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Author Topic: Marvel Universe MMO F2P  (Read 10590 times)
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« Reply #40 on: June 06, 2013, 05:24:13 PM »

The Captain America video leveling guide by Vertiboxgaming that I mentioned did wonders for my Cap in the late teens once I respec'd completely. Now he's doing great damage, far more economical on spirit usage, and I don't have points wasted on powers I rarely use. I also better understood that if you keep the basic punch on LMB, then you can keep beating up baddies while waiting for your shield to return to you.

You can get many equipment items that give you a power at a certain level even if you have no actual points in the powers at all.

Ironically, after I'd removed points from the auras, a guy in a group instance finally asked me to use one (the one that increases movement and attack speed 10 secs+), and so I begrudgingly put a single point back in that.

While I still feel Cap's visuals and sound FX just simply aren't as cool/showstopping as many other classes', I do find him an interesting, versatile hero to play as.

I belatedly learned (another thing I don't think is explained well) that you can add additional stash inventory pages if you're willing to pay up. I think it's 300 game bucks, whatever that translates into, to add inventory pages (used for anything), or crafting item pages (used strictly for crafting components, as I understand it).

Someone also pointed out that earlier in beta, identical crafting components DID stack, which meant you could gather more in your hero's inventory without cluttering things up.

With some of the odd choices in the game, imho the issue is more Gazillion doing (at least this is the perception it seems) a poor job of explaining their rationale. And so the forums have a lot of threads of players attempting to explain certain rationales but they seem basically to be guessing. It wouldn't take more than a community rep doing a Q&A with devs and pasting in a few answers.

And sure, players might still be upset at this or that, but at least they'd have a clue on the reasoning, however flawed it may be. I haven't been following the game. Maybe the answers are flying around somewhere, but there just seems a very thin representation of Gazillion explanatory posts at the forums.

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« Reply #41 on: June 07, 2013, 12:36:20 AM »

100 whatever buyable monies is = $1. So yes, characters like Iron Man that cost 2000 of those things means that someone dropped $20 (or got him in a combo pack if there is one).

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« Reply #42 on: June 07, 2013, 01:03:46 PM »

Quote from: Destructor on June 07, 2013, 12:36:20 AM

100 whatever buyable monies is = $1. So yes, characters like Iron Man that cost 2000 of those things means that someone dropped $20 (or got him in a combo pack if there is one).
Actually, possibly not -- for better or worse, the mission storyline content ends in the mid 20s, and the final instance drops a random hero as reward, although the Thing I completed it with last night and I each got the AOE-heavy Scarlet Witch. Though realistically, Iron Man doesn't seem to be dropping early that much.

Completing the storyline unlocks the PVP area now considered in "beta," and lets you start using the three "daily mission" terminals in each zone.

From what I can tell, the green terminal's missions are tougher versions of the early boss levels (Shocker, Green Goblin etc.) with what seem to be better quality loot drops, including epic items and sometimes costumes, and pretty cool boss rewards. My first was a "medallion" (rather than medal) that provided +1 to ALL powers, for example.

Not sure about the red terminal yet, I assume it's tougher. The purple terminal seems to be for large group challenges, and apparently some involve battling wave after wave of enemies as a group. Probably it'll be easier to get large groups together once the game's out for a while.

On the minus side, the last couple storyline bosses are pretty cool enemies I think, if a bit exasperating to fight, and realizing the storyline's suddenly over with an L26 hero was a surprise. I assume future content updates will include continued storyline stuff. Did not fight Loki, Thanos etc. to this point.

On the plus side, at that point, you can pretty painlessly switch over to a different hero and start over from the storyline beginning, or if need be using the NPC next to terminals who lets you start over from any completed content. The hero that completed the storyline can just use the waypoint to the terminals and PVP entry gate any time.

And the terminals to some point are In my humble opinion, like replaying a Diablo type game on a higher difficulty level. I think that's what's tough about mixing genres (action RPG/mmorpg) because mmorpg players generally expect storyline content to the level cap.
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« Reply #43 on: June 07, 2013, 11:21:04 PM »

Well, I was going to give this a shot over the weekend.  But since it can't get past the developer splash screens without telling me the client has crashed (which is a common problem, from what I'm reading on the Steam boards), I guess I won't.

Oh well...was only mildly interested anyways.
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« Reply #44 on: June 08, 2013, 11:37:24 PM »

Blackjack, you only get starter heroes from that reward.  Ironman isn't one of those.
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« Reply #45 on: June 09, 2013, 01:25:36 PM »

Quote from: Gratch on June 07, 2013, 11:21:04 PM

Well, I was going to give this a shot over the weekend.  But since it can't get past the developer splash screens without telling me the client has crashed (which is a common problem, from what I'm reading on the Steam boards), I guess I won't.

Oh well...was only mildly interested anyways.
If you're using the Steam version (please steer cleer of the Bit Raider download, which seems to cause nothing but problems), you can follow my earlier tip to disable the initial splash screens at launch. I realize that won't fix a crash but it'll at least let you zip immediately to what you're trying to troubleshoot. smile I guess even if you're not on the Steam version, the shortcut properties can be adjusted to skip the splash stuff and movies.

I'm not sure the game has crashed on me yet. Other Steam buds I've talked to haven't had issues, so I don't think that I'm special. icon_smile I'm not saying there aren't problems but the forums make it sound like everyone has a problem.

They have patched it a couple times so far. The Venom event no longer seems to cause sound issues or bring frame rates to a complete standstill (even with many players involved). And I no longer seem to have lingering sound issues when exiting instances. So some progress is occurring though they just don't seem to do much in the way of informing players about it.

Although I enjoyed Cap and feel he's one of the most unique heroes in the game, I'm actually most enjoying Punisher. I was never into the comics (just seemed like a one note revenge vigilante, and the two bad movies didn't change my opinion). But in the game, he's got a great variety of firearms, passives and gizmo powers (stun grenades, land mines, attachable bombs, etc.), and while the loud firearms sounds might cause deafness eventually  icon_razz, I'm having a blast playing as him.

Iron Man for the 10 or so levels I've tried has been "meh," with one or two effective powers and a lot of underwhelming stuff like "micro missiles" (barrage of tiny missiles going in random directions accomplishing pretty much nothing) that just don't feel exciting to use.

imho the hero "pricing" just is too much based on the iconic-ness of the hero's comic, and not on "hey how fun is this to play?"

I'll probably get Cable next (more of a energy-weapons guy). I know nothing about that comic, but all the Cable weapons FX I've seen have been very fun to watch. Steam buds say Scarlet Witch (maybe as close to a City of Heroes-style controller in the game, on part of her powers tree) is a blast to play, and I don't think initially it was one that players were rushing to try.

Hawkeye didn't initially seem popular but there are so many now, sometimes it feels like "World of Hawkeye"  icon_razz

I think I would've suggested some sort of isolated "demo" area where you could try every hero in the game against static and moving targets for a while. No exp or anything but you would get to try every hero, and at least peek at their powers trees and understand what you're going to drop $10-$15 or so to try.

It seems unfair to expect people to spend that much based on no info in game whatsoever beyond a name and image in the store. Yes you can run around and check Wikis, and YouTube and everything else but imho, you should have the info you need to make a choice right in the store or in a demo-play area.

I wish Gazillion had stolen the idea of Task Forces (series of interconnected missions designed for a group willing to stick together for a long time) from City of Heroes. I enjoy the auto-group play, and have had some excellent teams and one great duo as Cap with a guy playing The Thing. I would've enjoyed some separate, optional Task Force style content. Given the gameplay mechanics (Diablo), it wouldn't last say, 7-14 hours like a COH TF, just would've been good fun to keep a nice group together for a few connected missions and mega bosses. As it is, everyone smacks their "leave team" button the moment the instance ends, like they're playing Whack-A-Mole.

I think most of the bosses in mid to late game are awesomely done. Varied skill powers, at least some are willing to move and retreat and reposition and not just sit in a corner being spammed into submission. Even nastier on the mission terminal dailies later on.

Solo against Bullseye (nobody auto-grouped at that time) with Cap was a tense, frightening (used up like 25 medkits and ran out) battle. If you have a less than full team against the bosses, I think that's where it actually shines more. You end up working together, though not as specifically as in games following the tank-healer blah blah tradition. Other than Cap's regen aura, and some protective auras from other heroes, I'm not sure if there's really a traditional healer per se in the game.
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« Reply #46 on: June 09, 2013, 09:23:51 PM »

Oh, if you want some guidance on what heroes to try playing, check out this site (recommended by Mirage):

Marvel Base (hero builder, and power trees, etc.)

The only heroes I've put real time into so far are Captain America (L26), Punisher (L17) and Iron Man (10). Cable sounds fun, and I might try him next even if I have to spend some more dough. The game $ I got through the premium pack are already about gone.

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« Reply #47 on: June 13, 2013, 01:29:29 PM »

Massive update went in early this morning. I suspect from the forums many players are still unhappy, but it's progress on some things. One key one badly needed is an increase in chances for Heroes to drop as loot through the game.  icon_smile Notes below explain the best situations to get those, and also that if you get a hero drop for a hero you're already playing as, you can use that drop to improve your hero's Ultimate Power (the one at the bottom of the powers tree, below the three types)

Patch notes (need to be logged in to view)
*As before, the patch notes are way too long to paste here, except in spoiler codes:
Spoiler for Hiden:
  Content Additions

    Supergroups (AKA guilds) are now available in Marvel Heroes. This is the first iteration of supergroups, with more features coming in the future.

