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Author Topic: Dawn of War 1.1 Patch  (Read 1175 times)
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« on: October 21, 2004, 02:05:58 PM »

Some stuff from a post on the official Relic forum regarding the patch:

Hey all, I know everyone has been talking about the content that’s going to be in the next patch, and now that we have a more solid list going, I figured Id share. We are currently on track for the patch to go live around the end of the month.

Feel free to ask questions, Ill be happy to answer as much as I can.

Major Updates

- Valley of Khorne: Critical Objectives have been moved to ensure each player has a point closer to their base. Center CO remains in same location.
- Dead Mans Crossing: removed cover from entrances to player's base from water.
- 2 new MP Maps.

- Power cost of Seer Council increased
- F2 Tactic – squads that are being attacked by melee units now have their ranged weapon accuracy reduced to 1%. Modifier applies to all members of the squad being attacked, not just the members being hit.
- Conceal no longer stacks improperly.
- Eldar no longer throw 3 Plasma Grenades.
- Seer Council ranged attack has been reduced.
- Entangle no longer works against Bloodthirster and Avatar.
- Ork Slugga Big Shoota damage reduced.
- Number of small fixes to attribute files.

- A number of issues have been addressed to improve game stability.

- Fixes various frequent AI crash bugs.
- Fixes gameplay options text bug for German/Korean builds.
- Enables cheats for MP games - only works if the option is explicitly chosen in Game Options screen.

Following this post are a billion user questions with occasional staff answers.  Here's some of that stuff:  

Thanks for the huge response! Ill answer what I can. Generally, I cant talk about what isnt on that list. That list is what we know we will be delivering. We are aiming for more, but I dont want to tell you something is going to be there if Im not certain.

Will the 2 new maps be 1v1

there will be 1v1 maps

I'm starting to get the hots for Relic and THQ.

lol, we aim to please!

And what is the ETA of the patch?

as i said, we are on track for end of month release

- Ork Slugga Big Shoota damage reduced.

we determined that the big shootas were doing more damage on sluggas than on shoota boyz.

Is this a short term or long term solution? F2 tactic

This is a short term solution. In the future we want to rework the stance system and fix it properly.

Will this patch bring back the slow reinforcing in combat similar to beta 1.3? If not in this patch, is it still planned for a future patch?

this will not be included in this patch, but we definitely want to address it in the future.

So far so good.  No one in the group I've played with on occasion uses the Eldar, so none of the really broken stuff has surfaced.
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