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Author Topic: Phantom Delayed Until 2005?  (Read 1148 times)
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« on: September 20, 2004, 10:06:17 PM »

As seen on the site, and via this link to (copied in full thanks to his site getting /.'ed):

Now...discuss. :roll:

Phantom Console To Miss November 18th!
Will Not Be Released Until 2005!

We've had mutliple sources contact Where Is Phantom, both inside and outside the company stating that Infinium Labs has no intention of releasing the Phantom Console on November 18th. Instead they are aiming for a March 2005 release timeframe. This is the reason that there has been no rush for releasing a game list or getting a network supporting the Phantom for a Christmas season release.

This will surely disappoint many fans, but shouldn't come as a huge surprise. On one hand, this gives Infinium Labs time to hone and perfect the system to meet growing expectations and increasing competition. However, given Infinium Labs financial situation they will miss the crucial holiday buying season, endure another six months of costs and suffer yet another bad publicity hit.

I've been following this for over a year now. Infinium Labs thinks that this is a hate site that is intended to bring the company down. I've got news for you Tim and Kevin. You're doing a damn good job bringing down the company around you. Go back and read my editorials and you'll see I've constantly given you keys to success on how to make your system work. You wouldn't even be in this position if pride and ego had not consumed you. You only exist because of the backbreaking work done for you by minor players like Kathy Schoback and the employees you've burned. They are now beating a path to my door because of the way you've treated them.

I've previously said that WIP would shut down when the HardOCP case is over. I've changed my mind. Since money is apparently the only thing you listen to, I'll sell the site for $100,000 and go away and not start another site. Seriously.

Here's the funny thing though. Infinium Labs has gotten to the point where they've alienated so many consumers, gamers, and yes -- investors all by themselves, that someone else out there will take my place. Infinium Labs, you've created your own detractors by breaking promises, suing your fans and hurting real people.

Is it too late? Can this idea of games on demand work? I think it can and will. Other companies also think so and are starting up new ventures as we speak. Infinium Labs can make this work too; but not with Kevin Bachus and Timothy Roberts at the helm. They should listen to their investors who are telling them the same thing and either give up control of Infinium Labs or quit. Their leadership has caused them to listen to too many lawyers and their own egos to make Infinium Labs successful. I'm going out on a limb, but I care too much for this industry to let Infinium Labs stain it with their continued failures. What I'm asking is nothing that an major newspaper wouldn't do if they see corruption in City Hall or in a major business in their area. The Disney Corporation faced the same thing when shareholders staged a revolt and asked for Michael Eisner to step down. Infinium Labs is a publicly traded company and the gamers are the true shareholders. It's within our right to ask for new leadership to move the company from the mires and into the pastures of success.

I'm an optimist and think that Infinium Labs can bring something to the table. Currently it seems that all they are doing is taking investors money from under the table and wasting it.

That's my opinion. I'm sticking to it.
Chris Campbell
Where Is Phantom??

This article protected by the First Amendment... oh, and because we're also right.

"All opinions posted are my own, and not those of my employers, who are appalled."
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