? Maybe both.  The Weghted Companion Cube will never threaten to stab you. icon_razz
175  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: The Banner Saga on: January 23, 2014, 07:29:34 PM
I've heard the combat compared to Final Fantasy Tactics (certainly a favorite of mine). Is that true?  icon_smile

Blackguards (another turn-based tactical RPG that) just completed Early Access on Steam and released the other day earlier than expected. Enjoying it OK, but assigning the roughly zillion action points gets on my nerve and the battles tend to involve a lot of popping up a menu and rolling your mouse around to choose menus within nested sub menus. Perhaps Banner Saga would be more my style.
176  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Some new ARCADE games at Gaming Trend! on: January 23, 2014, 06:06:21 PM
If you guys can find a Defender/Stargate and Missile Command clone amongst the arcade games, I'll be happy.  icon_smile

I still rue there was this awsome, appropriately pixelicious Defender clone in the days of DOS that I enjoyed but never could find an equivalent on Windows. I guess I could play it via DOS Box if I could even find it.  icon_smile
177  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 22, 2014, 05:37:41 PM
A pal at another forum inspired me to try to play the pre-Enemy Within version of XCOM Enemy Unknown, at a tougher difficulty (Classic). While I'm not playing Iron Man, I'm trying very much to resist constant reloads and to just accept sometimes I'm gonna lose somebody. And when you DO lose somebody, it really forces you into interesting survival tactics on a mission.

It's just, man, every trooper seems to panic on every mission now. Most of the time they'll just react by firing wildly (at aliens or at each other). Though I did finally have one panicked trooper nail an alien on his wild panic shot.

I went with Brazil as my home base location. The main bonus is you get instant alien autopsies and interrogations of live aliens - just click a button and BOOM, it's done. Doesn't save money per se, but the time saving can be invaluable.

Money's definitely an issue early on; even the Council's first report doesn't give an astronomical amount of money (got about 255).

Got an interesting base layout (the ant hill view where you build facilities etc.) this time around. It has several "steam" spots (where power generators get a big bonus), but I'll need to sort of line them up vertically. My previous game had more facilities built side by side (for adjaceny bonuses); I think on this one I'll need to think more in terms of columns (top to deeper bottom) to get the adjacency bonuses.

I can't help wishing they'd made it so you could continually upgrade conventional weapons and use them through the end game. Even with Reaper Rounds and the various pistol upgrades, that doesn't really sound viable vs. upgrading through Laser and then to Plasma. Maybe they can pull that off in DLC some day  icon_smile

The one convenience thing I miss from the Enemy Within version is the squad set up screen button that auto-unequips all troops not chosen for the mission so everything becomes available. I didn't know how useful that feature was until I didn't have it available -- which means you have to manually comb through the troops in the barracks to take off equipment/weapons and make them available. If I have a UI beef, it's that they didn't give you the option to maybe unequip specific things (all weapons, all armor, all grenades, all medkits etc.) from your troops in barracks to make those available, rather than "unequip everything" as EW does.
178  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [movie] The Raid 2: Berandal on: January 22, 2014, 05:15:38 PM
Collider posted a review. While their Matt Goldbert loves the action and gives it an A-, he did find it trying a bit too hard to cram in more story and characters, to the point that the lone good guy (Rama, the cop hero of the first film) often gets lost in the shuffle in favor of mass scale battles between characters you barely know.

NOTE: imho his review gets into too much plot, scene detail. If that sounds spoiler-ish, you might prefer to just read the recap I pasted in below.  paranoid icon_smile
The Raid 2 subscribes to the sequel school of “Bigger Is Better”, and since the action in the first movie could already be described as “insane”, “more insane” isn’t a great description.  Evans has far surpassed the original in terms of action, and his attempt to match the scope of the sequel’s story with the size of the set pieces is admirable, although it ultimately ends up becoming a distraction.  However, that’s a minor complaint because while I can point out the story’s shortcomings, I can’t deny the film’s pure, visceral impact.  It’s been over two hours since I saw The Raid 2, and my blood is still pumping and my nerves are still vibrating.