   To create a supergroup, purchase a supergroup sanction from War Machine in Avengers Tower. A supergroup is a way to create a persistent social group with other players. Most supergroup commands are currently accessed via / commands with the ‘guild’ prefix – this will be updated in the future.

    Supergroup sanctions (the ability to create a supergroup) cost 10,001 credits. This grants you an item that can be traded with other players if you wish. Right click the item to unlock supergroup commands. To create your supergroup, type /guildcreate [name]

    Supergroup names may only contain the letters A-Z, one apostrophe, one hyphen, and have a limited number of spaces. Certain words are restricted from use in supergroup names.

    Supergroups are limited to 100 members in total.

    Upon creating a supergroup you will gain access to a supergroup chat channel for your supergroup. To access it, type /guild or /g in the chat channel.

    Other supergroup related commands are as follows – type these into the chat channel, substituting [username] or [name]:

    /guildcreate – Create your supergroup. You can only create one supergroup per account.

    /guildinvite [username] – Invite a player to your supergroup. You can also right-click their name in the Social panel (press U) if they are a friend or nearby.

    /guildpromote [username] – As a leader or office, promote a member of your supergroup to the rank of officer. Officers can invite other players to join the supergroup.

    /guilddemote [username] – As a leader or officer, demote an officer of your supergroup to the rank of member, or remove a member from the supergroup.

    /guildleader – This command is currently non-functional, but will eventually allow a supergroup leader to be changed.

    /guildrename [supergroup name] – Rename your supergroup. All guild renames are logged for Customer Support purposes.

    /guildleave – Leave your current supergroup.

   Content Changes

    The overall chance for heroes to drop as loot throughout Marvel Heroes has been increased.

    As a reminder, heroes can drop as loot from:

        Standard enemies (Any enemy in the game)
        Elite enemies (Enemies with a blue/yellow aura)
        Bosses (Supervillains found inside instances (eg Shocker, Doctor Octopus, The Hood, etc), and in Public Combat Zone Event Missions (eg Venom, Rhino, Green Goblin etc))
        Endgame bosses (Found at the end of in Daily Missions, Group Challenges and Survival Challenges)

    The highest chance to get heroes or costumes is from Survival Challenge endgame bosses, who have a significantly higher drop rate. You also will have a better chance of getting heroes and costumes as drops from enemies that have a green or orange ‘threat level’ (see the nameplate above an enemy’s head to check). Green-level enemies will be slightly below or slightly above your hero’s level; orange level enemies will be even further above your hero’s level.

    Endgame bosses now have a bonus chance to drop a hero token for the character you are currently playing, in addition to a random hero token. These can be used to upgrade your Ultimate Power.

    Gameplay Changes: Defense

    We’ve heard community feedback on defense, and have begun making changes with this patch. Defense has not been helping tanks enough, especially against higher level content.

    With this patch we are improving defense for all heroes, but heroes that do not have dodge and/or do not have any ranged attacks will benefit more from the change.

    To improve defense further, we will be adjusting powers and items and tweaking how defense works slightly in the future. This first step buffs items that provide defense:

        Defense has been increased on items for all heroes by +30%.
        Defense on items for Deadpool, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Ms Marvel and Thor has been doubled (x2).
        Defense on items for Thing, Hulk and Colossus has been quadrupled (x4).
        Defense on artifacts and medals has been significantly increased.

   UI Changes

    In an effort to make it clearer that additional S.T.A.S.H. tabs cost Gs, the size of the G symbol and button have been increased to make them more readable.

    Administrative announcements (talking about game servers going offline, for the most part) have been made more noticeable in chat.

   Item Changes

    Artifacts: Some artifacts have been renamed:

    · Bannertech Force Field is now called Fantastic Force Field
    · Flames of the Faltine is now called Flames of Zarathos
    · Cyttorak Torch is now called Flames of the Faltine
    · Personal Arc Reactor is now called Mark of the Odinborn
    · Smoke of Zarathos is now called Fog of Wundagore

    S.H.I.E.L.D. Motion Tracker: The bonus damage given by this artifact has been slightly reduced.

    Tombstone Medal/Medallion: Armor bonus has been increased. Added health bonus.

   Balance Changes

    The overall range at which players get experience from enemies has been increased.

   Endgame Changes

    Auto-Party is now turned on for Green Daily Missions if you have auto-party enabled in your Options (it is on by default).

    Endgame bosses now have a bonus chance to drop a hero token for the character you are currently playing, in addition to a random hero token. These can be used to upgrade your Ultimate Power.

    Cosmic Cube Shards now drop once per boss, per day, per account.

    ’Base’ costumes (which are equipped on a character when they are purchased) will no longer drop as loot in the game.

   Boss Changes

    Magneto: Magnetic Blast - damage reduced.

    Magneto: Metal Storm - damage reduced.

    Enemy Changes

    Maggia Gangsters now attack faster.

    Maggia Thugs now attack faster.

    Mission Changes

    Chapter 1, Hell’s Kitchen: The number of enemies you must defeat in the ‘Save the Police’ and ‘Arson’ Discovery missions has been reduced. However, all enemies are now elite.

    Chapter 2, Jersey Docks: The number of A.I.M. robots you must defeat in the ‘Unfriendly Cargo’ event has been reduced. However, all robots are now elite.

   Hero Changes

   Cable Changes:

    Cable’s statistics progression has been updated.

    Bold Aura: Now gains an increased effect from other aura powers.

    Concussion Blast: Now gains duration synergy from Vortex Grenade.

    Devastating Beam: Increased damage. Increased cost from 20 to 25.

    Dynamic Aura: Now gains an increased effect from other aura powers.

    Eye For Weakness: Reduced cost from 17 to 15.

    Kinetic Repulsion: Now gains duration synergy from Telekinetic Shield and Psychokinetic Barrier.

    Plasma Barrage: Increased damage.

    Psychic Trap: Reduced cost from 40 to 36.

    Psychokinetic Barrier: Reduced damage. Now gains duration synergy from Kinetic Repulsion and Telekinetic Shield. Reduced cost from 30 to 27. Now unlocks at level 8.

    Quick Bodyslide: Slightly increased starting range. Reduced cost from 25 to 21.

    Telekinetic Shield: Now gains duration synergy from Kinetic Repulsion and Psychokinetic Barrier. Now unlocks at level 18.

    Vigilant Aura: Now gains an increased effect from other aura powers. Slightly increased cost reduction scaling with ranks.

    Vortex Grenade: Now gains duration synergy from Concussion Blast.

    Colossus Changes:

    Battle Aura: Now gains an increased effect from other aura powers.

    Bulwark of Steel: Now gains defense synergy from Metallic Warrior.

    Colossal Punch: Lowered damage synergy from Crushing Smite and Osmium Champion from 2.5% to 2%.

    Crushing Smite: Lowered damage synergy from Colossal Punch and Osmium Champion from 2.5% to 2%.

    Metallic Warrior: Now gains damage synergy from Bulwark of Steel.

    Osmium Champion: Now gains duration synergy from Crushing Smite and Colossal Punch.

    Osmium Charge: Lowered damage synergy from Steel Splash and Spinning Fists from 2.5% to 2%.

    Osmium Punch: Lowered damage synergy from other basic powers from 2.5% to 2%.

    Protective Aura: Now gains an increased effect from other aura powers.

    Reeling Punch: Lowered damage synergy from other basic powers from 2.5% to 2%.

    Spinning Fists: Lowered damage synergy from Steel Splash and Osmium Charge from 2.5% to 2%.

    Stalwart Aura: Now gains an increased effect from other aura powers.

    Steel Punch: Lowered damage synergy from other basic powers from 2.5% to 2%.

    Steel Splash: Lowered damage synergy from Spinning Fists and Osmium Charge from 2.5% to 2%.

    Sustaining Aura: Now gains an increased effect from other aura powers. Slightly increased regen scaling with ranks.

    Deadpool Changes:

    Shoot All the Bullets: Now properly deals extra damage with synergy.

   Hulk Changes:

    Meteor Strike (Ultimate Power): Now costs 25 spirit.

   Jean Grey Changes:

    Bolstering Aura: Now gains an increased effect from other aura powers.

    Dark Phoenix Wrath: Explosion now hits full 360 around the player and causes enemies to burn, taking damage over time. Also grants +2 bonus ranks in all powers at power rank 1.

    Kinetic Bolt: Slightly increased projectile speed.

    Kinetic Tempest: Now gains duration synergy from Kinetic Wave and Psychokinetic Implosion.

    Kinetic Wave: Lowered damage synergy from Psychokinetic Implosion and Kinetic Tempest from 2.5% to 2%.

    Kinetic Wave: Slightly increased area size.

    Mind Crush: slightly increased starting damage. lowered damage synergy from Psychic Lethargy and Neural Panic from 2.5% to 2%. Decreased cost from 25 to 21.

    Neural Panic: Now gains duration synergy from Psychic Lethargy and Mind Crush. Now unlocks at level 22.

