A day in the life of Gallopolis --- hands-on with Dragon Quest XI

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imageA day in the life of Gallopolis --- hands-on with Dragon Quest XI

I'm a big fan of the Dragon Quest series, and have been for longer than I can remember. While I've enjoyed playing the remakes of Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII on my 3DS, I've been yearning for an entirely new adventure filled with the irreverent humor, quirky characters, and grand adventur

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  • Tibarn
    GT Member
    Just to spread awareness, in the original Japanese version of DQ11, the character known as "Sylvando" in English is actually a transgender woman named Sylvia. I don't know why the localization team felt the need to change (ruin) her character so drastically by making her into a man.

    My understanding of the Japanese text is next to none but I've been told by people who played it in Japanese that she explicitly refers to herself as a woman in the original game. And she previously had a male name, one that her dad and Hendrik still refer to her by, even though she doesn't like it. So it's not the same situation as a gay male character who happens to refer to himself with female pronouns as a speech quirk (something feminine gay men in Japan do sometimes). There is even more to it than that but it ventures into spoiler territory.

    I personally find this change to be heartbreaking because I thought it would be really cool to see a playable transgender character for once in one of my favorite game series. Even if you don't care about that sort of thing, there was still no reason to make this change except to possibly cater to oversensitive bigots who would find a transgender character offensive.

    Just be aware that what you're getting is basically a censored version of the character. Censoring a few of Jessica's outfits in DQ8-3DS is one thing, but this is an entirely different level of censorship.
  • damphyr
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    I knew that Sylvando used female pronouns in the Japanese version, but I hadn't head that the character actually identified as trans within the game itself. That is disappointing.
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