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Author Topic: I need car alarm advice, and advice about a problem I have.  (Read 711 times)
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« on: November 15, 2004, 06:15:04 AM »

I live in a really shitty neighborhood, as many of you know. I mean not just a bad neighborhood but an utterly shitty one, an awful, terrible low income shithole.

So this group of thugs, from 13 to 18 have been causing disturbances for the last three months or so. You name it they do it, they do drugs, they have keyed both my mothers car and my neighbors car, the older guys send the younger kids out to case houses and peek in windows, they broke out all the windows of the vacant house across from me. They have thrown rocks at my back screen door and tried to pick fights with me, they hang about the area around my house and make my mother and myself nervous.

Today, I finally got tired of the bullshit when one of them had what I thought was a pistol and started firing it off. I called 911 and told the cops about everything they did, and told the cops not to touch bases with me, and the stupid cops did so anyway. I was pretty pissed. They now know who called the bloody cops

Now, despite what the officer says about knowing who these folks are now, I am ABSOLUTELY sure they will try some kind of retribution. Whether it be knifing my tires, vandalizing or robbing my house or trying to have me jumped. Since getting jumped by two guys when I was walking down the street to get some dinner about five months back, I am now in Karate, although I am still a whitebelt, I have lost twenty pounds and I am reasonably sure I can take any one or two attackers.

I need two pieces of advice, One, a good car alarm system (preferably one that can be installed for less then $100, and two, advice about what to do about those guys. Moving is not an option, I dont make enough and my mother is on a fixed income.
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« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2004, 09:14:57 AM »

That whole situation sucks.  I lived for a time in Pomona Drazzil, you're in SB right? So you know I know what you're talking about.

Only things I can suggest is: Do you really want a car alarm? If they want to flatten the tires, is a car alarm gonna stop them?  I mean, if it goes off at 2 am, what do you see yourself doing about it? I'm NOT being a smartass, I'm asking you to really consider it.  A)you go out and confront the punks=obvious risks as you should assume they are armed.  B)you call the cops=digging yourself a bigger hole maybe.

They might see you getting a car alarm as a challenge, a call to f with you further.  The idea is to stay under their radar as much as you can, not call attention to yourself.

What I'd think about:  securing the car itself from being stolen, that's the best you can do. A brake lock maybe, plus a killswitch somewhere.  Same with your house/apartment- secure the doors and window with bars maybe?  So at least your mom is safe inside, when you're not around.

As far as the cops, I'd avoid 911 except for emergencies, if they are shooting AT you for example, THEN call cops. For what you want to do, ie tell the cops what's going on but stay undercover, you need to talk to a cop in person(obviously away from home, at the station maybe) or call the station number and talk to someone that way. If you call 911, you can't count on the kind of discretion you need.

Also, they may think your MOM called the cops, not you.  That's something they won't like, but it's not as bad as if they thought you did it. If confronted, play it off like that- "Some f'head was shooting up the street and the old lady got scared, whattya expect?", that kind of thing.  They're much more likely to retaliate if they think you did it than if they think you're mom   did it.

If I think of anything else, I'll post it.
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