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Author Topic: WOW leaked 1.8 patch notes  (Read 1775 times)
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« on: September 06, 2005, 10:37:31 AM »

You make the call.  I call bullcrap

World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.8.0 (2005-??-??)

--Azshara Crater

A blood war rages between the Quel'dorei Exiles and the Sunstrider Legion as they battle to the death to claim sources of ancient magic buried beneath the vast Azshara Crater. Destroy all opposing strongholds with mighty siege weapons to declare victory in this epic 40v40 battleground!

--Grubstone Cookoff

Simmer Grubstone sponsors this savory contest held in the town of Everlook in Winterspring. At the start of each week, participants will be given a series of increasingly difficult recipes to cook and brew. The best chefs in Azeroth will receive a lifetime supply of malt, an official Grubstone mug, and more fabulous prizes!

--Goblin Gizmo Gauntlet

Assemble robots to do battle via remote control against other players for engineering glory in this explosive event in Gadgetzan. Sign up for daily tournaments to win new parts to upgrade your invention! No engineering experience necessary.


New Auction Houses in Stormwind, Darnassus, Thunderbluff, Undercity, Booty Bay, and Everlook are open and ready for business! Ask the guards in each city for directions. Auction Houses are now shared within a faction - Alliance, Horde, or the Steamwheedle Cartel. Extra heavy security in the form of Goblin Bouncers has been added to Auction Houses in goblin towns to put a stop to any"¦ bidding wars.
A debuff prioritization system has been put into effect. Certain debuffs will now have priority (e.g. they cannot be overridden) over weaker or triggered debuffs when the number of debuffs on a mob reaches the maximum limit of 16.
Quickness (Night Elf Racial) - Now increases agility by 5%.
Escape Artist (Gnome Racial) - Casting time reduced to 0.5 seconds. Now has a 2 minute cooldown.
System performance when enabling the full screen glow effect improved.
Buff/debuff tooltips will now be correctly updated from talents.
Tauren can now ride wolves if they learn the wolfriding ability.
Attempting to cast a spell on a friendly target below the minimum level of the spell will now automatically cast the highest eligible rank.
You can no longer communicate with the other faction through mind control.
The effects of +healing and +spell damage items will now be shown in the tooltips of spells they affect.
Class buffs such as Arcane Intellect and Mark of the Wild are no longer dispellable.
Hearthstones can no longer be used while invulnerable.
Critters can no long resist spells.
Pets that enter combat will no longer flag their master for combat.
Talents that provide mana regeneration while casting will no longer fail to function after being logged in for a period of time.
Shapeshifting will no longer cancel a daze effect.
Spells that are cast on a target but have no effect due to the target's death will no longer be reported in the combat log.
Warlock/Hunter pets can no longer break out of fear.
Fixed a bug that caused players to sometimes slide when walking.
Buffs that provide a bonus to resistance now stack with other resistance buffs.
Enemy spells cast before you die will no longer hit you when you are a ghost.
Players will no longer be randomly flagged for combat when not participating in combat.
Fixed a bug where creatures were sometimes able to parry attacks from behind.
It is no longer possible to break disarm by immediately switching your weapon.


Fixed lag resulting from certain UI mods.


Honor System
You will now receive some honor for restoring health to allies during PvP combat.
Dishonorable Kills will now apply only to the players responsible, rather than to their entire party or raid.
There is now an option that shows estimated honor points over enemy corpses after an Honorable Kill.

You can now exit a battleground from an option on the scoreboard at all times.
Siege weapon combat has been introduced to the Alterac Valley battleground.
Civilians can no longer fight.
NPCs in battlegrounds can no longer be mind controlled.
Feign Death will no longer make the flag graphic disappear for other players in Warsong Gulch.
Fixed several terrain exploits in Warsong Gulch.
You can no longer interact with tower banners and flags through walls in Alterac Valley.
Commander buffs are no longer removed when shapeshifting.
Fixed an exploit where Mind control and Fear could be used to send opposing players out of a battleground instance.
Fixed a bug that caused players who died in Frostmane hold in Alterac Valley to be ported to their faction's entrance.
You can now enter the queues of multiple battlegrounds simultaneously. Once you become eligible and choose to enter a battleground, you will automatically leave the other battleground queues.
You can now see the number of players from the other faction in a battleground queue.
All players can now chat in the WorldDefense channel.
All debuffs resulting from a duel are now removed immediately after the duel ends.
Fixed an exploit that allowed players to reach Thrall in Orgrimmar without guard interference.


