Lewis and Clark

edited November 2014 in Tabletop Gaming
We've been playing this quite a bit lately and really enjoying it.

It's a race game, the goal being the first to reach Fort Clatsop on the west coast and camp. Without going into great detail on the gameplay, it's a game of management, in both people and resources, and using them to move forward along a track, along a river and through the mountains. I've had games that I thought were lost, only to have my opponent make an error and squeak a win out. I've had others where I was convinced that I was victorious, going so far as to gloat prematurely, only to be denied.

It plays a little long for what it is, but plays very well with two (which is a requirement for my house). There is one slightly cheesy tactic that folks were using, where they would hang back and gather and then rocket ahead, but that has been addressed.

Anyway, two thumbs up :)
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