    Phoenix Transformation: Phoenix Force no longer depletes on defeat.

    Psychic Hammer: Slightly increased projectile speed.

    Psychic Lethargy: Now deals damage over time instead of making enemies more vulnerable to damage. Now gains damage synergy from Mind Crush and Neural Panic. Increased cost from 13 to 20.

    Psychokinetic Implosion: Reduced cost from 33 to 31. Lowered damage synergy from Kinetic Wave and Kinetic Tempest from 2.5% to 2%. Now unlocks at level 14.

    Reinforcing Aura: Now gains an increased effect from other aura powers. Now unlocks at level 18.

    Rejuvenating Aura: Now gains an increased effect from other aura powers. Slightly increased regeneration scaling with ranks.

    Telekinetic Flight: Now unlocks at level 20.

    Telepathic Detection: Now also adds bonus damage to all Mental powers when not in Phoenix Form. Now unlocks at level 12.

   Punisher Changes:

    Deadly Barrage: Increased damage.

   Rocket Raccoon Changes:

    Big Flarkin' Gun: Increased tick rate. Fixed a bug that caused the power to tick more often per second than intended.

   Spider-Man Changes:

    Spider-Man’s fighting and strength statistics progression has been updated.

    Corrosive Web Fluid: Now gains duration synergy from Web Spray.

    Evasive Websling: Now gains duration synergy from Sensational Escape.

    Sensational Escape: Now gains duration synergy from Evasive Websling.

    Web Spray: Now gains duration synergy from Corrosive Web Fluid.

    Storm Changes:

    Storm’s fighting statistic progression has been updated.

    Sirocco Rush: Now gains stun duration synergy from Lightning Rush.

    Thundering Tempest: Screen darkening effect now only occurs on Storm player’s screen.

       Endgame Fixes

    The Red Daily Mission against Doctor Doom now spawns and completes correctly.

    Moondragon, Rogue and Invisible Woman will now accept Cosmic Cube Shards in exchange for Fortune Cards.

    Rhino will no longer have a sliver of infinite health in PvE endgame modes.

    The Red Daily Mission Terminal now correctly takes you to Hydra Island.

    The Green Daily Mission Terminal on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier will no longer deposit you outside the boss room.

    Only missions that require Cosmic Keys should have the ‘Requires item: Cosmic Key’ tooltip displayed now.

   Enemy Fixes

    Elite (Blue/Yellow) enemies now have their correct, as designed, health.

    Enemies will no longer attack summoned crafters and vendors.

    Fixed an issue where enemies would switch targets unnecessarily.

    Fixed an issue where affixes prevented some enemies from using their normal powers.

    The ‘Freezing’ enemy affix’s effects no longer fire prematurely during certain powers.

    Fixed some enemies that spawned within an area of effect not being affected until they left the AoE’s radius and returned.

    Boss Fixes

    Bullseye: Fixed an issue where Marked for Death could still target entities summoned by players.

    Doctor Doom: Fixed an issue where he would become invisible and untargetable.

    Doctor Doom: Fixed an issue where ricocheting shots would not work in his final battle.

    Doctor Doom: Fixed an issue with medal and medallion that was allowing an inaccurately long duration increase on heroes' powers.

    Mr Sinister: Energy storm power now correctly does damage repeatedly throughout its duration.

    Shocker: Fixed an issue where Shocker would switch targets too frequently.

    Venom: Fixed an issue where Venom would leave battles early.

    Hero/Power Fixes

    Black Panther's Savage Strike, Black Widow's Elusive Kick, and Daredevil's Evasive Kick can no longer knock turrets (and certain other resistant enemies) into the air.

    Tumbling powers such as Black Widows Tumbling Assault and Spider-Man's Agile Attack will more accurately place you behind targets.

    Cable: Fixed a visual bug with new duration synergies on Kinetic Repulsion.

    Cable: Fixed an issue with Plasma Barrage that caused the damage synergy to not apply.

    Cable: Fixed an issue with Psychic Haze that caused the damage synergy to not apply.

    Cable: Removed the ‘Fighting Power’ keyword from Veteran Warrior as it was confusing on a passive power.

    Cable: Removed the fire rate tooltip on Vortex Grenade’s tooltip, as the cooldown on the power made it confusing.

    Captain America: Buffs from Fighting Spirit no longer stack from other players using the same power in the same area.

    Captain America: Fixed an issue with Quick Block which could make Cap invulnerable when repeatedly using the power.

    Captain America: Shield Bounce and other bouncing powers should no longer target invisible entities in Doctor Doom's battle area.

    Captain America: Shield Swipe can no longer be used while shield is thrown.

    Colossus: Fixed an issue with Stalwart Aura where the knock resistance was not being correctly calculated.

    Colossus: Osmium Punch no longer disables spirit regeneration when used.

    Hawkeye: Ronin Assault (24) and Ronin Lunge (30) should now unlock at the intended levels.

    Iron Man: Fixed an issue with Reflective Shield where the tooltip did not display the percentage of damage reflected.

    Jean Grey: Fixed a minor animation hitch when repeatedly using Psychic Lethargy.

    Jean Grey: Interplay voiceover will now trigger correctly.

    Punisher: Movement is no longer interrupted when he gains Vengeance.

    Rocket Raccoon: Clarified duration tooltip on Burrow.

    Rocket Raccoon: Increased the tick rate of Big Flarkin' Gun. Fixed an issue that caused the power to tick more often per second than intended.

    Spider-Man: Clarified description on Stick Around to indicate that the enemies need to be currently under the effect of a web power to be stunned.

    Spider-Man: Fixed an issue where bonus damage was not being applied to Amazing Smash. Added missing cooldown tooltip.

    Spider-Man: Fixed an issue with Web 'Em All that caused the damage synergy to not apply.

    Spider-Man: Fixed an issue with Web Spray where the slow effect would fall off early when the ground webs disappeared.

    Thing: Fixed an issue with Jagged Defender where the tooltip did not display the percentage of damage reflected.

    Wolverine: Adrenaline Rush should now display the standard haste trail VFX for the duration of the buff.

    Crafting Fixes

    Some artifacts with visual effects were not allowed in crafting recipes that wanted an artifact with visuals. This has been fixed.

    Clarified effect of Transfer Costume Affixes recipe - destination costume loses existing affixes.

    Clarified effect of Transform Epic Item recipe - can't use it on items already useable by your hero.

    UI/VFX Fixes

    Hero tokens can now be stored in the appropriate S.T.A.S.H. tab for that hero, if that tab has been purchased.

    Fixed an issue where /reply in chat was behaving strangely in some circumstances.

    Fixed an issue that caused Storm’s powers to be too transparent when graphics settings were set to ‘low’.

    Toggled powers that are slotted in the left/right mouse button slots will now show their toggle state properly.

    Certain Iron Man costumes in lower graphic settings will no longer show incorrect thruster VFX while flying.

    Fixed an issue where power tooltips would not display the damage bonuses from buff powers (Colossus' auras, etc.)

    Base defense values (white text) including bonuses given by defense affixes will now display correctly in item tooltips.

    Fixed an issue where players have completed missions, but they show the "in progress" stripes in the mission log, not the expected "completed" check mark.

    Fixed an issue with the ‘Show Party Member Arrows’ option. When turned on, this will now correctly show arrows for all party members in your zone.

    Fixed an issue where newly added entries in the Social Panel would take a long time to show up.

    Items for sale at a Vendor which cannot fit their entire name in the list will now be truncated with a "...". The full name is always visible in the tooltip.

    Clea's door now has a minimap icon.

    Correct VFX/SFX will now play when gaining a Boost buff from a Fortune Card.

    When switching between characters your character sheet will now show the correct equipment for the character.

    Options Fixes

    Keybindings should now persist between patches.

    Cancelling out of the keybindings menu with pending changes will now cancel all changes.

    Changing an existing keybinding will now be properly displayed.

   Miscellaneous Fixes

    Marvel Heroes will now correctly refuse to run on all graphics cards that don’t fully support Shader Model 3.0. Previously, the game was trying to run on these cards and crashing.

    Bodysliders will now immediately be usable after their cooldown expires.

    Rested experience will now be deducted correctly.

    Fixed an issue that could cause Retcon Devices to fail to refund mission-awarded Power Points until you next logged in to the game.

    Many fixes for erroneous collisions when flying over environmental objects.

    Items that increase the duration of powers now do not affect consumables.

    When being revived in Hydra Island, you will now appear in the correct location.

    Players can no longer use flight to leave the level in the Subway.

    Artifact Yukio's Charm now boosts ranged attacks instead of melee attacks.

    Fixed an issue that made the travel confirmation dialog from NPCs stay on-screen forever.

    Fixed an issue that caused players to be stuck ‘behind the world’ in Mutate Caves.

   Known Major Issues

    French and German localization is almost, but not entirely complete; some English text may be found.

    Store icon for Spider-Man displays an incorrect costume; Spider-Man comes equipped with his Modern costume, not the Classic costume shown.

    Powers that deal damage over time currently cannot score critical hits.

    After being defeated by Pyro, there is a chance that players will be brought back to Xavier’s School rather than the beginning of the instance where Pyro is found.

    Cars may not respawn in city environments.