Rating: A-
Now mind you, Roger Ebert as I recall gave The Raid one star and basically called it a sickeningly violent movie. I considered it a sickeningly fun violent movie. So you know, razor's edge difference. You probably already know if a sequel to a movie like that would appeal to you or not.  icon_biggrin

I'm eager to see it. I hope I don't need to go into D.C. to see it this time but would be happy to make a subway trip to see it again if I need to.  icon_cool
179  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [TV]Marvel's Agent Carter on: January 22, 2014, 02:00:45 AM
Just imho, cameos are not the secret to success for these shows. To me Agents's main problem is (as others here have remarked) casting mostly cutie pie youngsters as if it was a CW teen show instead of some actors with some "meat" to them; and also basically templating the show as a crime procedural show full of generic nobodies that SHIELD is trying to "save."

Throwing in Thor's Sif for a cameo or two won't save the show. Although I've found recent episodes modestly entertaining, they've all kept setting series low numbers in the ratings. Doesn't mean it can't turnaround somehow, or even that ABC (as NBC did with Chuck in spite of ratings that never really improved) won't just stick with it for several seasons in spite of the ratings.

Just imho, if Agent Carter can't stand on its own feet as an appealing actress playing an entertaining character with fun stories, then digging up WWII era Marvel characters is not going to help it succeed as a mass audience show. I'm crazy about Atwell  The Weghted Companion Cube will never threaten to stab you. but if the scripts aren't there, if they can't make her adventures interesting, then it won't stand on its own feet. If they do all those things, then by all means I think some interesting cameos from that era would be a cool frosting on the Hayley cake.  Fabulous
180  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [TV]Marvel's Agent Carter on: January 19, 2014, 09:50:04 PM
Rejoice! ABC Studios confirmed the Captain America movie screenwriting duo turned in a pilot script for TV series Agent Carter and seemed to confirm at a TCA meet with media that Hayley Atwell will reprise the role, with Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) as her sexist boss.

Not clear yet if it would air on ABC or perhaps air on Netflix like the other upcoming Marvel shows.

And if you liked that short lived Reaper show a few years ago, couple guys gals involved with that will apparently work on Agent Carter in some capacity.

Marvel's Agent Carter Adds Reaper Creators!/entry/marvels-agent-carter-tv-series-adds-reaper-creators-tara-butters,52d96dcb025312186cbafed6

Dominic Cooper is interested in reprising his role as Howard Stark too, don't think that's definite yet.
181  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 19, 2014, 03:46:44 PM
I was a wee bummed that by the time I got a couple MECs to the Tier 3 upgrades, and the Arch Angel (jetpack) armor developed, it was just about time to wrap things up. Maybe next playthrough I'll try to get them developed quicker.  icon_smile

For the last mission I had one MEC upgraded to Electro Pulse:

My best opportunity to use it and natch, I guessed wrong on the radius - only impacted one of these two Mektoids  icon_razz

The Arch Angel armor I found more fun to watch in the intro scenes for it, than in the actual battle scenes  icon_cool

There's a fuel limit mechanism that I didn't quite grasp in my limited usage of it. I think that's to keep you from zipping the length of a map willy-nilly. It was fun to use in terms of jumping gaps or quickly getting a flanking advantage, though I could see easily getting into trouble using it too.
182  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 19, 2014, 03:39:13 PM
Completed the campaign on normal yesterday. Not sure of my exact playtime - Steam indicated I put in 23 hours or so on it last couple weeks and maybe that's padded a bit with savegame reloads.  icon_smile

If you want to access the Gollop chamber, just be sure to equip one Psi capable trooper with this:

*I thought you needed at least one "fully developed" psi trooper to use the chamber, but you just need to make the psi armor and equip one trooper w/ it.

The finale mission? I found it...
Spoiler for Hiden:
underwhelming as a challenge, even if the finale cinematics are pretty awesome imho. The only area I found challenging a tad was the one with the two Mektoids.

I didn't expect that last group to drop like a deck of cards after I took out the main alien.
I sent these guys/gals on the finale mission. Weregamer had fully developed psi abilities including the cool aura one that reflects damage for a turn. Chaz just had the mind fray. I never developed the genetic mutation stuff at all this go around.
183  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Incognita by Klei - turn-based tactical espionage on: January 17, 2014, 10:50:41 PM
Quote from: wonderpug
Visit the official site learn not much more about the game than I included in the subject line.
wonderpug made me giggle.  icon_smile

I loved Mark of the Ninja (just kind of reached the point I couldn't progress in it anymore).

