I just caught this on Touch Arcade yesterday, had never heard of it before. It seems to be getting really good reviews, and deservedly so. It's a gorgeous "platformer" type game and plays really well on the phone. I don't normally go for this kind of game any more because of my limited reflexes, but thus far it's been pretty forgiving. I'm very early on though so I suppose it could change, but comments I read from other players seem to indicate its well balanced in that arena.

I don't know specifically who or why but for some reason I thought there were some people here who might really like it. Just a feeling.


  • Gratch
    GT Member
    Thanks for the heads-up. Grabbed this last night, and it's pretty fun. Gameplay reminds me of a slower and somewhat less punishing version of Dead Cells.

    Wish it was on something other than iOS though, as trying to play a game that requires quick movements just doesn't really jive that well with virtual buttons.
  • rittchard
    GT Member
    Surprisingly, I've still been playing this (in small chunks), which definitely speaks to its playability because I'm so fickle, particularly on iOS. I also generally hate games with too much reliance on dodging and jumping, but this one keeps it balanced and just shy of becoming aggravating when you can't get the timing right. The virtual controls are about as good as you could hope for in terms of responsiveness, but I believe it also has mfi support, which I still need to try out. It's also pretty forgiving on death, you get bounced back a bit but you keep all your souls (xp) so that's nice. Effectively it gives you a way to "grind" if you can't beat a boss, though thus far I haven't needed to do that. Each boss has taken me around 3 or 4 tries to kill (damage on a boss is not saved).

    Definitely one of the best games of this type that I've ever played.
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