See you space cowboy --- Exoplanet: First Contact review

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imageSee you space cowboy --- Exoplanet: First Contact review

Stranded on an unknown planet with nothing but his wits and his underpants, Jack Sharp, space cowboy, sets off on a dangerous adventure to track down the thugs who hijacked his ship and left him for dead. K’Tharsis, a hostile, lawless wasteland polluted by greed and violence, serves as the setting f

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  • alersteam
    GT Member
    Hey, Lawrence.

    Thanks a lot for your review and feedback. You are definitely right in many ways about Exoplanet, it's still pretty raw and need some time to show itself in best quality, in the way we planned it. Not sure why you do rate an Early Access project, it doesn't seem very fair in my opinion but I hope you will give the game another chance later.

    Also, you can track Exoplanet's developing via roadmap:

    The combat and UI are old as hell and will be completely reworked.

    Anyway, thanks for your attention to the project.

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