    Sound may be lost intermittently after changing locations.


    Find Agent Baker: Agent Baker does not spawn, so mission cannot be completed.

    Some ‘Discovery’ missions may not trigger correctly.

    The Army Base sewer Treasure Room has no Treasure Chest.

    Some of the Missile Silo Treasure Rooms have no enemies.

    Some versions of the Cliffwalker Shrine Treasure Rooms have no enemies.

    UI and In-Game Store

    Red Mission Arrows do not trigger until getting extremely close to the appropriate mission objective.

    When buying Gs, the United States state selection list cannot be scrolled past ‘Tennessee’ without using the keyboard.


    Avenger’s Mansion:

    o Green Daily – Castle Doom – Mini Map appears to be unpopulated and shows nothing.
    o Red Daily – Abandoned Subway - Shocker's AI intermittently stops working. He won't attack, but he'll turn to face you.

    Xavier’s School/SHIELD Helicarrier:

    o Green Daily – Castle Doom – Doctor Doom’s number of affixes change depending on his form rather than staying constant as intended.
    o Green Daily – Castle Doom - Doctor Doom’s number of affixes change depending on his form rather than staying constant as intended.

    Limbo: If Sabretooth spawns as the end boss in Limbo, he sometimes stops moving and attacking half way through the battle.

    Limbo: Players may sometimes be placed upon entry you in an instance that’s almost completed, toward the end of the waves or at the boss.


    Phoenix Feather: There is no UI indication on cooldown timer.

    Vita-Ray Projector: There is no dodge chance bonus given on critical hit.

    Darkhold Scroll: Does not give bonus damage versus taunted enemy.

    Latverian Regalia: Pets do not do extra damage when artifact is equipped, as intended.

    Green Goblin Medal: Green Goblin Medal poison cloud is invisible.


    Some emotes are not working for Cable and Deadpool.

    Flight powers can get locked when flying over food trucks.

    Black Widow

    Acrobatic Assault: This power can miss if the enemy is running towards you.

    Black Panther

    Some gear icons are black silhouettes – gear can still be equipped.
    Captain America

    Aggressive Shout: The power has both a 10 second buff and an ongoing (lasts until turned off) buff. Only one of them is shown.

    Invigorating Shout: The power has a 10-second buff and an ongoing (lasts until turned off) effect, but it does not show either of them. Health regeneration does not show up on character sheet.


    Searing Shot: Visual Effects when hitting enemy are not seen.


    Lingering Boon: Tooltip is incorrect. Each rank actually extends aura duration by 2 seconds.

    Rocket Raccoon

    Forceful Shot: Power unlocks at level 12 and should unlock at level 10.

    Tactical Destruction: Tooltip does not correctly display bonus damage from shield cost.


    Evasive Websling: If there is no enemy targeted, power will land in incorrect location.


    Regeneration Boost: Tooltip is incorrect. Power does not spend Fury to gain health faster as described.

    Smell Weakness: Damage vulnerability is causing the enemy to take less damage rather than more.

    Character sheet does not reflect health regeneration from Healing Factor (but displays resistances from passive powers).
LOTS of changes to Heros' powers. I'm not exaggerating this time.  icon_smile

Supergroups are supposedly finally working. Although probably only a few of us, if that, are playing MH right now, I'll explore starting up a "GamingTrend" supergroup (or perhaps I'll be egomaniac and name it Blackjack's Band of Heroes  icon_razz and provide some info here on how to join, if there's any interest.  icon_smile I think right now it's just a chat channel but that is worth something in the game given how crude its chat system is atm. It costs about 10,000g to purchase the "Supergroup sanction" from War Machine in Avengers Tower.

Have had some really fun duo auto-groups last couple nights. I think, if you're willing to stick it out on a really tough instance w/ folks, players respect that and that's how the few "strangers" I've added to my MH friends list have come about. A Daredevil player last night stuck with me through one instance, and then we stayed teamed for the Latveria/Doom finale, and that was quite fun.

Also one guy answered a question about where the training room is (it's in the first storyline chapter's list of waypoint locations), and we ended up talking a lot about the game, City of Heroes and other topics. For better or worse, people are not very chatty in the game for the most part. There's no spam, no foul mouth chatter, just -- even in crowded zones -- relative silence.

NOTE: Bleah. You can buy the SG token from War Machine but currently "Supergroup services are offline."  Roll Eyes
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« Reply #48 on: June 13, 2013, 05:04:34 PM »

may grab this next month after classes are finished.

Because I can,
also because I don't care what you want.
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« Reply #49 on: June 13, 2013, 06:49:44 PM »

They fixed the Supergroup creation bug apparently. I bought the Sanction token (War Machine is in Avengers Tower, on the other side of the room from where the crafter and Wonderman are). The Supergroup text character limit seems awfully stingy. I can create something GamingTrend-y but there just isn't room to name it anything particularly creative.

I was hoping for "Destroyers of Inanimate Objects" for fun but no way is that gonna fit.  icon_razz

Right now it's just a private chat channel but given there's no global chat system, I think just that would be helpful.

Initially calling the SG:
Chaos Theory

will take you into SG chat mode

In-game, the name appears above your hero's name (other players will see it, you don't).
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« Reply #50 on: June 14, 2013, 01:24:17 PM »

I've been stumbling around trying to figure out how to do this Live Streaming of Game Playing that's in vogue these days.

I'm using the free Open Broadcaster Software (, which only seems to work for me if I set up a hotkey to start/stop streaming while in-game.

And I set up an account over at Twitch:

I know there's a way to record streamed footage and share it, still figuring out some of the options OBS. If you're horribly bored late tonight or tomorrow, I'll make a  note when I'm streaming. It should be amusing, though I think I'll just stick with the gameplay footage rather than me mouth breathing on my mic.  icon_razz

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« Reply #51 on: June 14, 2013, 02:47:15 PM »

OBS is pretty easy, let me know if you need help.  I've been streaming Smite and Marvel for a while now.
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« Reply #52 on: June 16, 2013, 03:36:50 PM »

Though I'm finding Twitch recordings a bit coarse rez for my tastes, if you edit "highlights" and upload to YouTube, they'll show closer to their original rez there.

Fisk Tower Instance in Marvel Heroes (about 10 minutes)
*Click the gear icon for higher rez options.

That and the Hand Tower instance are probably among my favorite group levels because of the crazy environmental destructibility environs, and the way the wide corridor layouts accommodate any party size (5 is max).

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« Reply #53 on: June 16, 2013, 07:05:31 PM »

If you're getting different res on twitch versus on youtube FROM twitch, you're probably doing something wrong when viewing it on twitch fwiw.
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« Reply #54 on: June 17, 2013, 03:28:52 PM »

I tried out Black Widow (Natasha) yesterday. Although she's one of the cheapest heroes in the store at 600g, she's pretty cool to play. The dual pistols will never really be mega high damage but are fun to use. She's very acrobatic. While I tend to use the "slide/roll" powers on other heroes more as a travel thing, with her it feels much more like a part of general combat.

So far I've taken Captain America, Punisher and Cable up through the storyline and the early-late 20s. Although I enjoy Cap, I think maybe in retrospect I chose the wrong Premium Pack. The only reason I say that matters is because each pack hero got one free "hero-specific" stash page. And yet the heroes I've enjoyed most weren't included in said pack. icon_redface I probably should've paid more attention to my pew-pew preferences in action RPGs, rather than going, "ooooh, Avengers!"  icon_razz

I'm not really a big fan of the whole terminal thing as being about the only non-PVP thing to do after the early-mid 20s. Brevik has talked in the most recent interviews about simply running out of time to add more storyline stuff, so I hope that's in the cards sooner than later.
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« Reply #55 on: June 18, 2013, 11:47:11 AM »

Another pretty major patch went in this morning:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Game Update Notes 6/17/2013 –
Content Additions

New costumes: Two new costumes have been added to the in-game store, and as random drops:

· Colossus - Outback

· Ms Marvel - Binary

Content Changes

Endgame Changes

Survival Challenges: Limbo is now available for play on a 30-minute timer (up from 20 minutes).

Survival Challenges: The experience bonus multiplier for Survival Challenges has been slightly reduced to be more in line with other endgame modes.

Players joining a Survival Challenge will no longer be placed in a challenge that is near completion (Wave 3 or later).

Item Changes

Amulet of Agamotto: Now has an additional attack speed affix.

MODOK medal/medallion: Reduced damage bonus.

Talisman of Hoggoth: Reduced cooldown on energy damage ability to zero.

Bloodstone Porcupine: Now has an additional defense affix.

Darkhold Scroll: Now does bonus damage to taunted foes.

Idol of Khonshu: Fixed an issue where the melee power buff would be removed if you hit with a ranged power twice. Buff now does three times the damage.

Vita-Ray Projector: Now grants a dodge bonus on critical hits.

Mole Man medal: Moloids summoned no longer grant experience.

Plandanium Graft: Changed tooltip and numbers on artifact, which now adds to the maximum percentage of damage that can be blocked by defense. This stat, called 'Max Defense Reduction', now appears on your character sheet. In the future more things will modify this stat.

Crafting Changes

‘Transfer Costume Affixes’ recipe now unlocks at crafter level 4 instead of 15.

Reduced credit cost of all potion recipes.

