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Author Topic: WoW Class Discussion  (Read 2550 times)
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« on: November 04, 2004, 10:32:11 PM »

Can people that have played a fair amount discuss the classes they've tried, and what they like?  I'd love to get an opinion from some of you guys.  What is overpowered, what underpowered, etc.  Which classes seem to be very popular, or rare?   Which classes are the power levellers using, etc.  Thanks!

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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2004, 01:01:50 AM »

The current 'overpowered' class is almost unaminously considered to be the Shaman.  I'm not sure why, as I haven't played one.

Gimped classes include the Paladin and the Hunter.

Popularity of classes depends largely on the race you're dealing with.  For example, there are a metric ton of Undead Warlocks--mostly because the type of people attracted to the Undead would also be attracted to the Warlock class.

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« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2004, 01:22:59 AM »

Yes, I would say the undead are the most popular race.  Though the classes are harder to define right now.  Mostly because not all the talents and special abilities are in place.  

In the next patch, they are adding the talents, special abilities, new pets, and new pet abilities.
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« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2004, 01:23:13 AM »

Gosh, there are others that can provide higher level looks at some of the characters, but let me start with a few characters that I have good experience with. First post,


Mage's are intended to be the premier DPS class of the WoW universe. Right now, they are not. Rogues are. There are arguments both ways, and 8ball and I have been throwing this issue back and forth for months, but my opinion still stands that Mages need a rougly 10% increase in damage across the board. That being said, Mages still deal some of the most awesome damage quickly of anyone in the game.

Mages, contrary to popular belief, are not particularly specialized because they have so many utility spells. Indeed, they sometimes seem to fit the mold of a conjurer rather than a "mage". Let me highlight some of the class advantages:

Summon Food/Water: For a caster class, this is so incredibly useful. You never have to pay or harvest for this, and especially the water is incredibly useful later on-youcan also give it to friends or sell it.

Teleportation: At level 20 Alliance mages get teleports to Ironforge and Stormwind, at 30 to Darnassus. This is sooo nice, eliminating so much of the busy work of travelling. At level 40 they get to create portals that others can use to IF and SW, and at 45 (or 50, not sure) to Darnassus. This is super useful for groups, and can be sold or done for karma for others.

Sheeping: I think this is a more over-rated ability, but others think its a god-send. Mages have effective crowd control with the sheep spell, which turns humanoids into sheep for about 30 seconds and renders them unable to attack you (although attacking them reverts them to their natural form). In the sheep form they regen health and mana super fast, but a group of mages can CC groups of MOBs so effectively that it can get a little ridiculous in PvP.

Mages have three spell lines: Fire, Frost and Arcane. The overwhelming school of thought (although this is changing some lately) is that Frost is not very useful and is underpowered, that Arcane is the best all around tree, and Fire is the best damage dealing solo tree.

Mages only use cloth armor and have few hit points-and this is a serious problem. Mages are like glass-take a few hits and they just shatter and fall apart. YOu are totally incapable of taking melee damage, and you aggro so much from your spells that if you are not in a group with capable taunters you are going to die frequently.  You also have a finite mana pool (duh), but the problem is it is very easy to blow your wad quickly, especially during boss fights or instances-and once your mana is gone, you are USELESS. I mean, you shouldjust walk away from the computer till its all over useless smile

Either way, Mages are extremely powerful, solo very easily, and do massive damage.

More later.
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« Reply #4 on: November 05, 2004, 01:42:32 AM »

At low lvls mages can melee pretty well. I had a fighting stick and could whip the crap outta stuff quickly at lvl 10 and under. I even PvP'd with it over at Booty Bay against the orcs.

I cant coment on whats over or under powered but i can say i played all the races/classes in 1st stress and I enjoyed them all except paladin and priest. with the druid bringing up the rear of my enjoyable classes. But i only played to lvl 12 with these guys. I noticed the druid did become more fun after lvl 10 and the bear transform ability.

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« Reply #5 on: November 05, 2004, 01:44:23 AM »

Uh, up to level 10 really doesn't count in the grand scheme of things. Mages cannot melee. If you are at that point where you attack with your staff, you are low level, desperate, or about to die.
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« Reply #6 on: November 05, 2004, 02:11:52 AM »

Taken from the Wanderer Boards:

Posted: 30 Oct 2004 12:27 pm    Post subject: The Idiots Guide to WoW Classes    

Some have asked what exactly seperates the classes from eachother, what does what, and so forth. Of course, the main answer is "go to the WoW website", but after going and checking it myself, its hopelessly out of date, and their little descriptions don't illuminate the classes role in the game.

So without further ado, my opinions of each class, what they do, cool tricks, things to look forward too, downfalls, etc. Please chime in if you have more of an opinion, so hopefully this thread can help people truly find the class they want to play with.

