Message to Red Sox fans from a Yankee fan (it's pro sox's)

Started by Xmann, October 21, 2004, 04:15:26 AM

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This is the first message i have posted about the playoffs as i was waiting for the end of the ALCS to comment.  And seeing it's over i wanted to throw my $.02 out there for everyone to read.
In the past i have engaged in some light hearted heckling with some folks at GG when it comes to the Sox vs Yanks rivalry.  Sure i gloated a bit last year when the Yanks again beat the Soxs for the ALCS, however, i knew this year was for some reason different.
Even when the Yanks jumped ahead 3-0, i warned my brother and everyone i talked with that this was faaaaaaaar from over.  I just got that feeling that the Yanks had that "oh all we got to do is win one more over the next 4 and we go to the series again" attitude.  Letting games 4 and 5 get away was all the evidence i needed a major collapse was in the working.
But the final straw for me was the events of last nights game involving A-Rod and the fans at Yankee Stadium.  I was embarrassed enough for what Alex did, but when i read his qoute about the play i lost alot of respect for him as a player;  The umpires called it runner's interference and the Red Sox called it bush league while Rodriguez claimed confusion about what he had done wrong, offering this explanation: "I guess I should have run him over.'' Couple this with the fact that the stadium turned into what looked like a prison outbreak, i'm embarrassed to be a Yankee fan.  
I have defended the Yankees year in and year out but the bubble has finally busted for me.  I can honestly say i'm glad the Soxs won the series and are headed to the series instead of the Yanks.  I'm disgusted, embarrassed, and a bit ashamed that not only did the fans stoop to a new low, but a player has as well.  No i don't live in New York (never even visited the place) so if you wanna tell me that's just New Yorkers or true Yankee fans or whatever, go ahead.  I'm just glad they are finished for this season and i suspect i'll have indifferent feelings about ever supporting them again.
Am i just a bitter cry baby because they lost, nope.  I told my wife tonight i hoped they lost because there was no way i was watching the series with them in it.  So i say, 'grats Soxs.  This will definitely go down as one of the greatest comebacks in sports history as well as the biggest choke.  Not only did the better team win, but classier won as well.
That's my $.02.  You Yankee fans can flame me all you want, i stand by my statement.


Here's another rabid Yankee fan who'll agree with you.

What ARod did was disgraceful.   The fans....disgraceful.  They got outplayed the last four games.  Period.   ARod's actions were like a frustrated child throwing a temper tantrum.
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As a lifelong M's fan I'm happy to see A-rod fail to get a ring.

I could see Jim Leyritz (how I despised that little twerp) or Paul O'Neill doing the little slap the pitchers glove as they ran by but was a little surprised by A-rod.


Quote from: "RobbieD"
As a lifelong M's fan I'm happy to see A-rod fail to get a ring.

I could see Jim Leyritz (how I despised that little twerp) or Paul O'Neill doing the little slap the pitchers glove as they ran by but was a little surprised by A-rod.

M's fan here too. Down with that money grubbing bastard. Slap-like-a-girl son of a bitch.


I missed the whole A-Rod thing.  What exactly happened?  

By the way, the Yankees are a classy team, regardless of the actions of a single player.  It's time for the Red Sox to shake this curse, though.


Quote from: "Balshazaar"
I missed the whole A-Rod thing.  What exactly happened?  


Game 6  A-Rod while running  to first slap the ball out of the pitcher glove while pitcher went to tag him.  He initially got away with it, but the umpires reviewed it and called him rightfully for the interference.  After the play was reviewed the classy NY fans decided to pelt the field with trash leading to the umpires to get NY Finest to come onto the field to protect the Red Sox Players and Umpes.


to be a bit more specific, A-Rod was clearly out and the tag was just a formality when he swiped the ball away.  couple that with the fact he later says he should have run him over (again when he was clearly out by a long way) makes it even more disgusting.
and yes i'll agree that one bad player or fan doesn't make the rest of the team classless, i just felt overall the Sox's handled themsleves more professionally than did the Yankees.


I'm thrilled and can't wait to see the signs at Fenway next year with pictures of A-Rod with some sort of "curse" message.

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Do the teams shake hands after a series?  Obviously I don't watch a lot of baseball, mostly hockey for me.