Although I mostly dig Steam Greenlight and Early Access, I do sometimes get confused on the status of games. Like, you have games built off Kickstarter where you get a "Steam-redeemable" key but the game isn't actually "available on Steam." Or some games I'm semi keen on like the recently Greenlit "Recruits" are available in demo form elsewhere on Desura but aren't yet available on Steam. Sometimes I feel like I need some sort of flow chart diagram to understand a game's status/availability.  confused
184  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 17, 2014, 05:43:43 PM

Quote from: Glycerine on January 17, 2014, 04:18:24 PM

Hope to finish up my Normal play through this weekend.  Full satellite coverage, all research completed (no Edison achievement, it's bugged in EW) ready to do the final mission.  Those first few months are downright brutal, but after I got everything up and going it became almost too easy.  For this game I focused on getting laser weapons and satellites before anything else.  I also did not even capture a live alien until I had plasma weapons and titan armor.  It seemed to work okay, only lost one country and it was Nigeria.  Next time I may try it on Classic, but no way am I even messing with Ironman mode.  I play games to have fun, and to me that would be a exercise in frustration.
Sounds cool.  icon_smile I still have a few things left to research though nothing I consider urgent (the flying Arch Angel armor, the inviso Ghost Armor, etc.).

This was news to me but you can eventually upgrade the Arch Throwers to provide "ranged healing." Also, apparently if you stun an EXALT soldier, he will commit suicide rather than be captured -- the first time you do that, you get an achievement for it. Just a little Dark Side for my tastes.  paranoid icon_smile

Now that I feel more competent at the game, I could maybe see trying Iron Man again but probably not on the tougher two difficulty levels. I get attached to my troops and I think to succeed at Iron Man you simply can't do that. It'll tear you up.  icon_smile

The 3rd tier MEC's proximity mine ability has been sporadically useful. The ability to do 8-9 hp damage to everything in its explosive radius is great, but sometimes the aliens don't cooperate and simply skirt around the edge of the "pie" radius.
185  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: New Robocop! on: January 17, 2014, 01:53:03 PM
New clip, probably will suck  icon_razz

My problem isn't so much the style, the music and Kinnaman's flat voice, it's turning Robocop into a scrawny thing who wants to hide (!) behind girders, sprints and dashes and dives like he's in a John Woo movie.

The new look visually seems cool if scrawny, I just don't see the need for a remake to turn  Robocop into a gymnast instead of a tank-like intimidator.
186  Gaming / Multiplayer Madness (MMO or otherwise) / Re: Elder Scrolls Online on: January 16, 2014, 10:10:56 PM

Quote from: Knightshade Dragon on January 14, 2014, 11:37:14 AM

On the "why isn't the client free" side of things, I wouldn't expect them to give away years of programming time.  If you believe what they've done is worthwhile, you pony up to experience it, otherwise we are back to that f2p model.  Free to Play has become nuisance-ware.  Want a bank slot?  Money.  Want to be able to have more than pocket change?  Money?  And the worst of them - want to rearrange your interface in SWTOR?  Money.  I'd rather pay a subscription so the devs can create more content than have them nag me for nickels and dimes until I quit out of frustration.  Am I alone on this?
Yes.  icon_lol

Just kidding, but it does seem in terms of MMO publishers, the vast majority have long given up on monthly subscription as their foundation. With me, pretty much every MMO I enjoyed for a decent amount of time and then went F2P, my interest was already dead at that point along with the interest of pals (here or elsewhere) that I had enjoyed playing with. That might include City of Heroes, LOTRO, Age of Conan, STO and SWTOR (I did enjoy about 2+month return to SWTOR early last summer that convinced me to re-up but I recently recanceled my sub).

imho for most it's just what a monthly fee represents at the end of the year. You end up having to ask yourself about $50-$60 for the client software and $180 in annual fees -- it becomes, "Did I get $230+ of entertainment out of this? Do I have enough free time to enjoy this game to feel like I'm getting that much entertainment?" Honestly I have a pretty boring life (my cat would agree  icon_smile), but even so, these days I just can't bring myself to sink the amount of time in MMOs as I did 5-10 years ago. Back then I did time sink MMOs, and didn't blanche at the monthly fee at all -- I had so much fun, made new pals, felt it was worth the investment. Today, I just don't feel up to investing the time consistently enough anymore.

