Printer problem - need to print to desktop through RDC

Afternoon, all. My wife picked up an HPLJ Pro MFP M426fdn via her office work. Since we just relocated out of state, she has a laptop connected to it via USB and is able to print to it locally just fine. However, she connects to her Dallas workstation via RDC and needs to be able to print through the programs there to the printer sitting next to her here.

I've installed corresponding drivers on both machines (and she's not connecting to a virtual desktop, it's an actual physical one), and I know that I'm supposed to see the printer on her RDC with the word redirected underneath it. On the RDC connection, I've gone to Local and set "share printer" and made sure to turn printer sharing on on her local machine.

I am still unable to print to the printer in the RDC environment. I've contacted HP support but their entire support system went down this afternoon.

Does anyone here have any printer hardware experience in this respect and if so would you mind helping an old GT'er? Thank you in advance!


  • farley2k
    GT Moderator
    So you have checked printers under local devices and resources...Yugzjqq.png

    That was going to be my only good advice. Sorry.
  • whiteboyskim
    GT Member
    Yup, first thing I did. Then I even installed the stand alone printer driver on both machines hoping to sync them up. No go. I'm guessing it's less the printers and more I need to open a port on my end and maybe on my wife's office side. That's what I'm thinking now. HP's entire support site crashed Sunday afternoon when I had the time to work on it. Whee!
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