No, they don't shake hands.  Only the BEST sports do so *cough* hockey *cough*

Being a lifetime M's fan as well, I was really just wanting ARod to lose.  That and, oh yeah, for some reason I think Mariners fans have personal beefs over the Yankees anyways.
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I've found that a lot of baseball players tend to act like their still children being watched by their mommy and daddy. Seriously, these guys get paid a lot of money to play a game. Yet, they are always complaining about something.  I know I'd be one thankful mofo if I got lucky enough to be paid millions for playing a game. I certainly wouldn't break any rules to try and win either.

Edit: Because "I'd" is "I would" and "I" is all I needed.
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Sorry so long...

Coming from a lifelong Red Sox fan...

I'm on the fence when it comes to A-Rod's play and his reaction. First, I have to admit that since he became a Yankee there is something undefinable in his walk, his attitude, his look, that I dislike, but that is probably coming more from the fact that he is a Yankee than anything else.

As for his slap at Arroyo's glove, I'm undecided. I played a lot of baseball (through college and city leagues), but I never saw anything like that happen. It's the first time I think I've ever seen it happen in the pros as well, so I don't have a good feel for whether such an action breaks the unwritten rules of pro baseball or whether it is something that a number of pro players would try in a similar situation. The fact that I've never seen anything like it before leads me to believe that the action is outside of the accepted, unwritten rules of the game. So far I've only heard two reactions to the play: Schilling called it bush and McCarver condoned the effort. McCarver's opinion is worth nothing to me, as he seems so out of touch with reality. I'll wait to judge this one until I hear more of what uninvolved players think about it.

As for the New York fans...

There are many things I dislike about New York fans, but I have always respected their actions toward players on the field. A few years ago, when Knoblauch got pelted with stuff in Minnesota from frustrated Twins fans, there was a huge concern that the New York fans would retaliate when the Twins came to Yankee Stadium. I remember reading a comment, "Yankee fans don't do stuff like that." and they didn't. There were no problems at all. It probably helps that the Yankees win so much, but still, the vast majority of their fans have always acted admirably to opposing players.

Considering the circumstances, considering that they don't have the benefit of a rule interpretation, and unsure to what degree they saw a replay (I assume none at all since it's baseball's policy not to show controversial replays at the stadium), I think the fans' negative reaction was understandable. I would also bet that not more than a couple thousand fans threw stuff onto the field out of a crowd of more than 50,000. It's hard for me to blame an entire group of fans for the classless actions of such a minority. Also, when the Red Sox were losing one of their games in Fenway to the Yankees back in the 2001 ALCS, the fans were more violent and threw more stuff onto the field than did their Yankee counterparts in this incident. I think it is simply a reality that a small percentage of any team's fans are assholes.


Quote from: "telcta"
Do the teams shake hands after a series?  Obviously I don't watch a lot of baseball, mostly hockey for me.

The Cardinals and the Dodgers took the field to shake hands after the Cards eliminated them from the playoffs this year.
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Quote from: "Balshazaar"
I missed the whole A-Rod thing.  What exactly happened?

Interloper posted this pic in another thread:

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Anyone read Bill Harris' take on it? Good stuff. Here it is if you're a lazy bastard.

I love what he wrote about A-Rod:

Here's the part I like the most. Rodriguez, instead of shrugging his shoulders and accepting that his slap-fight impersonation had been detected, acted like he had just been sentenced to Death Row for a crime he hadn't committed. I can't wait to see his next public service announcement: "Hello, I'm Alex Rodriguez, I make twenty million dollars a year playing baseball, and I act like a little bitch."

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I used to be a Red Sox fan but over the years, the actions of the FANS has caused me to stop watching baseball almost entirely. It all leads to the irrational and unwarrented hatred of the yankees. Sox fans seem to think that because the yankees always win, they can act like little a-holes and not like classy fans. I've always wondered why people feel the need to piss on someone else's team just because they are better than yours. I believe you can cheer for your team and still have an appreciation for the opposing teams players and fans. If a player acts like an a-hole, I think you should boo him but throw stuff?

I was really surprised to see NY Police on the field at yankee stadium. Is this where sports is heading?

Why can't people just appreciate the spectacle and cheer their own team?
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Quote from: "Scoop20906"
I was really surprised to see NY Police on the field at yankee stadium. Is this where sports is heading?

I just wish I could buy a bottle of water at a sporting event where I was allowed to keep the cap.  I don't know why people in general feel the need/right to act like an asshole, but I assume it is a combination of drinking and being part of a large group.

I think I will have to sneak in my own bottle caps next time I go...
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