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Author Topic: EQ2 Upcoming Trade Skill Changes  (Read 962 times)
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« on: October 21, 2004, 08:23:35 PM »

Hello all,
I just wanted to update you on a few changes that are coming to the tradeskill system.
Some items will have multiple items made when you finish a product depending on which state you bring the item to.  An example of this would be the tin arrows that are currently in game.  If you bring the item to the first state it might only give you 3, then 5, then 7, and then 10.  We will be applying this to expendable items such as arrows/potions/poisons/totems/washes/resins/tempers/oils  things like this.  
We have changed how much time it takes to make refine and interim recipes.  Things like Oils will take significantly less time to make than a Sword or a Breastplate now.
And finally the big change to the Special Event system.  I just finished up the new special event system and I'd like to share with you some of the changes that were made.
The changes to the Special Event system is huge and I think it will provide more variety of how you want to play your Artisan vs. how other play.  We sat down and looked into the special event system to allow people more choices on what is going on round to round for their tradeskill process.  

Here is basically how it is now broken down.  You will gain reactions abilities based upon your level and your chosen class/subclass.  You will start with one option for all 27 of the new reactions.  Notation 01, Lettering 01, Spell Binding 01, ect...  These will have Icons on them that will match up to special events that happen in game. These reactions are based upon what skill you are using not which world device that you are on.  So say I'm heavily into making scrolls I'll want to memorize the reactions that go along with the Arcana Skill.

As you progress to level 10 you will gain your second set of reaction arts.  These will be "tailored" to what class you have chosen. So let's say I chose scholar,  I'll only get 9 this round. So now I have Notation 02, Lettering 02, Spell Binding 02, ect.....  I can use these new reactions to counter the same events that have been coming up.  The difference is that if I use a different reaction that shares the same icon the success will give me a separate benefit.   When I hit my Sub-Class at 20 say I choose sage.  I'll get 3 new reaction arts Notation 03, Letterin 03, Spell Binding 03.  Just like the previous time I got new reaction arts I can use these to counter events that I have done before but now they will do something different once again.  The final step is when I hit 30 and I'll gain my 4th reaction of the lines.  

In ending I'll have 3 sets of 4 reactions that I will be using almost all of the time as I'm using the same skill for all of my new recipes that I get.  Each of these reactions will give me a different benefit from a successful countering of an event.  I can learn what each of these do when counter an event and tailor my play style to effect the outcome of the item that I'm working on.

Some side changes that are taking effect with this new system.  There will be common, uncommon, and rare special events that come up.  You only have to counter the rare reactions to avoid taking a penalty.  The other reactions won't do anything to effect your character if you choose to ignore them.  The penalty on the rare events are pretty sever though so watch out for when they do come up.   As well the penalty on the rare events are customized to what skill you are using.  A Weaponsmith has a higher chance of taking hefty health costs if he fails.  While a Sage might end up taking a progress and power hit instead.

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