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3201  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Superman Returns - new full trailer - OMFG!!! on: May 03, 2006, 02:26:32 AM
I always like that moment in episodes of Justice League where Martian Manhunter has to use his telepathic powers to say, "Batman!  The rest of the Justice League and I have all been captured again!  Please come save us!"

Anyways, it's a cool trailer!  Cool

-Autistic Angel
3202  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Stephen Colbert has cast iron balls on: May 02, 2006, 01:25:06 AM
My personal favorite was the "Hindenberg" quip.  biggrin

-Autistic Angel
3203  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A Day Without Immigrants on: May 01, 2006, 10:28:23 PM
Quote from: "Zarkon"
There's nothing [in the First Amendment] that states "If you follow the First Amendment, you can't get in trouble." It just states that the Government cannot make any laws to limit the freedom of speech or the press (now meant to mean expression in general at times) or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

Nope. Nothing in there that says you can't get fired, or be punished in any means necessary. Nothing that says you will suffer no consequences for your actions. Nothing.

Since I can't find anyone in this thread who claimed that these students couldn't be punished, I don't see what any of this has to do with the current conversation.

Here are the things I *am* saying:

    1) Your original statement that students who skipped one day of school to protest should be "kicked out" of school and "left to shit jobs for the rest of their lives" is nonsensical.

    2) Your second statement that students who skipped one day of school should be "punished" by having additional days off from school is completely counter-intuitive.

    3) Your attempts to equate "a one-day suspension" with a life-long punishment of "leaving them to shit jobs for the rest of their lives" is silly at best and somewhat insulting to the intelligence of the forum readers here at worst.

Finally, I'm troubled by the fact that if students cut a day of school to attend a pro-military rally or a 9/11 memorial service, I don't think you'd have reacted with:

Quote from: "Zarkon"
If they don't want to be [in school]? Kick 'em out, let 'em live with shit jobs for the rest of their lives.

You can tell me whether or not I'm wrong, but either way I feel sort of bad for you.  

-Autistic Angel
3204  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A Day Without Immigrants on: May 01, 2006, 09:09:33 PM
Quote from: "First I"
You think the penalty for missing one day of school should be to miss *more* days of school?

Quote from: "So Zarkon"
If they don't want to be there? Kick 'em out, let 'em live with shit jobs for the rest of their lives.

Quote from: "Then Zarkon"
Honestly? Twelve years old is plenty old enough to learn that their actions have consequences, and they have to live with them.

What "consequence" are they supposed to be learning?  That if they skip a day of school -- to spend the whole day exercising their First Amendment Rights in peaceful protest -- they'll be "punished" with a few days off from school?  Do you really think a twelve-year-old is going to spend that time stressing about his future job prospects?

Quote from: "Zarkon also"
Note. I never said -expel- them.  I said suspend them, probably for a day.

1 day suspension != "let 'em live with shit jobs the rest of their lives"

Quote from: "Zarkon then"
Give them time to think about what is important to them. Give their parents time to possibly wake up.

I saw those groups of kids walking the sidewalks outside my store between the time we opened until about 2:00 or 2:30pm.  I don't know the full route they were walking, but it was long enough that they were passing by about every thirty minutes.

These kids seem to have a very specific idea of what's important to them.

Quote from: "Finally, Zarkon"
Everyone has to deal with the consequences of their actions. A massive walkout from schools and jobs -should- have massive consequences, on both sides of the fence.

As I've said earlier in this thread, an appropriate consequence for skipping school is *more* school, not less.  Detention is far more appropriate than time off.

This assumes, of course, that you think the peaceful exercise of First Amendment Rights deserves punishment.  Personally, in my classroom, I'd want the kids to write a paper all about what they did, why they thought it was important, what they were hoping to accomplish compared to what they think they did accomplish, etc., etc., etc.  This entire experience seems like a textbook example of a "teachable moment."

Edited to add:

Quote from: "Zarkon"
Like I said, you cannot have immigration law reform without closed borders. Period.

