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Author Topic: [PC-PR] SuperPower 2 Fact Sheet  (Read 2346 times)
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Knightshade Dragon
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« on: August 12, 2004, 05:28:02 PM »

I dig RTS so I'll have to take a closer look myself...


Title: SuperPower 2   
Publisher: DreamCatcher
Developer: Golem Labs
Ship: Fall 2004
Platform: Windows®
Genre: Real Time Strategy

Ultimate World Domination
SuperPower 2 is the only global geopolitical simulation game which allows players to control entire countries.  As with SuperPower, players control countries in 3 major areas: political, economic and military, but this time, it’s in a beautiful real-time 3D environment.

SuperPower 2 Features:
•   193 real countries equipped with realistic data drawn from the U.S. Military’s databases.
•   Sophisticated A.I. designed to realistically simulate each country
•   Real-life combat situations, with multiple forces joining and leaving battles as the balance of power shifts
•   Real-time and turn-base gameplay and Modular units building

•   SuperPower 2 supports multi-player for LAN and Internet play.
•   Multiplayer for up to 32 players in a variety of styles, including world domination, economic master, and many others.

Players build up their own countries and increase influence in the broader world while competing against a sophisticated A.I.  Players make use of economic sanctions, political alliances, and military actions to wage battles.  Players have the ability to fine-tune each country’s performance, from creating or breaking treaties, to making tactical decisions in particular military conflicts.

SuperPower 2 is completely moddable.  Tools will be released with the game to allow everyone individually customize the game. Dedicated modders will be able to create completely separate mods, set in worlds totally different from the SP2 context.

Ron Burke
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« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2004, 01:06:49 AM »

Heh, I just bought the original at Target for under $10 last weekend.  I had no idea what it was about, but it looked neat.  I thought, "Hey, if nothing else it looks like I have an offline version of the CIA World Factbook."  Just looking at the jewelcase, this should be the greatest game ever made.  I am going to bet it isn't, but it still looks neat!  I'm almost afraid to try it.  As it is, I feel like I have one of the greatest games ever pressed to CD, but I am pretty sure upon loading it I will be tremendously dissapointed.  There is no way it could live up to the hype unless it jacked me into some kind of real-life "Wargames" type scenario.

Looking forward to renewing the feeling once SuperPower 2 is released!

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