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Author Topic: Looking for a printer  (Read 1079 times)
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Andrew Wonser
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« on: April 18, 2005, 08:43:04 PM »

I'm almost out of paper and would like to replace my old tractor feed printer with a new one. While I don't print a whole lot, when I do I usually do about 200 pages.
Here are my needs:
At least 10 ppm with 20+ being ideal
B&W not color/Mostly text with pictures being limited to logos
Trey (Cassette) loaded versus it being fed from outside the printer
600x600dpi min Mines running at 180x180 for what little speed I can get, but I don't really need a high amount.
No more than $200

A quick search through NewEgg brings up a couple that could be acceptible.
Here and here.
I'm leaning towards the Samsung simply because it is so cheap but there might be something I'm not seeing with the Brother that would make it more desirable.

« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2005, 09:10:06 PM »

Dot Matrix- only real choice if you need to use multi-part paper.  Noisy.

Ink Jet- decent choice for color printing,.  Low cost of entry, but thats because it is a back-loaded expense; carries a high cost per page, and ink drys out if you print infrequently.

Laser- best choice if you dont care about color.  By far the lowest cost per page.  Uses 'toner', which is a dry powder, so infrequent useage will not cause problems (as with Ink Jet).  Prints quickly, and tends to be very quiet.

Color Laser- high cost, but it's a front-loaded expense.  Prices have actually fallen quite a bit, however (early models from a few years ago were over $5000).  Has the same benefits of Laser printers.  If you need to print color, and can afford a Color Laser, this is by far your best, most reliable, (and in the long run the cheapest) choice).

I generally recommend HP printers.  Despite the horrible management of that company, they still put out printers that are much better than their competitors.  Dont be fooled into going with Epson- they may look good and get good reviews in magazines, but they break a lot.

Another benefit of HP is that almost every store carries their ink.  If you get a Lexmark, you will probably have to shop around for a place that carries their ink/toner, likewise with most other companies.  Were I to get a non-HP printer, I would probably go with Cannon.  Okidata is also good if you are getting a small laser or a dot matrix (they may actually be the only company still making dot matrix, so it's a good thing they are a reliable company), but again you run into the problem with getting ink/toner.

While I always recommend Dell computers, I cant recommend their printers.  They use rebranded Lexmark printers, which is alright, but Lexmark includes a chip inside the print cartridges, which stops normal Lexmark ink from working inside rebranded printers.  This means you will always have to buy Dell ink.  This practice has also been upheld in US courts, so they have no plans on allowing you to do otherwise.  Something to keep in mind if you run out of ink on the Sunday before your term paper is due.

[edit] sorry, I forgot to view the printers you were looking at.  Both Samsung and Brother have pretty decent reputations for small laser printers, just remember to get an extra toner cartridge for when you run out, since you may have trouble getting one at a local store.
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« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2005, 09:31:38 PM »

I had a Brother 1440 that crapped out on me after a year or two.  Something happened to the drum.  Unfortunately the replacement cost about as much as a new printer so I went that route.

Upon doing some searching I found that there were a lot of people with the exact problem I had.  I thought it was a great printer during its short lifespan, but didn't go with that company again.

I ended up with an HP LaserJet 1012 which has worked out well.  Unfortunately this doesn't have the internal cartridge, instead it looks more like an InkJet.

I would certainly reccomend you do your research into the printer you decide to buy.  I can't condemn Brother outright -- as I said it was a great printer while it worked -- but I would be hesitant to put my money into another at this point.

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