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Author Topic: New Splinter Cell Chaos Theory multiplayer movie  (Read 656 times)
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« on: January 03, 2005, 11:37:46 PM »

It shows off the Spy vs. Mercenaries gameplay, and it looks like they've made a few good improvements.

For those that have played it, SCPT multiplayer was a great premise, and worked sometimes, but it was plagued by balance issues that allowed the spies, who were supposed to sneak, to run around offing mercs left and right.

Likewise, some mercs who knew a few exploits could lockdown a map against the spies simply because there were only so many pathways into an area.

This practically forced players to abandon the game's premise and go all out with guns blazing.

I looked at the video and saw a few things that would help deal with this.

For the mercs, it now looks like they have a few new close combat moves, of real use is the turn around punch, where the merc can bash away anyone in his rear arc.  So, if you know a spy is behind you, say like right after he tazed you and ran behind you, you can actually prevent him from grabbing you, whereas before all you could do was sit there and take it.  This should make spies sneak a lot more on maps rather than try to take mercs on upfront.  There's also a rifle garrote maneuver used on a spy on the ground, I'm not sure what use this move is, though.

It seems they also have a gas mask to counteract all the overuse of smoke grenades and camera gas.  However, you don't have as good a field of view with the mask on, which is a big deal in a game like this.

For spies, they have all those cool team moves to help spies who are working together get to where they need to go.  They also have a cloaking ability, looks like the predator effect, that could hide them in plain sight.  A few new merc takeout moves, like throwing a guard over a rail if you're hanging beneath him.

SCCT looks good so far, I may just buy it for the multiplayer.
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