Hero Changes

Captain America changes:

Quick Block: Added damage shield effect that lasts for duration even after blocking first attack (a guaranteed block). Removed ‘next basic power’ damage buff.

Daredevil changes:

Radar Sense: Now grants a chance to dodge incoming skillshot-based ranged attacks in addition to the minimap functionality.

Ninja Reflexes: Attack speed bonus duration reduced to 4 seconds from 7 seconds, and no longer falls off when scoring a hit.
Storm changes:

Goddess of Weather: While still randomized, increased the size of both hail and lightning hits while clustering them more tightly around the center of the storm - should result in more coverage.

Quickening Tempest: Animation removed to facilitate movement.

Wolverine changes:

Adrenaline Rush: Fury boosted duration has been increased to 2x base from 1.5x.

Brutal Slash: Attack speed increased to 1.8 from 1.4.

Berserker Fury: Buff duration increased to 6 seconds from 4 seconds.
Slashing Leap: Now allows Wolverine to clear low obstacles when moving.

Smell Weakness: Now debuffs enemy resistances as intended.

Miscellaneous Changes

Removed the glowing hands effect from Fortune Card experience and rarity boosts.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where using a bodyslider could potentially restart an instance.

Fixed an issue where the bodyslider button would not grey out when it is unavailable

Supergroup UI tab should now update when players switch heroes.

Destructible cars in Public Combat Zones should appear more frequently in highly populated areas.

The Red 'Abandoned Subway' Daily Mission from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier now takes you to the correct location.

Creatures summoned by artifacts no longer spawn on top of your hero.

It should now be possible to attain rank 40 in a power (20 points allocated, plus up to 20 ranks from items).

Hero Fixes

Cable - Psychic Haze: Fixed an issue where damage from synergies was being incorrectly applied. Corrected a tooltip that incorrectly stated the power slows attack speed.

Iron Man – Automated Missiles: Added a cooldown (that decreases with additional power ranks) when the power is toggled off to prevent excessive use.

Jean Grey – Psychic Lethargy: Fixed an issue that caused the power to incorrectly gain bonus damage from synergies. (Slightly increased damage to compensate.)

Spider-Man: Fixed an issue where bonus damage to slowed and immobilized enemies was being applied multiple times.

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« Reply #56 on: June 19, 2013, 05:37:18 PM »

Some mostly positive updates on stuff (mostly because people who crafted what were supposed to be "exclusive" costumes will probably be ticked off). The "dupe" reward happened to me, so I'm eager to see what I'll get after the fix.

[must be logged in to view]
Hey all, I wanted to give you a brief update on a number of issues that have been hanging around - some just outstanding stuff, some things that have flared elsewhere.

Duplicate hero tokens from previous iterations of Doom: Remember when you got a token for the same Starter Hero you played from Doctor Doom? Yeah, that wasn't good. If token is still in your account, we're fixing it, turning it into a 'mystery package' that will grant a hero - not a token for your already unlocked hero. ETA is end of this week.

Ultimate Pack Exclusive costumes from crafting recipes: This is a bug that's being fixed (ETA: end of this week). Anyone who has crafted an exclusive costume will have that costume replaced with a non-exclusive costume. Yes, we want exclusive UP costumes to remain exclusive.

Hulk as WAR: Affected by the same bug as the UP exclusive costumes; he's able to be crafted right now. Apologies; it's being fixed. Yes, it's annoying when you've waited patiently and paid for the costume as part of a pack. The costume will be fulfilled to all Ultimate Pack and Hulk Smash Premium Pack owners ASAP, and after that, will go on sale in the store, and will be restored to the crafting/loot tables. ETA on bug fix (preventing crafting temporarily) is this week. ETA on fulfillment is next week.

Ultimate Pack/Premium Pack owners launch day compensation pet: is about done and is cool and will be fulfilled, hopefully, next week. Reveal and images soon.

Other things I've been asked about:

- Limbo changes. An overall look at this, endgame goals etc is coming.

- Your feedback on pricing is being discussed internally. Hope to have more to say on that soon.

- An overall update on what's coming next for the game is in the works, and we will be trying to improve communication in that regard too - a lot of planning has been happening on the dev side.

- Ticket volume for Customer Support is (finally) getting back to normal levels. We do still have tickets to go through - we'll get there this week.

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« Reply #57 on: June 19, 2013, 08:35:23 PM »

So does anyone else still have horrible lag and disconnects?  I have lost connection three times today while trying to play.
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« Reply #58 on: June 21, 2013, 12:03:00 PM »

Quote from: Arkon on June 19, 2013, 08:35:23 PM

So does anyone else still have horrible lag and disconnects?  I have lost connection three times today while trying to play.
No disconnects, but Mutant Town specifically had horrific "lag bubbles" near the waypoint and certain areas near it last night for me. I saw players complaining they couldn't step off the waypoint period. Basically on the eastern side of the map. I also had a horrific lag situation Wednesday in that Lowtown base you get to via the barbershop.

With Mutant Town, once I crossed the bridge into the west/SW part of the map, lag wasn't really an issue.

The general player belief is the patch the other day introduced lag problems in certain zones. Another patch just went in this morning (or is going in) that's primarily bug fixes so maybe it will help.

My own pet theory is perhaps the game is placing too many players in world instances, and so maybe that's overwhelming the system in some cases. Since you can't sort of "manually" choose a world instance to go into (ala say Champions), I don't know really a workaround. Guess you can try going back and forth through a waypoint but I don't know if that will deposit you into a less laggy world instance.

The more recent patch this morning:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Game Update Notes 6/20/2013 -

    Content Changes

    Crafting Changes
        New Crafting Recipe: Swap Costume Affixes (Crafting Vendor Rank 4)
        This recipe allows you to swap all affixes between two different costumes - useful for when you buy a new costume and want swap all your affixes and core onto that costume. This recipe replaces the Transfer Costume Affixes recipe, and upgrades the old recipe which transferred affixes from 1 costume to a new costume. This recipe also swaps the cores and visual affixes.

    Bug Fixes
        Ultimate Pack exclusive costumes from crafting recipes: Fixed an issue where some players received Ultimate Pack exclusive costumes from a rank 20 crafting recipe. These costumes can no longer be crafted. All the exclusive costumes have been replaced with a random, non-exclusive costume with the same affixes. (This applies whether the costume is equipped, in an inventory or in a STASH.)
        Duplicate hero tokens from early iterations of Doctor Doom: If you have a special hero token currently in your inventory that can only be used to unlock a hero you already own, upon login it will be transformed into a Gift Box which contains a Starter Hero you do not have unlocked. If you have unlocked all the Starter Heroes then it will contain a Fortune Card. (This fix should only apply to players who gained a duplicate token after June 4th.)
        Bovine Sector: Players can now only enter the Bovine Sector once per consumable item, and the portal will go away when the player leaves the Bovine Sector.

    UI Fixes
        The Max Defense Reduction stat is now properly displayed on the character sheet.
        The tooltip for Bonus XP on the Character Sheet stats tab has been corrected.

    Boss Fixes
        Fixed an issue where the ‘Freezing’ affix effect would activate inappropriately or too early for many boss powers.
        Fixed Rhino, Lady Deathstrike, Kingpin, and Juggernaut not receiving charm resistance while charging.
        Magneto: Will once again chase his target during Metal Storm.
        Mandarin: Ice Ring will no longer immobilize targets (unless they remain in the AOE long enough to be stunned).
        Wizard: Fixed an issue where Wizard's Triple Disc throw had all three discs on top of each other instead of spread out at 30 degree angles.

    Hero / Power Fixes
        Cable - Searing Shot: Fixed an issue where visual effects when hitting enemies were not seen.
        Captain America – Aggressive Shout: Fixed an issue where the power had both a 10 second buff and an ongoing (lasts until turned off) buff, and only one of them was being shown.
        Daredevil: Radar Sense now properly dodges incoming skillshots, and displays the correct chance on its tooltip.
        Iron Man: Synergies for Channeled Repulsors have been fixed.
        Spider-Man: Re-enabled animations for the /wave and /showoff emotes for Spider-Man's Symbiote costume.

    Item / Pet Fixes
        Creatures summoned by artifacts and medals, such as a Moloid Leaper and Sinister Clones, are now summoned at the level of the item instead of at level 1.
        Pets are no longer targeted by bouncing attacks.
        Madame Hydra Medal: Fixed an issue where the medal would grant invulnerability to nearby orbs as well as players.
        Doctor Doom Medal: Fixed an issue stopping hero movement when its fear effect activates.
        Mole Man Medal: Moloid Leapers summoned by the medal now attack enemies more frequently.

    Audio Fixes
        Fixed an issue where sound could be lost intermittently after changing locations.

    In-Game Store Fixes
        When buying Gs, the United States state selection list can now be scrolled past ‘Tennessee’ as intended.
        G purchases should now correctly display in supported local currencies at checkout.
*no mention of lag fixes per se, but if the last one made things worse, perhaps this made things better, he naively said.  icon_smile

As far as some other things badly needed things...

The "compensation pet" (it's not the only compensation, just part of it) for pack owners who couldn't log in during the early weekend was revealed:

Stacking of Crafting Components
We are working on stacking materials right now, but the weekly patches are mostly for tuning or bug fixes, not major system changes. The good news: it's coming!
The reason given was some technical issue with crafting components stacking.

