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Question: So,which is it?,ICO or SOTC?
Ico - 1 (12.5%)
Shadow of the Colossus - 2 (25%)
can't decide,both great - 4 (50%)
I never did like these games - 1 (12.5%)
Total Voters: 8

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Author Topic: Which is best,ICO or SOTC ?  (Read 497 times)
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« on: March 06, 2013, 07:57:00 PM »

Okay,i reckon this may have a varied answer

I have been mulling over finally getting to my ICO/SOTC HD versions on the PS3,after i finally finish Skyrim

I know that both games are beautiful to look at,from what i have played of ICO in the past(original release) and what little i have played of SOTC,i would say SOTC has the most action and ICO has more puzzles,so on that note,if that's correct,can they be compared to each other like this?

Looks like SOTC,has a somewhat open world as well riding about on your horsey

Oh,and this isn't one of those whichever has the most answers is the one i will play,because i will play both anyway,i just want to know which game you guys preferred  icon_biggrin

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« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2013, 11:31:08 PM »

I know I’m the odd man out here but I really didn’t like either one of them.  I was super excited when I heard they were being released in HD for the PS3 because I had always wanted to play them.  I purchased it on release day; put the disk in and spent the next couple hours completely underwhelmed. 

I did manage to finish ICO eventually but I spent the whole time baffled at the praise it received.  There was a brief segment near the end where it seemed like they were going to flesh out the world and plot where I actually started to enjoy myself, but almost as soon as it started the game ended.

I never got much further than the third Colossi in SOTC.  It just felt tedious and empty.  It didn’t help that what little character development there was led me to believe the protagonist was a selfish prick and every time a colossus stepped on him I felt like cheering it on.  I watched the ending on YouTube and was glad I hadn’t tried to finish the game for real.

Oh and to your questions; your assumptions are correct.  SOTC is very much action oriented although I wouldn’t really call it open world.  There is a bit of that but it’s mostly a series of in-depth and varied boss battles.  ICO is mostly one long escort mission punctuated with puzzles and the occasional (brief) action scene where you have to defend her. 
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