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Author Topic: Sometimes newer isnt better  (Read 537 times)
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TC Weidner
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« on: February 23, 2008, 07:51:39 PM »

Is it just me but just because with more bandwidth now and we Can download video, does it mean we should.  I find myself pissed when I click on a newstory and find its a video and not just text.   Its a totally waste of time having to have to sit through a 15 second or 30 second ad, and then have some 3rd rate news anchor read my some pedestrian 30 second synopsis of the news article.

SOMETIMES simplier such as TEXT is better, quicker, and more complete.   I think the powers that be are gonna try to push video on us for everything and I am not too happy about it.

Now granted certain things video is better for, say, seeing the highlight from a sports event, or the gameplay from an upcoming game.  BUT if the video is nothing but a "face" reading some teleprompter, leave me out.

I am I the only one who feels this way?
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« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2008, 08:13:49 PM »

Yes - about half the stories posted on CNN are now video, so I'll find myself having to skip over stories I want to know about often.  You really can't blame them, though, they can just repurpose stuff they've produced for tv, which is easier than making the video story and a written version.  Maybe I should just be looking at CNN less during the work day?  icon_redface

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« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2008, 08:30:38 PM »

CNN has turned into the Celebrity News Nitwits.  Half of their videos are broken and the other half are worthless.  I couldn't agree more - sometimes simple text is the way to go.

Ron Burke
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« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2008, 08:44:58 PM »

If it wasn't for all you Firefox users and AdBlock, sites like CNN wouldn't have to show you forced ads before their 'news' on video so they could make lots of money and such.

I blame you! And you over there! And me! Er, wait... biggrin

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