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Dark Moon - aside from the eponymous PnP game, this is the closest experience I've had to the film "The Thing". The players have uncovered something on Titan and it is ravaging the crew, something which can hides in plain sight as your friends and colleagues. The goal of the Uninfected is to survive through the final event. The goal of the Infected is to sabotage the station and kill off the crew. Meanwhile the station is falling apart and everyone must work together to maintain it.

It's a great game, plays in an hour or so, and really maintains it's paranoia throughout. If you like hidden traitor games, this is one of the better ones.

Aquasphere - We love Feld games. Burgundy and Bruges are regulars at the table, and this is perhaps his finest work. The players are scientists in an Aquasphere and have only three options available on their turn - program a bot, use a bot or pass. Within those action, however, are a myriad of choices depending on where you use your bot. It's a rather AP prone game, so keep that in mind with your group.

Mottainai - A Chudyk game through and through, I actually prefer this over Glory to Rome. Players are running a temple, and to that end you collect and sell materials and craft "works". Every card has multiple uses and this one can be a bit difficult to teach as a result, but we've been enjoying it.

Viticulture w/ Tuscany We've been enjoying Viticulture for awhile, but I finally purchased Tuscany over the summer. We consider it to be essential now, taking Viticulture from a lighter, almost gateway game to a solid mid-weight euro. Tuscany is comprised of modules which can be added as the players see fit, but the shining star is the new board. The seasons are a bit more spread apart and functional and the board gives the players many more opportunities. There is also a mechanic for assuming first player now, and it has a bit of a risk/reward to it in the form of bonuses.

Discoveries - This one is the Lewis and Clark dice game and it plays wonderfully. L&C is easily in my top five games, but the time/weight often keeps it from the table. Discoveries has much of the same flavor and while mechanically different, it is a fantastic game in it's own right and can be played in 30-45 minutes.


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    I'll have to check out Discoveries. I really like Lewis & Clark as well, so that may be right up my alley. And I can't resist dice games. Despite my tendency towards heavier war games, I cannot help playing games where I get to chuck dice. It might be an obsession! :) Roll Through the Galaxy is another current favorite just for that reason.
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