Replace the word "closed" with "secured," and I'll agree 100% with this point.

-Autistic Angel
3205  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A Day Without Immigrants on: May 01, 2006, 08:44:56 PM
Quote from: "msduncan"
Uhh... if they are illegal they shouldn't be in our schools at all unless their parents have a permit to be here.

Of course, you're aware that children born in the United States are automatically considered citizens of this country regardless of the immigration status of their parents.

That means you're assuming that the Hispanic students rallying here in Connecticut are all illegal immigrants themselves.  I'll ask you the same question I asked Graham: what is the basis for that belief?

-Autistic Angel
3206  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A Day Without Immigrants on: May 01, 2006, 06:23:01 PM
Quote from: "I"
What is your basis to believe that anyone protesting today -- the middle school and high school students walking the streets outside my window, for example -- are illegal immigrants?

Quote from: "Graham"
I don't understand why someone who came here legally would advocate for illegal immigrants to suddenly become legal. Why would you want to fight for someone trying to butt into line when you busted tail to try to get here.

Quote from: "So I"
I don't understand why someone would stay in an abusive relationship. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Quote from: "Then Graham"
I never said it doesn't happen...I just said that I don't understand it. It defies logic. Going from that arguement to abusive relationships is pretty assinine.

In your own words, you explained that you were assuming the protestors were illegal immigrants because you couldn't understand why legal immigrants would support them.  The fact that you don't understand why people make the choices they do is a poor rationale to assume they don't exist.

It's very clear to anyone who reads the above passages that I was not comparing illegal immigration to abusive relationships; I was comparing your lack of understanding for pro-immigration rallies to my lack of understanding for why people remain in abusive relationships.  Specifically: you assume everyone thinks exactly the same way that you do, while I do not.  I can understand why having that pointed out might make you angry, but there's nothing assinine about it.

-Autistic Angel
3207  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A Day Without Immigrants on: May 01, 2006, 05:49:39 PM
Quote from: "Graham"
I don't understand why someone who came here legally would advocate for illegal immigrants to suddenly become legal. Why would you want to fight for someone trying to butt into line when you busted tail to try to get here.

I don't understand why someone would stay in an abusive relationship.  That doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

-Autistic Angel
3208  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Condemned: Criminal Origins Wallpapers (56k warning) on: May 01, 2006, 05:32:40 PM
Are you guys planning to re-review it for the PC, or is it similar enough that it's not necessary?

-Autistic Angel
3209  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A Day Without Immigrants on: May 01, 2006, 05:17:15 PM
Quote from: "Graham"
The issue is that they are coming here illegally. They are committing a crime. They don't have any rights of a US citizen. There is a process to come here legally, and they should do that if they want to come here. While I can sympathize with their plight, it doesn't mean that they have a right to be here or should be making demands when they are here as criminals.

What is your basis to believe that anyone protesting today -- the middle school and high school students walking the streets outside my window, for example -- are illegal immigrants?  If you assume that anyone advocating increased recognition for illegal immigrants is an illegal themselves, you'd have to support the immediate arrest of George W. Bush.

-Autistic Angel
3210  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A Day Without Immigrants on: May 01, 2006, 05:13:00 PM
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"
I think that has been the typical response of schools for years. I missed 3 hours of class due to a busted lower radiator hose in my car - their solution was to make me miss the rest of the day. Makes sense don't it?

I don't doubt that happened, but different schools have different policies.  I've volunteered for a number of schools throughout Connecticut, and I can assure you that the typical response here for missing a day of school without a proper excuse would result in a lunchtime *and* after-school detention, meaning more time in school rather than less.

Of course, given the fact that these students are spending the day peacefully exercising their First Amendment Rights, a note from their parents will probably suffice as a proper excuse.

