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Author Topic: [ios/Android] Dangerous  (Read 1064 times)
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« on: August 07, 2012, 02:15:54 AM »

Android demo
ios demo

So, once I realized that Galaxy of Fire 2 was on the Android and trying it out, I realized I wanted a little more in my space combat/expansion game and found a demo version of Dangerous.  The graphics aren't anywhere as pretty as GoF2 but the game is a lot deeper.  instead of being a simple privateer clone, this one aimed higher and comes off like Eve offline.  you gain experience for kills which go into dozens of skills in 8 different categories, have a large group of factions to appease/piss off and a ship advancement more like Eve or an X game in that you can pick up transports and miners in addition to your usual frigates, destroyers, cruisers and battleships.  there are different faction type ships and some factions will teach you unique skills if you get on their good side. 

you can play it like an action game and fly with the analog controls, which works alright, but the real form of combat is based on weapon ranges and skill actions like ecm, thrust webbing (slows targets making it easier to hit with turrets), warp dampening, scan breakers and lockers, and other active equipment types.  any Eve vets will find their place quickly as the game uses and encourages build types like shield/armor tanking,ECM warfare, missile or turret boats or support craft like remote shield/armor repairers.  as opposed to GoF2, you will actually want to have these possibilities due to a big wingman system.  I have one already and the leads on 5 more.  Not sure how many can accompany me at once, but I'd expect to take at least one more. 

The system exploration is pretty vast and most systems have hidden things you can find if your scanning skill is high enough.  I attempted to investigate a Leviathan and instead ran into a bandit nest and have a waypoint in one system for a gateway to an unknown system.  the system in general is mapped out a few gates in all directions, but is not complete.  each system also has quite a number of gates, stations and mining belts and you can always fly to the star or other noticeable locations if you want to see what's out there.

quests are of several of the usual types you'd expect, plus there are the story and wingmen missions and some dynamic ones that pop up.  you may get requests to help out with some bandits or to rescue a damaged ship.  I've also had a few where this was a lure by bandits and then had to fight my way out. 

I know this is kind of long so far, so I'll wrap it up for anyone left reading.  I've put in a few hours so far and the game is just beginning to click with me.  This isn't the easiest game to get started in and the tutorial does a good job.  the problem is that you need to invest some time in at the start to understand what each button does and how the game mechanics run.  it's almost too complex to be a mobile game and compared to GoF2, it's a beast.  but I bought it after playing through the demo and don't regret it at all.   I have had more fun with this than the fancy graphics games that app stores like to showcase. 

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« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2012, 07:38:09 PM »

Thanks for the post. I've been eyeing the game and hoping it was good. Since I picked up my Nexus 7 (which, to my surprise, I really like), I've been looking for a showcase game. I have my $25 Play store credit so I'm off to spend some of it on this game.

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