Have PS2 Sales peaked?

Started by Destructor, June 09, 2004, 02:02:33 PM

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Take a look here, and see what you think about PS2 sales peaking:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has branded media reports that the PlayStation 2 has reached its sales peak as "bullshit," stating that the console still has 50 per cent of its hardware sales to come.

"We get many headlines in the media saying that PlayStation 2 has peaked," Reeves told delegates at a summit in London arranged by UK publisher trade body ELSPA. "It's bullshit - it has not peaked. We're only halfway through the life cycle."

Reeves argued that the PlayStation 2 has yet to reach the "magic price point" - referring to the reduction in price of the original PlayStation to around the UKP 99 mark which caused its installed base to skyrocket - and scotched rumours of an imminent price drop, saying that despite the US PS2 price cut at E3, "we have no intention of going down in price immediately in the PAL territories."

Incase the original news article scrolls off the page, here's the original link.

So... What's your thoughts? Personally, I'm shocked at the 'we're only halfway through our life cycle (of the console)' line. Do you expect to see the PS2 around for another 2-3 years without it being dwarfed by the new consoles from Nintendo and Microsoft?
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I'm sure he's talking more that there will still be PS2 games being made even after the PS3 is out...much like there were still a lot of PSX games made when the PS2 came out for at least a year into its life.  So, I'm willing to bet a PS3 release in 2006 and software for the PS2 through 2007, meaning it is currently at only the halfway point in its life.
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The article pretty much states that he is talking sales.

I have to wonder if we are going to see a "PSTwo" sometime around the release of the PS3.

Still, the PS2 is showing its age, and unless there is a chip that tells PS2's to break after a certain time, if people don't have one by now, they most likely won't be getting one.
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Given how many PS2s go defective, I'd say they already included that chip.


They keep dropping the price and more people will buy them.  It is hard to look at that huge library of games and not be impressed.  Even xbox/gc fanboys have to admit there are some good PS2-only titles to be had.  Sure, there are plenty of exclusives for each system, but the PS2 library is unrivaled.

I happen to think $149 for the PS2 w/network adapter bundle is a pretty good deal, but we have seen what the GC did at the $100 price-point.

Even the PSOne outsells the Xbox in Japan!  (at least it did last I saw the charts)

At the end of the day it's all about software sales anyway.  I wouldn't be as concerned with selling more hardware, but more games.  They are quite capable of that.
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I'm probably going to buy my first PS2 next week :)


There's nothing quite like that new console smell, not to mention the first time you turn it on, after plugging everything in.



...and I mean all of that in a completely non-sexual way.
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Yeah the Ps2 library is daunting, I've bought one twice because of it, but each time I realized that as much as I saw games I wanted to play I never played them and never got the motivation too do so...

It was very odd, lots of great looking RPGs, Platformers and whatnot, yet I'd play em once or twice never really get hooked by any of them.

I've had quite the opposite happen with the Cube and Xbox games. I think I just like the feel of the Cubetroller more than anything with the system, and well XboxLive is more than enough to keep me involved in games.

I don't think that the PS2 has peaked either, it'll go to 99, probably get a PSOne type remodel and then end up 50 bucks. It'll still sell like gangbusters and it will totally feed the PS3 beast.
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My personal problem with the PS2, or rather its gaming library, is the selection of RPGs, basically. That is to say, for some odd reason, I feel that the RPGs on PS2 are lacking something. They all feel less epic, somehow. Though I could swear part of the reason is because every single damn RPG lacks the damn familiar overhead map. Damn.

Even Final Fantasy X (..I won't mention X-2..) falls into this.

Also, the music is lacking. That is to say, there're quite a few PSX games I can easily point out to have an excellent music, and yet with the PS2, I was expecting the same "quality of music", with more clarity, and more.. I don't know.. oompf? There are a few exceptions, of course.

Now, it may be that I purchased the PSX after it had already aged relatively well, and the selection of RPGs was very varied (FFVII just released, Xenogears, Suikoden 1/2, Wild Arms, etc.), and I purchased the PS2 on day one, so the best are yet to come. And I'm sure it is.

Nevertheless, I'm still somewhat miffed that the RPGs themselves didn't live up to whatever delusional expectation I had of them. And since I purchase consoles mainly for the RPG experience, it's a bit of a bother.

Having said all that, the PS2 still sees the most playtime of all the three consoles, for me. I've never had a problem with the hardware(knock on wood), or software(knock on wood). Overall, it hasn't disappointed.

...And I seriously hope this isn't me becoming jaded on all future console games. I really don't want to end up being one of those people who harp on the golden age of gaming on a specific console and then belittles everything of today and morrow. Ungh.
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I think a lot of the problem with RPG's on the next-gen consoles is all the energy being spent on graphics.  I like the graphics, but I don't think I need to see a five-minute real-time movie every time I cast a spell.

The stories are another thing.  They are just so much teenage melodrama.  I haven't decided if the writing or plot is any better than the crap on the Soap magazines at the grocery store checkout lines or not.  For all I am concerned we might as well just go back to the old "somebody stole the princess!  Go save her (and the world in the process)" cliche.  Somebody takes their craft way too seriously.

I used to really like console RPG's a lot more.  I don't know what happened.  I wouldn't mind seeing something more like the Baldur's Gate series, but with the emphasis on graphical sheen that is unlikely.

Music should be better as production budgets and storage increases.

I still think some of the simpler 2D RPG's are stellar.  While not always perfect, they often forced the developer to add a little extra to make up for the primitive graphics.

I don't purchase consoles for RPG's.  Quite the opposite, actually.  But I know I am jaded!  I'll also take this opportunity to harp on the golden age of consoles: Sega Saturn, RIP.  GBA = the last bastion of old school.
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