As far as your case with the busted radiator goes, I can see how a lab-based class might be unable to catch you up after missing three hours, and certain college professors have draconian rules regarding tardiness, but otherwise it seems silly to me that they wouldn't let you join the class in progess.  frown

Edited to add:

Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon also"
My stance is simple - you commit a crime to get into the country, you have no rights other than those granted to you by the Geneva convention.

The United States has traditionally (though not recently) recognized a higher universal standard of human rights than even the Geneva Convention.  It's one of those liberal Democrat legacies from the 20th century that had this country held in such fantastic global esteem for so many decades.

So, while I wouldn't go quite as far as you do, I actually happen to agree on this point: it doesn't make any logical sense for someone to illegally sneak into the country and then complain that they're not properly recognized.  I don't like the idea of an amnesty because it dishonors all of the immigrants who carefully follow the laws; I don't like the idea of a guest worker program because it gives employers unmitigated power to silence employee complaints through the threat of deportation; I don't like the idea of mass deportations because it's entirely unfeasible.

In short, this is a very complicated issue without any one simple solution.  Thank God people are starting to talk about it.  Cool

-Autistic Angel
3211  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A Day Without Immigrants on: May 01, 2006, 05:03:05 PM
If they don't want to be there? Kick 'em out, let 'em live with shit jobs for the rest of their lives.

I just want to be sure I'm understanding you correctly: are you advocating the repeal of *all* truancy laws, or just the ones for non-whites?

Also, what age groups does this bold new reversal of American education policy apply to?  Should we round up all the fourth-graders who'd rather be playing than be in school and "let'em live with shit jobs for the rest of their lives?"  Again: some of the kids marching peacefully and quietly outside my window look like they're about twelve years old.

-Autistic Angel
3212  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A Day Without Immigrants on: May 01, 2006, 04:15:00 PM
Y'know what? I'm sorry, you walk out of school / work? Fire 'em. Suspend 'em.

You think the penalty for missing one day of school should be to miss *more* days of school?

-Autistic Angel
3213  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / A Day Without Immigrants on: May 01, 2006, 03:24:28 PM
My shop here in Connecticut is right down the street from a local middle school.  When I got in this morning, there were several groups of Hispanic kids ranging from 12 to about 16 years old walking down the street carrying equal numbers of Mexican and American flags.  I thought at first that they were on their way to a rally or something, but instead they've spent the last three hours or so walking a route that takes them past the front of my store every once in a while.  They're not causing any problems or even chanting that I can tell -- just making themselves seen.

-Autistic Angel
3214  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / [RP] President says "suffer" to gas prices on: April 30, 2006, 04:24:44 AM
Quote from: "msduncan"
But that's the problem... we ARE giving money to the oil industry. Not just at the pump, but the government is giving them quite a bit of corporate welfare.

And these laws were from when? The 1990's when the oil industry was struggling. If they are out of date then we should let them expire, but don't try to spin it like Bush is passing money giveaway laws to the profitable oil industry. These laws were passed when they were in serious trouble.

Where do those "serious trouble" years appear on your graph?

-Autistic Angel
3215  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / [RP] President says "suffer" to gas prices on: April 28, 2006, 07:47:29 PM
I'm always amazed when someone finds the concept of corporate greed *less* believable than the concept of a vast, shadowy conspiracy of liberal activists who lurk on the fringes of public awareness and sew anarchy just for anarchy's sake.

-Autistic Angel
3216  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Name this insect on: April 27, 2006, 05:30:18 PM

-Autistic Angel
3217  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Psychonauts Issue (Xbox) on: April 27, 2006, 02:38:36 AM
I played the game from beginning to end without a single lockup or crash.

-Autistic Angel
3218  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Bachelor's Degree = FINISHED on: April 25, 2006, 01:39:58 AM
Yes, congratulations!

-Autistic Angel
3219  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Serenity on HD-DVD.....Holy S**t!!! (My HD-DVD Review) on: April 25, 2006, 01:12:56 AM
Quote from: "Knightshade Dragon"
What is HDCP?