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« Reply #59 on: June 22, 2013, 03:50:32 AM »

Sigh. In today's episode of Gilligan's Island... I mean, Gazillion's Folly, the patch was messed up, including the fix for the dupe heroes, and so they "rolled back" the game state/version to the wee hours of Friday morning....

We're sorry - compension details for today's rollback
To echo David, I'm extremely sorry about today's downtime and the rollback. I'd like to pre-empt a few questions here.

To be clear, the 'rollback period' referred to is from approx 3:30AM PDT today, June 21st, to 11:30AM PDT (6:30AM to 2:30PM EDT; 10:30AM to 6:30PM UTC; 11:30AM to 7:30PM BST; 12:30PM to 8:30PM CEST). If you were not logged into the game at that time, you were not affected by the rollback.

We have reverted the game to our pre-patch status. This means the current game version is reverting to Next week we'll roll out a new patch which will fix the issues with the 'mystery box' (AKA 'Special Mission Reward' box) and the Bovine Sector bug. We've listened to feedback on Bovine Sector, look out for changes there.

What does a 'rollback' mean?

We have reverted our game database to the state it was in just before our patch last night (midnight PDT). This means if you logged into the game at any point between approx 3:30AM PDT today to 11:30AM PDT, any progress made during that time has unfortunately been lost. You have, however, been compensated with 400Gs as David explained above.

What if I spent Gs during the rollback period?

Those Gs have been refunded to you and will be seen in your G balance. Any items you may have purchased, including heroes, costumes and other consumables, will need to be re-bought.

What if I bought Gs during the rollback period?

Those Gs will be seen in your G balance. If you spent any of them, they have been refunded.

Is Customer Support able to replace any items or drops, or XP I acquired during the rollback period?

We're sorry, but we are not able to grant items, characters or XP on a per-account basis.

I had 700Gs granted to me - is that right?

Today we also compensated anyone who was online just before our 6/17 outage. If you were affected by that outage, as detailed here, and were also online today during the rollback period, you would have received two sets of compensation totaling 700 Gs. If you were only affected by one of these two outages, you would have received the appropriate number of Gs.

What does the 50% experience boost apply to?

This boost applies to enemies throughout the games, including bosses, but does not apply to mission XP or yellow XP orbs.

What does the 50% 'special item find' boost apply to?

This applies to the chance to find heroes, costumes, Fortune Cards and pets as loot.

How come there's no note on my character sheet about these boosts?

The bonus has been applied on the server side, which is why it's not reflected on your character sheet.

I have 'dupe' hero tokens in my inventory (again).

As we did a complete rollback and also reverted to an earlier patch, these items were reverted too. We will be fixing them (correctly, this time) in a patch next week, so please hold on to them for now. They can also be placed in your S.T.A.S.H.

Does Gazillion have ANY idea what the hell it's doing?

OK, I made up the last one, but it sounds right, doesn't it?  Roll Eyes

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« Reply #60 on: June 22, 2013, 11:44:28 AM »

Wow, that one hurt.  I lost 7 levels, 2 chapters of progress, a pet I pulled from a fortune card, and some really great gear.
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« Reply #61 on: June 22, 2013, 12:06:18 PM »

David Brevik made a rare post about the compensation stuff, which includes XP and item find bonuses over the weekend:

We're sorry; compensation details for today's rollback

Quote from: David Brevik
Thanks for being patient with us today.

As you know, in the process of giving players who had dupe tokens their new heroes in a “mystery box”, we encountered a bug that allowed people to get unlimited mystery boxes. This was some new tech that we hadn’t used in this exact manner before, hence the unintended result.

In the interest of getting servers back online quickly, we are rolling back to just before the patch went live. This will allow servers to go live much sooner than waiting until this bug is fixed. Over the weekend, our team will fix the issue with the mystery box and we’ll redeploy the patch once we’re assured the bug won’t occur again.

We’re sorry. We know it sucks to have rollbacks. We are going to make things right in the following ways.

The first two items below apply only to those affected by today's rollback (who were logged into the game at any time between our patch deploy and about 11:30AM PDT). The last two items apply to everyone logging into the game this weekend.

1. We know it takes awhile to do your daily missions and get your daily Fortune Card. We’re giving everyone affected by today's rollback 100 Gs so they can buy a new Fortune Card without having to do dailies again. You’re welcome to do them again and get another Fortune Card if you want and you can spend the Gs on whatever you desire or save them.

2. Because we want you to know that we take this stuff seriously and we want our players to be happy, we are going to give everyone affected by today's rollback another 300 Gs to spend however they want. They will be added to your account immediately, for a total of 400 Gs of “sorry we screwed up” credit.

3. Obviously a bunch of you got good drops this morning – new artifacts, costumes, heroes, etc. We can’t bring those back, but we’re going to give everyone a 50% boost to special item find all weekend. We know that can’t make up for the sweetest gear, but it’s something. We hope over the weekend, you’ll get something even sweeter.

4. Finally, we know some of you lost leveling progress and we know that sucks. To help relieve a bit of that pain, we are giving out 150% experience to everyone all weekend, including today. That’s a 50% bonus experience boost that can be combined with other experience boosts if desired.

To repeat - the 50% boost to special item find and 50% bonus experience boost applies to everyone who logs into the game this weekend (until 12PM PDT (noon) on Monday June 24th - 3PM EDT, 7PM UTC, 8PM BST, 9PM CEST).

Again, we take our relationship with our players seriously and we sincerely apologize for this situation.

With my continued thanks and appreciation,

David Brevik
Marvel Heroes / Gazillion
imho most players would also want some reassurance that they're doing something -- public test servers or some sort of better patch testing -- to keep this kind of cluster bleep from happening anymore.
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Although I'm taking a break from this while Gazillion's in Damage Control, Frantically Patch the Game mode, they announced their first Super Hero sale (haven't revealed which heroes will be for sale yet, and they're polling on the forums, Twitter, Facebook etc. for suggestions):

10-Day Star-Spangled Sale Starts June 28th!
The sale begins in the in-game store on June 28th and will run for 10 days, until July 8th.
Captain America seems a cinch, and I would assume most of the super heroes considered overpriced (several are about $20 apiece) would get a sale -- Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool etc. I really haven't found Iron Man much fun to play but if you can get him cheap, might as well do it and hope his powers get some sort of revamp down the road.

I found Cable a delight to play (sci-fi type pew pew weapons, force fields, shields etc.) -- if he's for sale, you should snatch him up, imho.  icon_cool

They also posted patch notes for the most recent update.

Patch Notes: Game Update
One key thing is improvements to artifacts and medallions, stats-wise.
Artifact and Medallion Improvements:

Design Note: We did a pass on all items and artifacts to ensure maximum fun. We found about 70 items that were below our power curve, so we buffed all of them and will roll them out over the next two patches. We found 1 item that that was dramatically above our power curve, so we reduced its power level.

We want players to have a lot of different options with items, and to select items based on their play style and build. If someone enjoys pets, there should be viable items to support that build. If people prefer a dodge build, crit build or AoE build then there should be options to support that style build.

You’ll notice that we focused on buffs rather than nerfs, which is what we strongly prefer. We don't like reducing an item’s power as a general rule because we know that players spend time farming and trading for specific items.

Our one nerf was Edge of Infinity because it was dealing the highest damage, by far, of any item in the game. It wasn’t even close. In this case we decided to reduce only the base damage, but leave it as the strongest pure damage item for many builds, particularly crit focused builds.

Once these changes are live, we will be monitoring performance and player feedback. We will continue to adjust them to give players the freedom to choose the artifact that fits their play style best.

Rhino and Taskmaster:
    Their Medallion now increase Max Damage Reduction.

Doctor Doom:
    Increased the chance for Medallion's fear effect slightly.

Doctor Octopus:
    Increased the Power Radius bonus from his Chapter 8 medal slightly.

    His medal and medallion now list the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
    The damage for his medal and medallion's chance-on-hit effect has been greatly increased.

Lady Deathstrike:
    Her medal and medallion's bleed damage has been doubled.

Living Laser:
    His medal and medallion's damage has been greatly increased.
    His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
    His medallion will now grant approximately double the spirit it was granting previously.

    His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
    His medal and medallions chance-on-hit damage for all effects.

    His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
    His medal and medallion now have a range for its fireball effect.
    His medal and medallion's fireball effect have had their damage increased.

    His medal and medallion now have a range for its effect.
    His medal and medallion's chance-on-hit effect has had its damage greatly increased.

    His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by its "flames" effect.
    His medal and medallion have had its "flames" effect damage increased.

    His medal and medallion's effect has had its damage increased.
If you like the Bovine Sector runs, they reduced the crafting time for that:
Bovine Sector (AKA Cow Level):

Crafting the Bovine Sector recipe now takes 1 hour instead of 10 hours.
Design Note: We think the Bovine Sector (cow level) is fun and it’s on our list of high-priority items to work on. Since we fixed the bug that allowed multiple uses, we decided it would be more fun to reduce the crafting time to 1 hour. This is a very small first step in a plan to make your battle against the Skrull-Cows as fun, challenging and rewarding as possible.
They promise another update next week.