Due to significant talent changes, Druids will have all talent points refunded and can be respent.
Your base damage in Bear and Cat Form is now determined by the DPS value of your equipped weapon (Note: your attack speed remains static at 1.0 in Cat Form and 2.5 in Bear Form). This change has been deemed necessary to provide Druids with a larger number of viable weapon choices at all levels, and a more straightforward method of improving feral damage beyond the maximum level cap. We believe that the increased damage of Druids in Cat Form (from wielding high DPS weapons) is acceptable, given the form's damage dealing role. In our testing, however, we felt that Bear Form was dealing too much damage with certain weapons when taking into account its high damage mitigation and survivability. After considering a variety of solutions, we have decided to implement a flat 10% reduction to Bear Form's base damage - which keeps the form in line with overall game balance, while resulting in greater damage potential.
You can no longer switch weapons during combat in shapeshift form.
Cat Form - Ability no longer purchased from a trainer. There is now a quest to obtain Cat Form.
Travel Form - New icon. Graphic also been replaced to look fiercer and have markings similar to other Druid forms.
Druids have learned to dance while shapeshifted.
There is now an animation for skinning and herb gathering in Bear and Cat Form.
Female Druids in Bear Form no longer sound like males.
Demoralizing Roar - Tooltip updated to display area of effect (in yards).
Entangling Roots - Now interrupts spellcasting.
Feral Charge - This ability will now port you even if the target is immune to the effect.
Ferocious Bite - Fixed a bug where combo points were lost on miss/dodge/parry/block.
Maul/Swipe - Tooltips updated to indicate the additional threat caused by these abilities. There have been no changes made to the amount of threat caused.
Moonfire - Now causes Nature damage instead of Arcane damage; initial damage decreased and damage over time increased.
Starfire - Now causes Nature damage instead of Arcane damage.
Nature's Grasp - Special attacks (e.g. Heroic Strike, Eviscerate, etc"¦) will now allow the spell to root the target.
Improved Moonfire - Design changed. Now increases the damage over time of your Moonfire spell by 20/40/60/80/100%.
Swiftshifting - Design changed. When leaving a shapeshift form, your next spell has its casting time reduced by 0.5/1/1.5 sec.
Omen of Clarity - Can now proc in shapeshift form. Is now a prerequisite for the Inner Balance talent.
New Talent (Balance): Improved Faerie Fire - Tier 3 talent; Faerie Fire has a 50/100% chance to reduce your target's Nature resistance for the duration.
Improved Thorns - Design changed. Now increases the damage done by your Thorns spell by 50/100/150%.
Moonfury - Removed and replaced by the new talent Nature's Fury.
New Talent (Balance): Nature's Fury - Increases your spell damage and critical strike chance by 1/2/3%.
Nature's Grace - Design changed. Nature's Grace is now a passive ability that causes all nearby party members to be healed for 10% of any spell damage the Druid deals. Is now a tier 4 talent.
Weapon Balance - Removed and replaced by the new talent Inner Balance.
New Talent (Balance): Inner Balance - Increases your maximum mana by 2/4/6/8/10%.
Veangence - No longer requires the Nature's Grace talent. It now requires the Nature's Fury talent.
Hurricane - Replaced in position by the new talent Dreamstate. Is now a targetable spell and a tier 5 talent.
New Talent (Balance): Dreamstate - Enter a Dreamstate, increasing your Nature damage by 15%, and increasing your mana regeneration while in shapeshift form by 100%. However, you may not cast healing spells while in this state.
Improved Demoralizing Roar - Removed and replaced in position by Primal Instinct.
Improved Prowl - In addition to reducing the chance of detection, this talent will now increase your speed while prowling by 3/6/9/12/15%.
Blood Frenzy - Is now a 3 point talent that gives your critical strikes from Cat Form abilities that add combo points a 50/75/100% chance to add an additional combo point.
Primal Fury - Is now a 2 point talent that gives you a 50/100% chance to gain an additional 5 rage anytime you get a critical strike while in Bear and Dire Bear Form.
Improved Shred - Talent removed.
Predatory Strikes - Design changed. Predatory Strikes is now a tier 6 talent that gives your Cat Form finishing moves a 50/100% chance to interrupt spellcasting and silence the target for one second per combo point.
Faerie Fire (Cat) - Talent removed.
Faerie Fire (Bear) - Talent removed.
New Talent (Feral Combat): Intimidation - Tier 5 talent; increases your threat while in Bear Form by 15/30%.
New Talent (Feral Combat): Feral Endurance - Tier 4 talent; increases your total health while in Bear, Dire Bear, or Cat Form by 2/4/6/8/10%.
Thick Hide - Design changed. Thick Hide now increases your armor value from items in Bear Form by 2/4/6/8/10%. Is now a tier 2 talent.
Feline Swiftness - This talent no longer increases your movement speed while prowled.
New Talent (Feral Combat): Alertness - Tier 5 talent; increases your defense skill by 4/7/10 in Bear Form and your chance to hit by 1/2/3% in Cat Form.
Strength of the Wild - Design changed. Strength of the Wild now increases the strength and agility of all nearby party members by 15% while the Druid is in Bear, Dire Bear, or Cat Form. No longer requires the Predatory Strikes talent. It now requires the Feral Endurance talent.
Improved Ravage - Removed and replaced by the new talent Fury of the Wild.
New Talent (Feral Combat): Fury of the Wild - Your next special attack has a 15/30/45% increased critical strike chance when entering Cat Form. In addition, you have a 20/30/40% chance to gain an extra rage point when damage is taken or dealt in Bear Form.
Improved Pounce - Removed and replaced by the new talent Primal Resilience.
New Talent (Feral Combat): Primal Resilience - Causes Frenzied Regeneration to covert each point of rage into an additional 0.2/0.3% of your total health and reduces the cooldown by 30/60 sec.
Primal Instinct - Is now a 5 point talent. The mana cost reduction of shapeshifting has not been changed. Replaced in position by the new talent Shapeshifting Mastery.
New Talent (Feral Combat): Shapeshifting Mastery - Grants the Druid the ability to shapeshift directly from one form to another at the cost of 25 rage from Bear Form, 50 energy from Cat Form, and the full mana cost of the Druid's next shapeshift form from Travel and Aquatic Form. When shapeshifting from Bear to Cat Form, each additional 25 rage present adds 1 combo point if a target is selected.
Combat Endurance - Is now a 1 point talent that allows 25% of the Druid's health regeneration to work in combat.
Improved Tranquility - Removed and replaced by the new talent Improved Rebirth.
New Talent (Restoration): Improved Rebirth - Reduces the cooldown of your Rebirth spell by 5/10 min.