As for the nickel/dime stuff, yeah, on my return last May-June to SWTOR, the F2P limitations exasperated me right away. Though I liked the f2P option as far as dabbling back in the game and figuring out if I could still enjoy it. It didn't last (Marvel Heroes and other games stole away my time last summer), but I had some re-visit fun at least. icon_smile

As far as ESO, it's on my radar screen just cause a couple pals in beta test seem very fond of it. My gaming interests are eccentric, to be kind, so who knows if I'd feel the same way?  icon_smile
187  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 16, 2014, 04:33:53 PM

Quote from: jztemple2 on January 13, 2014, 02:50:26 AM

I really do suck at this game disgust. I think mostly it's the budget; I suck at budgets too. I never seem to be able to get to MECS. So I'm starting EW again, this time on Easy.
MECs require a lot more patience in piling up the Meld because, at least most of the time, you only get about 20 meld (two cases of 10 apiece) on a mission that has them. Eventually you need massive amounts to reach the 2nd and 3rd tiers of the MEC upgrades. At least that's my experience on the 2nd difficulty level (the one just above Easy labeled as "challenging but fair").

So if that (totally understandably) doesn't sound appealing, you might be better off focusing on the generally more affordable genetic upgrades instead. And as pointed out by others, the MECs aren't eligible for learning psionics stuff or genetic upgrades. I enjoy them but wouldn't call the MECs necessary per se. Some official forum folks think they're terrible - I don't agree, but I wouldn't put all my chips on them, so to speak.  icon_smile

I think I'm nearing the end game (built the Gollop chamber, and finally got a couple regular troops to pass muster to become Psionic Capable), but I doubt I'll be able to upgrade more than one MEC to the third tier. If I have to use psionic regular troops for the end stuff anyway I might use up my last bunch of meld (65 at this point, not getting much in the way of Meld missions now), I figure I might as well do some genetic upgrades now.

In my experience (I flailed generally poorly at the initial release version of the game), the magic financing formula is we've got to find a way asap to get as many uplinks (for satellite capacity) and satellites built and put in the air. That's what determines the once monthly motherload of credits. Once you can build the Satellite Nexus (which gives one large lump of satellite capacity), it eases things a bit. But I still fell into the trap of seeing satellites as a "panic response tool" and that cost me the U.S. yesterday.  tear

If you do what I used to do and wait on the satellites until you see a country or countries panic (full, red meters), it's generally already too late -- unless you have a crazy large number of engineers that can build satellites at light speed  icon_smile -- cause it takes too long to get the satellites built to fix that. Once you have, say, 8, 9, 10 satellites up, you get a tremendous monthly funding boost regardless of the Council's grade for you. I got a deserved 'C' last night but still received nearly 500cr.
188  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [Nice Beaver!]Naked Gun to get a reboot on: January 14, 2014, 11:14:09 PM
I really don't feel the ZAZ style is something others can copy. Even the last couple droopy Naked Gun sequels you could see the formula wearing thin without their group creative genuis/insanity at work.

I'm with others who are basically sick and tired of Hollywood digging through the graveyard of fine films for something else they can screw up as a remake/reboot.
189  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: [Movie]Ant-Man on: January 14, 2014, 11:12:10 PM
I must admit, saw this on Collider and just reading the headline made me almost do a spit take.  icon_razz But after reading more detail, I think as an Obi Won Kenobi-type mentor character, Douglas could be a blast. Perhaps like Anthony Hopkins in the first of the couple Antonio Banderas Zorro movies.
190  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 11, 2014, 03:00:26 PM
Think I still have a ways to reach the end game. Here's some pix of my higher end troops. Again, haven't done the gene stuff in favor of using the meld for MEC upgrades.

My lone Colonel support guy.

Star of Defense Buff (I rename my models to something I can understand at a glance  icon_smile) is a Medal that buffs the defense rating of everyone in the troop's squad.

