Funny how things change

I know it's mainly due to people moving on unfortunately, but I find it funny that this sub-forum is so dead considering all the material our President freely provides. Whereas we had Obama, who really wasn't very controversial.

This is the time to be vocal about a president who has no reason to be a president for obvious reasons.


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  • uxFOOL
    GT Manager
    I think it's primarily because people are having these conversations elsewhere, like on Facebook and Twitter. I know my Facebook wall is dominated by it.

    We still have a bunch of lurkers, based on the forums stats. it's just a matter of drawing them in...

    Mike Dunn
    Executive Producer & Editor-at-Large

  • Gratch
    GT Member
    I'm actively trying to avoid political discussion online, outside of OO R&P. It just gets my blood pressure up and causes me stress that I don't need in my life right now.
  • Isgrimnur
    GT Member
    A discussion with an old friend over the Charlie Hebdo cover put the final nail in the coffin of our friendship. It had been on a downhill slide for a while, but it sure went out with a bang.
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