TGIF: Gaming Trend’s Weekend Lineup – Valentine’s Day Edition

Get used to seeing this every week. We want to know what our readers are playing. We want to see that comments section filled. And we want to interact with you guys and gals so that you can get to know us and we can get to know you. We’re eager to build a strong community were we can play, read, watch, and talk about games together; somewhere we all feel comfortable and more like a close-knit gaming family than anything. The best and easiest way to start doing this is to talk about what games we’re playing, find commonalities, and share our interests. Here is what the GT staff is playing this weekend.

Josh Devlin – Reporter

To get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day weekend I’m going to play a game I’ve never played before that, of course has hearts in it–Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix.I’m also going to have some friends (lonely bachelors) over to play some table top games like Takenoko and King of Tokyo. I’m praying to the gaming gods that I get a Titanfall beta key, at which point all other plans go out the window, because nothing says Valentine’s Day like cheating on your first love with some hot new video game.

Sean Lama – Staff Editor

I’m hoping to do a major amount of gaming over the long weekend. My first attempt at Deux Ex: Human Revolution back when it first released was unsuccessful; I got lost at some point early in the game, became frustrated, and put it on hold, waiting for a quiet stretch to revisit the game. That stretch has arrived and I’ve been plugging away for a few weeks now, so far I’m off to a great start as I’ve made it past the point where I was stuck before. I’m lookingto make even more headway this weekend and crossing my fingers that it’s smooth sailing.

The adventure genre is also calling my name this weekend – Broken Age and a re-release of the original Myst, RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition, are both tapping into that soft, chewy center in my heart where nostalgia resides. I intend to finish Broken Age this weekend, and maybe explore a few of the revamped ages in RealMyst.

Lucious Barnes – Staff Writer

I’ve played it time and time again… and I always put it down for something else before I am anywhere close to “finished”, so this weekend I’m planning on putting some time into my game of Skyrim on the PC. I pretty sure now that my game it fat with dozens of awesome mods it will be hard for me to ignore again.

In less exciting news, I am pushing through what will be my new core playthrough of Dragon Age 2, also on the PC. I just want to have a save file ready for Inquisition when it arrives, and what to have my characters own cannon somewhat fresh when I embark what has to be a better game.

It’s interesting though, because I never played PC much before generation 8 consoles started looming over the horizon and I started getting irritated at what I thought they’d represent. Dragon Age in particular I bought over again (both games) because I didn’t want to feel forced to get an Xbox One to carry over my progress. That was before they announced they were coming out on the PS3, 360, XB One and PS4, but no regrets.

Justin Pauls – Staff Writer

This weekend is going to be tough to get any traction on major games as I have commitments with my boys hockey agenda and ice fishing. I could certainly see myself playing some Peggle 2 on the Xbox One, along with some Titanfall beta if I manage to get in. Then there is the obligatory LEGO gaming – both the Avengers and Movie variety in co-op with my son.

I might even slip in a bit of PC gaming. I’d selected a few old games to finish up – gems that were neither great at keeping my attention, but always drew me back. Planet Moon Studios’ Armed and Dangerous calls to me, as does Mass Effect 2. Thankfully it’s a holiday on Monday, so with the long weekend and the possibility of the wind kicking up too high to drop a line in a frozen Lake Winnipeg, I may actually have the time to play.

We want to see what you guys are playing; and if you need a co-op buddy, fifth man on your CoD squad, or just someone to chat with while you grind away at Hearthstone–post the call and someone will answer.

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