-Autistic Angel
3220  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / The lack of war on terrorism on: April 24, 2006, 10:21:46 PM
Quote from: "Zekester"
4. Provide some proof that Iraq and Iran don't support terrorism.

Quote from: "So I"
Think carefully about the bar you're setting, Zekester. Can you provide some proof that *you* don't support terrorism? How exactly would you go about proving a negative?

Quote from: "Then Zekester"
The only thing I need to think about is how i'm surrounded by obvious anti-war anti-Bush people, and therefore haven't a chance at arguing my points.

This is an internet message forum, not a political rally.  No one here is shouting you down to prevent your voice from being heard; you have all the opportunity in the world to argue your points.

The point I'm interested in today is the one where you insist that someone prove to you that Iran and Iraq aren't sponsoring terrorism.  This isn't a partisan political issue: you can't demand that someone prove a negative.  It's absurd -- unbreakable might as well require that you prove England isn't secretly sponsoring al-Qaeda.

If you want to try and prove that George W. Bush has done great things for this country, go ahead.  If unbreakable wants to try to prove that he's done terrible things to this country, he's welcome to.  I just think it's a waste of time for either of you to demand that the other offer prove that things didn't happen or never existed.

-Autistic Angel
3221  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / The lack of war on terrorism on: April 24, 2006, 04:46:54 PM
Quote from: "Zekester"
4. Provide some proof that Iraq and Iran don't support terrorism.

Think carefully about the bar you're setting, Zekester.  Can you provide some proof that *you* don't support terrorism?  How exactly would you go about proving a negative?

-Autistic Angel
3222  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Van Helsing on: April 22, 2006, 01:40:30 PM
I really loved the first ten minutes of Van Helsing.  Recreating the atmosphere of 30's horror flicks with the addition of a few modern-day special effects was brilliant.  Unfortunately, it sort of fell apart for me afterwards.

Count me in among the people who enjoyed the first Mummy movie, though.  That was great fun!

-Autistic Angel
3223  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / The Bouncy-est on: April 09, 2006, 01:43:53 PM
I think the development team was moved over to work on the Gran Turismo real time strategy spin-off.

-Autistic Angel
3224  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / YO YO YO! CHECK IT! (Now with 100% more bannination!) on: April 06, 2006, 12:31:19 AM
I assumed it was a parody of viral advertising.  It reminds me of the "Mintos" commercial in Family Guy -- I don't have any idea what "cell factor" is supposed to be, but I'm pretty sure I don't want it.

-Autistic Angel
3225  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Put your own face in Oblivion on: April 04, 2006, 05:27:59 PM
At the start of Oblivion, Vin Diesel was able to pull out the heart of the prisoner across the hall using only the power of his Speechcraft.

-Autistic Angel
3226  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / [360] First Oblivion Mod up on Live on: April 04, 2006, 05:22:42 PM
Quote from: "walTer"
Ok I just need a bit of clarification here...since I don't have a 360... you have to pay REAL money for mods for the XBox?

Yes: official mods released by Bethesda are purchased with "Microsoft Points" which, in turn, are purchased with real money charged to your credit card.  Since there's no mechanism in place to allow X-Box 360 players to create or distribute new content on their own, these are the only types of mods I can foresee for the console.

This is the exact reason why I purchased the PC version over the X-Box 360 version.  Mods transformed Morrowind into an entirely different game, and I bet that over time same thing is going to happen with Oblivion.

-Autistic Angel
3227  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Put your own face in Oblivion on: April 04, 2006, 03:17:04 PM
Vin Diesel once closed an Oblivion Gate by pointing his finger at it and yelling, "BANG!"

-Autistic Angel
3228  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Is King Kong 360 worth playing through? on: April 03, 2006, 01:58:56 PM
I heard that the game is literally unplayable if you don't have high-definition -- the graphics become so dark that you can't see some of the paths you're supposed to take to complete the levels.
Quote from: "The BBC News"
Players will have expected, at the very least, that Skull Island would look better than on other consoles, taking advantage of the better graphical and processing abilities of the 360.

