Games finished - 2018 edition

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Time to get a new year of gaming underway. I didn't finish much in 2017, but there were some unexpected gems in there. Looking forward to seeing what's on the horizon for 2018!

- What Remains of Edith Finch (PC) - Jan 1 - A. A fantastic, creative, and emotionally moving game. An prime example of what excellent storytellers can do in this medium. 2 hours
- Lineage 2 Revolution (iPad) - Jan 18 - A. Max leveled my toon and finished the main story quest. After an initial bad first impression, I got completely hooked. Perfect for casual (sometimes afk) play. 60+ hours, so far.

Currently Playing
- Everybody's Golf (PS4)
- Lineage 2 Revolution (iPad)
- Civ VI (iPad)
- Witcher 3 (PS4)
- Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)

Played and Quit/Gave up on


  • biggercup
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    23 games last year!

    Let's see if I can do 30 games this year!

    1/7: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (XBOX 360)
    1/14: Dead Rising 2 (PC)
    1/48: Dead Rising 2: Case West (XBOX 360)
  • whiteboyskim
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    Less than 10 games last year, and not sure how many I'll manage to cull out this year. But my goal for 2018 is to actually not buy anything more until my Steam queue is whittled down. So here's my list for the year:

    Dead Rising 3 (PC)
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