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Author Topic: [iOS] Heroes Call  (Read 1531 times)
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« on: June 04, 2012, 03:31:33 AM »

New single player Diablo clone for iOS, F2P with IAP. 

It's got a lot of potential but a lot of oddities that might turn people off.  The good news is that the main gameplay and graphics are probably the best implementation of Diablo-type ARPG I've seen on iOS to date.  This is in terms of control, view angle, graphics quality, etc.  I like that many of the skills can be activated by either a button OR a touchscreen motion, and you can actually use some strategy to take on the harder fights (one time I almost died, ran away, and then stopped behind a narrow doorway, then killed stuff one at a time - cheesy but effective).  So the core game plays really well (relatively speaking) and I'm definitely a fan of the main engine.  Also surprisingly the inter-mission dialog is very well written, both humorous and interesting.  None of it is spoken, which is probably a good thing for a low budget game.

Here are some of the "odd" game choices.  Well not so much odd as annoying as they were probably set to encourage IAP in some way.  You level through completing missions, but only if you complete them do you get credit for all the loot you got.  There is no xp or "partial credit" as it were.  If you die, you can choose to resurrect and continue at the cost of gems, which drop, but can also be purchased.  You can buy potions (which also drop), but of course these also cost gems (I think, might be gold).  ID scrolls also cost gems... you get the point.  An even bigger nuisance is that after completing a mission, to progress to the next part you ahve to wait in physical time, or.... pay gems!!!  (Note you can also go back and redo old missions for cash/loot, or swap to a different character so it's not like you are completely locked out.)  Most everything in the game (including unlocking more classes) is facilitated by gems (similar to many F2P models), but the industrious could in theory never spend a penny.  This is the kind of thing that usually bugs me; I'd much rather just flat out pay for a "complete" game than fiddle with this kind of stuff.  I actually want to support the developers, but at the same time I dislike designs that sacrifice gameplay for IAP.  I have to admit in this game it's not *that* obtrusive, but it just bugs me that a much stronger, complete game could possibly have been sold for, say, $4.99.

Anyway, I'd still recommend giving it a try to see if you like the core gameplay (since it's free).  I realize that a lot of the things I mentioned above will be instant turnoffs to many gamers, but I still think it's worth a try for ARPG-aholics craving a nice diversion in iOS.   There is linked stash if you end up playing multiple characters, and it seems like each character will get its own storyline and missions. 
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