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Author Topic: EverQuest 2 NDA Lifted  (Read 5568 times)
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« Reply #40 on: October 18, 2004, 04:10:31 PM »

Quote from: "coopasonic"

I've heard things both good and bad about EQ2 on my guild boards, but none of the bad seems all that bad to me, or doesn't impact somethnig I am too interested in (crafting)... so I think I'll give it a shot.

I am not sure why everyone is so against the craftingf system in EQ2.  I have read about it and it actually sounds pretty cool to me.  Like you fight little "battles" while you craft and bring some interaction to things.  Sounds a lot better than crafting I have seen in other games which is just dragging and dropping resources into slots.  This actually sounds like little mini-games.

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« Reply #41 on: October 18, 2004, 04:13:30 PM »

I read a funny preview froma guy in the beta that said the first time he tried tailoring he got sucked into the sewing machine and killed. Said he actually died more from crafting than from fighting rats. haha I found that really funny.

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« Reply #42 on: October 18, 2004, 04:53:39 PM »

i am absolutely in love with WoW. I decided to stop playing except in fits and bursts so as to not ruin any more upper level content, because I know I am going to be playing on Day 1 baby!!
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« Reply #43 on: October 18, 2004, 07:04:28 PM »

Quote from: "DiscoJason"
The question  have is do you have to solo in WoW?  From what I hav eread about WoW, you can solo all the way to max, but are there still enough groups out there so that you can find a group pretty easily if you want the social and team aspects of grouping?  Concepts like these will be what finally make me decide between WoW and EQ2.  Hopefully, I can get in the betas of both and see for myself.

Do you have to?  No.  When the game devs opened a new push (back in the day) and everyone had to start all over again, I never had a problem grouping.  Lots of people looking to do the same quests you are.

Now, with a lot of people having maxxed out toons and either working on alts or farming items with the capped guys, there's not a whole lot of grouping going on.  People still group for instances (because you have to...), but not as much.  Before, when I did Deadmines at 18, there were probably 10 groups going at the same time, looking for members.  Luckily, I got in a good one smile

Plus, if I ever wanted to group, I have plenty of friends from my /friends list, in guild and out, that I can bring into a group.

It's not a big deal at all.  But, being able to solo is a very, very nice alternative, because sometimes you're just on for an hour and you can get some really good solo time in during that hour.

So, in any case, Coop, wanna party? smile
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