MEC, this one for whatever reason tends to get damaged a lot and is out of commission more than my others. He is up to Major since this pic.

*Collateral Damage blows much of your ranged weapon (minigun, railgun) dmg for a rapid fire sequence that obliterates environmental cover in a given area. You don't actually target an alien with and don't need line of site. If you know an alien's on the far side of something and you can't target it directly, it can be an option but you can also get yourself in trouble using it.  icon_smile
191  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: 10 Years of ConsoleGold/GamingTrend!!! on: January 10, 2014, 06:27:58 PM
I hung (hanged?) out at Gone Gold a bit over the years. My lone foray into gaming journalism was a little write up for Gone Gold from a Westwood Studios launch event for hack'n'slash Nox at a gaming LAN center in northern VA in around 1999. My recollection was another GG forum-ite attended also to do a write up, and Rich ran both of our impressions pieces.

My GamingTrend forums memory is I had a temporary falling out at my favorite gaming forum elsewhere with its founder, and so I was looking for another place to hang up my shingle, so to speak. I don't really even remember how I stumbled onto the GT forums but it felt like the right place for me. Large enough to have more activity and folks to meet, but small enough to not feel completely lost. Not all my buds that I steered to the GT forums felt the same way -- some felt it was "too big." I like that though. Not always crazy about forums so small where I'm basically just posting to myself and I don't ever see other folks' thoughts on something.  icon_smile

I've learned about lots of games here, movies and books and what not too, and I've gotten lots of help (and, um, strong opinions  icon_smile) on fixing problems with hardware, games, and pests in my home.  icon_smile Speaking of which, I've been roach free for months now following two mandatory condo building pest control treatments. A shoutout to those who gave me pest control suggestions a while back. icon_cool

And I've shared my agony over losing my cat Molly to heart failure in 2010 and the joys of adopting my cat JJ in 2011. Good to share that with other pet owners here. It takes a village.  icon_smile

While I've had the occasional tiff here and taken some occasional sabbaticals, I still enjoy posting, reading and lurking here.  icon_cool Wishing Ron and everyone continued success!  icon_biggrin
192  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Re: Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on: January 10, 2014, 05:44:33 PM
While I relatively enjoyed this week's episode after catching up on it via app last night, the series ratings' have reached a series low. Of course more than one TV show has gotten through medicore early ratings to build an audience. I guess it's up to ABC and Marvel if they think fans will gradually find the show or if it's just destined to be NCIS ratings roadkill.

Seems like the main thing in the show's survival favor is just that Marvel wouldn't want to tick off Joss Whedon by canceling what's basically his brother (Jed) and sister-in-law's show. So I bet on the show getting at least two seasons (through about Spring 2015; Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in May 2015) to find its sea legs. Then perhaps with Ultron released, Joss might get more heavily involved with the show in season 3, if it gets that far.
193  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Squeezing in GOTY candidates on: January 10, 2014, 05:31:28 PM
I picked up Brothers during the Steam holiday sales. I agree with Teggy -- I completely would get confused on which stick controlled which brother.  Somehow my confusion was more amusing than exasperating.  icon_razz I am unable to finish the game though. I got stuck at the point where both brothers are...
Spoiler for Hiden:
fleeing from that invisible frost giant or whatever in the snowy village? I tried like 20 times, and the little brother doesn't seem fast enough to get away - get's killed every time.
So I quit playing it. Not sure I'm physically inept or just not understanding the trick in getting past that area.

Before that, I also got stuck for a time on the one where you have to get one brother to...
Spoiler for Hiden:
throw a gear across the bridge. The controller mechanic to do so just didn't feel intuitive at all to me. After much frustration I basically accidentally was able to toss it.  icon_razz

I'm hoping that some of my Steam Early Access/Kickstarter etc. faves like Door Kickers and Grim Dawn will become official releases sometime this year and I can push them as GOTY candidates next year.  icon_smile
194  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: Alien: Isolation announced - kinda looks good? on: January 09, 2014, 04:01:09 AM
Revealing what an old caveman I am, but I never found an Alien game as thrilling as Justin Fischer's Aliens TC [total conversion] for Doom nearly 20 years ago, including digitized voice clips from Cameron's film (you probably wouldn't get away with that today, even for a free mod):
The locations in the main levels (E2M1-E2M8) correspond more or less to the plot progression of the film, although it is not clear whether the large-scale geography is intended as a faithful reproduction. Players familiar with the film will immediately notice certain landmarks, such as:

    Entering the installation via completely deserted corridors and noticing one or two holes etched through the floor.
    Finding an overgrown area with human victims embedded in the walls.
    Sealing thick doors to stop pursuing aliens, then escaping by crawling through a long pipe.
    Being locked in a medical lab as an alarm rings.
    Aliens ambushing the protagonists by dropping through the ceiling.
    Ascending a tall elevator to reach the landing platform, then having to go back down again.
    Confronting the alien queen in the landing bay of the carrier.

Justin Fisher considers it a minor bug that voice clips (see below) are often heard at times when the character in question would be dead or otherwise not present.
Of course there were no zillion dollar CGI models. You used your imagination to fill in the gaps, and for all the blood and goo and chest bursters of the first couple films, the movies did a great job of wreaking havoc with my imagination, both at age 14 (Alien) and age 21 (Aliens).  icon_cool paranoid

For me the high points since then were on PC the Marine campaign in Monolith's Aliens vs. Predator 2 even if their various cheap tricks to keep you from letting you have an actual squad to fight with were lame (Oct. 2001 release - I was really disappointed with its expansion); and the surprisingly fun Alien 3 side scroller game, which I recall playing on my Sega Genesis around 1993-1994.

As far as Alien: Isolation goes, yeah it sounds good and in the right direction, but I thought that about the Colonial Marines game right up until like others I realized "oh wait, Gearboxx doesn't have jack to do with this, it's gonna be a mess," and so it was...  Roll Eyes I will keep this on my radar screen though.  icon_smile
195  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 08, 2014, 02:31:03 AM

Quote from: Lee on January 07, 2014, 07:13:24 PM

I have 2 Mecs, and 1 person with genetics (the high jump for a sniper is handy). From what I was reading, some of the genetic skills (especially the one that lets you go invisible) are really important later in the game when the brute force of Mec units becomes less so. My plan is to have a base of 3-4 Mecs and then go all genetics.

I have been using the grey market a lot to get extra money, but it's still no where near enough. I am really focusing on getting more satellites up now, but now I am getting behind on research. I don't remember having this many issues last year when I played. I think I just really crippled myself with such a slow start on money.

The Exalt weapons I have seen so far have all been the exactly the same as my regular ammo weapons. They get better?

I keep playing with the idea of starting over and getting more satellites up early, but the though of starting out will a 4 man rookie squad again sounds tedious. Going to try and make this game work.
I just meant if you're shy on money to spend on weapons (Exalts eventually equip lasers etc.), then to some extent you can equip Exalt stuff instead, in a pinch.  icon_smile

I finally built a satellite nexus (like 4 uplinks in one), and hoping to get ahead of the curve on the satellite stuff.

Since I've gone heavy on upgraded MECs (haven't done third tier yet), and skipped genetics, it'll be interesting to see how the late game goes.
196  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 07, 2014, 01:48:56 PM

Quote from: Lee on January 07, 2014, 07:13:55 AM

Just got to the base defense mission, that was rough. It doesn't help that I completely screwed up this game. Only have 3 satellites up, so I am broke, half my squad was injured going into the base defense mission, and now I am down to 3 unwounded soldiers. I suck at this game.
sorry, sounds like my experience with the original release last year.  icon_smile I save and reload saves often. I don't care if that's unrealistic, it just feels like the only way I learn.  icon_smile

Did you go with MECs, genetic mutations or both?  icon_smile

Have you used the Grey Market to sell alien corpses, equipment etc.? That's the main way I stave off bankruptcy.

Remember you can equip any EXALT weapons you find, sometimes that's a decent money saver.