But Ubisoft has warned that the opposite may be the case.

"We have a problem on the 360," said Mr Guillemot. "The screen is dark on some TVs and it totally changes the experience. When it's dark, you don't see where you have to go."

The Ubisoft boss said the team who made the game used certain settings on high-definition TV screens.

It did not occur to them that there would be a problem with standard televisions, which are what most people use to play console games.

-Autistic Angel
3229  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Snakes On A Plane = R. HOLY CRAP!!! on: April 02, 2006, 07:52:45 PM
A friend of mine cooked up a quick forum signature for anyone who might want to use it:

-Autistic Angel
3230  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Oblivion - fix "blurry" textures - *not ini tweak* on: April 02, 2006, 03:07:06 PM
Quote from: "Canuck"
That's one thing that I don't like about the Elder Scroll games. The games are so configurable by the community that it does boggle the mind.

That's one thing that I don't understand about people who don't like the Elder Scroll games.  The games are so configurable by the community that it totally boggles the mind!

-Autistic Angel
3231  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / did anyone get the new Harvest Moon(gc)? on: March 31, 2006, 05:49:19 PM
I didn't really "get" Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life at all.  I was a huge fan of Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon 64, but A Wonderful Life seemed weird and somewhat broken to me.  I got about halfway through the second "Chapter" of the game before I broke down and checked a strategy FAQ about the game, only to realize that I'd never been given access to some of the gameplay elements that were apparently supposed to kick off automatically.

I'll be very interested to read impressions of Magical Melody, though!

-Autistic Angel
3232  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Black / White? on: March 30, 2006, 09:45:55 PM
Quote from: "Soulchilde"
WoW, AA, I didn't want to come off as being unreceptive. That's far from the truth. I just have no interest in the show. The concept is daring, but to me as a black man I have no interest in trying to understand what it like to be a white man in America. Our differences is what make this a great country. Accepting those difference would go a long way in making alot of this black/whit stuff go away.

Then again this is all just my opinion

I think there's been a misunderstanding.  I didn't think you were being unreceptive, just disinterested in the show.  What I was trying to say is: I don't think you're missing much.  Black. White. is a lot like the documentary series Transgeneration which ran on the Sundance Channel -- I found it interesting enough to watch, but not good enough that I would recommend it to anybody.

By comparison, Firefly is an excellent TV series which, even if you *think* you're disinterested in, you should see anyways!  :wink:

-Autistic Angel
3233  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Black / White? on: March 30, 2006, 08:47:49 PM
Quote from: "Soulchilde"
I'm not really interested in this show. Racism is out there on both sides of the color lines. Honestly, the best thing you can do if you have a friend of a different ethnic background is to talk to them candidly about racism.

I have no interest in convincing you to change your mind about Black. White.  Like I said, I've found it interesting, but I don't think I could recommend it to someone else.

That said, one of the things some of the show's participants have been struggling with is the discovery that a frank discussion about race and racism is a poor substitute for the actual experience.  It was just in this most recent episode that Rose (who, like her mother, tends to be a little over emotional) was reduced to tears at the realization that she'll *never* connect with her new black friends the way they're connected with each other.  Race, she says, is more than the color of your skin; it's the sum of your experience and cultural heritage, and no amount of makeup can fake that for them.

That may seem self-evident, but I thought it was interesting watching her try to come to grips with it.

Quote from: "Peter Ames Carlin, for [url=
The Oregonian[/url],"]The African American family, on the other hand, is led by Brian Sparks, a 40-year-old contractor who is so defined by anger it's easy to suspect that his rage has as much to do with personal relationships as it does with racial ones. His wife Renee is more laid-back, but she is far from passive, which makes for some awkward moments with the Marcotulli/Wurgel clan.

Wow, I would have said the exact opposite.  Brian might read racial motivation where none was intended, but he's always seemed willing to talk things out and has tried to get through to Bruno, the white father, long after most people would have thrown up their hands in disgust.