Specialized abilities have been added for the following pet types that did not receive them in the previous content patch:
Bears can learn the Roar ability, which lowers the attack power of all nearby enemies by a flat amount.
Turtles and Crabs can learn the Tough Shell ability, which gives them a chance to increase their armor value when hit.
Spiders can learn the Web ability, which immobilizes nearby enemies.
Distracting Shot - New icon.
New Pet Ability: Free Master - Causes your pet to free you from any snare or frost-based movement impairing effect.
Mend Pet - Range increased to 30 yards.
Pet happiness will be restored correctly to the full amount when resurrecting in a battleground.


Arcane Missiles - Fixed a bug where occasionally no missiles would appear and no damage would be dealt.
Blink - Now reports the correct error message when attempted while sapped.
Blink - Fixed a bug where the spell incorrectly or failed to teleport the player.


Judgement of Fury - Design changed. Now forces the target to attack you.
Blessing of Salvation - Design changed. Now causes a friendly target to generate no additional threat for 10 seconds.
Consecration - Fixed a bug where the spell sometimes did nothing if cast in rapid succession.
Sanctity Aura - Design changed. Now increases healing done by 10% for party members within 30 yards.
Holy Shock - Cooldown reduced to 6 seconds.
Improved Blessing of Salvation - Design changed. Now increases the duration of your Blessing of Salvation by 2/4 sec.


Poisons will remain intact after you teleport, enter/exit an instance, or travel between continents.
Eviscerate (Rank Cool - Damage increased.


Totems are no longer immune to area of effect damage.
Shamans will no longer lose weapon skills after respeccing talents.
The tornado graphic from the Windfury Attack will now play consistently.
Combat Endurance - Now allows 25% of health regeneration to work while in combat.


Improved Drain Mana - This talent can no longer have a critical effect.
Howl of Terror - This spell is now instant cast.
Improved Drain Soul - You will now receive the talent buff as long as Drain Soul is channeled when your target dies.
Shadow Mastery - Fixed a bug where the talent was not providing a bonus to Curse of Doom.


You will now retain up to 15 rage points when changing stances.
Tactical Mastery - This talent now increases the amount of rage retained when switching stances by 2/4/6/8/10.
Improved Shield Block - Fixed a bug where this talent was not providing additional block.
Whirlwind - Cooldown reduced to 4 seconds.
Death Wish - Fixed a bug where the skill sometimes did not break fear while used under the fear effect.
Bloodthirst - Tooltip updated.
Charge/Intercept - These abilities will now port you even if the target is immune to the effect.


