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Author Topic: Games with Leadership/Cooperative AI?  (Read 2472 times)
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« on: February 01, 2005, 02:52:58 PM »

I'm looking for any games that feature some type of Leadership AI, whether it's a first person shooter or a real-time strategy I like them both. The game I have waited years and years for is Team Fortress 2 when John C was quoted as saying "Bots will play as Commanders, Squad Leaders, and all other available classes."

There are three first person shooters I have seen that feature some type of leadership AI;
Quake 3 - While it's nothing to write home about, it is interesting that you can make a bot the leader of your team and not have to worry about issuing orders to the team. Wish the Unreal Tournament series could do the same because it seems they rely on a human player to tell them what to do. The "freelance" option is a joke, especially in capture the flag games.

Space Hulk 2 Veangeance of the Blood Angels - old, old, old game. In the first couple of missions you were part of the squad, and you and your AI comrades were instructed by a Commander who would tell you what to do.
He might instruct you to go to point A and protect the area, while one AI comrade goes to get a relic, another one guards him, and the last one goes to the extraction point.
If the AI player going to get the relic is killed, the Commander will then have another AI player or you go to get the relic instead.
The leadership AI varies as the game goes on and plays according to what happens. Usually you can never trust one of your AI comrades to get a relic because the aliens always kill him.
This was years and years ago, but it's still one of the best times in my life I've had playing a singelplayer game. I wish more games would have followed the Space Hulk series.

Swat 3 Tactical Game of the Year - AI element leaders. You can play any combination of human/AI players on a team, and you don't have to be the element leader. You can leave it up to a bot to lead the SWAT team in and issue orders to all players, including you.
So much more relaxing to play IMO so you don't have to keep micromanaging your team. I hate that. "Open door, flash grenade, move in, clear area." I just want to worry about myself and not the entire team. The addition of AI element leaders was a huge plus and I wish the new developers (Irrational) for Swat 4 would keep this feature, but of course, they seem more multiplayer oriented and from the interviews/information out there, it looks like the singleplayer swat team will rely on the human player to get the job done.

And three real-time strategy games I know of that have sort of a cooperative AI:

Rise of Nations - You can share control of your base with an AI player. Nice feature especially for beginners. The AI doesn't seem to do much about attacking, but they definitely build up your base and build an army for you.

Submarine Titans - Old game, but it had an option to toggle AI assistance on. The AI would help you economically as well as with your military.

Tzar Burden of the Crown - old game also, same type of setting as Submarine Titans.
You can configure "Economic assistance" "Military Assistance" or "Full AI assistance"
The AI shares control of your base and units, attacks and builds accordingly.

That's all the games I know of but I'd really like to find any others.
Any suggestions?

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« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2005, 03:09:28 PM »

Highway to the Reich by Matrix games is a real-time strategy game. Yes, its more properly defined as a wargame BUT it progresses in real-time and it has strategy, hence I think it qualifies as an RTS.

Highway to the Reich is a game where you command divisions, regiments, or companies for either the Allies or the Axis in WW2 Operation Market-Garden.

Each level of headquarters features leadership AI and will be able to interpret your orders and give orders to their subordinates.

For example, you can order the division HQ to take a certain town. It will then formulate orders to tell the regimental HQ's where to go and they in turn formulate orders to their companies.  If you like you could give orders to the regiments directly, or even give orders to the companies directly. Doing so however means they will be under your direct command, so their parent HQ will not be able to offer them support, such as calling artillery fire for them if they come under attack.

That's the other thing, the HQ's will utilitize artillery units under their command to either support an attack or use in defense.

The level of AI leadership is pretty amazing for this kind of game. I know I'm impressed with it.

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« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2005, 02:09:13 PM »

Operation Flashpoint - at least in the beginning, and some user-made missions.
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