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Author Topic: Damned - Multiplayer horror game, hunt down your friends.  (Read 1179 times)
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« on: September 09, 2013, 03:45:43 AM »

This just got greenlit as well, but anyone buying on Desura also gets a steam key.

it's a multiplayer horror game for up to 5 players. 1 Player plays the monster, the other 4 play as hapless humans that are trapped in this haunted mansion.

The 4 human players have to find keys to unlock doors, eventually leading to their escape. They have no way to affect the monster.

The monster player starts out incorporeal where he can't see the humans except for when they trigger one of the scare traps that he sets up, which cause the usual scary things to happen when a human player gets near enough to trip them. I think he can see if they have their flashlights on, but that might not be true. The monster player can also become solid, turning into a grotesque monster that will kill in 1 hit. He moves slowly, but methodically forward, and is on a limited timer. Once he becomes incorporeal again, there's a limited time where he can't become corporeal again. While corporeal, he has the same vision as everyone else, so players can hide in the dark, while he is always at least slightly lit up. However, if humans have their flashlights on, unlike other games, you can see the light from the flashlight accurately, so it's easy to find people.

So, the human players not only have to find the keys to escape, but avoid tripping traps (hard to do since there's no warning) and get the hell out of dodge when he trips one because it notifies the monster player. If the monster player is nearby, he can become corporeal for a while and hunt you down. Thing is, the keys, and other items, needed to escape are small, they do have a shine to them, but are still hard to find unless you're going through rooms thoroughly, which means you might not be paying attention when the monster spawns behind you. Humans also have a limited amount of sprinting as well, but not enough to completely outrun the monster if you stay in view of it.

An example of play from well known youtube gaming personalities:

What do you think? I'm about to buy into the alpha on this. I absolutely love non-standard non-shooter multiplayer games. I'm mostly tired of shooters, I'll only play a few of them, but these non-shooter multiplayer games, playing it with friends, often feels like sitting around and playing board games and such, more social. Plus, it's fun to freak out your friends, especially if you have them on voice chat.

There's also a mod for Garry's Mod in Half-Life 2 that replicates the Slenderman in multiplayer, but the mechanics of that don't quite make it interesting. This is definitely a game as much as it is a horror.

Watching the video above, it's hilarious that people actually do the horror movie tropes of stuff like people splitting up in a moment of horror while running away.
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