Anyone here ever do any conracted travel work?

Started by Xmann, October 22, 2004, 06:01:49 PM

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My wife and i are seriously considering packing up and doing some traveling/contract work for a few months.  We figure if this is something we wanted to do we should do it now since our son is still only 22 months and we wouldn't be taking him from friends or dayschool or anything of that nature.
We got the idea from a contracted worker who is at my wife's rehab facility now who works for this company.  She's been doing this for years and loves it.  I have traveled a bit across the country but my wife has been virtually nowhere and has been wanting to get out of Florida for some time now.
I have been playing stay at home daddy so i won't be out of a job and actually we would come out a bit ahead $$ wise because they pay for lodging, travel, and some expenses.  We could shut down our utilities at home for a few months and have the neighbors keep an eye out and we'd be set.
The only concern we have is when we are tired of traveling to different cities every 3 months is her getting her job back.  I don't think they'd be thrilled for her doing this and wouldn't gaurantee holding her job.   However, Florida is always in dire need of healthcare workers and we don't think it would be a problem catching on again somewhere.
Anyone have any experience with this?  Only problem i have is figuring out how to lug my desktop around since i can't afford a laptop.


I know a lot of 'travellers.' They tend to really enjoy their work.  They also get paid a shitpile of money (most of them are nurses and surgical techs.).  The good thing is that if you find a place that you really like, then you can quit the job with the travelling firm and apply for a job at the hospital.  I've also been witness to that multiple times.  

It's a good deal, if you're willing to pack light and move.  Don't get too used to one place, though, as travelling assignments tend to only last 3 months.


ya they told her most jobs will be 13 weeks.  it's just something to do for a few months and then come back home and settle down again.  what we are planning is getting a couple trips to Hawaii and Alaska out of it as well as some others nice places.  basically we'd just have to pay for my plane ticket since our son is still free for now.
they are lining her up for Seattle in December for the first trip, gotta find the Seattle gg'ers to meet there.  wanna hear something funny.........they tell her if we drive instead of fly they'll give her an extra $100 a month.  remember, i live in florida and will be traveling with a 22 month child and they asked if we'd rather drive, lol!


That's a long ass drive.  Frankly, I would suggest planning to do it for 1-2 years.


When I got out of the military back in 1991 I drove from North Dakota to North Carolina in 2 days. It was a long drive but I was in a Corvette Stingray with a cd player with lot's of tunes, I had a good time.


i actually would love to drive across country if not for my son.  i asked my wife what she'd do when we hit Missouri and decided we had enough, lol.
we'll be flying :D

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