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Author Topic: Been reading a bunch of superhero comics, here's what I think  (Read 200 times)
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« on: February 24, 2014, 05:11:13 PM »

I mentioned in the Guardians of the Galaxy thread that I am reading a whole mess of Cosmic Marvel comics on Unlimited to get some background before the movie comes out. It's quite a few issues so I've been getting a good picture of how the Marvel universe works.

-first of all, I think Marvel's goal is to bankrupt their readers. If you are not content to wait for several years before reading comics on Unlimited you get bombarded with all sorts of crossover stuff. I was reading Nova, which brought up the New Warriors. This brought me to the events that sparked off the Civil War. OK, Civil War added to reading list. What's this, Civil War touched no less than a dozen titles? Secret Invasion? Another dozen at least. Somewhere there is a kid on a street corner inside a cardboard box filled with Marvel comics.

-there are too many damn superheroes.  When Star-Lord is called back into action they toss him into a team with all sorts of random stuff. Bug, Captain Universe (really?), Deathcry, Mantis (the Celestial Madonna?), Rocket Raccoon and Groot. RR and Groot are cool together and even Mantis and Bug have their moments, but it's just too much. New Warriors have all sorts of randoms. Starjammers? And the thing that I find the laziest is when they just create a villain by letting a guy steal powers from heroes. Super-Skrull (maybe not always a villain) is just a guy with all of the Fantastic Four's powers, and Super-Adaptoid is just a guy with all the Avengers' powers.

But overall there is some cool stuff. Some of the writing is pretty bad, but Star-Lord has been good and I liked Wraith a lot, even though his series ended with some gobbledygook. Kind of curious what happens to him in Conquest because he doesn't have his own book. Nova is pretty good as well. Quasar gets pretty damn dumb at times.

I've read a bunch old X-Men as well (still need to read the Dark Phoenix saga), and that can be kind of hard because even the books from the 70's were just terribly cheesy.

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« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2014, 06:11:33 PM »

I went through all their back issues of the incarnation before last of Nova.  That was a fun time.  I do remember being pissed off when I was about halfway through the run and I realized they'd left out damn issue.  Just one.  

But Cosmo almost made up for it.  What a great character.

I prefer DC to Marvel because I feel that the characters in the Marvel universe are too angsty and driven by the youth market.  Of course, those are purely opinions.  

I stopped reading comics (at least with any regularity) about 20 years ago, so I doubt I'll ever run out of things to read with my Unlimited subscription.  It's perfect for a guy like me.  I really hope DC does something similar in the not too distant future. 
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