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Author Topic: Just played Thief: Deadly Shadows  (Read 13187 times)
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« Reply #40 on: May 12, 2004, 12:25:40 PM »

Quote from: "van_HellSing"
Hav you forgotten all about us, KD? frown

He's at E3 so it is a bit hard for him to find any time to answer questions.  I'm sure when he gets back or has a spare moment he can try to answer the questions.

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« Reply #41 on: May 12, 2004, 12:28:02 PM »

Oh, good to hear that! biggrin
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« Reply #42 on: May 17, 2004, 05:59:43 PM »

Does the game have quicksave/quickload keys? If so, how long does a quicksave take? How long does a load/quickload take? Thanks!


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« Reply #43 on: May 17, 2004, 09:13:11 PM »

Ahhh....back from E3.  Let me tackle these bad boys:
1) the locations (what did you see?);

2) AI types (have you seen any undeads?);

3) climbing gloves.

1.) Well, thus far I've been all over this city (its fairly big) including the docks, a cathedral, a hammerite factory, inside a well, and much more.  I was really worried about the depth of the title, but this game is pretty big from what I've seen.

2.) The AI is pretty sharp most of the time, but realize that I'm not playing a gold copy.  There might be some additional tweaking that gets done before launch.  The AI is persistent but not psychic.  If you dodge into a 4 way crossing in a street and duck into the shadows, the enemy will have to look around a bit to find you.  These aren't Ultima Online guards. smile  Oh yea...and yes, I have seen some Undead.  Zombies to be precise, and yes...they still need that special touch from the fire arrows to keep em down. (or you can lure them into a furnace and turn it on...that works on people too  :twisted:

3.) Haven't got the climbing gloves yet and I'm about 3 hours in. I'll keep you updated...

You can tell that I'm one of an arrow-freak, but that's just me. Sadly (gah!) I'm not a native English-speaker, so I may have understood you wrong. But, do you mean that when Garrett kills someone with an arrow, the arrow in fact can be seen in a body like we can see them in wooden support beams (read: I may have misconstrued the word "parcel").
Yes, I'm perverted arrow fanatic and I played LoTR Rotk (Xbox) and enjoyed killing Orcs by arrows.
You'll like this game if you are an arrow freak.  Unfortunately, the arrows disappear when you shoot somebody to put it more plainly.

I'll get the answer on the gloves thing and quicksave/load asap.

Ron Burke
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« Reply #44 on: May 19, 2004, 06:30:13 PM »

Yay, thanks for your answers (while I saw the answer to my question on the Ion Storm forums seconds before logging here). In yet, I have a set of questions  smile .

I recently purchased my copy of Deus Ex 2 (hey, they made a real good offer!) and I'm (for now) quite impressed for the way the game handles light & shadows (although Alex.D doesn't outmatch Garrett in such tactics).
Can we expect even better use for light & shadow in Thief III, or in other words: Can we manipulate shadows like we get to in DXIW by using some common sense (closing doors et cetera).
Dan (TTLG) said that he created a shadow by moving a crate and in fact hid himself into the shadow it casted. Is this possible in TDS? Or is it gameplay-wise so to speak (without 30+ minutes of hassling with crappy physics and a handful of luck). In Thief 1 and 2 we always had to live with stationary shadows. The only thing we could interact with were the light sources.

Where we can move on to my second question. Some time ago I heard that one could pull boxes in Thief III as allowed by miraculous Havok engine. I also heard that it was kinda "Tombraidery" and the crates didn't just go flying around the room like they usually do in Deus Ex 2 (in which I accidentally bumped into a radioactive container-barrel, and those things ARE big, and it went flying around the corner and rolled down the stairs like a wooden box).

Also, the city in DXIW (Seattle) I've gotten this far (in fact, it's the only place I've got to explore) was a little dull place. There were a couple of cops and one robot in the Upper Seattle and a couple of junkies in Lower Seattle. Add a couple of thugs and you've got yourself a Deus Ex city.
I really hope that The City in Thief proves itself worthy of exploring. Darn, I couldn't even convince someone to buy some weapons I had brought from the Heron's Loft appartements after, er, a slight misunderstanding with a local sorta-mafia boss.

The word "thug" reminds me of my last question.
I'm a bit bored in DX into the fact that while the game itself is quite free to explore, it runs out of thugs & people in some point. As an example, three baddies wanted to rob me by threatening me at the streets. I said no and they went hostile. I tossed a flashbang at them, batoned them and robbed them. After this incident I took one thug's unconscious body on my shoulders and threw him right in front of a pair of WTO officers. Neither of them reacted.

So, in a nutshell:

1) Can we manipulate shadows easily when we need to?

2) Are the physics tuned down since DX (this has been answered but..) and can we interact with bigger object "Tomb Raider style"

3) When travelling through The City streets, is there something really going on at the moment? Plus, are the streets really the only way to move in the City or are there alternatives (like roof-tops)

4) When visiting the City after a completed mission, have the corpses been carried away and knocked out persons awoken. Plus, do the guards treat corpses in free-play sections as they should.
I always hoped that AI had different ways to react with a corpse. Like, Guard of the City should treat corpses like good lawful people do: Shout in despair and search for the criminal. And then, random thugs wouldn't waste their time for searching a murderer

5) My own favourite; Can we break into Keeper Compounds if we wanted some extra-information & loot of course  :mrgreen:

Thanks in advance  smile
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