Equipping more than five pieces of the Felheart set will now correctly give the Warlock's pet the Demonic Ally buff.
The Cenarion Raiment set bonus that decreased the cooldown of Tranquility has been removed; a new set bonus has been added in its place that causes the Druid to automatically cast Rejuvenation (Rank 10) for free after casting Healing Touch.
The Lightforge Armor set has received a texture update.
The Rogue PvP reward sets have had their Strength removed and Agility increased.
The Judgement Armor set bonus that increases the radius of the Paladin's Auras is now working correctly.
You can no longer lower your stats by equipping and un-equipping set bonus items.
The Lobotomizer will now proc correctly.
Tier 2 epic items now have new set bonuses and improved stats. Many of these items also have updated textures.
Reaching officer rank in the Honor System now grants you access to a new set of superior-quality weapons.
Judge's Gavel can no longer be used to force players to drop the flag in Warsong Gulch.
The Gnomish Death Ray will no longer fail to cast from more than 20 yards away from the target.
Cruel Barb is now unique.
Cloak of Warding's armor has been reduced, but an additional Stamina bonus has been added instead.
Orb of the Darkmoon now has an additional +9 Intellect bonus.
Pages from the Green Hills of Stranglethorn novel are now Bind on Pickup.
The Brushwood Blade item tooltip has been updated to indicate that it is a two-handed sword, not one-handed.
The Dartol's Rod of Transformation obtained as a quest reward from the fourth part of Raene's Cleansing is no longer useable.
Enchants will now function correctly on weapons that morph into other weapons.
Fixed a typo in the item tooltip of the Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether.
Corrected art and textures for various items.


It is now possible to retrain your specialty type for Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, or Engineering for a fee by speaking with a master trainer of your profession.
Plans for keyrings that hold multiple keys have been added to Blacksmithing.
Formulae for necklaces, rings, and new trinkets have been added to Enchanting.
Disenchanting now requires Expert Enchanting for rare items, and Artisan Enchanting for items of epic quality or higher.


You can no longer accept the other faction's quests.
A Druid Cat Form quest is now available at level 20 from Dendrite Starblaze in Moonglade.
It is no longer possible to receive a Dishonorable Kill from killing Private Merle after completing the Patrol Schedules quest.
More Gibbering Ghouls have been added to various Scourge strongholds for the Heroes of Darrowshire quest in Eastern Plaguelands.
The Deep Ocean, Vast Sea quest in Darkshore has been toned down in difficulty.
Fixed grammatical errors in The Missing Diplomat quest line.

--Raids & Dungeons

Mobs around Goraluk Anvilcrack in UBRS will now path correctly.
It is no longer possible to pull Majordomo Executus' minions without pulling Majordomo himself.
Fixed a bug where Jammal'an the Prophet would ignore a mind controlled player after the party wiped in Sunken Temple.
Keys will no longer dissappear when the keyholder dies and releases his or her spirit in Dire Maul.
The loot tables in Blackwing Lair have been revised slightly.

--User Interface

Meeting stones no longer search for party members. Instead, joining a meeting stone for a dungeon now adds you to a viewable list of players looking for a group. Groups can be formed by contacting players from this list.
Custom chat channels will now save after logging out.
There is now a separate tab in the Armor section of the Auction House listings called "Accessories" , which includes trinkets, rings, necklaces, and items held in the off-hand. The Miscellaneous tab has been removed.
The mouseover UI for Ranged Attack Power will now take into account your total ranged attack power.
Unique key bindings can now be saved for each class.
Resolved an issue where certain UI mods caused the honor tab to be aligned incorrectly with text.
Quest levels now appear in the quest log.
The ACTIONBAR_UPDATE_COOLDOWN event will no longer cause a lockup when a spell or skill interrupts a school of magic.
Logging out after joining another zone's channel will no longer place you in a separate channel that is difficult to leave.

--World Environment

Closed several holes in the world.
Booty Bay is now flagged as outdoors.
There is now a warning sign that points to the cave where Vagash dwells in Dun Morogh.
The guards in Lakeshire have received promotions; they are now level 45.
If you die near a zone you have not discovered yet, you will no longer be ported to graveyards in that zone. Instead, you will be sent to the nearest known graveyard.
Fixed a bug where players sometimes appear in the incorrect graveyard after death

Quote from: Devil on January 12, 2007, 01:14:38 AM

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« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2005, 11:14:26 AM »

This is not the patch that was on the test server two days ago.  Interesting if they did change it to this though.