BASICS - Cloth Armor is Toliet Paper, Leather Armor is like Bounty Heavy Ply Toliet Paper with metal studs, Mail is actually semi-respectable, and Plate is Your wearing a Buick on your chest. Armor dictates how much damage you take. (Duh)

WARRIOR - What needs to be said here. You are the standard MMORPG Tank. You are a warrior. You get the best armor, the best weaponry, (well you can use it, finding it is up to your loot rolls and luck in Instances), and make the best tank in the game. While most races end up with the same HP numbers toward the end game, the stats on items, and the talent choices make MANY different kinds of warriors possible.

There are full defensive warriors, who have their talents trees, gear, and basically everything short of their social security number invested in high health, and high armor. These guys are your best friends in the late game when Bill, the Uber Dragon of Bile and Doom, is beating on his ass while you cast away safely.

There are Offensive Warriors, Beserkers if you will, you sacrifice that tank ability for straight out balls the wall damage. While its not sickningly high like Rogue or Mage, a good 2 hander can make an offensive warrior a very scary force indeed. Eightball knows everything about Warriors, and he better chime in and give a better impression.

And then there are numerous other talent builds out there. This is the class that in beta was built with talents to go on a rampage of killing like 60 monsters in about 20 seconds without stopping. Blizzard was not happy  

BOTTOM LINE - If your in a new dungeon with guildies, and you see a huge new monster that everyone is afraid to touch, and you want to go pet him first, Warrior is for you. (Wears Plate!! Say it with me! Oooooooooo)

PRIEST - The Priest. You know him as the Cleric, the Healer, the Lifegiver, the Doctor, the man who makes the pain go away and the buffs start flowing! Ahhhh! But in Worlds of Warcraft, Priest isnt quite the same!

Well, you do have the standards. You get the best single heals in the game (like the huge 2000 HP Blessings of The Band Aid God Spells, you know em from experience, and you get the all loved Stamina buffs, which make your entire party happier and healtheir. Your like a mobile gym, except no membership fees and your Powerbars work REALLY fast.

Kon and Cyn know the most of course, but one of the best features of the Priest is that they actually are pretty deadly and adaptive in WoW. While your role will be about healing most of the time, they have a plethora of talents and skills which are vital in certain situations. They have mana drains, nukes, DoTs, Debuffs, Undead Roots, and even the ability to fly (which pisses off mages to no end). Certain talent builds make the priest almost a totally offensive character, even with a "Shadow Form" build that totally emphasizes their ability to nuke.

A class that is basically what you make of it, you can be just a single massive M.A.S.H. unit, or a hybrid mage/healer. Of course your not going to be master of either, but it does allow you not to feel like your only use is healing.

The main downside is you get to wear Cloth armor only. Kinda a bummer because it literally is like wearing a suit of paper towels, but as long as they are ENCHANTED paper towels, your happy. The first "live by the mana bar class"

WARNING - End Level Games have revealed that Full Healer Priests are pretty much wanted 100% more in groups. The mobs just hit way too hard for priests who arent keeping people alive at 100% efficency. Just a side note.

BOTTOM LINE- If you want people to worship the ground you walk on because you kept them alive, but dont mind staring at HP bars for hours on end (which will happen when people get hit by the big things), this is for you!

MAGE - Big Daddy Papa Nuke. Again, these need little explanation. There are 2 main "Damage Dealers" in the game, and Mage is the ranged form. Hunter is kinda sorta that high, but not to the degree mage is. Basically, your role as Mage is the Artillery and Crowd Control in any situation.

Through the use of Polymorph (aka Turn things into Sheep), you'll be in charge on handling pulls, making sure your friends dont get rushed by too much at once, while at the same time expected to be blowing holes the size of Rhole Island in the pull itself. Through the use of their 3 Talent trees (Ice, Fire, and Arcane), you can decide what kinda damage you want....Fire is straight upend damage, but weak on bosses, Ice is a very effective status/slowing line, while arcane is sorta the "boss killer" line. Resistances to arcane seem to be rather slim, so if you want to be everyones best friend when the priest leaves, then arcane is for you. Of course, Mages other main things is their ability to make Summoned Food and Water. Everyone wants it, everyone needs it, and the smart mages charge non-guildies for it and start a mini-Starbucks empire thing. Frost Nova, the insta root is also their best friend.

Other neat features of the mage are of course the portals. Taxis and quick rides to the major cities, fully expect to go in buisness for yourself by lvl 50 and start charging gold per portal. You get solid self armors, a wide variety of insta cast, ranged, and heavy damage nukes, and some other neat tricks.