Renee, on the other hand, has actively tried to sabotage the white family.  One incident that sticks in my mind was when Carmen, the white mother, went shopping for clothes with Renee, and Renee deliberately steered her towards outfits that Renee later complained were ridiculous and offensive.  She's as closed-minded and judgemental as Bruno.

-Autistic Angel
3234  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Oblivion: My Punishment. on: March 30, 2006, 07:42:50 PM
I agree with -Lord Ebonstone-.  I've been buying computer games since they shipped on 5 1/4" floppy disks, and I can count the number of times I've had a legitimate media failure on one hand.  This sounds a lot more like a failing DVD drive...or perhaps even one of those StarForce-related drive problems...? :shock:

-Autistic Angel
3235  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Revolution Specs on IGN - Less Powerful than the Xbox 1 on: March 30, 2006, 07:31:15 PM
I'm interested in the *idea* of the Revolution, but I'm skeptical on how well developers will be able to implement its unique control scheme.  The gaming industry is currently thriving on sequels because creating new franchises is riskier and more expensive.  Now we're going to have a gaming system which expects developers to embrace a control scheme which is unlike anything else on the market?  The Revolution is much, much more ambitious than the Nintendo DS, and just think of how infrequent it is to find games that make good use of the two screens and the touch screen.

Then there's the issue of training the consumer how to set up and use the thing properly.  Consider hooking up a PC.  They've only got half-a-dozen cords and most of them are color coded...but do you know anyone who throws their hands up in a panic if they're asked to get one plugged in?  I'd wager that the vast majority of XBox 360 support calls relate to connection issues with the HDTV cables or the wireless controllers.  Now we're going to expect people to properly place sensors around their television to create an invisble sensor net for a completely unique controller?

I think the Revolution *could* be actually be a revolutionary system.  I love the idea of a sword fighter that allows the player to actually control the blade in real-time, or a first-person shooter that lets you actually aim and shoot in a completely natural way.  I just think there are a *lot* of hurdles to navigate before that incredibly promise can be realized....

-Autistic Angel
3236  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / Black / White? on: March 30, 2006, 06:18:15 PM
This show has been very interesting to watch so far.  It's one of those series where I'm always interested to see what happens, but I'm not sure I'd say that I "enjoy."  I'm not sure how I feel about the freeform nature of the show.  There doesn't seem to be any rules to try and structure how things unfold -- the people are free to spend as much time in or out of makeup as they want, and their choice of activities seem to be completely up to them.

That can be very frustrating in some ways.  The white father in particular seems solely intent on proving that "racism" is nothing but a myth perpetrated by black people to justify their lack of ambition, capability, or culture.  He automatically tunes out any information to the contrary, and because there's nothing on the show that requires him to do anything outside this normal comfort zone, he just keeps choosing situations where he can try to reinforce his own preconceptions.  The way he talked to that black professor in last night's episode was just asinine.

(Fortunately it doesn't always work.  He seemed completely baffled by his trip to a black comedy club because the comedians didn't spend their entire time complaining about white people.)

Frankly, the black mother seems equally dogmatic, except she seems to believe *everything* is racially motivated.  Like the white father, she's only interested in proving her own point of view.  The series is almost over, and as far as I can tell, the only thing she's done is criticize the white family and go out to a bar to seek out the drunkest, stupidest guy she could find to confirm that white people are racists.

On the other hand, the freeform structure of the show does seem to work very well in other ways, especially when it comes to the white daughter.  Every episode seems to feature Rose throwing herself into a situation where she normally "wouldn't belong" in an attempt to experience things from a unique perspective.  I think she's lead a pretty sheltered life, and I think the combination of her naivete, her choice of activities, and her open-mindedness about what happens makes her stories the most interesting.

The white mother's naivete is much, much less charming.  Who the hell would go up to someone they just met and ask, in front of a group, if he was gay or straight?  I don't think Carmen is racist or even insensitive...just socially inept and clueless to a cringe-worthy degree.

