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Author Topic: EQ2:Dynamic Adventure Camps  (Read 1012 times)
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« on: October 21, 2004, 08:27:25 PM »

These guys just went into Antonica with the latest push to beta.  We wanted to get them into one zone at first and get some hammering on them before implementing them into all the zone we have them planned for.  The rest of the zones should be in for the next push.
What is it?
You know all those gnoll/undead/beetles etc. that were standing around an object such as the gnoll tents?  All these have been changed to this new style of gameplay.  Each camp area has a multitude of mini-events that can happen at them.  There are multiple stages, and multiple types of rewards for completing the events.  For example, kill off everything around the camp and a stage completes, and a new objective is spawned.
-Let us know how the respawn times of the camps feel.  Is it impossible to complete stages before stuff respawns?  Keep in mind that they are designed for a group to accomplish.
-Does everything seem to be working correctly (of course )?  
-How do you like them?  Are they fun, and do you like the types of rewards.  Keep in mind that not all of the boss type stages have loot attached yet, they will all be attached by next push.
Thank you all, and enjoy!
Steve Pierce
Designer - Everquest II

From what I can tell, and have seen in freeport... there will be say a dead carcass that spawns carrion hounds... if I read this correctly clearing the carcass and removing it should create some dynamic encounter... just found this post, was from last week...
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