However, there is a downside to all this. Like priest, your armor is cloth, so expect to become a sticky spot on the floor if you get aggro from anything nasty. Your also dictated by your mana bar. Once it runs out, so do you. A smart mage is one who can manage using his spells at a rate which balances nicely with his mana recharge rate (dictated by Spirt). From the hundreds of mages I have played with, Ayng actually had this class down pretty tight, so hopefully he chimes in and gives you his impressions. Played well, one of the most viable classes for sheer fun in the game.

BOTTOM LINE - Imagine living with your mother, but you live in an utter palace that bows to your every whim. You can do whatever you want very well, as long as your mother (your mana bar) stays away from you. As that mana bar gets smaller, the sooner she barges in, ruins your fun, makes you useless, and probally beats you to death (IE, Monster). If you think you can outsmart your mother constantly, this is for you.

ROGUE - If mage is the ranged damage dealer, Rogue is the melee form. In other games, the rogue is the sneaky one who can cloak and shoot from range, then disappear into the shadow and wait patiently for his backstab and critical strike nerfs to arrive from the developers. In Wow, hes kinda similar, but ends up being an enormously varied and viable class.

Rogues main thing is their sheer damage. Through the use of daggers, swords, maces, whateer you want, most of the rogue abilties are about dealing damage, stacking damage, kicking you in twigs and berries damage, and mailing damage through UPS with postage addressed to your ass. Thing is, it is ALL done up close. The way aggro works in the game, the mobs hate and agrro is based on alot of factors, but a majorty of the time, its whoever is hurting him the most, closest. That means you bucko. The downside is the best you can ever use is Leather Armor, so your not going to last long in a fight. My comment about varied and viable class comes from your ability to do this damage, while knowing your skills well enough not to get yourself killed in the process.

Like I mentioned, Rogue does have many stealth skills and talents which make him a very unique and personal class. You can build yourself to just do tons of front end damage, but have no escape plan if problems do arise. You can also hit the other end of the spectrum and be completely dependant on your stealth mode and what it offers. Either way, your survial ratio depends 90% on your skill as a player. If you can pay attention to the damage your doing, know what attacks (DoTs, Bleeds, Stuns) to use when, can type in guild chat, and manuver behind mobs to backstab and Ambush, all at the same time, then this class is for you. A good Rogue player is a great friend to have, but one who doesn't handle it well will get so amazingly frustrated, he'll quit the game faster than Falc in Shadowbane.

BOTTOM LINE - If your too old to dress up as Darkwing Duck this Halloween, and your wife wont let you be Charlie Manson either, then solve both desires by being a Rogue! Murder and Stealth are your trade, and praying for your leathercrafters to get you the best armor ASAP is your downfall. Rewards good play.

DRUIDS - If a mage and a priest had a child, and that child had a child with a giant Pine tree, and then THAT child had a child with the shapeshifter aliens from Star Trek, you'd have Druid.

The class is all about Nature. Blah blah the earth heals, trees are good, I love tree stumps and squirrels after a night of binge drinking. Your role in groups is completely dictated by you. IMO, one of the most "universal" classes in the game, able to bring anything to a group.

Firtly, the Druid can heal very well. He has nice regen spells, insta heals, and your standard "Nature loves you, heal" spells. While not near as good as a priest, with certain talent builds, very close. Secondly, he has a variety of nukes similar to the mage, Again, not to the degree mage does, but they do their job and have pretty spell effects (which people want 100% more than usefulness anyways). On top of all this, the Druid can Shapeshifrt into some cool forms.

You have Bear Form (Read: Warrior Form), which makes a giant fat bear that can tank, do some damage, taunt, maul so forth. You have Cat Form (Read: Rogue Form), which lets you do quick strikes that usually debuff and DoT targets. You also get Seal Form (Read: Submarine Form), which lets you go fast underwater, and Cheetah Form (Read: I just became the fastest land animal on the planet. Each my dust people who have to run, muahah). There are upgrades to these forms, Dire Bear, Talon Cat, yaddi ya, but you get the picture.

The class is about being mallable. You see the hole in the groups usefullness, and you plug it with whatever that need may be. Your not the best at anything, but you certainly hold your own. All these abilities make you able to solo quite well, as well as having a talent tree that offers many cool abiltiies. Your kinda like a botanist on steriods and having a really bad image problem! Leather is the best armor they can ever wear.

BOTTOM LINE - If you cant decide between Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warrior, or any other of the stereotype classes, shut your trap and be a Druid. Then you can be all at once like some sick mental patient and only pay for one room at the Hotel for Weirdos. You also get to go around preaching why Nature rocks. Greenpeace might send you a check.