As far as more endgame content and storyline content, Gazillion indicates it's working on all that but no ETA at this point.
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« Reply #63 on: July 10, 2013, 09:42:27 PM »

This slid to my backburner, in spite of welcome store sales, because of my happy return to SWTOR.

A big patch with many changes to individual heroes (mostly buffing various powers) went in today:

Patch Notes: Game Update
Design Note: We are currently reviewing as many heroes as possible to ensure they have several fun, powerful builds, and this is an ongoing process. Changes could be as small as changing a few numbers or as large as completely redesigning a hero’s power systems. The goal is to buff things that are weak, rather than nerfing things that are strong. We collect data from many sources, especially the feedback threads on the Hero Discussion forums.

When we tune a hero, it does not mean we are done with a hero, not even close. Every hero will continue to be tweaked, tuned and improved until they are perfect, nothing less.

We believe you should be able to play whatever hero you think is cool and be assured they are fun and powerful. If the current hero you play doesn’t fit that description, rest assured we are working on it.

We are putting through many changes each week, which means there may be bugs that can’t possibly be caught by internal testing. We will address these quickly, but feel free to enjoy anything that is overpowered while we work on it!

All powers that increase defenses have been greatly increased, to match the retuning previously done on items to improve their defense performance. This is just one step towards making sure melee characters are fun and appropriately durable. Work continues on the system, with several options on the table. The following powers now provide a much greater defense boost:

    Black Panther: Panther Soul
    Cable: Vigilant Aura
    Captain America: Combat Veteran, Fighting Spirit
    Colossus: Bulwark of Steel, Heroic Challenge, Protective Aura
    Hawkeye: Combat Training
    Hulk: Hulk Tough, Anger secondary resource
    Jean Grey: Bolstering Aura, Reinforcing Aura
    Ms. Marvel: Kree Toughness, Stellar Flare, Binary Overdrive
    Punisher: Pain Tolerance
    Storm: Refreshing Breeze
    Thing: Hard as Rock, Guardian Aura
    Thor: Asgardian Stamina
    Wolverine: Adamantium Skeleton

Flight speed has been increased. The starting percentage increase is now 30%. Flight speed maxes at a 70% movement speed increase at 40 ranks. The speed of this will probably be toned down in the future, but we are trying it at this for now.
Most Heroes are getting a full "design review," to see how they can improve them to make them more fun to play, and have to have multiple builds that can be effective.

I still can't see returning to this myself until they add some more single player content. I still can't quite fathom a game with an L60 cap where the SP stuff runs out around L23-25. The endgame stuff and "re-run terminals" ad nauseum just didn't do it for me.
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« Reply #64 on: July 15, 2013, 02:49:36 PM »

Hero and Costume Pricing Reductions
We relaunched the Marvel Heroes Store today, offering great discounts on heroes and costumes bundled together! However, if you're looking for a specific costume or just want a hero, then good news - we've also made permanent price reductions on a number of heroes and costumes in the in-game store!

We heard your feedback about pricing in Marvel Heroes and we wanted to make a few long-term adjustments. We adjusted prices lower and organized them into pricing tiers. We did our best to make the cost of heroes and costumes as fair as possible. We appreciate your support of Marvel Heroes and we will continue to listen to feedback from our players.

Here are the heroes that were reduced in price. Many costumes were also reduced. Login to Marvel Heroes and press 'X' to access the in-game store!
Hero          Price Now       Hero        Price Now
Black Widow           450G                Rocket Raccoon    1100G
Captain America    900G       Scarlet Witch           450G
Daredevil                   450G                 Spider-Man    1450G
Deadpool                1450G                   Storm    450G
Hawkeye           450G                         Thing    450G
Hulk                1100G                         Thor    1100G
Iron Man            1450G                        Wolverine    900G
Jean Grey    1100G          

If you purchased any of the heroes or costumes that were changed since the sale ended (Monday, July 8th at 12:01am PDT | 3:01am EDT | 7:01am UTC), you may contact Customer Support to request a G credit for the difference between the that price and today's price.
They're also testing a Cosmic drops deal where you'll earn Cosmic stuff while playing that you can use to specifically buy heroes, costumes, items you want, rather than getting a random drop of something specific.

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« Reply #65 on: July 15, 2013, 02:55:42 PM »

They also re-launched and revamped the ideas of Packs; either packs of multiple heroes, or solo hero packs including many goodies for that hero.

Packs are Back!
These bundle packs each spotlight a specific hero from Marvel Heroes. Today we're launching with six solo packs that feature some of our most popular heroes, with three different looks for them included, and a S.T.A.S.H. tab to put those costumes in:

Captain America    

For those who can't get enough of ol' green-skin we've also included a new version of the Hulk Smash Pack, which includes more costumes for Hulk including the newly-released 'Horseman of Apocalypse' costume!

Team Packs

What's better than one hero? A team of course, and our Team Packs allow you to begin creating your own collection of Marvel Heroes. We're kicking off with two of our most popular team line-ups - Marvel NOW! contains four heroes, three looks for each hero and Heroic Trio! contains three heroes, four looks for each hero and a S.T.A.S.H. tab for each!
There's also a ridiculous $199.99 mega pack that includes all current heroes in the game, stash tab for each, 2 looks (one default, one costume I think?) for each and 20 fortune cards.

They seem to be making steps in the right direction but imho, without more SP content and more end game variety, it'll be tough for them to retain or bring back folks, or overcome the largely negative reviews.

For Cap movie (2011) fans, they just introduced a Captain America: The First Avenger costume, identical to Chris Evan's late in the movie.
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« Reply #66 on: July 15, 2013, 05:19:02 PM »

Last thing is a big blog dump talking bout fixes, additions, improvements etc. Most promising on the single player side is difficulty levels, which would get that more in keeping with Diablo-ish type games (you run through on easy, run through on nightmare etc., run through on hell etc.).

Dev Blog: Doomsaw Update #1
Some highlights....
Fixing the Defense System
We are almost completely reworking the defense system to scale better into the late/end game.
A percent based system will fix a lot of that, along with astute use of avoidance and other mitigation powers based on the heroes’ powers. By the time we are done, melee characters will be able to melee as expected and characters won’t get one-shotted unless they are bad at moving from the fire on the ground.

Difficulty Levels – Heroic and Superheroic

Difficulty modes are one of the highest priorities for us. There is still engineering, enemy tuning and item work to done for Heroic and Superheroic difficulty modes, so they will not be on the test server next week, but will make an appearance shortly after the big July patch.
We wanted difficulty levels at launch, obviously, but just ran out of time and felt we should launch when we promised. My best guess is that these make it to the test server in August and release shortly after, assuming nothing gamebreaking.

Player vs Player
The goal is to make an extremely robust PVP system for Marvel Heroes. As we polish content, fix bugs and get all of the heroes and systems into solid shape, we will introduce a full tournament system for PVP with some MLG style elements, prizes, rankings and so on.

Modes in development include modes that are more casual and more serious. For each of “casual” and “serious”, there will be a quicker map and a more in-depth map. The quicker maps should always take less than 30 minutes to play and the “in-depth” maps could take up to an hour to play.

The casual PVP modes will have more adventuring and PVE content included in the maps. Think Alterac Valley from World of WarCraft as a rough example of something you’ll see for our casual in-depth map.

The serious PVP modes will place more emphasis on individual skill, hero selection, power selection and PVP tactics. The first mode is in the late stages of development and should be on the test server in a week or two. The mode is based on the ARAM mode from League of Legends, with two teams competing to get past turrets and destroy the enemy base. It’s a 5v5 map with a full queuing system built in. The map gets tested and adjusted daily. Just 10 minutes ago the team was naming and planning out the PVP rewards associated with this map. The PVP items are particularly good for PVP and won’t be needed for high-end PVE encounters but they will still be decent in PVE.

The existing PVP “Beta” map will be pulled out soon along with the team/faction system that is currently in game. It’s being replaced by a full-fledged queuing system similar to LOL/WOW. There is an engineer entirely dedicated to the system who is super smart and sitting just 15 feet away working on this system every day.

We know not all players care about PVP (maybe even less than 50%), so we are keeping PVP as a super-high priority, but also keeping PVE, difficulty modes, end-game raids, item hunting and other stuff as super-high priority as well. PVP will be an option for people who dig it, but will never be needed to get the best gear.

We will be introducing raids into the game. Mostly just 5-man raids to start with. Doctor Doom will be retooled for level 60 players with changes to his mechanics, difficulty and rewards to support raiding. We have a ton of guys with top tier raiding experience on the team and will make sure this is as fun as possible. We haven’t done a ton of work on this, but we have discussed the strategy for these this week. This is something I’ll be creating a feedback thread on when the time comes (likely after July).

Hero Reviews
We have a hero design team that is continually reviewing heroes nonstop for improvements. We take the feedback from the forums, from internal sources and add our internal plans for how these heroes will be awesome.

Right now, we are mainly concerned with keeping everyone fun and powerful. As you know, our philosophy is not to nerf unless there is something truly gamebreaking. Nerfing a person’s fun is the opposite of what game design is intended to do.

Today the team worked on some Wolverine adjustments, Storm and Black Widow along with some adjustments of other characters. Every character will continue to have iteration passes and get better and better each time.

