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Author Topic: tie fighter (PC)  (Read 437 times)
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« on: June 28, 2014, 04:41:07 AM »

The other day I was talking to my buddy about old days, old games.  How we used to always have a joystic / flight stick, something I haven't owned in years.  We were talking about some old favorites, comanche Maximum overkill, etc.   Then Wing commander, etc.  and I remembered the game Tie Fighter.  I remember liking it better then the wing commanders at the time, and honestly consider it and privateer to be best of the ebst when it came to pew pewing in space ships.

I want to serve the emperor and get those funky tattoos burned into my arm.  Clear up some old memories , that can be faded or even wrong.  I do remember loving the game.

I own a nice library on gog, but this is not there.  No idea why its not there, but whatever.  (I love gog and wish every game I could ever want in the past and future could be gotten on gog.)

I think my son will like it too, if I can find it and get it to work.

Anyone got any ideas on getting this game and getting it to work on a windows 7 computer?
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« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2014, 09:30:20 AM »

there's a combo of one way to get it working.

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« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2014, 01:06:13 PM »

Two things. Firstly, that link isn't even for TIE Fighter, but X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. Secondly, it's way overpriced.

The only reasonable method of legally acquiring TIE Fighter that I'm aware of is on eBay. There are a number of versions.

DOS 3.5 Floppy - You probably don't want this.

DOS CD-ROM - You'll need to use DOSBox, but this version has the added advantage of the iMUSE MIDI soundtrack which a lot of people prefer to the Redbook audio in later versions.

Windows CD-ROM - You'll probably need to jump through a few hoops to get it to install and run on Windows 7/8, but shouldn't be a huge issue.

TIE Fighter Collector's Edition Windows CD-ROM - Same as above, but this re-release ported the game to the more advanced X-Wing vs TIE Fighter engine which enables the use of 3D Acceleration (which I should note does not seem to work with modern nVIDIA drivers unfortunately—at least for me).

X-Wing Collector's Series - Contains the updated versions of both X-Wing and TIE Fighter along with their expansions. This is the version I have.

X-Wing Trilogy - Contains the updated versions of X-Wing and TIE Fighter along with X-Wing Alliance.

You can expect to pay $100 or more for the Trilogy box if you can even find one for sale. The Collector's Series goes for less than half that and there are usually a few auctions up at any time. I think I paid about $25 for mine. The other discs are pretty common and vary in price depending on whether or not the box, artwork, etc, is included.

I'm actually playing through X-Wing and TIE Fighter right now and I'm enjoying them a lot. For comparison's sake, I bought Wing Commander 4 on GOG a while back and I can't even get into it enough to finish the first mission.
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