On the whole, though, I really wish this show had more follow-through.  Or even *any* follow-through.   If Rose feels she's treated shabbily while shopping in an upscale white neighborhood, she should go back the next day as a white girl and show how things change.  I don't know if that's too much like "gotcha journalism," but it would sure help to put their perceptions into perspective.

-Autistic Angel
3237  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Oblivion: Mods on: March 28, 2006, 02:33:42 PM
I agree with Turtle: while I would not use mods I believe unbalance the game or make it overly easy, I don't frown on the people who would.  The whole idea of the Elder Scrolls games is to let people set their own objectives and have their own fun, and they should be allowed to do that.

I tend to like mods which add something new to the game, or which fix something that seems like an oversight by the developers.  The Khajiit Night Eye toggle is one example; the face pack that replaced every head in Morrowind with one that looked a lot better *and* had fewer polygons is another.  Who knows what Oblivion could be like in a year's time?

-Autistic Angel
3238  Non-Gaming / Off-Topic / The Return of Chef on: March 25, 2006, 01:42:40 AM
Yes, Suitably Ironic Moniker is correct.

The idea that Homer Simpson was originally voiced by a different actor seems to be an incredibly widespread and popular urban legend -- I've heard people credit everyone from Ed O'Neill to Matt Groening to Vin Diesel as being the "original" voice of Homer, but it's been Dan Castellaneta from the start.

-Autistic Angel
3239  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Impressions on: March 24, 2006, 07:12:43 PM
Quote from: "Destructor"
Also, the sound you make (heavy armor and jumping around like mad) as well as the light around you (are you near a burning fireplace or tucked into the dark corner?) do affect if mobs can see you or not. In addition, approaching somebody from the front instead of the back makes a large difference. Same if your target is an animal or a humanoid (or undead).

It would be nice if there were some way to indicate which mobs in the environment are or are not aware of your presence.  For example, if I get off my horse and move to sneak up on an enemy imp in the distance, my "Eye" display shows that I'm detectable because my horse can see me.

Instead, it would be cool if there were an "Eye" indicator over the mob's head, allowing me to see which enemies are or are not aware of my presence.  In other words, the bright Eye over my horse would indicate that he knows where I am, but the dim Eye over the enemy's head would suggest that he hasn't seen me yet.

Also, speaking of dead NPCs, I had a very ususual thing happen to me in my game.  I was stopping in a local inn for the night and heard some combat going on above me, so I rushed upstairs to see a guard named Agnes God-Hater laying the smackdown on some would-be thief she'd discovered.  She promptly dispatched him, and I turned in for the night well-assured that I'd be safe from any brigands so long as Agnes remained on duty.

The next morning, I woke up refreshed and had just completed leveling my character up when all of a sudden AGNES' DEAD BODY CAME TUMBLING OUT OF THE RAFTERS ABOVE MY ROOM!!!  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:

Needless to say, I was shocked and horrified to the point where I was barely able to loot everything from her corpse and leave her body posed in a humorous position before heading downstairs to order some food.  The innkeeper, for her part, seemed completely oblivious to the fact that her guard had been slain overnight, and my character didn't seem to think it was worth mentioning.

I'm assuming this was a bug, but it's an awfully weird one.  Has anyone else had something similar happen to them.  (For the record, I'm playing the PC version....)

-Autistic Angel
3240  Gaming / Console / PC Gaming / Oblivion: Mods on: March 24, 2006, 05:52:41 PM
Got a Khajiit and wish you didn't have to recast your Eye of Night spell every 30 seconds? This mod turns it into a toggle spell. Cast it once to turn it on, cast it again to turn it off.

I'm going to be all over this once I get home this evening.  I'm very selective about what sorts of mods I install, but the Khajiit Night Eye ability logically seems like an inherent racial trait that should be toggled on or off at will.

I hope this thread stays around for a long time -- I'd love to read impressions about new mods as people try them out!

-Autistic Angel
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