SHAMAN - Oh baby, if there was every a class that wouldnt be allowed in ANY other MMORPG, it would be these guys. Lets see. Can Nuke, Heal, Self Buff, Group Buff, Snare, DoT, Shapeshift, Bloodlust (in the future), Melee, Wear Mail, and do about 20 other things that no other game designer in his right mind would ever give to the same character class. Let me summarize. This class is POWERFUL. Probally, overall, everything in consideration, the best in the game right now. But heading into release,I can tell you that you WILL be nerfed. The class might not be godlike but it is now, but the above traits will still exist.

Shamans are the Horde "Hybrid" class. Alliance gets Paladins (they blow, I heard one guy played one, lucky we arent Alliance whew!), Horde gets Shamans. That means they are the supossed universal class, kinda the have a role everywhere class. With all the said abilties, yes they can pretty much do everything, but be aware, they are very hands on.

Their big gimmick is Totems, which are basically your buffs. By placing these totems (which can be killed btw), you give auras to your groupmates which give them armor, abiltiies, etc. Combine these totems with your nukes, your melee abilties, and your wearing the second best armor class in game (unlocked at lvl 40), and you've got a sick class. With talent building as well, these guys turn into great healers as well. They've got Chain Heal and Chain Lightning, AFAIK, the only spells of their type in the game.

I think some of you guys on PvP Horde played your Shaman past 33, so please chime in more. But Shaman is a class, that while has some nerfing in its future, is lucky enough to be blessed with a definate vision by Blizzard, so you know your class will be handled with care and thought. Shamans are vital to Warcraft Lore, and wil be handled as such.

BOTTOM LINE - The Priest and Mage who had a child who became a Druid after more strange sex? Well, they had another child after who made it with a hot warrior, and then the kid totally got high smoking the fun weed that grows near Mount Hyjal. He became in turn with nature and became, Thrall, or better known as, Shaman, Warrior Mages!

WARLOCK - This class is hard to give any impressions on. Until about a month ago, it just simply wasn't done. Now its coming together, and I'll work off that. Hopefully Gibby will chime is as well, as one of the only lvl 60 Warlocks on the server.

Basically, a Warlock is a Bio-Hazard Mage. His spells are not, cast, boom, dead. His spells are more the DoT, Necromancer, Life Drain type. In fact, Warlock is Necromancer now that I think about it. Hes got a wide vareity of cool pets (You can have an Infernal as a pet. Yes, the gaint green monstrocities that rocked in WC3 cinemas), alot of DoTs, some GREAT GREAT GREAT AoE spells, and other manner of gimmicks.

This and hunter are the two "pet" classes in the your constantly playing two people. Warlocks are balanced to be using pets to make them a "complete" character, so if your not using a type of pet (which do different things), then your not at 100% usefulness. The Pet AI and pathing does kinda get stupid at times, just to warn you, but from what Ive seen of the "finished" Warlock, its an extrememely fun class which offers you the chance to give long term DoT "backend" damage to mobs, have a fun pet, and make Soulstones for people (instant rez on death after 5 seconds, saving the Priest time). Your armor is cloth though, and your mana bar is your master, as usual.

Its a Necromancer in the Warcraft Mythos. Except not the Necromancers of the Scourge, but Demon Blood Mages or whatever BS the legal department made up. You get lifetaps, DoT's, and Pets. Simple.

BOTTOM LINE - If you like being the dark, brooding, quiet one in the corner who is secretly planning everyones deaths, and have JUST the right demon pet in mind to do it for you, Warlock is for you.

HUNTER - Hunters. Newer to the game than any class, but still fun to play. Not entirely finsihed btw, but we'll work with it anyways.

Hunters are the "pullers" of the game. They are trackers, ranged artists (bows and guns), and can train and have pets (pets from any Beast Creature in the game). They have alot of "aura" abiltiies similar to the Shaman, but they affect only themselves. Their main gimmick is their "traps" which allow them to help the mage in Crowd Control, if fact even more so. Frost Traps, Snare Traps, Posion Traps, its all there.

Make no mistake either, they are ranged studs as well. Bows and Guns work very well, and with a Rare or Even Epic Ranged weapon, you can almost match a Mage or Rogue for sheer DPS without either of their downfalls. While you do have a mana bar, Im told it doesnt really become an issue at all, even in the high 50's levels, and on top of all this, you can have your own Pokemon to waste things with you.

Another great feature are their "tracking" skills. These allow you to find mobs on the minimap for the entire group, saving tons of frustration and time when surrounded or looking for a certain person. As time goes on, Hunters im sure will find themselves as the "Dependable" ones in groups...offering services that other classes can offer, but at a much more dependable rate.

BOTTOM LINE - If your the one who likes big bows, Pokemon, and having people depend on you to find their missing socks at home, Hunter is for you.

If you know anything more, think Im wrong, or just want to chime in and say something constructive, thanks!

Hope this helps you better figure out what you want to be in the wonderful WoW universe.
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