The new hero design team (tasked with working on new heroes!) has done a lot of work on Human Torch this week. The old Ultimate Power was moved to a regular power and an epic new Ultimate was created. Four other new powers were created to support multiple build options and playstyles for Torch. That gives Human Torch 25 powers, more than any other hero. (Note that other heroes will have new powers added periodically as we determine they are missing important options).

The animation team has some insane Torch animations which you’ll see on test server soon. He is always flying and always on fire and looks smooth and fun.

Test Server

Next week we are opening the test server to the public. This is huge for us and will speed up our development time pretty significantly. Everyone will be allowed to play.

When the server launches, you will see hundreds of bugs all over the place and may even have trouble getting your accounts set up. Be patient for the first few days as things get ironed out.

Hero Synergy System

We have done some work on a new system that rewards players for having other leveled heroes. This system would reward you for having a hero of level 25, 50 and eventually 75 and 100 (if/when we go there). The reward would be a small bonus to every other hero you own. Example: Leveling Spider-Man gives all your heroes a small boost to dodge. Leveling Deadpool gives all your heroes a small boost to rarity find. This list of buffs isn’t finalized yet, so feel free to suggest which bonuses should be associated with each hero, especially if you have something creative in mind.
Hero Prestige System

Once the endgame has a lot more content, we will allow players to restart their characters if they wish. Like Call of Duty, there will be a cosmetic indicator if you are doing one of 5 prestige levels.

Limbo and Groups

We are updating the design for Limbo to make it more fun and less of a slideshow. We may end up reducing the number of players at the same time as we improve the flare and threat scaling system. If we actually make the zone challenging and appropriate for 5 people, we could put special unique zone rewards on the zone. This is something we really need to think about and iterate until it’s fun and actually interactive. We intend to keep buffing other zones until they are equal or slightly higher exp than Limbo, since Limbo is not really how the game is intended to be played.

Other Quick Hits and Teasers:

    We just had a playtest for a new patrol mode that was great. I think it will be set in Manhattan and feels very heroic.
    We are working on a new mode called “The Breach” (AKA the Kobayashi Maru mode!)
    There is a new level of costume cores being made
    It’s not my department, but there are some very cool new costumes underway
    The engineering team is working on some very promising improvements to performance
    A big upgrade to crafting will roll out after defenses and heroes have been all fixed
    Scarlet Witch is getting a new resource system and Ultimate
    We are allowing people to use “U” to use their Utimate (Social will be moved to “O”)
    Legendary items, Relics, Superteam items
    Halloween stuff
    Christmas stuff
Promising stuff, but yak, yak, yak. I still feel like I'm better off playing other things and revisiting this towards the end of the year.  icon_smile
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« Reply #67 on: July 17, 2013, 06:58:39 PM »

looks like there will be a bunch of announcements from Comic Con this week.  Apparently the Superior Spider-Man is coming in August, complete with new animations and voicework.

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Testing Center launched (to play on test server, provide feedback etc.):
Q: What should I expect to find on Test Center?
You will find the latest, raw version of Marvel Heroes. Test Center is for testing, so you can expect to see unexplained (and undocumented) bugs, crashes and so on. The Test Center version of Marvel Heroes will generally not be an optimal experience. However, on Test Center you will also get to see the latest and greatest balance changes before they are added to the Live game. We want your feedback on the latest additions, so we encourage you to download the Test Center Client if you can live with the bugs!
Given how buggy the launch game was, I expect a lot of snarky comments about "expect to see unexplained (and documented) bugs" part.  icon_razz

A lot of awesome stuff seems on the way, it's just really unfortunate their publisher (Marvel?) couldn't give them a few more months before launching. Then again, a lot of what they're talking about completely revamping is because of the larger amount of feedback they got after launch.

They launched on test the new "Midtown Manhattan" mode:
Midtown Manhattan is a new gameplay mode we are introducing with the inauguration of the Marvel Heroes new Test Center:

    Open to all levels in 5 level bands.
    Uses a variant of the Upper East Side tile map.
    Public Combat Zone for 10 players.
    Includes numerous ambushes (which are solable) and supervillain team attacks (which are most definitely not solable)
    The zone does not close - it is open constantly.
    Supervillain rewards are slightly modified; medals have only a percentage chance to drop, but supervillains are individually not as tough as a normal PCZ event supervillain.
    Accessible from the purple terminal or the Avengers Tower elevator.
    The degree of difficulty is tougher than a standard PCZ, and this difficulty further escalates as the level band increases.
    Discoveries and events are rewarding the new, higher amount of experience.
    Some new mobs.

Known issues:

    We will be adding vendors to the area where you zone into the map.
    Lots and lots of tuning still needs to be done.
    Some dramatic entrances are not displaying yet.
    Some mobs have been spotted spawning inside walls.
    Some supervillains cannot use some of their powers (for example, Green Goblin does not do his swoop)
    Red arrows pointing to supervillains are not consistently working; we have a fix for this, but the fix did not make the build that is currently on the Test Center.
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« Reply #69 on: August 01, 2013, 06:50:46 PM »

So Gazillion HAD in place an amazing update yesterday, which promptly "broke" the game and required a rollback where people would have to redownload and reinstall the entire game in order to still play on life servers.

But at some point, this should add welcome changes/additions, including the ability to earn things you specifically want via cosmic splinter drops, the Human Torch, first-pass revamps of many heroes' skill sets and the very promising Midtown Manhattan zone, which has gotten raves on the test server and apparently provides an exciting alternative to the storyline stuff, available to all level characters.

Game Update Notes – 7/31/2013 –
Today’s patch is massive and far-reaching. We’ve been working overtime to upgrade almost every component of Marvel Heroes. With this patch we’ve also added our first new hero – the Human Torch – and made a massive change to the way you acquire heroes with the new alternate currency system, Eternity Splinters.

In addition to polish, buffs and overall improvements, we’ve introduced a few features that didn’t make it on launch day. With so many additions to the game, there will be inevitable glitches, unintended changes and even a few changes that didn’t make it into the patch notes below. We’ll be monitoring everything very closely as the patch goes live and standing by to fix anything that is out of place.

New Hero: Human Torch
Human Torch has arrived in Marvel Heroes! Please see this news story for full details on how to get Human Torch and other details. Human Torch is available as an in-game purchase or in exchange for Eternity Splinters. If you want to talk about Human Torch drop by the Human Torch Forum to swap tips and tricks with other players and learn the best way to play!

New free hero system: Eternity Splinters
Eternity Splinters are a new system introduced with this patch for Marvel Heroes. Eternity Splinters replace hero token drops and offer players a chance to earn every hero in any order they wish, simply by playing the game. Adam Warlock sells all heroes for Eternity Splinters along with a few other items. He can be found beside Gambit in all three of the social hubs.

Eternity Splinters drop from all enemies throughout the game. Their drop rate is influenced by your Special Item Find bonus.

The rate of drop is tuned to make Marvel Heroes slightly faster than other free-to-play games in terms of getting free heroes, as we continue to work towards the goal of being the most player-focused game possible. We will continue to evaluate and iterate until we are 100% satisfied that we are meeting that goal.

We intend to add many things to the Eternity Splinter vendor and anticipate future polls and player discussion about items they would like to see.

For those players who still have old Cosmic Keys, they have been converted in your inventory and S.T.A.S.H. on a 1-1 basis for Eternity Splinters. Not many players purchased Cosmic Keys (almost all of them are from drops), but if you purchased a Cosmic Key from the in-game store up to 7 days previous to their removal from the game on July 2nd, and that key has not been used, we will refund the Gs you used to purchase it.

Adam Warlock sells a random hero box that could contain any hero. You can theoretically get a hero you already own from this box, in which case it can be used to upgrade your Ultimate Power.

New Zone Added: Midtown Patrol
A revamped Limbo mode has been added. Enter Manhattan to face off against waves of tough bosses in a city teeming with life!

    Patrol Manhattan to fight crime, save civilians and keep the city safe.

    Available for all levels of players.

    New super villain groups attack the city periodically and must be shut down.

    No time limit, no ’threat‘ meter. Everything is challenging, but manageable with the right gear and tactics.

And then, oops...
Servers and game patch reverting: what this means

This reminds me of some of the more major updates to City of Heroes. It seems inevitable if you try to do too many fundamental changes in one update, it invariably breaks something when it goes to the live servers, no matter how thoroughly tested on a test server.
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« Reply #70 on: August 01, 2013, 06:56:29 PM »

This dev crew has been such a joke frown
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« Reply #71 on: September 23, 2013, 05:59:25 PM »

I took a little revisit last night and started new with Emma Frost.  I really wanted to try X Defense but I guess you need a group to do it, which I didn't figure out til much later.  Anyway I ended up running through some of the early content like a maniac  with a short jaunt in Midtown Madness.  It's total mayhem in some spots, for better or worse, sometimes I would just be running around in circle collecting xp circles and loot lol.  I don't know if the game has sustainability but I definitely enjoyed it more than when I played in beta. 
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« Reply #72 on: September 25, 2013, 02:53:18 PM »

Since Im off work for 6-8 weeks recovering from ankle surgery, I needed some time waster to keep me from total boredom.  I decided to give this a try.  Any advice for a beginner? 

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