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Author Topic: [PC/Ps4] Daylight  (Read 242 times)
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« on: December 17, 2013, 06:52:38 AM »

seen this mentioned elsewhere, but it didn't have an official thread.  They've revealed more of the story for the game:

1983 – Present Day
Daylight’s main character, Sarah Gwynn wakes up in the lobby of Mid Island Bay Hospital, but we don’t know a lot about the history of Mid Island. Prior to present day, the last major interaction with Mid Island was nearly 30 years ago. In the early ’80s, Mid Island Bay Hospital was a major interest to the G&C Investments Corp, who had designs on renovating the old hospital and turning it into a high-end hospice catering to the wealthy.

After spending a lot of money with the officials from the township of New Kipling, which claims Mid Island as its own, G&C was in the final stages of completing its due diligence to take control of the island and its property. They sent a team of contractors and experts to do on-site research, but after a short time G&C abruptly cancels the deal and leaves New Kipling altogether. Curious, the township sends in a team to follow up on G&Cs research, discovering, amongst other things, an abandoned excavation site with 12 grave-sized holes dug in the ground.

and also released a bunch of screenshots, like this one:

A few things have changed since we last played the game. Most prominently, the in-game cell phone has gotten a virtual firmware update. It's still a great light source (battery permitting), but its navigational features have been enhanced. It's now more than a compass, providing a rough map of areas that players have explored. The developers say they don't want players to rely on the map too much, however, adding that it will be subject to "interference." Considering that you're already able to accept calls from ghosts, this should prove to be interesting.

looks interesting, and with a procedurally generated game world every time it should have some nice replay value.

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