I am merely mediocre at this, just sharing my experience fwiw  icon_smile
197  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 07, 2014, 03:36:22 AM

Quote from: Blackjack on January 06, 2014, 06:57:29 PM

Does anyone remember if the XCOM base defense mission is part of the initial release?
Hey, self, the base defense IS a new thing, part of Enemy Within.  icon_biggrin

Pretty fun, tense and different, and a chance to control a few grunt, well, mall cops relatively speaking in addition to a random set of your veteran troops.  icon_smile Although I only lost one security grunt, my favorite Mech got whittled down to one HP (no healing available), which made for a few tense moments.
198  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 06, 2014, 06:57:29 PM
Does anyone remember if the XCOM base defense mission is part of the initial release?

I'm on that now. Did relatively OK yesterday but had two bizarre game lockups (monitor just went black). And since it seems to randomly pull four of your soldiers to use (along with some vanilla base security guys equipped with assault rifles/grenades), I of course didn't get to bring my couple support guys who have that or my one MEC that has the mass heal spray.

So now near the finale of the base defense my favorite heavy turned MEC is down to exactly 1 HP with no way to heal. He has the "2 HP auto-heal" perk but already used it to its mission limit.  paranoid

It's fun though and a refreshingly different kind of mission imho.
199  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 04, 2014, 05:55:22 PM

Quote from: jztemple2 on January 04, 2014, 05:42:45 PM

I'm confused regarding the EXALT missions. They mention how you can jam the EXALT weapons by doing something, but I'm not sure what they mean, and I wasn't able to achieve it during the mission. What is it exactly I'm supposed to do?
Do you mean the one where there's a little laptop with a little spinning doohickey on it surrounded by a green beam fence of sorts?

Did it look like this below?

I think on that one, the "capture" zone is that area marked by that green beam fence. You can send your covert ops guy over to the larger spinning beacons to hack EXALT and I assume cause some sort of pause in their sending reinforcements. I was confused on that one because the objectives had big numbers on them (usually, like with the Meld, it's a turn-limit) but it didn't seem to have any sort of turn limit. And my covert ops fella couldn't interact with the little laptop within the capture zone.

I just kept my guys around the green "capture" zone and offed the EXALT guys until they stopped arriving, and that completed the mission.

The more common EXALT mission has two spinning beacon things that your covert ops guy (he usually starts on the far side of the map) needs to hack by moving adjacent to each and right clicking.

Hope that helps.  icon_smile Post a screenshot if you're still unsure. If it has the green beam fence capture spot, it's the first one I described above.
200  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Re: [360/PC/PS3] XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Enemy Within expansion! on: January 04, 2014, 05:35:41 PM

Quote from: Lee on January 03, 2014, 11:52:23 PM

I am playing it again since I picked up the expansion on the Steam sale. Really starting to think the random number generator is broken on the Mac version. Missed 2 97% shots in a row today (followed by a 70% shot). Yes possible, but come on. But what is really odd is out of 14 promoted people. 7 are snipers, got 6 in a row. I am so sniper heavy i kind of want them to die off. I know it's possible, etc, just really annoying.
fwiw, if you go the MEC route, you can cyber-convert any class into a MEC. While the Sniper gets one sort of sniper-y passive as a MEC, the rest of his/her abilities are tossed out in favor of the MEC's own ability tree.

My experience so far is Heavy-MEC gets by far the most HP, followed closely by Sniper-MEC, then Support-MEC, and Assault-MEC seems most fragile. There's a cool MEC ability that will auto-heal a couple HP up to three turns.

And definitely I often get a rash of one class or another in my earlier playthroughs. When I played last year, I seem to recall getting heavy, heavy, heavy. On this most recent one, it's been a pleasant surprise the diversity of classes I've developed by accident. I'm playing on just the 2nd difficulty level and I think that's best for my easily frustrated self.

Playing Iron Man Mode last year just depressed me and kinda squelched my love for the game (I'm not that good  icon_razz). If I ever truly finish the game, I might try IM again though I think first I want to do a playthrough focusing on the genetic modification of troops. While there's nothing to stop you from doing that AND mechs in a runthrough, I just wanted to focus on MECs and regular troops this go around.  icon_smile

I am really admiring the environmental destructibility more now. Especially with the way the MEC kinetic meleee attack blasts cover, and tosses enemies through walls and stuff. I notice more all the "I'm in cover!.... now I'm not!" moments or like when an EXALT tossed a grenade up towards my rooftop MEC and it blew out two stories of walls but not the roof he was on.  icon_smile
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