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Author Topic: Forum Rules (Please Read)  (Read 3887 times)
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« on: May 03, 2004, 06:35:58 AM »

These are the current Console Gold Forum Rules.  I hope to keep this just in the General and Off-Topic sections and not have to duplicate it in each forum.  Please read these rules so we're all on the same page and welcome to the Console Gold Forum!

1. Hate Speech - Hate speech is not allowed on the forum.  1st violation of this rule will result in a warning sent to the offender and a 1 week suspension.  2nd violation of the rule will result in an immediate banning of the offender.

2. Piracy/Warez Links - Any links to piracy, warez or mentioning where to go to get information to do such things (even using creativity in posts to let people know where to go) is not permitted.  Discussions can happen, but any links will not be tolerated.  1st violation will result in the link being removed and a warning being issued to the offender.  2nd violation will result in the same thing in addition to a 1 week suspension.  3rd violation will result in an immediate banning of the offender.

3. Personal Attacks - Personal attacks are simply not allowed.  The moderators will decide the action to take on a case by case basis.  A private e-mail will be sent to the violator explaining what the moderator has decided and start a conversation with the user.  Repeated personal attacks by a user may be cause for a suspension or banning of the user.  Matters in this case will be worked out privately between the moderator(s) and the user.

4. Nudity/Porn Pics and Links - Pictures and links to any porn or nudity will not be allowed on the forum.  We want to keep the Console Gold Forum as work friendly as possible for people that want to read and contribute to the forum.  Repeated use of such pictures or links may be cause for suspension or banning of the user.

5. Signatures - Signatures are allowed, but try not to go overboard on the number of lines in your signatures.  Personal websites linked in your signature is not allowed and will be removed from your signature and an e-mail will be sent explaining why it was taken out.

6. Pictures - Feel free to link pictures to your forum post, but try not to go overboard.  Remember to put a 56k warning on posts with lots of pictures.

7. Personal Websites - Try not to overuse personal website links when posting.  This is not a place to pimp your website, it's a place for people to share ideas and have fun.

8. Multiple Usernames - Multiple usernames will not be allowed.  If you are caught the duplicate account will be banned and a message will be sent to the violator explaining why it happened.

9. Common Sense - Use it and everyone will be happier.  Be respectful of other users and industry reps that may come onto the forum.  We want this to be a fun place to come and share ideas and stories.  You may have something against a poster, but still be respectful of the poster's opinions.

10. Politics/Religion Threads/Posts - Are allowed in the Off-Topic forum.  If enough of this talk continues in Off-Topic, a separate forum may be made.

11. Avatars - With the addition of Avatars (3/5/05), there are to be no Avatars over 80x80 pixels, 6144 bytes and only JPG pictures are allowed to be added.  There are to be no Avatars that infringe on the other rules noted above (hate speech and nudity are the key ones) and they will be deleted immediately.  If picture is re-added, user will be dealt with accordingly.

12. Other Rules - The Moderators and Console Gold Staff reserve the right to add, subtract or edit list.  Users will be notified of new or adapted rules via a post on the "General News" section (whatever our general section is going to be called that is).

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