*edit*  checking the Blizz forums, it seems there is quite a bit of talk about wether or not they are real.  I cant see Blizz out of no where just adding Auction Houses to all the major cities, for as much as we would like it.

I guess there is a lot in there, I didnt read it all, that just doesnt look right either.

Anyways, I am sure we will see in the next few hours.
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« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2005, 01:05:03 PM »

Arcane Missiles - Fixed a bug where occasionally no missiles would appear and no damage would be dealt.

Think they've said that every patch for a year.

As for AHs in cities they said they'd do that a long time ago before i left IIRC.

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« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2005, 01:26:32 PM »

Quote from: "GGMark"
This is not the patch that was on the test server two days ago.  Interesting if they did change it to this though.

The test server patch is 1.7.  These are the supposedly leaked notes for 1.8.

I'm not 100% sure on their authenticity at this point.  Every set of these leaked notes that's come out have been accurate to date, but there are 4 big techincal hurdles that these notes claim will be overcome.

Linked auction houses have been talked about since beta, and the answer has always been that the infrastructure isn't se tup for it, but it's something the devs were looking into.

Key rings have also been talked about a lot, but we've never heard anything beyond them being looked into as well.

Enchantments on form-shifting weapons (like the hunter epic bow, priest epic staff) and poison persisting through zoning...again technical issues have prevented these from working properly in the past.

Now maybe they have overcome these issues and we'll have another patch on test soon after 1.7 releases.  Like I said, every copy of these leaked notes has turned out to be the real deal, so maybe they've just been really on the stick.
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« Reply #4 on: September 06, 2005, 01:32:24 PM »

From what I've read on the boards, these 'patch notes' are simply a wish list of fixes to the game and nothing more.

While I've usually called the leaked patch details real in the past, this time around I'm calling them fake. Besides - 1.7 isn't even out yet. Why spring details of 1.8?

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« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2005, 02:47:58 PM »

Totems are no longer immune to area of effect damage.

It nerfs Shaman, thus breaking rule #1 of WoW patching.  It can't be real.

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« Reply #6 on: September 06, 2005, 05:19:12 PM »

It's fake...this from the guy who posted them in the first place:

The fake patch notes were really a wishlist of what I would like to see in the game, and what I've gotten from browsing the forums - except compiling them in patch note format and dropping them on the forum on Labor Day gave them a ton more exposure smile

My main's a Night Elf Druid (as several people cleverly guessed =P), and the only thing I can really take credit for are some of the Druid changes and the Gizmo Gauntlet (battle chickens fascinate me). I got the other class "fixes" and new "features" from other players' ideas on the forum and blue posts. As for the bug fixes, pretty much all of them came from copy/pasting stuff in the Bug Report

Oh, and I think i should apologize for giving a couple of shamans and priests heart attacks in the last 12 hours... I threw the totem nerf in for fun and i left priests out to make it seem more real.

Btw, I'm not the spybot alt who leaked changes before, so if he ever leaks a real set of patch notes again, dont hate on him slywink

Guess I had my 15 minutes of fame, cya later!
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« Reply #7 on: September 06, 2005, 05:34:37 PM »


Oh, and I think i should apologize for giving a couple of shamans and priests heart attacks in the last 12 hours... I threw the totem nerf in for fun and0 i left priests out to make it seem more real.

lol, as a Priest main I'm depressed to know ignoring the class makes it 'more real.'

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« Reply #8 on: September 06, 2005, 08:58:28 PM »

Damn, I was actually excited about some of the changes.  Oh well.

You might want to note in the post title that they are fake.  I want my ten minutes back  :wink:
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« Reply #9 on: September 07, 2005, 03:12:29 AM »

What a suprise. Some dumb tool kid fakes some patch notes and gets everyone excited. What the hell is wrong with people.
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« Reply #10 on: September 08, 2005, 04:14:00 AM »

Boy, linked auction houses sure would be cool!  Tongue

Not in 1.8 though.
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« Reply #11 on: September 08, 2005, 04:38:49 AM »

Quote from: "tiny ogre"
Boy, linked auction houses sure would be cool!  Tongue

Not in 1.8 though.

-Lord Ebonstone-
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« Reply #12 on: September 08, 2005, 04:58:57 PM »

Quote from: "tiny ogre"
Boy, linked auction houses sure would be cool!  Tongue

Not in 1.8 though.


nerf shaman

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