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Author Topic: Looking for a gaming laptop and possibly a netbook. Recommendations needed  (Read 451 times)
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« on: July 22, 2011, 11:56:07 PM »

First off the laptop will not be a desktop replacement. What I would like power wise is something that can play MMOs on medium to high (I'm thinking LOTRO but really any of them) and at bare minimum run Mass Effect 2 at medium/high. Of course if I can get something that runs better than that I'm all for it.

As far as specifics I would like at least a 17" screen with a good view angle (My last one starting loosing color and brightness as soon as you deviated from dead center which was annoying). Would prefer an AMD/Radeon but I'm not firm on that. Would like a fairly large HD so SSD are out especially with how much they still cost. Would like an internal wireless and at least two USB ports. Anything else like say an HDMI out would be nice but certainly not a deal breaker. Oh and would like the speakers to be of decent quality as I would probably be using them as I watch something else on the TV, especially if I'm playing an MMO. Lastly, I do not care if the design is as ugly as sin just as long as typing on it is comfortable. I'm fine with spending $1000+ but something like from Apple is way too much for what you get.

Now on to the netbook or whatever. What I would like to use this for is document viewing/editing, web browsing and video playback. So while I am playing something on a console or computer to be able to look at it for reference and modify text as I go along. If and this is a big if since I will have the laptop, I do want to game on it I'm thinking DOSBox or maybe something like Uplink. I'm open to a tablet but it seems like what I want to do, especially text modification, requires more money beyond the initial investment. Admittedly I was looking to see if there were text editors for the touch so a tablet may be different. The big thing though is I want to be able to use this while offline. I don't keep my connection on at all times so some kind of storage is necessary. Also this device, whatever I may go with, should be fairly inexpensive so something like the iPad or probably most tablets are probably off the table. Again I would only be using this to fill a pretty small want so something fancy is not required.

Hope I listed everything that might come up.
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